Great Release Program! Day Four!– Silver RavenWolf

Today is Comfort Day!
Today is Comfort Day!

Feeling scattered?  Stuck in the muck?  Looking for magicks that encourage stress-free living?

2014 Great Release Program
Day 4 – December 4 2014
by Silver RavenWolf

Every day you must throw something away!

Thursday — Comfort Day!
Moon in Taurus – 2nd Quarter (Building)
Wealth, Physical Comfort, and Patience
Ideal Planetary Hour for Taurus magick — Venus
Need financial stability?  Light a green candle from the middle of the Moon’s journey through Taurus (today)to the end of the transit which is late tonight (early tomorrow morning depending on your time zone).  This candle is not designed to affect other people; but, to encourage the stability of your own wealth energy.

This Week’s Theme:  Thought Control

Each day practice holding one single positive thought for as long as you can three times each day.

Hail and Good Day to you!

How is the program working for you so far?  Are you getting things done?  Remember that it is okay to use your creativity and intuition during the program.  Maybe you don’t want to do today’s challenge (or haven’t the time); but, you do have something you can do that I haven’t mentioned.  That’s fine.  Let your intuition let you know what needs to be moved, cleaned, de-cluttered, organized first in your life, and let the challenges support these choices as you move through the program.

Today’s Main Challenge –– Move, Remove, Clean, Organize, or DeClutter something that focuses on your personal comfort — a change that will enhance your feeling of security, harmony, peace, and individual enjoyment.  It is a very good day to be creative and “art” minded!  Since it is a Comfort Day, Taurus Moon energy looks at food, cuddly stuff, and bedding.  You might want to make changes in the kitchen, the family room, or your bedroom.

Today’s Secondary Challenge — Yesterday I mentioned that Jupiter turns retrograde on Monday.  Many years ago, when I was first learning about astrology and magick, I discovered that preparing for this particular retrograde was financially important.  During a retrograde period, a planet looks within, not really paying attention to what is going on around it.  Jupiter, the planet of benefits and expansion urges you to look within for your personal benefits and where you can expand in a spiritual way.  While you are busy with this type of evaluation, outside benefits (like the flow of financial energy) can bounce off — meaning you miss opportunities.  Savings can dry up, weird bills can pop your budget, etc.  To keep things running smoothly and not have to scrounge through the couch cushions, I learned to make a Jupiter talisman and put it in a safe place until the retrograde period was over.  A month after this retrograde period, you can de-magick the talisman (break it apart in ritual) and either give the money to charity, or pay it forward in some other way.  If a Jupiter retrograde only lasted a week or two, we probably wouldn’t care all that much; but, it lasts three full months — this year from 8 December through 8 April 2015.  That’s a long time to be hungry.

What You Will Need to Make the Talisman

Red or Green Thread (your choice)
A paper money bill (highest denomination you have right now)
The Jupiter Talisman shown here

Here is a link to the talisman that we made last year — which worked incredibly well for several of my friends.  2013 Jupiter Retrograde Talisman  You might want to read over it (or use that one) for your magick today, rather than this year’s version.

Planetary Sigil for Wealth and Good Fortune
Planetary Sigil for Wealth and Good Fortune

What you may like to add to this talisman:  Good Fortune Herbs as well as Orris Root and Oak Leaves (or an acorn) — both with correspondences to stability.  I’ll also be using sassafrass that I collected from the woods and peppermint from this year’s garden.  I will dress my talisman with Jupiter Oil I made this past summer.  You can use a Jupiter Oil, or a money oil, or even your favorite perfume.  Lastly, no oil or don’t like oils or perfumes?  No problem.  Use your saliva.

Instructions:  Draw the sigil on a piece of paper — doesn’t matter how crappy your artwork is — the point is that you drew it yourself.  A green pen or marker is a good choice; but, if you don’t have it, that’s okay.  Turn the sigil over and write your name on it three times as well as the words “financial security”.  You might also like to write:  “My life is filled with positive abundance and all my needs are met and more!”  Call out the names of the Four Goddesses listed — Fortuna, Libertas, Concordia, and Victoria asking them to assist you in this working.  Next, say:  “I invoke the Power of Jupiter to guard, bless, and protect my home, my family and my property.  May good fortune always come through my door!”  Can you say something different?  Absolutely!

Take a deep breath and begin running energy into the sigil, while whispering:  “I invoke the power of Jupiter.”  Keep doing this until you lose your train of thought (when your focus is naturally broken).  Be sure your breath runs over the sigil as you speak.  Seal this energy glow by drawing an equal-armed cross with magickal oil (or saliva) on the sigil.

