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Time Magazine Denigrates Witches — Calls Them Terrorists

I am shaking my head.  I am wondering what rock these people are crawling out from under.  How about you actually take the time to interview a real Witch, to live their life for thirty days, and then I dare you to come back and tell me that I’m a terrorist.

Double Dare Ya!

Here is a quote from this article: Witches, like terrorists, “threaten to wipe out everything you believe in. If they could, they would overthrow your government, overturn your faith, and destroy your society,” Baker writes.

Here’s the article.

And here is an opinion article:


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19 thoughts on “Time Magazine Denigrates Witches — Calls Them Terrorists

  1. I’m sick of these fear based people. They call everyone they don’t agree with terrorists. It’s them we should fear not the other way round. We never went around killing people because of their beliefs.

  2. These people who publicly trash other people are bullies and haters who like to start wars and keep the fears of that which they do not understand growing among the ignorant. They are losing the war against keeping gays from obtaining equal rights (thank the Goddess) and people are “tired” of hearing about them. Unfortunately, now there must be a new and improved scary group. Spooky Witches!
    I’ve often felt sorry for people who only feel good about themselves by hurting others. They are weak of character, surround themselves with others who will agree with them, and could not defend their sad lives if they tried to anyone who is enlighten.

  3. Merry Meet
    I am the Wiccan Pope. Monotheist Witch Craft Centers around the Goddess Birth Mother Wisdom. She is the Consort of the Lord Hunter God Jehovah. Their Son is Jesus Christ born of Mary the Jew. Monotheist Witch Craft teaches Equality between a man and his wife. We promote ONENESS with our spouse. God is One with Goddess. Adam and Eve are One. The point is, the real terrorists are Gangsters with the Rap Music. Promoting promiscuous sex, not caring for their children, and hangin wit they boys for terrorist activity. Modern Christians are Inquisition gansters. They group up to speak out against innocent marijuana users. To take their children from them. To throw them in PRISON to be raped, murdered, and tortured. North and South again. Colorado free state. Christians enslave the innocent. My Monotheist Witches do not desire to enslave or terrorize anyone. We desire our spouse. We desire to be parents, not O G Niggas! Merry Part, Wiccan Pope

  4. This superficial story is appalling at best. She quoted a single cited source, who claimed witches want to destroy ‘their’ way of life. No thought was given to the fact that we live in this country just as they do. Can someone please explain to me the idea that Christians have that they musts battle the rest of the world? I have always thought of Time as a reputable magazine, now I know better.

  5. Freedom from persecution? freedom of Religion? We have a constitution that protects us, how can Time Magazine be so stupid?

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  6. I am at a loss of words. A terrorist? So because I don’t follow their self absorbed self righteous ways I’M A TERRORIST. I don’t get it. Why is it always just one way for an answer? Their way or wrong? Who says their know what’s right? This is way I HATE religion. Period.

    EVERYONE wiccan or christian or Catholic or otherwise needs to put the god(s) bad in what ever they do and take themselves out of it.

    God/Goddess or the force whatever the hell you decide to call of this week don’t need our input. I do believe that he/she/it is the Master; we are the servant.

    Christians should not judge anyone or anything but their own actions.

    Sorry for the rant. I am just sickbtobdeath if this constant bs.

    If you have a difference of opinion or just flat dont like what I’ve said. Oh well. Its a free country and we all are allowed to express our OPINIONS. It is just that an opinion. My own take on this stillness. Straight stupitity.

    “God” help us all.

  7. This infuriates me. Wiccans have been looked down upon for years, and called Satanist and other horrible things. Now we are being called Terrorist? I am 100% patriotic and a proud citizen of the United states of America. I am the farthest thing from a terrorist, and have been practicing for 23 years. I hope no one believes the bull shit lies that the media and those with closed minds spread against our religion, no it is more than that is a way of life.

  8. I would expect such stupidity from a rag sheet, but I am so disappointed in Time magazine, lost a reader here.

  9. the only ones that have and/or will threaten to wipe out everything people believe in, overthrow government, overturn faith, and destroy society are closed minded fundamentalist bigots of any kind. Everyone, regardless of faith or the lack of it, should be treated with respect. One can believe whatever they want, so long as it causes no harm to any other living beings. The entire time article is utter bs.

  10. The two links lead back to the same article, which is an opinion of the Time artcle. I searched for the actual Time article and found that it was referring to the similar hysteria and fear people have about terrorists and make believe “scary witches”, not real witches. In fact, in the next paragraph, it states that “of course terrorists are real and witches are not”! It is a fluff piece poorly written and researched.

    And you are right Silver, not one of us real witches were interviewed. But hey, they don’t even know we exist🎃!
    Happy Samhain,
    Cindy Gumucio

  11. Wow Silver its been a long time since I said hi now I see a lot of hatred towards our faith first on facebook n now time magazine. This isnt good at all though one thing I know is Karma and that will hit hard on these people it always does. We r not terrorists we fight against that. We are with The God n Goddess. Wonder if these people are trying to start a war or plain jealous of our way or simply dont understand our way either or it doesndoesn’t matter we r who we r n karma will take care of it. I do want to say hi and I miss our chats we’ve had n I still remember ur rat chi. Blessed Be Silver ur friend Paul in AZ. Blessed Samhain

  12. clearly time magazine is controlled by the catholic church or people of the Christian faith. christians have always hated and even killed people who do not believe in their religion. just take the Christian crusades and the salem witch trials for example were they killed millions of people just because they did not believe in the Christian faith. even the king james bible was written by a man who killed people claiming they were witches. even to this day all we are hearing about is child abuse involving the catholic church. so clearly those who believe in Christianity should be ashamed of themselves for believing in a faith that is clearly evil and nasty. to me Christianity is the most evil of all religions and im glad that it is a dying faith. and time magazine calling witches terrorists is a sign of stupidity on there part because I hope that it means they loose a lot of readers. and by saying that witches are terrorists is a hate crime were I come from and they would be brought to court for it. and if they want to know what real terrorists are they should come to my beautiful wee country of northern Ireland were we suffered at the hands of them for more than 30 years and now there running the country.

  13. I’m not even mad…just annoyed & tired of publicity stunts like this. This ignorant writer is clearly being paid to write this article in order to promote all of the shows & books they were mentioning. They did the exact same thing when that silly movie “The Rite” , with Anthony Hopkins, came out: articles were popping up all over the place about how “demon possessions” were real & how the Vatican was deciding to take exorcism more seriously. Then the movie came out, flopped, & people went on with their lives.
    It’s just horrible that people consider Time to be a worthwhile read. I think it’s snuff; every time I ever picked it up, it was clearly racist, sexist, biased, & fear mongering. Goddess, help them…

    1. I heard about the cancellation of Withces of East End; I take back what I said about the publicity stunt. Let’s cancel an empowering show with imagination, but let’s keep encouraging mindless zombies & violence. Zombies are cool, but witches are terrorists? Really???

  14. Just shows how desperate MSM is for attention, for any readership attracted to controversy. Fear and division: the oldest and lowest strategy there is.

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