Great Release Program — Day 10 — As Above — Silver RavenWolf

As Above -- So Below
As Above — So Below

2014 Great Release Program
Day 10 – December 10  2014 — Wednesday
by Silver RavenWolf

Every day you must throw something away!
and — this week — Every day you must GIVE one thing away!

Wednesday — As Above
Moon in Leo — 3rd Quarter (Banishing)
Self-Reliance, Success, Generosity, Determination
Ideal Planetary Hour for Leo magick — Sun

   Light a yellow candle surrounded with gold glitter to welcome the new changes you are making and dispel any negativity that has targeted your goals!

This Week’s Theme: Focus

Pick a positive thought.  Hold on to it.  Retain it as long as you can.  Each day your retention period will lengthen.  You only need to practice!
Practice retaining one positive thought three times a day.

To Cause Fine Weather – A Witch Sways Gently To and Fro whilst speaking Words of Power

Ever stand in  a line somewhere and see a woman swaying gently to and fro?  “Do you have children?” I often ask.  “Yes”, is always the reply.

Hail and Welcome!

Did you remember to do your Morning Braucherei Ritual?  How is that making you feel?  Are you seeing any changes in your lifestyle since you started the program?  I know you are super busy — the holidays marching forward, so I’m going to try to keep these challenges well within reach!

Today’s Main Challenge — As Above!  First, let’s get rid of all the cobwebs.  I’m nearsighted, so I miss a lot of them in my daily routine!  I love spiders and their webs.  In fact, one the favorite candles I make is dedicated to the energy of GrandMother Spider.  She is the power of solutions and can help you “trap” liars, cheats, and dirty folks.  She is also the power of Creativity!  I’ve spent hours watching orb spiders weave glorious webs (do you know they have runes in them?) out here in the woods.  And, although we can use actual spider webs in our workings (try it if you haven’t yet) dirty, floating cobwebs catch negativity and hold it — particularly in dark corners.  Today, we’re going to remove all the cobwebs — that’s our main goal.  Our secondary goal follows in line with “as above” theme– shelves.  All the exposed shelves or ledges in the environment.  Get rid of the dust and rearrange the objects.  This will help to keep the Chi of the environment flowing.

Secondary Challenge — Today’s secondary challenge is about color.  Answer this question — what is the predominant color scheme in your living environment?  Why?  You don’t have to do anything with this observation today — just contemplate!

How I Cut My Electric Bill in Half — Yesterday I mentioned that I learned to cut my electric bill in half, particularly in the warmer months of the year (April through October here).  It started (for me) as a challenge.  When we first moved here it dawned on me (yeah, I know, brilliant) that we had chosen an all electric house.  Okay, I thought, that won’t be too bad.  Until, our first January I received a bill for over $600.00.  Granted, our oil bills had been bad in the old house; but, the recession/depression had hit and there just wasn’t money for such a horrendous monthly bill.  I realized that if I didn’t do something to get a handle on the electric bill we would be eating toasted cheese sandwiches without the cheese for the rest of our lives.

Time to get crafty.

I treated the situation like a game — a challenge of the mind coupled with adjusted behavior.  The electric company and research on the web was disappointing in their information on how to cut costs.  Most of the ideas were about spending more money (buying energy efficient appliances and new windows and doors — who, may I ask you, can run right out and drop several grand on such changes?).  I decided I had to come up with my own ideas.  The result?  In two months I’d literally cut the bill in half.  How did I do it?  I made a list of all the things that I could control in the energy usage department, and then I started to make some changes.  Here is the list of what I did.  You can try any or all of the ideas on the list.

1.  When you are not using the lights — turn them off.  No more front porch light on ALL the time (because you forget to turn it off).  No more leaving the light on in the hall when no one is in it.  Or the bathroom.  Or the basement.  During one of the first release programs I learned that in one month’s time, we were wasting $28.00 simply by not turning off the basement light.  The washer and dryer were down there, and everyone constantly forgot to turn off the light when they left the basement.  When I became the “light police” for one month I was shocked to discover how much money we were spending on one little itty bitty light!  In the new house, I took this observation to a new level.  Not in the room?  No light!