Cleanse and bless the herbals you will use and the paper money.  Command both to work for you and tell them specifically what you want them to do.  Dress the money with the magickal oil (or your saliva) and place it on top of the sigil.  Sprinkle the herbs over the money.  Carefully fold the talisman, herbs, and money together — always folding toward you to create a small packet.  As you fold the packet, instruct all items to blend and work together for your financial gain.  Cut a length of red thread that is the measurement of your body from head to toe.  Run your hands over the thread and bless it.  Command the thread to keep your finances secure over the coming months.  Wrap the red thread around the packet as many times as possible, always wrapping toward you.  Tie the ends of the thread securely together over the packet.

Hold the packet in your hands and once again invoke the power of Jupiter at least three times.  Continue to run energy into the packet until you lose your train of thought.  Once again — seal with the equal-armed cross.  Your packet is complete!  You can place an empowered green or “sugar” candle by the packet and allow it to burn completely to add more power to the working, or you can leave the packet as is and place it in a secure place where you won’t move it for the next three months.  A box, a closet, doesn’t matter — it should be out of sight so that it can “do its thang”.

Summary — Here is today’s list!  You can really add up the stars today!
1.  Perform Your Morning Braucherei Ritual (1 star)
2.  Throw at least ONE thing away. (2 stars)
3.  Make a concerted effort to change negative thoughts into positive ones. (1 star)
4.  Do today’s main challenge — comfort! (1 star)
5.  Do one 3-Minute Dash! (1 star)
6.  Make your Jupiter Retrograde Talisman (2 stars)
7.  Treat yourself to your favorite healthy comfort snack (1 star)
8.  Empower and burn a Personal Wealth Energy Candle (1 star)
9.  Post how the program is going for you in the comment section (5 stars)
10.  Don’t forget to do your Evening Walk Through right before you go to bed! (1 star)

Total Number of Stars You Can Earn Today:  16!

See ya in the morning!

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61 thoughts on “Great Release Program! Day Four!– Silver RavenWolf”

  1. This is amazing! I’ve only found it on day 4, but I’m keen to give it a go! What a wonderful and inspirational resource for us all 🙂 Thank you, with love, Sharon

  2. Thank you Silver for making this program available in advance today. My husband and I followed the program last year, and we have started with you in the 2014 program. I can now prepare the night before and work on it during the day at work and at home. Blessings!

  3. I’m already feeling the effects of this work! It is simply amazing, and it spurs me forward to continue. Do you have any suggestions for how to go about “catch up” if one has to travel (pretty darn far) for the holidays? I’m afraid holiday travel and henceforth missing about a week of the program will mess me up. Do you have any advice? Thank you so much for this, I haven’t finished one yet completely (but this is my first year doing it with everyone else! instead of after the holiday season) and I really, really want to finish the work this year! Many bright blessings and thank you again! -s

    1. So you don’t miss out, consider what you can do while traveling — a meditation, an observance, etc. There is always a way. You might also like to do things that are not currently on the list before you go. That way you will feel like you haven’t abandoned the program; but, if it causes too much stress, that defeats the purpose.

  4. Silver RavenWolf – these are wonderfully inspiring blogs every day. I feel more optimistic about the future and doing as many of the things on the list as I can. Thank you!

  5. I am so happy that I joined again this year. However I find it tricky to juggle the program with the demands of everyday life, but I know I can make it work (positive statements already!) with a bit of planning and thought. I don’t have any orris root left and I cant get it where I live. Can anybody recommend a substitute? I need it for the Jupiter Talisman. Thank you so much. Blessings to all.

  6. This is my third year joining in with this amazing program and I found myself mentally preparing for it! You know making a list of what must go, where i need to de-clutter the most etc. I am feeling the positive energy building already its great! Before I read today’s challenge I already knew no matter what I would adapt it to my bedroom-comfy comfy- in line and on time with the flow! I have even been able to take on more Reiki sessions too. Thanks again .

  7. Thank you for doing this every year. I particularly need it this year. My cat is helping me today! We made our packet and will burn it in the needs circle tonight with other requests. Now for yoga to complete the morning!

  8. brightest blessings to all!! the program is working great!! my altar space and altar supply space was so cluttered im kinda embarrassed to say. lol lol. now my altar is clean and fresh and i threw away so many things that were gathering dust & negativity. thanks so much for this program Silver. release program locomotive in high gear!

  9. I worked the Great Release program last year and then continued with Silver’s other class. I felt so strong and sailed into and through the time of the Cardinal Cross. Those around me did not navigate the rough waters as well and relied on my strength. Right after that I stopped my Braucherei and began floundering. I am happy to have the Great Release program to begin again, and I feel like the energy is flowing effectively for me. I feel more grounded and strong already on day four. I missed this! Thank you!

