Great Release Program – Day 13 – (Saturday) — Super Banish Day! — Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolf
Super Banish Day!!!

2014 Great Release Program
Day 13 – December 13  2014 — Saturday
by Silver RavenWolf

Every day you must throw something away!
and — this week — Every day you must GIVE one thing away!

Saturday — Banish Big!
Moon in Virgo — 3rd Quarter (Banishing)
Organization, Clever Ideas, Analysis, Planning, Physical Health
Ideal Planetary Hour for Virgo magick — Mercury
Ideal Planetary Hour for Banishing on a Waning Moon on a Saturday — SATURN!

   Light a white candle rubbed with white sage.  Scatter rosemary around the candle.
Evil be gone
Do Not return!
The Horse has run off
And the bridges are burned!

This Week’s Theme: Focus

Pick a positive thought.  Hold on to it.  Retain it as long as you can.  Each day your retention period will lengthen.  You only need to practice!
Practice retaining one positive thought three times a day.

Hail and Good Day!

Today is super banish day!  We have a 3rd quarter moon in Virgo and it is a Saturday (banish day) — time to dump the garbage!!!!

Your Challenge Today — There are two parts to today’s challenge.  Don’t worry if you can’t get one of them done, or if you need to skip this one today, and move it over to tomorrow.  Do what you can do.

Part I:  One Major Appliance — Stove, Refrigerator, Dishwasher — you choose.

Part II:  Is to choose WHAT MUST GO!  Perhaps it is something you’ve been looking at, and saying:  “When I get to it”.  Today is the day!  Is it a closet?  Is it a junk room?  Is it a trunk full of crap you keep tripping over?  Something you’ve been hoarding?  Does it have negative, emotional attachments.  If it were gone — would you feel better?  Would your mental health improve?  Does it cause you stress when you think about it?  Whatever this is…it is something you’ve been fretting over.  Today?  Fret no more — get the garbage out of the door!  Afraid to tackle it because you won’t get it done?  Just…


Chant or listen to music while you battle the black dragon!

You can do this!

Loving the Simple — New Products for Mason Jar Candle Burning

 While shopping for fabric a few weeks ago I found new products to enhance Mason Jar candle burning.  I love these jars for spell work and the new additions make spell casting a snap!

New products for Mason Jars include handles so you can hang the jars, lids designed to hold tea candles, and a product that allows you to suspend a tea candle in a jar (perfect for water magick).
New products for Mason Jars include handles so you can hang the jars, lids designed to hold tea candles, and a product that allows you to suspend a tea candle in a jar (perfect for water magick).

The jar shown here is a protection jar, filled with Juniper Berries, dried African Violets, White Sage, Slippery Elm and Pumpkin Seeds.  Although many folks use pumpkin seeds only for prosperity or good luck magick, did you know they can also be used because they are “slippery” when you remove them from the pumpkin?  The “slippery” in magickal correspondence ties into “escaping” a difficult situation, and that negativity just “slips right off”.  An old spell to protect a loved one from attack includes covering the outside of a tin cup filled with pumpkin seeds with gobs of bacon grease so that evil “slips right off”.  The individual’s name that you need to protect is written on the inside of the cup, under the pumpkin seeds.

Summary — Here is today’s list!  

1.  Perform Your Morning Braucherei Ritual (1 star)
2.  Throw at least ONE thing away. (2 stars)
3.  Give at least one thing away. (1 star)
4  Make a concerted effort to hold onto one positive thought as long as you can three times today. (1 star)
5.  Do today’s main challenge — One Major Appliance and Super Banish!(10 stars).
6.  Do one 3-Minute Dash! (3 stars)
7.  Empower and burn your banishing candle. (1 star)
8.  Cast a spell using a Mason Jar. (2 stars)
9.  Post how the program is going for you in the comment section (5 stars)
10.  Don’t forget to do your Evening Walk Through right before you go to bed! (1 star)

Total Number of Stars You Can Earn Today:  A Super Star Day!  27

See ya in the morning!

