Great Release Program 2014 – Sunday – Day 21– 21 December — New Moon — Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolf
Peace begins within.

2014 Great Release Program
Day 21 – December 21  2014 — Sunday (Sun Day)
by Silver RavenWolf

Every day you must throw or give something away!
Sunday — Winter Solstice and New Moon!

Moon in Capricorn!

Ideal Planetary Hour for Capricorn Magick — Saturn

Dress a Gold or Yellow Candle (for Winter Solstice and New Moon energy)  with Honey to draw good fortune to you!  Remember to make 9 New Moon Wishes!

Winter Solstice Occurs exactly at 6:03 PM EST/ 3:03 PM PST today, December 21st — It is also a New Moon at 8:36 PM EST/ 5:36 PM PST.

This Week’s Theme: Stillness

Think of nothing for as long as you can.  As each thought tries to pop into your mind, take a deep breath, and envision the thought turns to liquid and melts away.  Try to practice this three times a day.

In total stillness — there is great potential.

Hail and Good Morning!  A bright and happy Winter Solstice to you!  

Today is truly a magickal day!  New Moon coupled with the Winter Solstice energy turns the wheel of your year to bright and beautiful opportunities.  This is a day of honor, of contemplation, and of harmony within the self.

It is not about anger — it is about peace.
It is not about power — it is about grace.
It is not about knowing your enemy — it is about knowing yourself. — Chow Yun-Fat

Today’s Challenge!  Choose an activity which honors life.  Yup.  That’s it.  That’s the challenge.  What will you choose?

Summary — Here is today’s list!  

1.  Perform Your Morning Braucherei Ritual (1 star)
2.  Throw at or give at least ONE thing away. (2 stars)
3  Make a concerted effort to practice total stillness (10 stars – because I know this is a hard one)
4.  Do today’s main challenge — Honor Life (5 stars)
5.  Do one 3-Minute Dash! (3 stars)
6.  Empower a yellow or gold candle dressed with honey (or sugar)! (2 stars)
8.  Post how the program is going for you in the comment section (5 stars)
9.  Don’t forget to do your Evening Walk Through right before you go to bed! (1 star)

Total Number of Stars You Can Earn Today:  29  

See ya in the morning!

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26 thoughts on “Great Release Program 2014 – Sunday – Day 21– 21 December — New Moon — Silver RavenWolf”

  1. Thank you Silver! That is a very powerful statement. I try to keep bringing myself back to the realization that “Peace begins with me”. And when I am able to hold that thought is when I notice that the change begins to occur.
    May you and your family (and everyone on this wonderful blog) have a very blessed Solstice, Yule, Holiday season 🙂

  2. Strega and I performed the ritual together except lighting the candle and chanting “gold and silver coins galore, all are rolling to my door.” He doesn’t chant much but he lends good energy. We’re celebrating his birthday today and that’s life affirming. Happy Yule!

  3. Thank you so much for having this event each year. As I eliminate so many things from my life (in preparation of moving into an RV full-time), it really helps to have a bit of guidance along the way.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award. I have enjoyed reading your books since 1997 and your blog since I came across it. If you would like to accept the award, just follow this link to my post to see what you need do. You don’t really have to, but it was fun to gather some of my favorite blogs together.

    Blessings to you!

  4. All challenges are completed – my project to honor life was to sketch and use my pastel chalked on my interpretation / vision of the Goddess . I am going to post this then do a new moon ritual along with giving thanks for every aspect of my life; the good and the not so good ’cause the not so good has lessons for me to learn. Have a blessed Winter solstice / New Moon for everyone here enjoying this Great Release Program.

  5. All hail! Had a sacred fire. Burned up pages of my book of shadow that no longer served from 5+ years ago. Lighter 🙂 the sacred fire was life affirming and inspiring. Love watching the flames flicker in yellow and gold. Really wonderful deep cleansing day. New moon energy feels good. Bought a giant spray bottle filed it with holy water which is useful during cleaning. Also made time for some fun. Love and light, Jennifer

  6. Thanks,Mama Silver,I needed this today. I’m very angry about news I saw lately and upset that there’s nothing I can do about it. I want to strike out at the folks who caused it all,but can’t. I will work for peace and new beginnings,and for hope. Blessed Yule!

  7. Posting late again! Thank you for the lovely solstice Ritual with the gold candle. My activity to honor life was to dance with friends to honor the Goddess and the Solstice. Need to let more things leave the house. Have changed my chant to Shout Shout Throw it all out!! Wishing a Blessed Yule to and your family.

  8. To honour life – time with family, friends, a drive to Niagara Falls. “Business as usual” through mundane eyes, but it’s the intent that gives it so much meaning.

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