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Silver RavenWolf presents July 2014 Healing Circle #healingmagick

Silver RavenWolf
The Great Goddess Sekhmet destroys disease and is the patroness of medicine. Work with Her, Isis (magick) and Bastet (Protection) for a powerful team of spiritual energy.


Healing Circle Guidelines:

Rules Are Simple: Post the initials, city, state (or country) of the individual in need of help along with a brief line of what is needed under the comments section of this blog entry OR use #healingmagick on Twitter. Issues can be healing, financial needs, the desire for a new job — all requests are welcome as long as they are positive in nature. Our circle will work here, and we hope that all our internet friends will work too! Please remember that all posts are public — therefore, initials and brevity are best.

Time: Healing Circle begins at 8:00 PM EDT on Thursday 10 July 2014– join your energy with ours!

To Work For Someone: Let us know you are praying (working) by simply hitting the LIKE button here on the blog or on Silver’s Author Facebook Page, or under the notification post on her friend’s page. That’s all there is to it!

Too busy to get on your computer? Use your phone and post your request at: #healingmagick on Twitter

Don’t worry if your comments don’t show up right away. They are just in “holding” until I can write them all down to put in the circle.


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

72 thoughts on “Silver RavenWolf presents July 2014 Healing Circle #healingmagick

  1. JF Trainer PA strength, courage and wisdom to face inner demons and cleanse negative thoughts and actions.

    TF Trainer PA self confidence and peace with his past and future.

  2. C.M -Edmonton, AB – physical, mental and emotional healing. Increased energy. Restful, deep, regular sleep. Chakra balancing.
    D.M -Edmonton,AB-physical healing and inner peace.
    J.A-Edmonton AB-emotional healing, love of self and self care. Open communication.
    N.K Edmonton , AB- justice. Emotional healing and inner peace.

    Much love and many thanks to everyone who participates in this wonderful healing circle. Love and light to all.

    Blessed Be

  3. I ask for healing for my friend who is in advanced stages of Parkinsons. For her greatest good. For my mom who is 83 and dealing with childhood anxieties. For her peace and balance. For myself, for balance and financial stability.
    Thank you everyone.
    Blessed be.

  4. Request for calming down of neurological disorder so i can be as active as possible for Shawnus Merlin Santee Belarion Ferrisstar of the COC. I will “tune in” in my temple tonight at 20:00 hours. TY and BB.

  5. J.E.B.-Huddersfield, UK-major job interview coming up-need some good mojo and healing of ulcer and IBS.

    J.M.B.-in need of a good job and general prosperity

    Thank you all for all the work you do!

  6. Reblogged this on Coven of the Catta and commented:
    This is a large coven that does great healing work. They are working tonight Thursday 10 July at 20:00 hours Eastern USA Daylight Savings Time so go to yr temple and light a candle to Bastet or whatever healing God/ess, Totem, Lwa or Powwow charms you work with to receive light energy from their cone of power. BB. SMSBF 3* COC

    1. In need of healing. The lungs, heart, and nervous system. Colorado Springs, CO. May the good you do for me come back to you times 3, times 3! So mote it be! WW

  7. NJA in England, UK – emotional healing, plus increased inspiration, prosperity, and energy for writing and creative works.

    DA in England, UK – increase in energy, restful sleep, and stress reduction.

    Thank you so much to all! Blessed be!

  8. In need of healing. The lungs, heart, nervous system. May the good you do for me, come back to you times 3, times 3. So mote it be! WW

  9. MBM – Glendale, CA – peace and health; DG Santa Monica, CA- new career; TC – Sherman Oaks, CA peace and mental focus; Magpye Sherman Oaks- CA – to trust in the process, health, and to LET GO once and for all! WBC -Sherman Oaks, CA – peace and healing in neck area. I will try for all that post here. Many Thanks! Blessings and love, Melanie

  10. JLH – Lake Crystal, MN, USA – spiritual surrender, and healing to fear.
    BEH – Lake Crystal MN, USA – improve communication, emotional healing

  11. MA – San Diego, CA financial needs
    JB – Ft. Myers, Fl Healing for nerve issues
    CP – Ft. Myers, FL Emotional Health

    Much thanks and blessings

  12. Physical healing for me and strenghth, courage and emotional healing for my daughter to help her confidence in herself grow and to keep her on her path of sobriety. Spiritual growth for us both. Thank you! Goddess bless!

  13. Re-center, regain my health, get back to work. I wandered off the path, and am in need of strength, clarity, Peace. Life and Karma are kicking my behind! It will change.
    Blessed Be!
    H. Pax

  14. Y.H. taneytown md.- physical healing, joy, more peace and prosperity .family emotions healed .healing of arm .
    M.H. taneytown .md.- emotional , mental healing .help to stay calm when upset. Inner peace, help to heal old emotional scars. Prosperity to take care of family. Help to guide clear path to true love .
    E.H. taneytown md.- help to heal emotions and control himself and deal with change. Heal autism related issues.more joy and inner strength and peace and safety.
    R.B. mt. open communication, healing past emotional wounds ,

  15. J.W. and S.J. -Waukegan, IL- legal/financial. In desperate need of closing date for condo, lease runs out at end of month for current apt.
    J.K.W.-Homer,IL- Health /healing. She has been struggling with rare form of cancer for 14 yrs.

    ~Thank you and blessed be~

  16. mh-zebulon- real could use some financial blessings and a prayer for the neglected and abused children that are out there…

  17. I left two messages in the comment section (forgot to add location in first one) about an hour ago. Now I can’t find either one in comments. Did I do something wrong?