2.  One by one, I changed ALL the lights in the house to the energy efficient ones.  I didn’t run out and replace every bulb immediately.  As the lights burned out, I switched them.

3.  Unplug ALL appliances that you aren’t using on a daily basis.  Just because things run by electric aren’t turned on doesn’t mean they don’t still draw electricity.

4.  Stop using the dish washer, and when you do use it — don’t use the “heat dry” setting.  This one appliance (and there is one other I’ll get to) literally gulps your money.  We now wash the dishes in the sink (like the good old days) and save the dish washer for the really huge meals (like holidays) or super messy meals.

5.  The Grand Dame of Theft — your clothes dryer.  Of all the appliances on the market today, the clothes dryer hasn’t been updated to save the consumer real money.  I bought a ten dollar clothes drying rack and set it up in the little laundry room.  We only use the dryer for sheets, blankets, and sometimes towels.  Okay.  Let me rephrase that.  I only use the dryer for those items.  My husband refuses to walk back in the dark ages and he still uses the dryer for his clothes (yes, he does his own clothes); however, I taught him to wash smart, so he doesn’t have that many loads each week.

6.  Do Your Laundry in Cold Water — I honestly can’t see the difference between hot and cold when washing clothes.  I have almost always used cold, anyway.  When we bought the new washer I didn’t realize that certain settings were automatically programmed for warm or hot — particularly the “normal” setting.  Normal (to me) is cold.  Not, evidently, to the manufacturer.  As soon as I understood that I would have to manually adjust the temperature setting for normal, I thought I would be saving money.  Except — I forgot to tell my husband.

I made one other change — a minimal investment.  I bought two small induction cooking appliances.  They cook in half the time and use far less electricity.  Cooking with these small appliances was an adjustment.  When you’ve been cooking for 40 years on gas or electric — induction cooking takes a bit getting used to.  I still cook noodles, for example, on the regular range because I just couldn’t get the hang of the induction cooking (my noodles were goopy, yuck); but, on the whole, once I learned how to handle this type of cooking I developed my own techniques that have saved me a lot of money!

That’s my list.  Six super easy ideas to cut your electric consumption in half.  Give it a go and let me know how you made out!

Summary — Here is today’s list!  

1.  Perform Your Morning Braucherei Ritual (1 star)
2.  Throw at least ONE thing away. (2 stars)
3.  Give at least one thing away. (1 star)
4  Make a concerted effort to hold onto one positive thought as long as you can three times today. (1 star)
5.  Do today’s main challenge — As Above!  Remove all dirty, broken cobwebs.  Dust and rearrange any open shelving. (2 stars).
6.  Do three 3-Minute Dash! (1 star)
7.  Empower and burn your yellow candle to encourage success and banish negativity toward your goals. (1 star)
8.  Choose one thing you can do to lower your energy consumption.  (Electric, Gas, Water, Oil, etc.) (5 stars)
9.  Post how the program is going for you in the comment section (5 stars)
10.  Don’t forget to do your Evening Walk Through right before you go to bed! (1 star)

Total Number of Stars You Can Earn Today:  A whopping 20!

See ya in the morning!

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24 thoughts on “Great Release Program — Day 10 — As Above — Silver RavenWolf”

  1. I have been following you for 8 of the 10 days, I just finished readingand doing all the exercises in your 1st book. I loved it! I can’t learn fast enough and practice all at the sae time and i get so excited when I see something you have written and have noticed a dream or something my grandmother did and it was normal, my grandmother had little saying and little this and that at doorways and I noticed little things, she;oved to bake and there was a certain magical feelingas she taught us to bake. She would say things,like so mote it be. One thing I distinctly remember is reaching across the table and over someone hand, she would say that is the sign of the devil, go back from where you started and never ever cross someone at the table. She grew sage and different herbs and even have a salve for the horses ( a plaster for soars) from mary jane as she called it. Her house was used in the Cival war as the courthouse, my grandfather on paid 1000.00 for this house, it was huge many rooms and fireplace and walls that moved and I loved it. I would love to tell you more. So many things solved from your book. I truely believe that out of the 3 girl grandchildren she was gently training me for this life.

