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Silver RavenWolf on Finding Your Own Magickal Moon Rhythm

Angels of Healing Candle -- Wholeness is Healing
Angels of Healing Candle — Wholeness is Healing

As Above So Below — As Within So Without The easiest way to learn the moon rhythm in your life is to pay attention to what sign the moon is in each day, and concentrate your focus on the opportunities that moon energy reflects.  In the evening, review your experiences, thoughts, and reactions matched against the emotional tempo of the day.  For example, let’s say today the moon is in Cancer.  At the end of the day, I will make note of how the day progressed.  Was it a smooth day?  An irritating one?  Did I feel filled with energy or did I just want to go back to bed!  Was I more emotional today than usual?  Were there more family oriented activities?  If, each day, you check what sign the moon is in and make note of it, eventually you will learn how you personally react to the available energy, and how others around you behaved.  The more you pay attention, the more data you will have to draw from.

Why does it matter what sign the moon is in?  Because knowing this information is like having a marvelous road map that helps you plan not only your day; but, other activities, too.  Knowing what sign the moon is in gives you advanced notice on what energies are highlighted — letting you get the most out of any activity — work or play.

This information can also answer one of the big questions of each day:  Should I concentrate within?  Or should I concentrate on the world around me? 

Here’s a quick list to get you thinking:

Aries:  Is a sign that encourages to interact with the world around you, lending enthusiasm, speed and force. Taurus:  Is a sign that encourages you to look within — to concentrate your activities on what makes you comfortable, feel safe, secure, and stable.

Gemini:  Is a sign that encourages you to look without — this sign says concentrations on messages, communication, get ideas for your imagination.

Cancer:  Is a sign that encourages you to look within — to concentrate on home base — giving you ample flow to direct toward family, personal creations, and emotional healing.

Leo:  Is a sign that encourages to look without — Fun!  Flair!  Showmanship!  Winning!  Generosity!  Romance!  All these correlations have outward momentum.

Virgo:  Is a sign that encourages looking within — the analysis and perfection of self and one’s own behavior, routine, bodily health, and clever organization to make life easier.

Libra:  Is a sign that encourages looking outside yourself — Finding and enhancing the beauty and joy of the world, learning the alchemical fine art of blending, and understanding negotiation.

Scorpio:  Is a sign that thrills at looking within — here we find strong will, intense strength, crisis skills, and personal transformation.

Sagittarius:  Is a sign that screams for you to look outward — there is delight in finding solutions, laughter, philosophy and personal achievement.

Capricorn:  Is a sign that demands you look within — at your structure (or the structure of something you are involved with), it says examine your maturity, your strategy, your ambitions!

Aquarius:  Is a sign of the extreme outward — it begs you to look at new views, trends, inventions, technology, humankind and the behavior — it says “be objective”.

Pisces:  Is a sign that floats within — self-purification, your dreams, the spiritual healing of yourself, your instinct (are you listening to it?) and work of the mystical.

Notice that the signs work perfectly together.  We start with Aries — an outward focus that lasts about two days, then we move to Taurus — an inward focus that takes the experiences from our Aries Days and helps to internalize our experiences, make personal changes…adjust.  From this inward experience, we move outward into Gemini, where we communicate what we have learned and add to this information with data from the outside…and so it goes — out, in, out, in — until we rest with the last inner experience in Pisces, which allows us to go to the womb of creation and birth once again in Aries.  If we look at the Moon in the Signs like this amazing, rhythmic cycle of self-growth and actually use every bit of what is available to us — Wow!  Marvelous changes are yours!

When we enhance our activities and flow with the sign the moon is in, things seem to go much easier, life is a bit more fun, joy is actually attainable because you are moving with the universe rather than against it.  How do I use this list?  For example, today the moon was in Cancer.  Cancer is a wonderful sign to work on healing activities, personal finances, or hearth and home.  I decided to create a set of Book of Shadows Pages focused on healing images. Silver RavenWolf HealingWhat sign is the moon in tomorrow?  Check it out.  Take a quick peek at the list I’ve given you, and let me know if you found the day more enjoyable by paying attention to the moon sign.  Try watching and working with the moon in the signs through all twelve signs, paying attention to the outer and inner flow.  What were your experiences.  Please share — we would all love to hear!

In service

Peace with the Gods

Peace with Nature

Peace Within

Only the Good Remains


Angels of Healing Book of Shadows Pages

Angels of Protection Book of Shadows Pages

If you are unsure of how to find the moon in the signs, or are looking for something to keep handy on your desk, you can use Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide.


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

11 thoughts on “Silver RavenWolf on Finding Your Own Magickal Moon Rhythm

  1. Thank you so much for this list and the insights. It’s something I’ve wanted to start working on / with and this is certainly going to help a lot! I haven’t worked much in this direction yet and have to gather my information first, so this is a great first step. 🙂

  2. Wow. Incredible timing. I’ve been wanting to work out/figure out how I’m affected by the daily influences and how to better use them and this is the perfect motivation!

    I purchased the Angels of Protection BOS pages – beautiful. It’s difficult to pick a favorite because all the angel sigils BOS pages are amazing, but I think this may be my favorite. It’s been calling to me. I’m trying to find the perfect base for a portable altar and/or candle board and I’d love to add this page, as you mentioned – what a perfect idea! The Healing Angels will be next.

    Thank you for workings and gorgeous artwork.

  3. Dear Silver, thank you for your wounderful post! You made me so happy, when I saw the mail in my intray. Due to I really miss Decembers Great Release program. This was so perfect for me every day! I still proceed with Braucherei Morning ritual! Thanks a lot for everything you gave to me. Regards, Kristina

  4. A few years ago I used my llewllyns witches date book to chart a simple + or – about each day. Then after a couple of months I went back to see if any clear patterns emerged. Sure enough there were clear patterns with the signs of the moon, yes beyond my own cycle. I really agree this is worthwhile. I made adjustments like quit fighting the virgo moon and just clean or organize something and you will feel more in tune and at ease.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

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