Great Release Program – Day Five — You Are The Change! — Silver RavenWolf

Day Five -- Solutions Day!  Try using an herbal mixture of spearmint, eyebright, dill, lavender and mugwort to make a solution oriented conjuring bag.  Dress with Gemini or Mercury Planetary magickal oil.
Day Five — Solutions Day! Try using an herbal mixture of spearmint, eyebright, dill, lavender and mugwort to make a solution oriented conjuring bag. Dress with Gemini or Mercury Planetary magickal oil.

What something different?  Looking to get those creative juices flowing?  Try the Great Release Program!

2014 Great Release Program
Day 5 – December 5 2014
by Silver RavenWolf

Every day you must throw something away!

Friday —  Solutions Day!
Moon in Gemini – 2nd Quarter (Building)
Communication, Imagination, Clarity, Intelligence!
Ideal Planetary Hour for Gemini magick — Mercury
Today:  Mercury in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries —  Solutions at your fingertips!
A very profitable mental day!
Need answers?  In the mood to express yourself in a positive way?  Light a white or light blue candle and focus on clear communication.

This Week’s Theme:  Thought Control

Each day practice holding one single positive thought for as long as you can three times each day.

Hail and Good Morning!  Did you remember to do your Braucherei Morning Ritual?  Good for you!

You know…there is always a way!  Got a problem?  Sit quietly and address the Universe.  No gods.  No goddesses.  No religious bias.  Just you and the Universe.   Tell the Universe exactly what you need.  Believe you will receive a good, solid, helpful answer.  And you know what?  In about 24 hours (give or take, sometimes a lot less) exactly what you need will manifest.  If it doesn’t?  It means you threw some mental clutter in there.

For the last three years I’ve been working with my Sea of Potential theory, a simple practice based on Hermetic Principles melded with easy mind techniques and folk magick practices.  These techniques have been incredibly successful for myself, my family, my friends and my students.  One of the most important facets?

Keep it Simple

If you over complicate the situation with extraneous thoughts of worry, fear, inadequacy — this is exactly what you are going to manifest…

Mind Mud doesn't allow the manifestation you desire to occur.
Mind Mud doesn’t allow the manifestation you desire to occur.

Main Challenge:  Today, we are going to do something a bit different.  We are going to walk around our living environment and we are going to evaluate our feelings when we look at objects we have collected.  If your gut feeling is negative you have a choice:

A)  Clean it and then Cleanse it with holy water, lit sage or salt


B)  Chuck it.

If you clean it and cleanse it, then tomorrow you have to monitor your feelings when you look at the object again.  If you still feel negative about it?

Get rid of it OR put a plan into action to replace the object.  For example, if you hate your toilet you can’t rip it out of the floor right this second.  Peeing in bottles isn’t cool and highly unsanitary.

Why is today’s challenge part of the release program?  We all want to think clearly, particularly in important matters.  If our living area is cluttered with objects that create negative emotional responses every time we look at them, these feelings clog the mind and hamper sound decision making.  Feelings also tell us what is going on in our subconscious minds.  The subconscious has a great deal of control in our daily lives, often overriding conscious choices or pushes us into negative patterning.  The best possible scenario?  That the subconscious and conscious minds work together — that they are in balance.

Altering our living (or working) environment can help to facilitate this balance.  It helps us get rid of our:

Dirty Mental Underwear

Summary — Here is today’s list!  
1.  Perform Your Morning Braucherei Ritual (1 star)
2.  Throw at least ONE thing away. (2 stars)
3.  Make a concerted effort to change negative thoughts into positive ones. (1 star)
4.  Do today’s main challenge — Evaluating Feelings linked to objects (2 stars)
5.  Do one 3-Minute Dash! (1 star)
6.  Empower and burn your white or blue Mercury Solutions Candle (since the moon is in Gemini and two of everything is a plus, why not burn one white and one blue candle?) (1 star)
7.  Post how the program is going for you in the comment section (5 stars)
8.  Don’t forget to do your Evening Walk Through right before you go to bed! (1 star)

Total Number of Stars You Can Earn Today:  14!

See ya in the morning!

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27 thoughts on “Great Release Program – Day Five — You Are The Change! — Silver RavenWolf”

  1. Made my solution bag! I didn’t have the planetary oil so I used road opener.

    Yesterday’s green candle burned so hot it went out before 6pm and broke the candle holder!!!

  2. Hail Silver,
    I’m so happy to have your release program also this year! Your rituals are easy and the effect last year was big. It’s a great pleasure. Thank you!