    Jody (Azuree) Helbig

  2. Thank you so much for sharing what you and your family were going through when you originated the GRP. It’s really encouraging. So even if I’m still struggling to catch up with the GRP, it’s a wonderful reminder of how all those small actions and intentions add up to great changes in the future. There’s hope!!!!

  3. Got stuck on cleaning and cleansing the small stuff on Monday, decided I have to much dust collectors standing around with sentimental value, so now I’m sorting and packing some of them for storage, will go through it with the children on a later stage to see what they want and what I’ll be able to let go finally 🙂 On to he bigger stuff…. there’s a corner at the backdoor that catches everything and if you ask who used this? Nobody know what I’m talking about, so I did a banishing over that…. I’ve got my eye on them now 😀 Going to move a little deep freeze to the back porch today to make space for the emergency gas stove, waited for the men in my life to help me with that, they are all home for the holiday now…. I’m putting them to work. As above….well I think I REALLY need glasses… the spiders have abandoned hideouts in every corner….. Luckily for me I didn’t scare myself with a dead orchid flower this year…thinking it’s a spider. Later today I have to go pick up my Mother in law’s walking frame for the holiday’s. It’s my turn to look after her this holiday.

  4. You will definitely have your hands full this holiday, taking care of others. Take it one day at a time. Do what you can. It sounds like you are doing wonderfully so far!!! I’m so proud of you!

  5. I’ve been trying to follow along, and find I don’t always have the alone time or supplies to be able to properly complete the tasks. But then I thought to myself, what IS ‘proper’? So I’ve decided to do what I can, as it puts me further along than I was. I don’t always get things done on the specified days, but I’ve been checking the planetary hours and working with them a bit. So far, I’ve given myself 33 stars. That’s enough to form a constellation! Thank you for all the effort that has gone into this program. I’m sure each time I work through it, I will get a little better at it.

  6. Doing okay, sometimes it’s just the Braucheri ritual and the day’s candle, but… Was thinking about a banishing for the crap my son keeps bringing in, and 2 piles of clothes, a jumpstarter and a drone went out the door before I even did anything. 🙂 When visualizing a circle around my bed I thought about the dog that climbs down in the middle of the night, so extended it to her spot there. Then I thought about the other 2 dogs in the living room so had to extend it around the house, then I thought about the llama outside and the recent coyote activity so… Geez, started out to be a simple circle around the bed lol.

  7. Love seeing my mini calendar full of stars! Status Report: Banished a flat tire today and swept away cobwebs. Attacked my kids room and got on the floor, cleaned up toys, found lost treasures, then smudged and cleansed the space. Never sure what each day is going to hold, or what adventure is to be had but having fun. Love and light, Jennifer

  8. I came home from work tired but determined! I got down all of the old cobwebs & actually found two little Daddy Longlegs in my corner of the bedroom & one behind my husband’s altar. I left the little guys where they were. Then I got a good dusting done, including the ceiling fans! I rearranged our nightstands, my bookshelf, our movie drawer & dresser top. I even cleaned a few other things that were nagging at me. I still plan to get at least one 3 min. dash in, but I felt a cup of hot chocolate & a little knitting was in order. Phew!
    I love your smart ideas on saving energy! We practice some of them already, but the one I’d like to try is only using the dishwasher for big deals. That will be quite a challenge for us, lol!
    Good luck to all still in the game. We can do it! 🙂

  9. I am so glad you are still in the game! I’m so proud of the way you are trying to juggle such long hours and still keep up with the program. I also like your reward of the hot chocolate and the knitting. Nice!!!

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