Great Release Program — Day 3 — Moon in Taurus — Silver RavenWolf

Surround a Home Security candle with Holly or Ivy for a simple magickal boost.
Surround a Home Security candle with Holly or Ivy for a simple magickal boost.

2014 Great Release Program
Day 3 – December 3 2014
by Silver RavenWolf

Every day you must throw something away!

Wednesday — Stability Day!
Moon in Taurus – 2nd Quarter (Building)
Wealth, Physical Comfort, and Patience
Ideal Planetary Hour for Taurus magick — Venus 

Light a Green Candle surrounded with Holly or Ivy for home stability
or Light a Brown Sugar Candle to draw good vibes into the home

This Week’s Theme:  Thought Control
Each day practice holding one single positive thought for as long as you can three times each day.

Hail and Greetings!

With the 2nd Quarter Moon in Taurus, we’re going to concentrate on our comfort, peace in the home, and harmony.  The Moon is exalted in Taurus which can make the day a glorious one!  Begin with your Morning Braucherei Ritual, and then move on to today’s challenges!

Main Challenge:  Your Sacred Space/Altar — today is the day to clean off your altar, organize your magickal supplies, and re-connect with the earth and your spirituality.  Wash it down with empowered water — consider adding rosemary, lemon and lavender or hyssop to the sacred formula.  As you work, allow yourself to be filled with the harmony of the universe.  Take several deep breaths, moments of pure peace, seconds of joy!  Your altar can be the heartbeat of your living area — is it skipping beats?  Slowing down?  Simply whispering?  Add some music while you work!  Shake it, baby!  Shake it!

Perhaps you would like to create a secondary altar today.  One specifically designed for the season or for this program.  You could create a Mother Candle by starting with a blessed pillar candle, allow it to burn for a few hours, then light a second, smaller candle and put it on top of the pillar, allowing the wax from the first candle to seat the second.  Over time, as you burn the second candle, it will melt down over the first.  When you feel the need, add a third candle, seating it in the hot wax of what is left of the second candle.  In this way you can create a centralization of power that you can light at any time for any magickal purpose wherein you make petitions to “The Mother”.  You could build a Divine Sage candle in the same way, or Horned Lord, etc.

Prep for Tomorrow:  Jupiter, the planet of benefits and expansion, turns retrograde on Monday.  Many years ago I learned to create a Jupiter talisman to protect the wealth in the home throughout the retrograde period, because I discovered that if you don’t do something to secure your wealth during this time, it can slip away.  For this easy spell you will need a clean jar and the highest denomination of paper money you can afford at this time.  You will also need red thread and the talisman that I’ll provide tomorrow. You may also like to use a green or brown candle.

Secondary Challenge:  De-Clutter Day.  Get everything up off the floor that doesn’t belong there.  Stuff strewn everywhere creates blocks in your life as the energy around you can not flow freely.  Observe where the worst mess gathers.  Consider how this “place” is associated with your life at this moment.  Once you have cleared the clutter, be firm in keeping it clear (which is part of the challenge).  Since today is all about your comfort, make an effort to work with the focus of your comfort in mind rather than just clearing it to “get it done”.

Begin A Rewards Program — For every task you complete, give yourself a gold star or draw stars on a calendar.  The more stars you have at the end of the week the better!  At the end of the week, count your stars and give yourself a fair reward!  For example…all the stars possible?  Treat yourself to a dinner out, or buy that purse you’ve been eyeing, or give yourself time to do what you love to do!  Half the stars?  Congratulate yourself!  Life has been busy and you managed to get a lot done! Watch a favorite movie, spend time creating something fun and rewarding!

What earns a star?  If you keep up with the Morning Braucherei Ritual — you earn one star each day.
If you throw something out each day — you earn another star.
If you complete the main challenge each day — you earn a star.
If you complete ALL the challenges each day?  You earn perfect stars!
Each day I’ll let you know how many stars you could possibly earn for that day.

