Great Release Program — Day 28 — Saturday –28 December 2013

We don't always get it right the first time.
We don’t always get it right the first time.

Great Release Program
28 December 2013

Day 28!

by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2013

Sun in Capricorn (Earth)
Fourth Quarter Moon – Release and Rest

Moon in Scorpio — Power, Healing, Investigative, Self-Mastery
Saturday — Ruled by Saturn
Today:  Angels of Oops!

Adding a little levity to our program!  I think you deserve it — you all have been working so very hard!  Today’s angelic presence is The Angel of Oops!  Who among us hasn’t said, “Oh my stars, that is not what I meant!” when we really messed something up by accident.  The Angel of Oops says:  Sometimes? On the earth plane?  We are all like children in our excitement and attempts at self-mastery.  We will make mistakes.  We will mess up.  The idea is to recognize our error, deal with the self-responsibility of it, and move the heck on!  Now and then our mistakes will span from hilarious to amusing — let yourself laugh.  Our spiritual challenge today is an easy one:

Do something fun!

We are very close to the calendar new year — don’t forget to work toward your final goal (something you want to accomplish with this program).  We will be doing a short ritual to tie up the program and work toward your goals for 2014 on the 31st.  Be sure you have a list of goals ready.

Today Your Physical Challenge?  Donation Day!  That’s right, gather all those things together (and some new ones) and either take them to a donation area, give them to a friend or family member who needs them, or arrange a pick-up.  The reason why I’m doing this with you so late in the program is that I found that once you get used to the idea of clearing, pitching, cleaning, and throwing — things you decided to initially keep no longer seem that important.  It is why I urge you to go through drawers, cupboards and closets at least twice.  When your mind releases the initial garbage and has time to clear, items left lose their power over you.  Today?  Give and Pitch!

(1)  Do your Morning Braucherei Ritual.  Today?  I did mine outside in the woods.  As the sun rose?  Everything sparkled!!!!  It was amazing!
(2)  Remember to change the Wish Water.
(3)  Donate today!  What if you don’t have a “thing” to donate?  Donate your time.
(4)  Throw something away.
(5)  Do SIX Mad Minute Exercises!!!
(6)  Did an “Oops”? lately?  Review it.  Take responsibility for your part.  Throw it away.  Time to start new.

Tomorrow:  Any empty or old bags, boxes, containers, cans, jars, shelves, baskets, suitcases, laptop cases, etc. — time to meet the trash can!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within
Only the Good Remains!


Angels of HeartBreak Sigil 


14 thoughts on “Great Release Program — Day 28 — Saturday –28 December 2013”

  1. This program this year has been amazing. Not only have you blessed me with a positive look at angels but clearing the negative out for the new year has been deeper than has happened before. It is a good thing. 😉
    Thank you!!!

  2. In the spirit of Ooops, Silver, could you please share your thoughts on the following? Did you ever experience a mistake or “accident” dissipating negativity, such as a glass of water knocked over during the course of an argument? Is there some magickal basis to that? Thanks!

  3. I have been a very busy girl!! Did all my 1 min exercises & threw so much stuff away that the kids were hiding their toys!! Lol,lol. Gathered my donation items which will b delivered tomorrow. Very pleased & feel very good. Thanks for the guidance & inspiration Silver!! Brightest Blessings to all

  4. this may be a little off the subject, but im from maryland and i was shocked to see the lesson for pow wowing burns !!!!!please could you send me some info on those lessons? are their books that i can buy on the subjects? how do i go about getting this info. i saw it on esty. i feel like a sponge, i just feel like i want to learn it all

    1. The lessons I teach are interactive and modern, based on Braucherei and Granny Magick elements. They are modern in that there is more concentration on breathing and energy movement than what has been covered in the past — the roots of the systems, however, are traditional, and you are taught the traditional practices as I learned them. When the student has finished the lessons, he or she will be capable of powwowing for friends and family.

  5. Donated five bags of clothes. And I finally went to the bank and exchanged $16 of pennies for $16 dollars bills. I have been wanting to get to the bank for months to rid myself of all those pennies. I finally got it done today. Yea!

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