2014 Great Release Program — Day Two — Road Opener Day — Silver RavenWolf

A Road Opener Formula is used to "open the way" removing blocks and enhancing the flow of positive energies.  Devils Shoestring, Honeysuckle, and Abre Camino are often ingredients found in the blend.  Many practitioners often add musk to their formulas.
A Road Opener Formula is used to “open the way” removing blocks and enhancing the flow of positive energies. Devils Shoestring, Honeysuckle, and Abre Camino are often ingredients found in the blend. Many practitioners often add musk to their formulas.

2014 Great Release Program
Day 2 – December 2 2014
by Silver RavenWolf

Every day you must throw something away!

Tuesday — Road Opener Day — Open the Way for Success!
Moon in Aries – 2nd Quarter (Building)
Motivation and Protection
Ideal Planetary Hour for Road Opener Magick — Mars, Sun or Jupiter Hour

Light an Orange Candle for Road Opener Magick

This Week’s Theme:  Thought Control
Each day practice holding one single positive thought for as long as you can three times each day.

 And a merry good day to you!  Today is Road Opener Day!  First, practice your opening Braucherei ritual, and then move on to today’s challenge.  Here is a short link to the Braucherei Ritual and Program Instructions.

We are going to Open the Way to Super Success and we are going to do it using our vacuum cleaner!  First, we are going to write down on a piece of paper what we want to achieve and then add the following two lines…

Perfection of the Universe Open the Way
The Sun Shines Bright on my Path Today!!!

Draw four equal-armed crosses on the paper, one in each corner.  Tape the paper to your vacuum cleaner.  Vacuum the entire house chanting the above two lines.

When you are finished think about dusting if you have the time, writing the same information on the paper and taping the paper to your duster.  (This is for the super industrious!).  If you feel super, super motivated — sprinkle holy water mixed with basil and cinnamon throughout the whole house — that will surely open the way!

Finish with a 3-minute de-clutter dash!  How much can you throw away, pick up, straighten and organize in three minutes?  Ready…Get Set…Go!

Throw one thing away! (and not the duster! although you need to throw the duster away, too — but, it doesn’t count as your daily throw object!)

Last task of the day?  Do your nightly walk through, then cast a protective circle around your bed right before you fall asleep.  Don’t forget to thank the universe for all the good things in your life today!

See ya in the morning!


17 thoughts on “2014 Great Release Program — Day Two — Road Opener Day — Silver RavenWolf”

  1. I love the road opener/holy water mixture. Can’t wait to do that when I finish work. Thank you for adding the “formula”, Silver.

    The positive thought practice is working…I had a negative thought in my head bkz work has been stressful (when is it not so), but I remembered our work on thought control, stopped in mid-thought and replaced it with a positive thought instead…and “held” it there as long as I could.

    Feel the magick…this is going to be a good season!

    Bright blessings!

  2. As I was doing my vacuuming today I decided to set my intention towards my financial success. I work 2 part time jobs and things have been slow the past few weeks and money has been tight. I was already a day short on my schedule this week…..and after I completed todays ritual and sprinkled the holy water, I saw I had a message on my cellphone….a shift had opened up this week and I was called to work it! Talk about quick results!
    Enjoy doing this program every year…always something fun and new to look forward to!

  3. Great thank you for the new task. Was already busy learning with my kids. Doing the housekeeping. My husband decluttered the old stuff from the bedroom. I keep proceeding with kidsroom. Yesterday I wrote in my Ritualbook a pinboard with wishes and today I add the roadopener to it. Hopefullyways will open. Sold some stuff on ebsy and my friend too, were so lucky. Now I am working to get a new boss which I like a and get rid of the one I do not like. Bless to all and great success:)♡

  4. Was in a bit of a foul mood this morning – long story there so won’t share it here. Anywho, the morning Braucheri and Sea of Potential snatched that negative energy pronto quick. Loved the vacuum cleaner chant – that was uplifting. It’s turning out to be a marvelous day. Blessed Be.

  5. Great to be back! Even if everything doesn’t get done, just doing morning ritual helps tremendously.

  6. As above so below thru this circle I go widdershins n let all the debris n negativity go. I banish any bad thoughts n stay with the flow of positive. I wish everyone on here good thoughts n joy.n BB. N Silver ur awesome for doing this every year many thanks for all uve done BB ur friend Paul in AZ. Ps hope ur staying warm in PA

  7. Great again. I got home so late due to so much work at, well, work… but managed to do my 3 minutes and to throw one thing away, to do some breathing (which proofs to be great especially since work is so busy and stressful). Couldn’t hoover as it was too late in the evening by then and the neighbours wouldn’t have been impressed. :p

  8. You know you can’t tell a Virgo to JUST vacuum the floor….. right? 😀 But I did manage to catch up on most of day two, still have 2 rooms to go. Kept a catch all box with me for all the stuff that didn’t find their way back to where they belong, will put them away as I go otherwise I’m going to get fit enough to run the next marathon from all the running back and forth. Managed to catch up on day 3 also, my green candle is still burning, Altar is cleaned and added a extra Altar for the program. Thank you once again.

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