Summary for Today:
Perform the Morning Braucherei Ritual (it can be done at any time, when you get up is best) — one star
Burn a Green Candle for Financial Security, Physical Comfort and Patience with Yourself — one star
Revitalize your Ritual Area — one star
Do One Three Minute Dash! — one star
Make a Serious Effort to clear all clutter from the floor — one star
Throw One Thing Away! — two stars!!
Make an effort to change negative thoughts into positive ones — one star
Walk through the living area before you go to bed and pick up what you can — one star
Bonus:  If you build a mother candle, give yourself a star!

Total Possible Stars Today:  10

 See ya in the morning!

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29 thoughts on “Great Release Program — Day 3 — Moon in Taurus — Silver RavenWolf”

  1. THANK YOU for posting this so early!
    I’ll have an incredibly busy day today and knowing the to dos and the get ready-s for tomorrow as well so early in the day helps a lot. 🙂

    1. I’ll try to post in the evenings if I can. There is a scheduling program that goes with the blog; but, it doesn’t seem to be working right. I’ll keep trying.

      1. 😀 I did find her late today after the strawberry picking (think I overate) She’s burning right now.

  2. Thank you so much for this…have been so consumed in marred muck that I have not even seen the first 2…but I seen this one and I stand encouraged……

    So I am grateful for this message……

  3. Thank you for explaining how to build a Mother Candle. Do you use white? Or what color would you suggest? I too would like to say Thank You for posting early. And giving prep hints for the following day. This allows me to plan my lunch time if I want to pop out to buy needed items. Like colored candles 🙂
    Have a very blessed day!

      1. Thank you! I really like that combination of colors. Especially for winter 🙂

  4. I love the summary format this year =) Thank you again for doing this. It is one of the things I look forward too all year. It is amazing how the techniques stick with me throughout the year while cleaning and I think of this program. Thanks again.

  5. Thank you so much for the beautiful imagery, positivity and structure! My beautiful mother passed away earlier this year and these exercises really help create a much needed momentum to move forward. Really want to create a magical home and life. Have been very stuck and will enjoy another day of throwing something out! ; D OXOXO

  6. Thank you, feeling accomplished, just went through the list again saw I did everything except to build a Mother candle, did look for a pillar candle this morning in the shops but could not find one that felt right. It’s summer where I’m at, tomorrow we’re going to pick strawberry’s, will stop in the next town for the candle, I know of just the right place. Did my prep for day four, now I’m going to wash the floors……. see, what did I say about Virgo’s just doing some “vacuuming” 😀 It sure did open the way.

  7. Braucherei done. Altar & wish seted. Breathing done. Decluttering ongoing the whole family is involved. Feel the energy and action we all created. Thank you all for this pover. Thank you Silver

  8. The morning Brauchere I have done everyday since the first Great Release program I participated in and totally love it. I had forgot how much good reciting the Sea of Potential was – goal is to make that part of my morning routine from now on. Challenges completed, reward system set up on a spread sheet and I feel like I accomplished a lot today. Each day I find myself energized and delighted when I complete the days challenges. A very good way to start my day. 🙂

  9. Today I got 8 out of a possible 10. I am actually ready for my day tomorrow! I did my walk through! I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying the challenge this year! I feel blessed for this opportunity!

  10. I combined Day 2’s challenge with Day 3’s with wonderful results! De-Cluttering went very well, although our closet tried to swallow me whole every time I got near it. I had to stop, drag over the stereo & put on some music (the soundtrack to Xanadu is perfect for this challenge, lol). I switched between singing along & chanting which really helped raise great energy.
    I made a cleansing oil using olive oil, rosemary, & lavender. When I wiped down my altar with it, it was as if I let the sun in! My altar feels totally revived & happy. My husband even commented that it feels great in our home & lit an offering of incense on his altar in honor of the Challenge & the Spirits we are working with.
    I can’t wait for tomorrow! I’ve already read it & am prepared for another beautiful day! Thank you! 🙂

  11. Sounds like your closet knows my closet, lol. I love the cleansing oil! Very nice on the incense idea! Today (4 December) has loads of opportunity! Sounds like you are in the right spot to catch it!!

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