Happy New Year! 2014- Make Everything You Do a Process of Magick!

Stitching A Quilt — Adding Magickal Patches Inside the Blocks

Every action you make can be a  magickal process in creating your life the way you want it!

Every day is a birthing process — you have the ability to use the magnificent potential around yourself and within you to create exactly what you desire.  But…sigh…we’re busy and our minds are filled with reactive thoughts.  We forget that we have the right and the power to overcome our problems, and that it isn’t over until we say it is.   We overlook our incredible ability to shake a situation in a way that we can turn it into a positive, rather than swooning over the negative.

And we have tools!

We do!

We have our belief, our creativity, our thoughts, our dreams…and we have a road map (we do) — the Moon in the Signs.  When the moon visits each sign every two days or so, we have a general idea of how people will behave and react, including ourselves.  The moon doesn’t make you do stuff — it just lights the way.  What you do with that visionary experience is entirely up to you.

I choose to add magick to my visionary experience — every day — in almost everything I do.  From affirmations to meditation, from energy work to study, from spells to rituals — my days are filled with the question – How Can I Make each task or experience magickal, practical, and useful to myself and others so that I can grow in Spirit?  Knowing what sign the moon is in (and which quarter the moon is in) gives me a rough map on how to use my energy to my best advantage.

The picture in this blog represents one such choice.  During the Great Release Program I urged you to reward yourself with something special.  For my reward I chose to learn how to make something new for someone I love.  I wanted to learn how to make a rag quilt.  The quilt is a spell in itself — a labor of love for someone special, so I followed the magickal steps I would take as if I was empowering a crystal, a wand, or casting a spell.  But, before I did any of that — I checked the quarter of the moon and the sign the moon was visiting.  When doing many projects, the activity can span several days or weeks — each day birthing new energy available for our use.  I chose the Moon in Virgo to learn how to make the quilt — I read articles on-line and I watched videos.   I found that I had to use the Moon in Libra (the power of beauty, blending, and creativity) to make adjustments the fabric choices originally made under the Sign of Sagittarius — replacing some of the more garish colors.  I  also learned that I bought too much material for the project (another Sagittarius pitfall).  Then, I cleansed and blessed all the fabric pieces.  I designed the magickal sigils for protection and good luck under the Scorpio Moon.  I built the quilt under the Capricorn Moon — so that the basic structure of the piece would be strong, correct, and last a long time for the owner.  I inserted those magickal sigils and talismans within the blocks of the quilt (so that no one could see them).  Finally, I empowered the quilt on a first quarter moon in Pisces — the perfect moon sign and quarter for dreams, restful sleep, spirituality, inner happiness, imagination and universal love.

How do you know what sign the moon is in on any given day?  You have several options — the picture above shows an almanac that carries this information, Llewellyn World Wide produces an excellent Daily Planetary Guide (that’s the one I use); or, you can search on-line for resources or purchase an ap for your phone or I-Pad (I have one on mine that comes in really handy).

Whether you are fixing a car, going to a family function, planning a party, looking for a job, trying to bring love into your life…using the Moon in the Signs can be incredibly helpful in working through the process.  Step-by-step she’ll help take you where you want to go.  You just have to follow the signs and interpret them to your best advantage.

What will you create today?


41 thoughts on “Happy New Year! 2014- Make Everything You Do a Process of Magick!”

  1. I love this idea. I think I will start my labor of love today! Thank you so much for sharing your challenge and daily musings with us. You are truly amazing.

  2. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, in these blogs and all your books. I have SOOO much to learn but am enjoying my studies and you have been instumental in my learning!! Thank you!!!! Happy New Years!

  3. I have been following your blog for awhile now. I did get my microwave and oven sparkly clean!

    This is a very interesting article.

    I am studying the Seals right now; this will give me guidance. It is a very heavy subject and luckily, I have some knowledge under my belt to begin with.

    I love your daily posts – gives me some guidance for the day. I miss your posts on FB but that is something I just don’t want to do anymore.

    Many blessings everyone,

    Peace on Earth to All of Good Will


  4. When I worked in surgery at a huge medical center I made cloth OR hats for years. When I retired I had all this theme material – what will I do with all this stuff. So, I made a quilt for every holiday. Yup I have one for New Years eve, through Halloween. Very festive and I love the loving warmth I get when I crawl into bed. You will have to post a pic when you finish it. Will start paying more attention to what sign the moon is in on any given day – that is going to be my new project.