  18. Girls in Nigeria- freedom (and healing) for those still captive; an amazing support network for those who managed to escape; and peace for all of those boys and girls whose lives were taken.

      1. From the volunteer work I’ve done, to personal experience, I know what it’s like for folks to still be in the early days of a crisis, and for the concern from others to have already waned. I work a lot for the ‘forgotten’ ones.

  19. TT in Port St John Florida desperately needs a financial blessing. Family is in danger of becoming homeless.

  20. K.S. in Placentia,Ca to help guide me in the right direction to meet the right people that will help me choose a new career path and train me as well.

  21. DB & RN in MD – remove hatred.
    F & S in PA – healing for cancer & back pain.
    MG in UK healing for FMS.
    SW in MD healing for back issues.
    KV in MD healing for neck/back pain.
    JM in MD healing for heart/emotional healing.
    PS in MD healing for DM.
    KR in MD post surgery/arm paralysis neck pain healing.
    MJL in MD healing for FMS.
    JM in MD – healing for allergies.
    MD in MD – healing from motorcycle accident/discouraging thoughts/suicide.
    EV IN MD – emotional healing.
    Healing for all those who have been touched by loss/grief/loneliness.

    Thank you and blessings to all!

  22. D.R.A., Martinsburg, WV healing & strength for issues with my Lupus
    C.L.A., Martinsburg, WV financial & new job

    Blessed Be & Thank you!

  23. ERS in Seattle, WA – Heal her broken heart, find her path in life, and the way to happiness.

    PJMS in Lexington, MA – Relief from rheumatoid arthritis, and improved financial situation.

    Thank you!

    Green Blessings

  24. Blessed Be!
    JP, Coon Rapids, MN is in need of joy in her life.
    MP, Coon Rapids, MN needs to understand the error of her choices regarding men, and to develop better parenting skills.
    PP, Coon Rapids, MN for success in her career change.
    WP, Coon Rapids, MN for a positive legal outcome as is his desire.
    Thank you for all!

  25. p. c. please work for a healing in my prolapsed bladder. thank you. Chicago, ILL

  26. J.A.N. Modesto California, healing for a bad sciatic nerve causing much distress in L5 disk and also time off work which has caused financial difficulty. Thank You

  27. E.A. , Addison,IL . Healing of addictions ,body and emotional healing.Financial well being.
    J.D. Addison,IL , Body, emotional and financial healing.
    M.B. , Lake Village,IN., healing of fertility
    D.B., Lake Village, IN., healing of fertility
    R.D., Berwyn, IL, Healing of body and spirit
    D.A., Berwyn ,IL., Financial healing along with healing of heart
    Thank you.

  28. Many have probably heard of the family of 7 that were shot in their home last night here in Spring, TX. My daughter is best friends with the sole survivor, the 15 year old daughter who managed to call 911 despite a gunshot to the back of the head. She is in ICU currently. She is doing well physically, but the emotional trauma will sadly stay with her forever. I provide her full name since it’s all over the internet anyway – Cassidy Stay. Also, for my daughter, Ariel, who has been severely traumatized by what happened to her best friend & her family & for pre-existing anxiety issues. Please keep the Stay family in your thoughts & prayers. Thank you.

  29. KF in Canada – for emotional healing, finding her new way, and also health
    KL in Surrey, England – for as little pain as possible and for much joy. She is very sick and pain is her constant companion – I pray for whatever is the very, very best for her.
    MF in Zurich, Switzerland – for making the best choices and finding the best way when moving forward

  30. USA AZ very deprest very alone need friend Love and saport monery helth pleas be kind i know we all have trobls but i really need some hope and joy and help

  31. K.S in Placentia,CA need a healing for endometriosis pain
    S.C in Placentia,CA needs a healing for pain in his side in his rib area

  32. K.S. In Placentia,Ca need guidance to help find an effective,natural remedy to rid my new apartment from nasty pests without using harmful pesticides.

  33. JS, Sussex county Delaware, asking for healing for my cancer and for healing and reconciliation of the relationship with SB and healing for financial and career issues, asking for healing for everyone here, thank you and blessings.

  34. KK Santa Fe, NM Need my social security disability approved. I have RA and can no longer work.

  35. E.L. I need to heal my depression so I never have to go to that dark feeling ever again. Thanks so much.

  36. For my mom .JR. in Sumner Maine I pray to heal her body from all the pain she is in. Blessed Be

  37. P.S. in Canberra, Australia – opportunities for career promotion. Thank you all kindly.

  38. My Little Sister K A in Salina Kansas. Recently diagnosed with breast cancer that has spread to her bones.

  39. JM Roch n.y. in need of finding the correct place that he can call home and afford. Healing mind, soul and body.
    A.m. Rochester n.y. that I can find peace in mind body and spirit. And be in state of prosperity.
    Always work, always a blessing. Thanks silver and everyone who working.

  40. NV – Edmonton, Alberta – Help her physical well being to she can stay out of a wheelchair.
    LK – Edmonton, Alberta – Help her get/keep her Diabetes in control.

  41. L.M. O’ahu, HI for health & overall well being
    M.L. San Diego, CA to help to overcome breast cancer

    Thank you to all who help! Blessed be

  42. MJH San Diego , CA to help over come negative thoughts/ old fears and being able to move forward leaving the past behind. Thank you blessed be..

  43. LRW AK – healing for many stomach issues. JERIII AK – acquire a new job with more hours and benefits. SDW CA -help with financial issues. ARG CA – general blessings. Thank you very much for your kind work in these matters! Blessed be )0(

  44. Healing for KRS,RSB,DEW, Money for KRS,DEW, New jobs for KRS,DEW in placerville, CA, USA. Thank you and Blessed be

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