  10. Yay stars!!!!!!!
    Status Report: that Aries energy was intense Monday and Tuesday. Had a mental block but pushed thru last night while at the gym then cleaning and dusting. Made the mother candle, created the second altar, organized magic supplies… on a roll! Sold a broken down car that needed to go. Going to rejuvenate with some Yogi Kava stress relief tea and honey. Thank you Silver! Love and light, Jennifer

  11. This past four days have been fun and magical thing are starting to look up with the housekeeping, interesting thing I have been swearing I was going to get a new coffee pot for about two months now, yesterday I was out looking in the store and picking up something , when I found the one I wanted on a sale (50% off ) so I brought it came home to find the old one has stop working dead as a door nail so just smiled, got love manifesting thing just in right time. now time for something bigger then a cup of coffee.

  12. Day Four and loving every moment of this. The Great Release came as it always does, at the perfect moment. Between the hectic nature of the holidays and a move to a new home planned in less than two weeks, going through the day to day of this program is really helping me to let go of all the things I don’t need and really clear the way for everything that should be in my life. It’s easier as the days go by, to fall into the rituals and enjoy the moment. Planning on going the whole way this year! ❤

  13. I was in a really happy positive mood today, did my Sea of Potential in the car this morning, also a bubble of safety for my car on the road. Picked a lot of beautiful strawberry’s, enough to eat, freeze and make jam. Didn’t even get mad when someone grabbed 2 hands full of my, MY strawberry’s that I picked and payed for. Comforted myself by sitting flat on my bum in the strawberry field and ate to my hearts contend 😀 (will pay for that later tonight). Found the perfect candle for The Mother Candle, strangely today I was drawn to the already scented candles usually I make my own or buy unscented, today I kept going back to the Gardenia scented pillar candle. Spirituality, love, peace and healing. Only tonight as I was cleansing the candle I realized that gardenia was my own Mothers favorite flower……. Talisman is made and put away to do it’s “thang”. Personal candle is burning strait. So all is well in my world tonight. My wish is that everyone will find peace and contentment with this wonderful program, it really work if you let it.

  14. Hi Silver, I purchased your book To Ride a Silver Broom Stick late this November and then found your blog on the 30th, just in time to begin the Release Program. It is one of the missing pieces I’ve been seeking at this most transitional time in my life. Thank you so much.

  15. Like everyone else, I’m loving the programme this year. Unfortunately my chronic illness flared up on day one (there has to be more to that than coincidence) so I haven’t managed as much cleaning and de-cluttering as I would like. I’m just doing the best I can and noting what I’ve missed for later. I’ve been doing the morning ritual every day and I love the positive thought exercise. It’s all good 🙂

    On day one I discovered that I wasn’t going to be made redundant next year after all and I can keep my job (very good and very unexpected). On day two important paperwork came through with the bank. On day three I felt my health improve a little. Let’s see what day four has in store!

    1. You are doing just fine. Do what you can, set the rest aside until you are feeling better. And, no, it is no coincidence — your subconscious is arguing with your conscious mind.

  16. Good day and many blessings to you Silver. This program so far had made me feel so good and happy. I haven’t been practicing as much as I should and well this release program is helping remember who I am and I am so thankful you truly are a blessing to me.
    Blessed be …. Kaida

  17. I really feel like we could do with a Jupiter talisman in our house but havent had chance to check the Great Release program until just now (right before bed) when it’s really too late.
    Can I do it tomorrow, or will there be another day coming up in the next week or so that would be good for catching this up on?

      1. Thankyou 🙂 and I know other people have said it, but thanks for putting all the effort in to make this happen every year. It’s arrived just when I had run out steam and I can already feel things picking up again.
        I’ve started ticking things off my massive to-do list, and got some good news this morning about extra money coming in where we need it- and I only strated yesterday! 😉
        Thankyou so much.

  18. I love today I did a lot of research on all info to do today. Made Jupiter Oil and added some new spell in BOS wrote down all steps and made 14 Star today all that is left is the walk throw tonight. I feel great. Thank you so much Silver Ravenwolf

    1. I love this program. This is my first time through, and I am so glad I have found it! As a newbie to the path, there are some herbs, materials, etc. that I didn’t have, but it felt good to use the knowledge I’ve gained so far and trust my intuition.

      It is difficult working everything in! But, I am a rule follower, so I am REALLY holding my feet to the fire to get it done. (This is good…because I tend to allow myself too much leniency, and recently did a working focusing on finding ways to improve my self discipline) Wowzers if this isn’t a literal answer to prayer!

      Mostly, I am feeling what it is like to TRULY live magickally. I mean, it’s one thing to call yourself a witch…to practice your craft…to revere and honor nature…BUT it is an entirely different thing to infuse magick into EVERYTHING you do. I mean, by just adding a few little things here and there throughout the day, suddenly I’m not dreading getting out of bed (because I have a little work to do before I get ready to go), and I am trying to hold positive thoughts in my head throughout the day, and by taking just a few simple steps, even VACUUMING is suddenly magickal and filled with intention. This is truly a life-changing look at how simple it would be to change from living with some magick moments, to living magickally all the time. And all those “little things” I mentioned…they’ve turned out to be really BIG things to me. Thank you SO very much!!!

