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October Healing Circle – #healingmagick by Silver RavenWolf

A very simple altar can be incredibly powerful.  If an item is a gift, such as the statue and flowers shown here, they carry (I feel) double the power of joy.  The statue is from KS and is a design from  The flowers came from a Heathen couple in Carlisle, PA.  The small altar was purchased from The Crystal Wand in Gettysburg, PA where I did a recent seminar.
A very simple altar can be incredibly powerful. If an item is a gift, such as the statue and flowers shown here, they carry (I feel) double the energy of love and joy. The statue is from KS and is a design from The flowers came from a Heathen couple in Carlisle, PA. The small altar was purchased from The Crystal Wand in Gettysburg, PA where I did a recent seminar. — The tea candle is a magickal one, a formula from my own Etsy shop.

Healing Circle Guidelines:

Rules Are Simple: Post the initials, city, state (or country) of the individual in need of help along with a brief line of what is needed under the comments section of this blog entry OR use #healingmagick on Twitter. Issues can be healing, financial needs, the desire for a new job — all requests are welcome as long as they are positive in nature. Our circle will work here, and we hope that all our internet friends will work too! Please remember that all posts are public — therefore, initials and brevity are best.

TimeHealing Circle EDT on Thursday 2 October 2014– join your energy with ours at 8:00 PM!   Theme — Harvest Blessings

To Work For Someone: Let us know you are praying (working) by simply hitting the LIKE button here on the blog or on Silver’s Author Facebook Page, or under the notification post on her friend’s page. That’s all there is to it!

Too busy to get on your computer? Use your phone and post your request at: #healingmagick on Twitter.

Don’t worry if your comments don’t show up right away. They are just in “holding” until I can write them all down to put in the circle.

Don’t Miss Silver’s October Newsletter!

October Issue of The Cawling!
October Issue of The Cawling!


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

79 thoughts on “October Healing Circle – #healingmagick by Silver RavenWolf

  1. S.N.’s Nana. She’s having heart trouble and is currently in the hospital. Needs healing & comfort. ❤ thank you.
    Blessed be.

  2. aa/Glasgow, KY/remove blocks to financial stability/fear of reprisal against spiritual beliefs.

  3. LL and AO in Arvada,CO financial stability and relief from binds preventing this. Thank you and blessed be.

  4. A.H.,M.H.,J.H. and G.H.,Thomasville,N.C. Healing from chronic autoimmune illness (yep,the whole family,two are toddlers)
    D.H.Aurora,Ill,healing from gout,depression and to get the job he interviews for that morning.
    S.S.H.,healing from complications relating to unsolvable dizziness and malaise related to heart condition
    M.B. ,to find lasting love
    Thanks,Mama Silver and Black Forest Clan! I’ll be working that night as well!

  5. IKS, Pittsburgh, PA -Healing for stage 4 Colon/Liver Cancer and to drive it out of her. Blessed Be!

  6. JS Sussex county ,Delaware, asking for healing for cancer and healing and reconciliation between myself and my soulmate sb, thank you.

  7. MB Orange, California , she has a few disorders and needs healing from them or for her to get better with them… thanks you )0(

  8. jt,jt,& kc. fayetteville,tn. prayers for comfort while the legal system decides on when i can see my grandaughter. working to get joint custody. thanks. brightest blessings!

  9. S.C Placentia,CA please pray for him to beat lung cancer and to be a survivor.

    R.S & M.S. Cerritos,CA please pray for their health to improve.

    K.S.C. Placentia,CA please pray for my stress & worries about my family’s health issues to be put to rest.Please pray for my health & wellbeing as well.

  10. KM, Star, NC, needs freedom, and financial stability especially from recent real estate endeavors, Thank you for all your help! Blessed be!!

  11. D.H., Glenville, PA
    Asking for assistance in finding a job/financial assistance. Been looking for a job since mid-May. Not sure how I’m going to make it through Oct..

  12. BL, Ham Lake, MN Physical healing for an impaired gait
    MP, Coon Rapids, MN Emotional healing for severe depression and anxiety
    JP, Coon Rapids, MN Spiritual healing for peace and joy

    Thanks to all and Blessed Be!

  13. NI and MI healing for family and life changes,financial abundance and healing on all levels

  14. CK in Whittier, NC. Just moved from FL to NC and in need of new employment for financial stability. Will be working with you and thank you in advance.

    Blessed Be!

  15. SAH,Germany Heilung für meinen Mann Burn Out Syndrom.Heilung Für Ben zu viel Gewicht,Herzprobleme,Katja Gallenprobleme.Danke silver,Friede mit Dir.

  16. L.D. Brookfield,Il,healing to help not miscarry her twins…again,for the third time. 😦

  17. A.C.C. in Mesa , arizona, to give him strength and healing. he had rotator cuff surgery in July where they also stitched the tendon. 2 weeks ago the tendon ruptured. not a good thing. He has to still work. He is depressed and not a happy person right now. L.L.C. give her strength to keep dealing with this situation and courage to fight the bad man next door. blessings and thanks

  18. Mh hoboken NJ divine protection for MH, TB, JM, JB, NV LH and rest of family from any ill intent or baneful magicks sent our way. Thank you very much

  19. I ask for the opportunity of new, stable, well paying and with great benefits employment. Thank you for my blessings. Blessed be. ❤

  20. I am working for MMH, recently diagnosed with throat CA and removal of larynx, to help her adjust and give her strength. Blessings to all of you and many thanks!

  21. NR in Highspire, PA. She suffers from a slow spreading form of lymphoma that cannot be healed by medicine or surgery. Immune system boosting blessings would be great. She’s a bit run down from work and school, leaving her susceptible to fever and sickness.

