Great Release Program – Day 24 – Tuesday – 24 December 2013

Angels of Capricorn are thought to assist with Leadership, Self-Discovery, Initiative and Release.  They can also help in dealing with problem authority figures.
Angels of Capricorn are thought to assist with Leadership, Self-Discovery, Initiative and Release. They can also help in dealing with problem authority figures.

Sun in Capricorn (Earth)
Third Quarter Moon – Release

Moon in Virgo — Organization, Flexibility, Healing, Analysis and Focus
Tuesday — Ruled by Mars
Today:  Angels of Peace

Astrologically, this week brings strong, clearing energies into play.  The sun is now in Capricorn and Mercury moves into the same sign on Tuesday and will remain there until 12 January 2014.  The sun shines on it — lighting the way — Mercury carries it.  What does this mean?  Make sure that what you think and what you say aloud–match the flow of the energy around you.  In this way, accomplishments can be amazing!  Capricorn energy is aggressive.  Where will you place your speed, force, courage, enthusiasm, and leadership ability?  Use rational thought and good, old common sense to power you through the remainder of the holiday season.  The time is right for finishing, ending, and conclusions.  Take a deep breath and let go of those things you know in your heart just aren’t working for you.  This is not a failure — this is a step forward into designing something far better!  Letting go is often followed by a sense of peace — and this certainly falls into the focus of the season.  A friend of mine, Lady Celia, wrote the following short poem for her grandchildren, and sings it to them often.  Our circle members were so enamoured with the way it makes them feel, that we now use the poetry to close every healing circle and leave members with a sense of calm and well-being.  Today, either use a bowl of water or a white candle and create a “peace” place — a table top, the kitchen counter — doesn’t matter — just a small spot to place the water, perhaps a candle, incense if you like — whatever.  Once you’ve set something up, sit quietly and think on your biggest worries right now.  Hey, we all have them.  Let’s admit that we have them, and let’s make a concerted effort to rise above them.  Ask the angels of Peace to help you.  It is okay!  Ask for help out loud.  Whisper it or make your request in a normal voice.  If you ask for help, they will hear you!!!!

You know, this time of year so many people feel that they have failed — in love, in business, in handling family matters, in dealing with friends, in their careers — the jingle bells and merriment only seem to exacerbate those feelings of inadequacy.  Folks are tired, worn, frazzled — and here in the north — cold (which doesn’t seem to help matters).  Recognize that these are simply feelings generated by your own thoughts.  Change your thoughts — your feelings will change.  Purposely GO OUT AND FIND JOY! rather than wallow in the pain.  You can do it — I know you can!

Let’s acknowledge that we are ready to let go of all those things that frighten us, make us feel bad, or emotions that have left us unsettled.  Use this chant:

“Release brings peace.”

Repeat the chant until you feel totally calm inside.  Then, thinking of your family, your co-workers, your friends, or even the whole world — intone Lady Celia’s poetry at least three times (9 is better).

Peace before us
Peace behind us
Peace within
And peace without.
Peace above and Peace below…
All is at Peace.

Now…how do you feel?  If you feel much better, move forward.  If you don’t, try it again.  If you’ve been wallowing in a mud pile for several weeks, that crusty stuff is going to take a while to wash off.  This is normal — you are not a failure.  Take a cleansing shower and repeat the chant while the water is running (that often helps me).  Or, physically go to where a large fountain or waterfall (if you have one in your area) and intone both the “Release brings peace” and the Peace poetry while hearing the water thunder in the background.  Can’t do that?  Hey!  That’s what I-Pads, I-Phones and Computers are for!  Find a waterfall sound ap and listen to that while saying the statement and the chant.

Where there is a will — there is a way!

Today’s Challenge –– Your wallet, handbag, briefcase, tote bag, laptop case.  Clean them all out.  Get rid of bits of crumpled paper, receipts that have outlived their usefulness, pics of people who hate you (no kidding); pics of folks that bring you great sadness, coupons that are expired, paperwork that should have been filed; but, you never got around to it, loose change (save that, we’re going to do something with it), and anything that may be drawing negative attention to you.  With the change — throw it in salt water, bless it, dry it off.  Count it out.  Keep half.  Half goes to charity.  Now that your wallet, handbag, etc. is clean — add something bright and shiny to the contents.  Empower it to attract positive, uplifting energies.  What if you don’t have anything I’ve just listed (wallet, handbag, briefcase, etc.,) clean out what you use in place of those things (like a fishing tackle box, or your glove compartment in your car or truck, etc.)  Be creative!

Summary:  Tis the season for peace and you certainly deserve it!  To receive it, you have to ask for it.  And when you ask for things, creating an environment to foster that desire helps you to receive what you need faster.  Let the angels of peace help you.  Our physical challenge today actually covers our personal, financial stability in focusing on what we carry with us all the time.  If your wallet or purse is filthy, you are inviting matching energies.  You don’t have to have a designer bag (that’s not the point) — what you do have can be clean and serviceable (Virgo Moon, Capricorn Sun) which actually ties in quite nicely with today’s energies.

(1)  Do your morning Braucherei ritual.  Change the water.  Remember to breathe!
(2)  Do the “Peace” activity.
(3)  Throw out one thing today that is NOT part of the physical challenge.
(4)  Clear out purses, wallets, briefcases, handbags, tote bags, gym bags (oh yes indeedy).
(5)  Do one Mad Minute Exercise.

Tomorrow:  Free Day!  You can either do nothing, or go back and check your list that you made at the beginning of the program.  How are you doing with the worst room in the house?  Any progress?

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within

Angelic Alphabet and Sigils for Angel Magick


6 thoughts on “Great Release Program – Day 24 – Tuesday – 24 December 2013”

  1. Due to a massive ice storm, today is the first time we’ve had power for two days, so I’m playing a bit of catching up. I’ve been keeping up with the daily morning rituals, and did special prayers for our local police, fire, and utility workers (some of whom have come to Michigan all the way from Florida). I worked a shift with the local sheriff department to try to help in a bit more tangible way. Today I focused on a deep cleaning of the bedroom and bathroom.

  2. Fell behind a bit in the last few days but did alot today. Caught up on the great hulking load of laundry I’ve been looking at for the last few days, finished holiday decorations, made mince pies, and wrapped presents. However the holiday season has beome very sad for me the last few years as my mother passed on Christmas Eve 4 years ago today and I didn’t make it to see her before she died. She had been ill but she passed quite suddenly. I hadn’t been to see her for a while so I arranged to go visit her with my sister. Christmas Eve just as we were leaving the news came from the nursing home that she had passed. Ever since that day I felt I should have gone earlier and I am now also more or less estranged from my sister. I chanted the Peace Poem in the hope that it will help bring some peace and healing to the situation. Sorry for such a long post today. Also reading the other posts I am so glad that we have power, heat and light. Its surprising how much we can just take for granted… Hope you had a wonderful Solstice and Yule. Love and blessings to you Silver and to all on the program.

    1. If you were supposed to be there? You would have been. Stop beating yourself up. Your mother can see and hear you. Why not light a candle for her, tell her how much you love her. Christmas Eve is a very magickal time because the collective minds of many people make it that way. It was the time for her to exit, a loving moment just for her, a gift from Spirit. Let go of the guilt. It was what she needed to do.

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