      1. What a delightful post! I often look at people in stores, and on the street…and I think how sad it is to live without magick (because you know most of them don’t). Magick keeps my mind sane, gives delight to the day. Makes me appreciate the earth, nature, our place in the universe, friends, family…a wealth of joy…if we just acknowledge it!

      2. Welcome to the path. It was the best thing I have ever did for my spiritual side.The natural thing of magick just make since to my spirit. I do know how it is to not have thing for the ritual but that is magick in all rights. I go and look for something to use or find what else I could do. As a back up I have always check were the plants are and the phase of the moon or the day of the week or the goddess or god you call on. there is always so much info on the web.. It is your intuition that you should always use first.
        I just love this Program it is my first time doing it also. i wake up first thing I do is go to the shower get ready and off I go. I have been real sick for a 11/2 years and I needed this program more then I though. I just go a good bill if health and I am getting my energy back.. once I get started there is no stopping me. I love the info she has in this blog
        hope to hear more on your progress
        May you be blessed and enlighten

  19. So far I’ve been loving this experience, it’s the fresh air I needed in my life right now. My days have been filled with good energy.

  20. Thank you so much for creating this program. I am throwing away things that no longer serve me in any way…trying hard to keep positive thoughts ( my only Brother is dying of Cancer and he has shut me out of his life) I know all will be well and I send him positive energy each day regardless of this. I didn’t have all the herbs for the money
    talisman but my intention was there. Bless Be

  21. I got a little behind already, but got back on track today! My altar is simple, clean and sparkly- representative of the energies I am drawing into my life 😊. One thing that has come up for me these last 4 days is how challenging it can be to do the Work. Its so easy to put it off, resort to old habits and lose track of my goals. This release challenge has helped me refocus- and its only day 4!!! In Gratitude, Serafine

  22. The talisman and the wealth candle – done. And loved making / using them. :)))
    Tidying and throwing away will be done again today. Yesterday was yet another stressful and long day at work, so I concentrated on the talisman and the candle. 🙂
    Ah yes, the healthy comfort snack: cashew nuts 😀

      1. I think I see the changes in how I handle it all compared to, say, 3 years ago. So that’s a great thing 🙂

  23. At work today, I ran into a pleasant old aquaintance & – long story short – she gave me money saving advice that we so desperately need! One of my positive thoughts for today was to surround her with white light, as she could use the positive energy too.
    I created my talisman with great success (I used nutmeg, cloves, & anise seeds as that’s what I could find in our cupboard). Afterwards, I thought about battling the closet some more, but am rather satisfied with how it’s looking so far. Instead I found myself grabbing some knitting, a blanket, a glass of wine & some chocolate. Salud! 🙂

  24. Been running a bit behind, so playing catchup! Hubby is on night shift right now, and had a bit of a funny day on Wednesday, so he ended up staying up all day…..of course nothing got done lol

    But I got the vacuuming/dusting done yesterday, dressed up my main altar for the holidays, redid my desk altar and going to make the jupiter talisman today!

  25. Hi Silver! Third year for me. The programs of the first years put me to work really hard in the cleanliness and orderliness of our house so I ended up really crushed! So I expected the program this year with a mixture of excitement and fear, lol, what super cleaning will propose Silver this year?

    The reality was this summer I wanted to repeat part from the previous Christmas program, and noticed that something has changed in me, and my husband too! (and that really is pure magic, if you understand me)

    Now we are more orderly, more measured people, I don’t know how to explain it. I used to be one of those people who started many projects at once, scattered throughout the house. Released programs, and my routinal practice of Braucherei have changed our house. We feel blessed!

  26. Hi Silver, I plan to assemble my Jupiter packet this evening as the moon rises. I have a perfect view from my living room windows. I have a mix of herbs that I have on hand,rose,nutmeg,basil, allspice ,almonds and cinquefoil. Plus I still have Jupiter oil from last year and have been waiting for something to use it with. I have saved my egg money candle that I bought from you with the herbs you sent. I’m going to light the candle when I finish and let it burn then sprinkle the herbs over the packet also putting a pinch in the packet. I’ll smudge the whole house before I begin.
    Any suggestions you might have would be welcome!

    Wishing everyone a very blessed day and successful Jupiter Retrograde!

  27. So far, so good this year… my living room is still clean (despite having hosted ritual last night) and my kitchen is tolerable. I can see the floor in the bedroom and all the laundry got done this weekend! I may not be able to do all the activities this year, but I felt the retrograde packet was important. It’s now completed and on the stove with one of your Four Goddess candles – so the candle can burn safely while I head to bed. I love this program and look forward to it every year!

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