Great Release Program – Day 26 – Friday 26 December – Notarikon – Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolf
Pisces Moon encourages spiritual development.

2014 Great Release Program
Day 26 – December 26  2014 — Friday (Venus Day)
by Silver RavenWolf

Every day you must throw or give something away!
Moon in Pisces — Element of Water

Ideal Planetary Hour for Pisces Magick — Jupiter

Empower a purple, white, or blue candle for Spiritual Healing.

This Week’s Theme: Stillness

Think of nothing for as long as you can.  As each thought tries to pop into your mind, take a deep breath, and envision the thought turns to liquid and melts away.  Try to practice this three times a day.

In total stillness — there is great potential.

Hail and Welcome!

Six days!  That’s all we have left in this year’s program!  Congratulate yourself on how far you have come!  Traditionally, today is ” the day after Christmas” — you may feel the need to relax, readjust, or put things “in order”.  With the Pisces Moon energy you may be experiencing the creative, dreamy side of life.  Pisces, more than any other moon energy, has the ability to open the window in your experience to see the big picture.  It can help you to understand how your actions affect not just yourself, but those around you.  A futuristic energy, today is a day where you can work on your long-term goals in a very creative way.  Good timing, imagination, spiritual healing, purification, wisdom, and channeling spiritual power are all positive aspects of Pisces Moon Energy.

Today’s Challenge:  Today we are going to create a talisman using the Notarikon technique to manifest a personal goal.

Notarikon (Hebrew: נוטריקון, Noṭariqōn‎) is a method of deriving a word, by using each of its initial or final letters to stand for another, to form a sentence or idea out of the words. Another variation uses the first and last letters, or the two middle letters of a word, in order to form another word. The word “notarikon” is borrowed from the Greek language (νοταρικόν)), and was derived from the Latin word “notarius” meaning “shorthand writer.”  Notarikon is one of the three ancient methods used by the Kabbalists to rearrange words and sentences.  (Wikipedia).

First — write out your goal using as few words as possible; yet, keeping the focus clear.  Although you can use this technique for anyone, today I would like you to do one for yourself as you are the epicenter of your life and therefore change with yourself will facilitate change in the world around you.  If you are having trouble choosing or are worried about how to word your desire, simply work for joy in your life.  Here is an example:

Joy in my life every day = JIMLED  if just using the first letter of each word.

Joy in my life every day = JYINMYLEEYDY if using the first and last letters in each word.

Joy in my life every day = OYINMYIFERAY if using the two middle letters in each word, etc.

The letters become a sigil of power that you can use in a variety of magickal applications.  Only you know what the letters stand for; therefore, no one can destroy your intent with doubt.  (Except you, of course.)

Since the Moon is in Pisces, the best planetary hour to create your Notarikon today for themes like: spiritual wisdom, spiritual healing, joy, inner happiness, imagination, creativity, listening skills, purification, dreaming and dream interpretation, good use of one’s instinct, psychic abilities, deep understanding or general mystical work — would be the Jupiter Hour.  This type of sigil works well with other images.  For example, you may wish to draw a circle around the letters and add pictures, other sigils such as an Ankh (life), a Pentacle (protection),  or the Six-Rayed Star (manifestation).  You may prefer to use the colors of blue or purple in your design.  Remember to write your full name on the reverse side of the talisman.

Your next step is to empower your Notarikon, and here are the guidelines (which of course, can be changed depending upon your training and your belief system):

1.  Always include and say aloud divinity during the activation.
2.  Always say aloud precisely what you desire and the power you are calling on.
3.  Always include and say aloud the element or elements pertaining to the request.  (Example:  By the Power of Great and Mighty Mars, Element of Fire…)

For this exercise, we are going to call upon the Spirit of the Universe (you can change this), by the power of Jupiter (which rules Pisces) and the element of Water.  (Pisces’ element is water).