  5. Good for you on learning a new creative skill! I’d love to see the finished result! Working with the moon signs and days in the program was so much fun; I’d never worked so intensely and consistently with them before. 🙂

  6. What an interesting idea! I hope to incorporate spirit more fully into my everyday life this year. I’ll give this a try!

  7. I think I’m going to pay more attention to the Moon placement. I chant a little charm of protection and healing when I knit or crochet something but I never thought about adding it to sewing projects! Thank you for a most wonderful month of information and inspiration!!! 🙂 I wasn’t able to get thru everything so, I’m going to work thru it again for Jan. the trick is adjusting for the astrological changes in the days!

    1. I do that when I crochet at times too. I have also used some numerology in choosing my stitches, but I hadnt considered the moon in my creative process I will try it too.

      1. I make knotting cords – simple braids but folks love them. I do spell work while making these cords. From choosing what colors to make to the blessings attached.

    2. I do Gratitude journaling with a touch of scrapbooking within it’s pages. I am going to incorporate a little chant as I do the journaling. I love this idea

  8. This post is full of great ideas (as always).

    I never thought of working with moon phases or seals or magick when crafting – a big DUH or V8 moment for me. Whew – overwhelming, but it will add so much to projects.

    I’m embarrassed to say I only practiced in small ways, but I’m finally starting to really live it thanks to the Braucherei lessons and this blog.

    I might start out small scale, like maybe empowering those hand crafted tags (that can be sewn into garments/projects) with protection, comfort, or whatever the case may be – not certain yet some people cut those out. I still have to count my stitches and watch the needle when knitting, but I could work up to the chants.

    This is really neat – what a great way to grow.

    1. I’m still counting stitches and watching my needles too! And I am just knitting scarves. Although I’d love to learn to knit the fingerless gloves. I came up with a little all purpose chant to say… “A stitch in time binds the rhyme. Bringing health, happiness and peace of mind” as I work with the yarn. It has a nice soothing rhythm to it. I think I’ll look at adding my stitches in multiples of nine too.

  9. Will you please resend days 21 through 26. Somehow, my inbox deleted them. I was ill and unable to save them to use. I really appreciate your assistance. Thank you for doing this program year after year. It really helps to connect to spirit and provides ideas for future endeavors. Blessings to you and yours.

    1. Hi Carol – I’m not speaking for Silver (and I hope she doesn’t mind that I’m responding)…

      When you are on the blog, if you look for the Calendar of Posts on the left hand side you can click on any day and it will show you what has been posted that day.

      Another way is to look for the archives, click on December 2013 and it will take you to the posts. When yo is roll through and find the day you want, click on the title and it should take you to that specific post.

      Hope that helps.

      Silver, please forgive me I’d I overstepped.

  10. Happy (calendar)New Year, Silver! 😊

    Thank you for your continued -and consistent- service.

      1. Hi Silver,
        I can’t delete it on my end…can you please delete the post about my Mom, for me. Thank you.. x )O(

  11. thank you silver. read your post remember me that i have power to realize my dreams…so many times i forgot to practice,but my life is so better from when i discover this way to live…thank you so much. thank for yours books, thank for your etsy products, thank for this blog…
    this year i will work with my family to realize my dream to move for some time in USA…it’s a dream that we have by some time…at the same time, i continue to study, to read, to practice to improve my life. thank you for your help and happy new year

  12. 😀 I do that with my soap, I write down the date, and in what signs the moon stands. Especially with the special herbal soaps, then if a client want the (secret) information it’s on hand. I also include she magickal purposes of the herbs and/or skin/spiritual benefits.

  13. (A little Post-Program comment): Among many other gifts, (like finding angelite and selenite and all sorts of other beautiful things we’ve been wishing for!) I found Llewellyn’s 2014 Astrological Pocket Planner. I bought it instead of the one I normally purchase every year. It was the last and only copy of any planner that they had at the magickal shop. It has more astrological information within it than I can shake a wand at, lol, but I’m determined and excited to dedicate this year to practicing magick with a stronger understanding of astrology. I took your advice from Solitary Witch and marked every void, retrograde, new/full moon etc. I cleansed and blessed it and have it all ready to go!

    I was wondering if I may ask you though, I noticed that in June on the 12/13th (depending on where you live) the moon goes void-of-course right when it becomes full. How do you work magick during this full moon? Or is this a full moon meant for relaxing and having a good time?

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