    Greets from switzerland


  3. That Taurus moon stopped me in my tracks yesterday. Took some time at my altar. Also took the opportunity to ring my cowbell through the house and chanted the evil begone chant.

    Looking forward to today’s work.
    Onward and upward. Jennifer

  4. i had forgotten how good you feel after the morning braucherei ritual. i did the release program last year but once school started back i lost my momentum – mostly due to organic chemistry. lol,lol. ive been cleaning& tossing away so much clutter that the dog and the kids run and hide!! lol,lol. brightest blessings:)

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this program again with us this year Lady Silver! I have been using the morning Braucherei ritual almost every day for the past three months, and it always leaves me feeling empowered and ready to go! It is an integral part of my practice, and I pull it out during the year when I need it most. This month I’m incorporating several of the suggestions you’ve given, such as the wish water. A quick question–what is the best thing to do with yesterday’s water when you change it? There are so many blessings every day, but even more are already flowing, and I’ve noticed I have more to put on my gratitude project the past couple days! I love the creative activities you upload, and especially the talisman featured yesterday! I will be prepared for the retrograde on Monday. Thank you for your inspiration, brightest blessings! Hugs, Alex

    1. Hi Alex, I read your comment and feel compelled to respond to your question about the water. I pour mine on some potted peace lilies which were gifted to me during my wedding 8 years ago. My husband and I are currently going through massive transition, and I feel value in using the water to infuse these plants which represent so much for us. If you have a special plant, maybe watering it would be a good idea for you too.

      1. I pour the water into a seashell. And I also have a potted plant on my altar that I put the wish water in. That particular plant out grows all the others. I like that the water goes to go use.

    2. I’m going to add a comment too…attesting to the use of the wish water. I’ve participated in Silver’s Braucherei lessons through Etsy and learned about the wish water. I too, gave mine to a potted plant (actually a Hyacinth bulb) and the bulb grew into the most fragrant plant. Mind you, the bulb was force grown due to my error, but grow it did.

  6. I am hopping in late :). Did my Braucherei ritual this morning in the pantry…the only place where I get a moment of alone time/peace, and it felt pretty amazing to speak the chant. Still gathering my tools (aka candles), so I am using my Goddess Abundance candle to represent me. It is serendipity, my goal is to only have things in my house that I LOVE by the end of the year. Today will be a very productive day to make that happen. Thank you for this release program, I think it is the answer to the wishes I sent into the Universe a few weeks ago when I was overwhelmed with “stuff”! Blessings!

  7. Wow energy flows very good since we declutter. Since 3 weeks I decluttered every day. And now results are seen. Did Braucherei 3 times today. Asked the univers and godess and god for help and guidance. Thank you Silver and comunity

  8. Spent some time after my ritual walking the house. Several more things were tossed, things that I’ve pretty much felt indifferent about for a long time. There will definitely be some things that are getting replaced once our move is complete, for now, I saged the crap out of them and the space in general. I have a pretty new white 7 day candle all decorated up with blue stars and gemini symbols burning away on my desk. It’s a nice focal point sitting next to me, a reminder to bring my thoughts where they need to be.

  9. Funny how “things” work…I’ve read the info for Day 5 a couple of times today. I left it up on my iPad as a reminder to get going after work today so that it would be the first thing I’d see.

    Even after a couple readings, when I read the title just now, I saw the letters
    spell c h a n g e but read, You are the [CHALLENGE] instead of change. Hmmm.

    Hello universe. I get it!

