Great Release Program — Day Eleven (Thursday)– So Below! — Silver RavenWolf

You are here for a reason.  You are unique.  The world can not do without your joy.  It can not do without your personal touch.  Your breath is magick.  Use it.
You are here for a reason. You are unique. The world can not do without your joy. It can not do without your personal touch. Your breath is magick. Use it.

2014 Great Release Program
Day 11 – December 11  2014 — Thursday
by Silver RavenWolf

Every day you must throw something away!
and — this week — Every day you must GIVE one thing away!

Thursday — So Below
Moon in Leo — 3rd Quarter (Banishing)
Self-Reliance, Success, Generosity, Determination
Ideal Planetary Hour for Leo magick — Sun

   Light an orange candle surrounded by orange peels to help you recognize opportunities that are good for you!
Or, offer a sliced orange dressed with sugar to the Gods, asking that the sweetness of life reside in your home.

This Week’s Theme: Focus

Pick a positive thought.  Hold on to it.  Retain it as long as you can.  Each day your retention period will lengthen.  You only need to practice!
Practice retaining one positive thought three times a day.

Hail and Good Morning!

I have been reading all of your posts and I am so very proud of you!  Take it one day at a time.  Do what you can.  What you can’t?  Will come around later.  Yesterday I asked you to look around your environment and determine what seems to be the predominant color.  Take a peek at this color palette link:  Color Palette .   Why not try using a different color scheme in at least one room?  If you don’t want to do something permanent — choose a throw (blanket), pillows, a picture or two, mats for tables, statue, flowers, etc. to change the color scheme.  Get creative!  Construct something with our own hands!  After a week, determine if you feel better or less stressed with these new color variations.  Sometimes, just a change in color and the rearrangement of furniture can really lift the spirits and break up sluggish chi.

Today’s Challenge — So Below.  Yesterday we looked “above”.  Today, we look below!  Underneath the bed, under the sink, under the sofa!  Remove all clutter — clean if you can.  It is said that junk under the bed inhibits restful sleep.  I absolutely believe this!  Clutter and dirt under the sink?  Is thought to cripple the water element in your environment.  The water element carries healing energy.

To help you catch up (if you are falling behind) that’s it for today!  If you feel really industrious and have all the challenges completed and want to do more — let your intuition guide you on choosing a task.  For example, yesterday I cleaned out and washed down the bathroom medicine cabinet.  The day before that I went through all the doggie toys, half chewed bones, treats, leashes, etc. getting rid of what could not be salvaged and putting a bit of order to the jumble.  Any task you do like this deserves a gold star!!!

 Summary — Here is today’s list!  

1.  Perform Your Morning Braucherei Ritual (1 star)
2.  Throw at least ONE thing away. (2 stars)
3.  Give at least one thing away. (1 star)
4  Make a concerted effort to hold onto one positive thought as long as you can three times today. (1 star)
5.  Do today’s main challenge — So Below! De-clutter and clean under stuff! (2 stars).
6.  Do three 3-Minute Dash! (1 star)
7.  Empower and burn your orange candle to help you recognize opportunities that are good for you. (1 star)
8.  Do a little research on color magick — change the color scheme in one room of your environment. (2 stars)
9.  Post how the program is going for you in the comment section (5 stars)
10.  Don’t forget to do your Evening Walk Through right before you go to bed! (1 star)

Total Number of Stars You Can Earn Today:  A whopping 17!

See ya in the morning!


20 thoughts on “Great Release Program — Day Eleven (Thursday)– So Below! — Silver RavenWolf”

  1. So, my rooms are in yellow. That sounds bilious, but really, it is like a Tuscan gold, yellowy thing. I know bedrooms are meant to be in cool, dark colors, but when I thought of what to paint my room, the rosy gold of Tuscany was the only thing I knew would be right. And it is. I can’t even think of changing the color. The base is yellow (I laughed, it was called “Squish-Squash”) and then I put a glaze over it with a dry brush to give it a bit of depth. The glaze is a…umm…rusty golden color. It is a light glaze, not heavy or domineering. After 20 years of living in a basement, I want the sun! My room colors give me the sun 24/7.

  2. Had to do some catch-up on the ironing work :p a pain in this heat, used some Lavender Hydrosol in the iron and put my self on a really relaxed plug…… will have to catch up on the under tomorrow as I need to ready the guest room, who knows what found it way in there.


  3. Lol! How did I help clear the way for ripping out that carpet? By ramming things under the bed! Cue the song, “Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.” 🙂 oxo

  4. I’ve been super slow at the GRP this year, trailing a flu that knocked me off my feet, but yesterday’s As Above challenged really turned the corner for me. I missed the Cancer moon-clean water challenge, so I added some orange and rosemary essential oil to my Bioclean spray bottle and off I went to clean the tops, including light fixtures. Everything felt brighter.

    Then I tackled a pile of boxes waiting to be broken down for the recycling and instantly, the chi changed. Out in the rain…were several ceramic pots had been knocked down and broken in the wind storm…clean it up girl!

    I’m still holding on to my box of tissues, but wow, I feel tons better in a tidier home environment! Thanks to you, Silver, and everyone sharing their GRP journey!

    1. Sending super healing blessings to you! I am so proud of you! It is sometimes hard to explain how quickly the energy can change — you did it perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing. I am very sure your comments are helping others. Good job!

  5. All Hail and Hello, second car rescue mission this week, the terminal ends needed adjusting. Attacked the last section of my kids room. The orange peel around the candle was wonderful. Ate half the orange, placed the other for the Gods with honey on it. Loving the orange citrus vibe, very refreshing.
    I get really serious when I am cleaning and cleansing, I find it hard to pull out of that mental and emotional space. I don’t get a lot of “me” time so this may be the reason. Does anyone else experience this?
    Love and light, Jennifer

  6. That might be the reason and sounds logical. Try smiling while you clean (if you feel you are getting in a negative funk). Take some “me” time other than when you clean. I know it is very hard when you are raising children — you can do it.

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