Great Release Program – Day 29 – Sunday – 29 December 2013

The Angel of Wishes -- loves to read your words written on bay leaves -- her favorite herb.  Today is a Master Day - with the number 29 factoring to 11.  Be sure to say your wishes at least three times and remember that...everything?  Is One.
The Angel of Wishes — loves to read your words written on bay leaves — her favorite herb. Today is a Master Day – with the number 29 factoring to 11. Be sure to say your wishes at least three times and remember that…everything? Is One.

Great Release Program
Day 29
29 December 2013

by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2013

Sun in Capricorn (Earth)
Fourth Quarter Moon – Release and Rest

Moon moves from Scorpio — Power, Healing, Investigative, Self-Mastery — to Sagittarius – Speed, Honesty, Good Luck, Achievement
Sunday — Ruled by the Sun
Today:  Angels of Wishes!

Today’s theme is:  Remain Flexible and Relaxed In All You Do

The Moon moves from deep, passionate Scorpio into bouncy, adventurous, achievement oriented Sagittarius!  Mercury and the Sun in Capricorn (remember that Capricorn is structure, dealing with older people, rewards and limits) are challenging Uranus (the planet of upset, blow up, monumental pizzazz!).  You may find yourself pressed today to make some changes you’ve been noodling with all along.  It is okay.  You can do it.  Remain flexible, relax, and go with the flow.

Today’s Angels are the Angels of Wishes, and they do, indeed, really exist.  The trick to making wishes is to believe in what you want.  Too often we wish for something and then back pedal with worry and doubt.  To make a wish is to affirm that this is EXACTLY what you desire — and move on.  Today, write three wishes with indelible marker on three bay leaves (as bay is known for wish fulfillment).  Light a white candle and ask the Angels of Wishes to answer your requests.  Float the bay leaves in empowered water for three hours, then scatter them outside, thanking Spirit for all that you have.  The Angels of Wishes show you signs of acceptance just like the other angels we’ve talked about in this program.  Wishes ride upon the air, therefore, any air oriented sign is a good one — feathers, airplanes, fans, incense, clouds in spectacular shapes, balloons,  pin wheels, streamers, unusual birds — all are excellent signs.  The Pennsylvania Dutch believe that the Blue Bird of Happiness, if the image is placed in the home, will bring love, harmony and peace to your living environment.  Why not look for a picture, image, or statue of a blue bird today?

Today’s Physical Challenge:  Any empty or old bags, boxes, containers, cans, jars, shelves, baskets, suitcases, laptop cases, etc. — time to meet the trash can!

(1)  Do your Braucherei Morning Ritual — remember to change your Wish Water.
(2)  Make three wishes with Bay Leaves and call upon the Angel of Wishes.
(3)  Look for a Blue Bird of Happiness to place in your home.  Empower him or her for Good Luck (ruled by Sagittarius)!
(4)  Remove empty or old bags, boxes, containers, cans, etc. from your living area.
(5)  Do a trash run through the house or apartment.
(6)  Throw out or give away at least one item.

Tomorrow:  Anything high up (on top of the refrigerator, top shelves, over doors).

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within!
Only the Good Remains


Angels of the Zodiac BOS Pages — Complete Set

Angelic Zodiac Sigils — Set of Twelve


11 thoughts on “Great Release Program – Day 29 – Sunday – 29 December 2013”

  1. My bay leaves are floating 🙂
    Also yesterday until *ahem* 4.30am today I had a huge outburst of tidying energy and sorted out a lot of stuff. I knew I could be up so late (or is that early?) and could sleep until later today. I was wide awake until then and only when I went to sleep fell asleep – immediately.
    Today I continued with shredding papers including two old diaries I felt I didn’t need to keep anymore. It felt incredibly good – there was nothing particularly bad in those diaries, but they were just… really not needed anymore. And shredding them, letting go, felt like releasing a bond that wasn’t necessary anymore. Like I hold the relevant memories within and I need to move on to make new memories.

  2. I made my wishes on Bay Leaves. Because of the size of the leaves and to be more precise I put one word wishes on each leaf. They are now floating on my altar. As I was scrolling through the channels on television a bit later in the day, I came across a special from the National Audobon Society. The name of the program was “Counting on Birds”. It was pertaining to New England, and their were many birds around here I didn’t even know about. I was not surprised to see the still picture of 5 bluebirds perched on branches. 4 were faced right on, but 1 was sideways and I could clearly see the beautiful blue color! This made me smile, as signs seem to be something I can count on during this Challenge season. I also caught up on filling out my resolution on my crossroads sigil and clearing out a crossroad in my house. I invited my son and his girlfriend to also fill out sigils to leave on my altar. There is certainly majick afoot at my house and I love it!

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