Today, as your basic ritual structure, cleanse and create sacred space.  Cast a circle if you like.  Create your talisman. Bless it with a dab of holy water or oil.  Call upon the Spirit of the Universe, by the power of Jupiter and the element of water to:  insert your desire here.  As you do this, rub the talisman in your hands, then begin blowing on it softly, running the energy from the field of potential around you into the talisman.  Rock back and forth if you like.  Let the experience be free flowing like the HeartBeat meditation you did the other day where you not only became the light; but, easily directed it as well.  Same thing here.  When you are finished (you’ve lost the thought), draw an equal-armed cross on the talisman to seal it and announce that it is sealed.  Carry the talisman with you, place under a candle for further empowerment, or put in a conjuring bag until you desire has manifested.  As you have called upon the element of water for assistance, when it is time to deactivate the talisman, put it under running water, see the light in your mind that is around the talisman dissipate, and then throw it away.

Moving On!

Tomorrow we’ll be putting your environment back in order from the stress and mess of the holidays.  Then, we are going to build a “Joy” altar for our New Year’s end of program beginning of the super new you program!!!  Your altar should include personal goals, favorite colors or flowers, and the year “2015” written or in decoration of some kind.  You will also need a decorated jar or box that we will activate on New Year’s Eve.

Summary — Here are today’s activities!  

1.  Perform Your Morning Braucherei Ritual (1 star)
2.  Throw at or give at least ONE thing away. (2 stars)
3  Practice total stillness —  (5 stars)
4.  Design and draw a Notarikon (5 stars)
5.  Empower your Talisman. (5 stars)
6.  Do one 3-Minute Dash! (3 stars)
7.  Empower a candle for spiritual healing. (2 stars)
8.  Post how the program is going for you in the comment section (5 stars)
9.  Don’t forget to do your Evening Walk Through right before you go to bed! (1 star)

Total Number of Stars You Can Earn Today:  29  

See ya in the morning!

Silver’s monthly newsletter is available in her Etsy store — CrowCrossroads

Note:  If you enjoyed today’s challenge, you might like to read Making Talismans by Nick Farrell, published by Mandrake Oxford.


15 thoughts on “Great Release Program – Day 26 – Friday 26 December – Notarikon – Silver RavenWolf”

  1. Woke up very early today. Outside it is snowing. Then I was thinking about Angels, because of I am reading your book of Angels now! And than came toughts in my mind, what I have to remove! There are still a lot of things, but I need to remove them to let new good things come into my life. Thank you for this program Silver, and thank you for all your books. Your books are in my sleeping area, and I love to have you arround me, I love to reed your books. I bought a few of them from a Lady, and I asked her, if she is doing rituals. And the Lady said, no, I do nothing of this anymore, but, the books helped me to become a really good person! No I have the books with me, and I exactely feel the same! I changed, and with this program I always feel a change. But what I like most, that you are one of these persons, treat everyone the same way, very human, very natural, and this I love! Thank you dear Silver, for guiding me, and change my life, to become a better person! Love, Kristina

  2. hi, I’m Melissa, i met your book, Silver Raven Wolf
    when i bought your book for two years old.
    nice to meet you, Silver.
    cheers, Silver

  3. It was a very successful Christmas. We had wonderful peaceful family gatherings, good food, fun times. Feeling very blessed and grateful. This program has really helped me thru a very difficult period of transition. Thank you Silver. 6 more days of awesomeness! Cheers, Jennifer

  4. Still here, still doing what I can. Loving the flow of this program, flowing along!! Your new program sounds AWESOME!!!!!! And I’ll be here for that!! Thank you (((((SO))))) much for everything!!!! YOU are amazing!!! 😉 All the Mothers Blessings are yours!!!! Love Varia)O(Moon

  5. Challenges completed – love making the Natarikon symbol. Had an old friend over tonight and had lots to talk about. Did a Tarot reading for her … love seeing the “light bulb” turn on with the non-believers. It was her very first reading.

  6. Jumping in and out, but the Braucherei ritual in the mornings is becoming second nature to me. I have company, so finding my space is a bit harder now in our little home :). I did spend the day clearing my bedroom, throwing out all clutter, dusting everything, taking down all curtains and canopies and washing them. I now it is out of context, but it was “the” day.
    Strangely, I could not connect with this Notarikum at all. I let it be. I am looking forward to tomorrow, as 2015 is going to be my year for positive change & reconnecting :). Thank you!

  7. No worries on the letter magick- when you need it – it will be there. I did the same thing in my bedroom on the same day — washed all the bedding, the curtains, and put things away. I was using my bedroom to hide the yule gifts, so it sort of got into a jumble. Thank you for posting!

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