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26 thoughts on “Great Release Program – Day 13 – (Saturday) — Super Banish Day! — Silver RavenWolf”

  1. Finalmente oggi sono riuscita a coinvolgere anche mia figlia. Ho dovuto scrivere nella mia lingua madre, perchè purtroppo l’inglese scritto non è il mio forte. In ogni caso grazie per questo programma perchè è davvero utile, visto che ogni giorno fornisce uno spunto per qualcosa di nuovo. Si respira davvero un’altra aria in casa

  2. I live near Akron, where do I get these dried herbs this time of year, such as sage and all that you have mentioned the the past 12 days? If you have other ideas or places send me info, Please! Youu kindness would be appeciated!

    1. Im not sure how far u r from Chagrin Oh but there is a place there called Sages Apples that have it. Also u can order it online n if u do u can bless it n empower it before u use it. I hope this helped

    2. Im not sure how far u r from Chadron Oh but there is a place there called Sages Apples that have it. Also u can order it online n if u do u can bless it n empower it before u use it. I hope this helped

    3. I raise a lot of my own herbs in the summer months and then store them over the winter. I also order those I don’t raise online. However, you can use the herbs from your kitchen cabinet — for example, clary sage instead of white sage, rosemary, basil, oregano — all cooking herbs have their own magickal properties that you can substitute. Thank you for posting this!

  3. This is Great Silver when I do this I cast a Banishing Circle Widdershins to clear all negativity. Also what I learned from u. To throw something away n to give something away n to get something new is a great way to balance life. Also it can bring very good Karma.BB

  4. Sat down at the kitchen table and thought about things that bother me, lighted the candle, put it on a bed of Rosemary. I was so industrious that I cleaned the back porch yesterday from all the clutter that collected there. My son helped to clean and cut some trees (it started to look like a jungle in the back yard, I like it but it had to be done) Found a hideaway nest of one of the chickens…. she made a racked was not impressed with us, she disappeared yesterday so I guess I’ll be having chicks in the new year 😀 now I can keep a eye on her. Granny will be flying down to us today, one of her grown grandchildren will accompany her on the plain, we’re meeting up with them at a family members home, and we need to take her walker to her, she’ll be staying there until Tuesday, then I’ll be keeping a eye on her till next year.


  5. Haven’t been able to post for a few days coz of too many things happening at once but I am really starting to get into this big time. I woke this morning with an urge to just move all the rubbish and clutter I could find and imagine how happy I was to see that today is Super Banish Day. Perfect!! So far I have sorted old socks, noted and removed clutter from surfaces that I hadn’t even noticed before, done all the piled up laundry and will sort through the Yule decoratoins when doing the tree this afternoon.
    Also I read in a health magazine that clutter causes an increase in the bodys production of the stress hormone cortisol leading to lack of sleep, mood swings and other general symptoms of stress This program has really given me the motivation I need right now to sort out my living environment and also alot of other areas of my life. Thank you so much Silver. Brightest Blessings

      1. Thank you so much Silver. So happy that I found my way to the blog and the Program. Loving every minute of it.

  6. This is the start to my morning. I do the Great Release and move on to exercise – another form of releasing stress and unwanted weight! My cat usually joins me for the recitations.

  7. Alrighty- can’t put it off anyone- I have to do that thing that has been hopping from one years list to the next- for a few years now. hahaha! someone is gonna (finally) be happy.

  8. Cleaned the oven with baking soda and salt with some water added. Had the kids pitch in with the floors in the living room, they even cleaned the garbage can.
    Banishing candle ritual brought a release. Hit me right in the heart. I screamed “no more drama”. I’ve had a hard time focusing on positive thinking lately, been feeling very negative and frustrated. Got to the heart if it today.
    This year we are getting married and the energy and opinions of others have been an issue. Moving the energy out, banished. This is about choice and love. Love and light, Jennifer

  9. So far so good, my family even pitched in to clean the refrigerator with me. I have been eating healthy, my self esteem is well, and my room has stayed clean. I’m very grateful. 🙂

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