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Silver RavenWolf Presents Garden Blessing May 2014

Silver RavenWolf's Garden Blessing Ceremony
Silver RavenWolf’s Garden Blessing Ceremony

Before the sun rises I’ve gathered my tools.  The air is soft, cool, sweet.  Delight.

Birdsong.  Light.  Delicate.  Joyful.

Muddy.  Better get my garden boots on!

I set everything up, bouncing from the yard to the porch and back again — making sure everything is just right.


Dancing among the highest branches of the trees.

Dawn breathes color.

I wait patiently.  Take a cleansing breath.  Light the offering candle.

A deep breath — arms rising slowly — energy rumbling under my feet, entering my body, shooting up through the chakras.  My hands grow warm.  Palms pulsating.  I take a deep breath and push, the energy flying from my hands like white hot bolts.

The circle casting has begun.

“There is one power,” booms my voice.  “And it is perfect.  Unified in the blend of my Lord and the Lady!  I conjure thee O great circle of Art so that you will be for me a boundary between the world of men and the mighty ones.  A meeting place of perfect love, trust, peace and joy…”

“I call thee forth,” echoes my voice as morning dew glitters at my feet — the quarters — intoned.  Summoned.  Stirred.  Blessed.

I walk the perimeter of the garden carrying my staff, filled with the blend of nature around me.

I am at peace.
I am in joy.
The power continues to surge.

I call upon Spirit, asking for abundance, good health, and protection for my garden.

Crows scream.
Finches twitter.
A hawk swoops and circles.

The offering sprinkled.
The prayers made.
The Braucherei chants finished.

I thank deity, close quarters, and pour the circle energy into the garden soil.

I wish everyone in the world could experience such a divine moment — a time of perfection like this…

of love

of peace

of gentle power…

of pure happiness.

Maybe then we would be free.


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

22 thoughts on “Silver RavenWolf Presents Garden Blessing May 2014

  1. Oh Dear Lady Silver, I thank you for sharing this with me. Its so funny because my garden is waiting there like a blank canvas while I decide what to plant, where. Maybe what my garden needs first is its blessing and then the creative energies will flow. I could feel the love you have for your garden. Its the same love I have for mine. Once planted I run out every morning to see what new delights and blessings have manifested from the day before. I know every inch, every plant. Guess what I am doing tomorrow morning? Bright Blessings and may your garden be a place of peace and abundance! Crowwoman

  2. Sounds like a very peaceful morning. Have a good day Silver. Blessed Be & Love to YOU!

  3. Wow! Boy can I visualize a lot of food being harvested from your garden! To bad you can’t some food my way because what you harvest is going to be real tasty!

  4. So beautiful…I love your writings and they always energize me…i can envision a beautiful garden with all my cockleshells in a row😄 A beautiful morning for a garden blessing .. Love and Light to you…

  5. Very vivid imagery and inspiring! Your blessing sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Oh my the garden perennial herbs and flowers and “weeds” (herbs) are growing like Crazy. They are naturally blessed by the blessed Sun climbing to his zenith and the bright Moon changing every night and by planets, stars and of course the rains. The cabin i just bought across the stream has a field of mugwort naturally growing. The bear is roaming eating skunk cabbage and my bird seed if i forget to bring the feeders in at night. This two year old male, who came out of hibernation sooo skinny is now a hundred pounds heavier and starting to get the size to be a little intimidating, but he is gentle and rambles on if i make a noise or he catches my scent with a sniff/snort. I have about two dozen tree and shrub cuttings to put root enzyme onto to try to start and already know where they will all go, the yellows, the reds, the blues, the purples. And the purple glads are next in line to bloom…. we are blessed. Mother nature keeps us sane and healthy. BB. S

  7. I talked about you and the Witches of Cold Springs in my new italian blog on Word Press. I hope that some of your new books will arrive in Italy!

    ps. Sorry for my bad bad english!

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