Great Release Program – Day 25 – Wednesday – 25 December 2013

Who is the Angel on your shoulder?

Great Release Program
Day Twenty-Five
25 December 2013

Wednesday – Christmas Day

by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2013

Sun in Capricorn (Earth)
Fourth Quarter Moon – Release and Rest

Moon in Libra — Blending, Partnership, Beauty, Negotiation
Wednesday — Ruled by Mercury
Today:  Angels of Love

Today is a Free Day!  Many of you will be busy with family or friend festivities, so today is our third “do what ya need” window of opportunity.  Rest if you like.  Putter if you like.  The day is yours!  Today’s angelic energy is all about love — all kinds of love and feelings of joy — self-love, family love, pet love, nature love, friend love — it is de day of love!  The moon in Libra squares the Sun in Capricorn — movement from the third quarter moon to the fourth quarter provides energy for change.  If you encounter a challenge?  Don’t crumble.


Today be an angel of love!  What can you do, what can you say, what can you bring into your life — that shares love?


(1)  Don’t forget to do your Morning Braucherei Ritual.
(2)  Be Love!

Tomorrow:  What do you want to clean or put in order that will help you focus on joy, love, good health and prosperity for the coming year?  Meaning:  What do you want to have done by the Calendar New Year’s Eve?

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.


Angelic Alphabet and Sigils


11 thoughts on “Great Release Program – Day 25 – Wednesday – 25 December 2013”

  1. Blessings for you and yours Raven! Truth be told, You are an Angel with shining raven wings. Thank You for All. It is appreciated and is a catalysts for Joy, Purpose, and Motivation.

  2. Hello dear Silver, I am not sure, what to do whith the water from the Morning Ritual? What you usually do with it? Drink it? Bless the 4 directions with it? Give it to the plants? What is the Best to do with it?

  3. Wonderful guidance for the day – thank you! Love the illustration. Having a Metis grandfather, this is a wonderful reminder of those who speak to us always, keepin’ it real. oxoxox

  4. I am up at dawn to have a moment of quiet as the house is full again as it once was. The generations are gathered together here and I am blessed. I am also blessed to have this community which has helped me through a difficult time of preparation. As I celebrate today please know Silver that you have inspired me, you have been a mentor and showed me a path of comfort, peace and growth for the coming year. I thank you and send blessing to you and all those you love.

  5. The 25th is almost over here, 7 more minutes to go.
    Our time with family right now has gone ok enough but is tiring on a couple of levels which would be a long story to explain really.
    So I think today’s kind of automatically brought on self-love and taking a step back and finding time for oneself again and thinking about borders and what to do next.

  6. I had a cold last week and it simply drained me. I was keeping up with the Braucherei Ritual till today and yesterday. I let myself get caught up in the whirl wind of it all. Tomorrow I will make a fresh start! This program has really helped me keep perspective this season. Thank you!

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