    I think the GRP is working 😉

    In love and light…

  10. Blessings Silver,
    I am really enjoying this program. Last May my husband and I retired from our 30+ year careers in nursing. We decided to spend a year cruising on our sail boat to celebrate our new found freedom. It was truly a great summer! In August we were in the process of preparing for the second part of our journey, which was to be a trip to the Bahamas with the ‘Snowbirds’ to see what that lifestyle was about. We had decided to stay close to our home base in Florida, because we wanted to be available to our elderly parents should the need arise. You know what they say about the best laid plans? Well, my father decided to suddenly pass on to Summerland on August 27th, which was about a week before we were due to return home in order to spend a few months with them before leaving for the Bahamas. It was a very difficult time. Not that a loved one’s death is ever easy, but he was so full of life, seemed robust and then he was gone. Of course, he was 87, but he was always so tough. Anyway, this left us with the duty of being primary caregivers for my 89 year old mother and, of course, we cancelled our trip for now. I mention all of this, because I wanted to let you know that your program is helping tremendously with clearing all of the swirling harmful negative energy around us! Doing your simple ritual each day makes me feel so much more positive and I especially like the 3 minute dashes. We have been cleaning and sorting almost non-stop since we decided to settle down at home for awhile. Our working schedule was so demanding before we retired that we did not have much time or energy left during our brief periods off to get serious things done. Anyway, junk and disorder up to the rafters has been slowly, but efficiently getting sorted out and serious house and yard maintenance has been getting done. This tasking is what we have been focusing most of our time on and I thought at first that I just couldn’t do anymore, but instead I am challenging myself to find the hidden dust, straighten a corner, wash a tablecloth, and actually decorate my home for Yule in short bursts. Today I started making a wreath. It’s been a lot of fun! Yesterday I made the sigil and did the financial stability project you outlined. I didn’t get to make the conjuring bag today, but I did blog about the Moon in Gemini on my tarot site! The ritual each morning seems to energize me and helps me to maintain my self-direction.
    Thanks again and keep it coming!

  11. I saw you post it’s not to late to start so i started yesterday and the night before i saw the post i grounded and centered. already receiving messages from the universe of Good things to come. Thank you i find this challenge fun and inspiring and the point (star) system is extra fun.

  12. Today I converted a shelf of non-inspiring artifacts of a different era of my life into an Art Altar for displaying and housing my children’s favorite art supplies. It radiates a certain energy inspiring creation which is unafraid of silliness and is willing to be unabashedly bright. I also had a client for my musical instrument company unexpectedly gift me a hand-crafted pendulum. I feel this program helps me ground myself so that I can state my truth with grace–or at least state more truth more gracefully than I would have before taking the time to consciously honor my thoughts and great each day with genuine acknowledgement of the power it contains.

  13. Moon in Gemini: It’s all about communication. Gemini’s are known as great communicators, and I communicate through writing, visual art expresses one side of my creativity, written art — poetry and essays — gives voice to both my intellect and emotions. I think sometimes it’s more about the research / learning then it is actually finding the answers. We do like a challenge and learning new things.

    I find myself looking up more information after reading your post – you spark my need to know center. It sure helped today as I spent 3 hours with a person that has an interest in learning the craft.

    Keep doing what you do ’cause you sure do know how to get people involved in the challenges and the learning aspect as well.

  14. After last night’s “scare fest” I wanted to mention how effective the circle around your bed practice is working…I’ve been having very vivid dreams several times a week, sometimes frightening enough to make me vocalize and kick. Last night I had a dream about disguised angels (and some not so angelic forces) which I’m told was kind of “violent”. From my dreaming perspective, I was not as afraid as I can be when darkness calls in my dreams. I interpret this as being evidence that my white circle of protection is working. I’ve been hoping to communicate with angles, and I think the positive thought exercises and the clearing/decluttering may be making way for this to happen…or at least to better open my mind.

    All this to say, stick with it everyone. Good things do happen. Silver has created this wonderful program filled with positivity, encouragement and thoughtful preparation, and with her guidance and our persistence, we can make it happen.

    Maybe I’m sounding corny, but I really feel it.

  15. I am posting this on Saturday morning, as I did so much yesterday, I fell into bed exhausted. I am so enjoying the changes that are happening within and without. My nephew showed up and announced he was going to help me clean out my attic! It is so funny because at first I was annoyed thinking I did not have time to do this, but then I realized this was an opportunity to throw away 15 years of junk! Now that is what I call a GREAT RELEASE!! My nephew was very focused on the task at hand. I threw away at least 10 boxes of stuff. Gave away at least that much to others and donated clothing, baby clothes (my baby is 24) and was totally spent by the end of the day! He is coming back to finish today. My nephew and I are kindred spirits. We were born on the same day. Sometimes life can just remind you how wonderful things can be.

  16. I know it’s not necessary to do everything, every day… but the extra tasks are usually things I NEED to do and have been procrastinating on.

    I’ve been good about throwing things out or cleaning things that really bother me… except the cloth diaper shield (it’s like a big clipboard where the sides curve around and meet in front – it’s used to prevent diaper contents from splashing when they are being sprayed into the toilet). My son is not potty trained yet so chucking it is not an option. Tonight I attacked the dried on poop and conquered it with toilet cleaner and lysol wipes! I know that will only last a few hours but darn if I don’t feel accomplished right now….

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