  22. KAL – KCMO, Healing energies for my heart & money blessings. DCL – KCMO, Money blessings. DJL – KCMO, Money blessings. CDP – Lee’s Summit, MO, Healing energies & Money blessings, TWP – Lee’s Summit, MO, Money blessings.

  23. M.H.T., Dixon,IL, Healing for optimal outcome in upcoming surgeries and improved health.
    E.M.A., Aurora,IL., Continued sobriety and healing of heart and increase in finances.
    J.M.D., Villa Pk.,IL., Healing of financial worries and healing of heart.
    R.A.D., Berwyn,IL., Healing of heart and financial concerns.
    M.H.B. & D.B.,Lake Village, IN,.Healing of any health matters and increase in finances.
    D.M.A., Berwyn,IL.,Healing of heart, mind and spirit, healing to improve financial well being.
    Many thanks !

  24. LK from MA currently battling stage 4 lung cancer. She is one of the most strong and beautiful souls you could hope to meet.

  25. KL in England for healing and best outcome for her after yet another operation.
    MF in Switzerland for healing (body) and positivity of heart
    AG in Germany for positivity and courage and faith in the joys and positive things in her life

    1. DJS For a speedy and successful Divorce Mediation for generous financial judgment with added physical protection from harm.

  26. G.K., R.K., T.J., & K.K. in SPFD. MO. – The list is WAY too long but I will try to summarize: Honestly, I believe a LOT of our health issues would be greatly reduced is we were lucky enough to receive a financial windfall. Most (but certainly not all) of our health issues are stress related. Blessed Be and Thank you

  27. MM and KB Ellwood City PA for blessings on our marriage and ceremony October 25 2014! Thanks

  28. For my dad, EG inTexas, for healing-stage 4 lymphoma, recent surgery to remove gallbladder and part of liver. Newly found lung nodule. For a speedy recovery from the surgery and to have him keep a positive attitude thru the healing process and beyond!

  29. K.S. in Denton, TX for a happy resolution to misunderstandings between me and the adoptive parents of my biological daughter.

  30. MM, Ganderkesee, Germany, – help for the rest of my pregnancy and the birth of my twins

  31. JMB-for a good job with good pay and good co-workers for myself

    Thank you all so much.

  32. KMM needs better job.
    GEM unemployed needs good job.
    Both are in Duanesburg, NY.
    Job schedules must not clash (car is shared). And their two children need a parent home with them, and/or will have to get into a nice daycare.

  33. AM – young teen in PA – needs healing for Anxiety, OCD, and Depression. Needs a huge boost to her self esteem and confidence. Also asking for help to stop the bullies and mean girls at school. AM’s Parents are seeking specialists and treatment centers and hope that the proper Doctors/Specialists/Treatment Centers along with the means to afford such treatment are manifested. Would love to see AM obtain the courage to fight her OCD and boss it back instead of letting it boss her around, while also using positive self talk for herself.

  34. JMW and MDT need financial security and peaceful strength. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!! Will be joining in, SO thankful for all that’s come to harvest just in the last month!!!! Spirit BLESS!!!!! 🙂 V)O(M

  35. CR, EY and JCY. My dad’s in the hospital not doing well at all. Congestive heart failure. Can’t get the water off his body. My mom is trying to be strong but it’s hurting her bad. My job is crap. I have someone else hat just LOVES to add drama. I am contemplating a mirror spell to give her a dose of her own sh:t. I just don’t want it to back fire. There is nothing better that watching their own drama biting them in the butt. I leave her to her own devices. Blessings Light and Love.

  36. Please protect LH,shadowH,SashaH,Djs ,jbs,sh,PC,JF, cjc,and all my loved ones from all baneful magic and any and all ill intentions negativity that is or might be sent their way

  37. Y.H. Taneytown , M.D..- help with early parkinson’s , financial help, more joy , less stress. E.H . Taneytown, M.D. – help to learn math , help with life skills , overcoming autism , behavioral help. M.H. Taneytown, M.D.. -help to know and work towards career that’s meant for her, soul mate help , financial help, help to clear skin issues/acne, confidence ,better self esteem, overcome pms and anxiety attacks. R.B. M.t. Airy ,M.D.- help with sharing authentic feelings, emotions , help with honesty

  38. K.O. in CA for removing obstacles to gain financial stability.

    A.R. in CA for emotional healing & general well being.

    Beautiful Blessings to all who are in need & to those who work & help. Thank you for another Healing Circle, Silver! Blessed be. )O(

  39. ARH … Michigan … Right foot
    CEH … Michigan … Job that is right for him and the family financially and physically and mentally
    KRH … Michigan … Kidney, ureter, bladder infections

  40. C.S. In NY for the strength to break free from the Legal, Financial, Emotional, and Spiritual chains that C.G. has with him. Also to heal the relationship and restore trust,loyalty and intimacy between him and A.M. of LP,NY. Thank you. xo

  41. I really need help with Chris.S. of Malone, NY…he has only predators in his life, a subjugating mother who has control over his finances and blackmails him financially to keep me out of his life. With the full intention of keeping him in an impoverished and addicted state, while she collects money for herself and her husband due to his PTSD. It is becoming impossible for me to help him, as I live 3 hours round trip, and he goes into hiding due to the dark attacks he keeps receiving. He is in a dark space today, yesterday, and the last 2 months. He is again under the influence of people who are attempting to keep him away from me & keep him denigrated. He does not have ONE person that is upstanding like me to help him. So please, everyone be a friend to him and pray for the release of his demons and afflictions. I figure with each person who tries Spiritually to help him (and me and our relationship), then that will counter balance (negate) each negative person doing the opposite to him (and us). Your prayers and work are appreciated. xo Arlene, L.P, NY

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