Great Release Program – Day 23 — Monday — 23 December 2013

To combat stress of the holiday season turn a tradition upside down or blend traditional activities into a new and different experience.
To combat stress of the holiday season turn a tradition upside down or blend traditional activities into a new and different experience.

Great Release Program
23 December 2013

Day 23

by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2013

Sun in Capricorn (Earth)
Third Quarter Moon – Release

Moon in Virgo —Organization, Flexibility, Healing, Analysis and Focus
Monday — Ruled by the Moon
Today:  Angels of Tradition

Tradition:  The transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation.

I know a family that, for twenty years, met together in a specific place on a certain day around the holiday season — the patriarch of the family demanded it — and so it became tradition.  As the family grew this tradition pulled in members outside of the blood family (wives, husbands, partners) and their children until the event harnessed the time of over a hundred people.  At first, it truly was a wonderful idea for everyone to get together; but, over the years the expectation that all family members  would attend and be nice to each other became a burden, particularly since spouses and partners found themselves torn between their own families’ plans and the traditional festivities.  The choice was compounded as the “family” was a family business, and therefore employed many of the expected attendees, making the entire matter rather sticky.  The only acceptable reason for not attending the function?  That you were lying prostrate at death’s door.

Then, one year, the patriarch moved to a point in his life where he was incapacitated, both mentally and physically.  For the first time in over twenty years, the annual requirement of attending the function melted away.  Bluntly, there was no function.

Many sighed in relief.  A few danced in the streets.

The point:  Tradition is a wonderful thing; until it lacks joy.  Once love and harmony have exited — the tradition no longer serves its purpose.

Today’s Spiritual Challenge is to take a good look at the traditions of the season that you have accepted into your life.  If you didn’t participate in some of them this year — would you breathe a sigh of relief?  Would you dance in the streets welcoming a bit of freedom?  Are there traditions that you enjoy; but, would like to change a little so that the experience is less hectic and more delightful?  Would you like to start a new tradition?  Perhaps you like elements of several different traditions, and have thought of blending them into something inspiring for your whole family.

Your Spiritual Challenge for today is to take one tradition — and turn it upside down!  

Your Physical Challenge for Today:  Go through all food storage areas in your home.  Throw out all items past their expiration date.  Set aside all food items that you haven’t used in three months — and put them in a donation box.  These would be things where the expiration date is good; but, you either bought them to use in something you never made, someone gave them to you, or you just don’t have a taste for that food any more.  Rearrange what you have left so that the items are easier to get to when preparing food (such as spices, canned goods, staples).

Summary:  Today we talked about tradition and how such a repetitive activity should enhance — not detract — from your life.  Your spiritual goal is to do something different with “tradition” this year — turn one upside down, start a new one, or blend several old ones into something that is more suitable to your family needs.

(1)  Do your Morning Braucherei Ritual (remember to change the water).
(2)  Don’t forget to breathe!
(3)  Consider the Spiritual Challenge for today.
(4)  Throw out one thing today (and not what is part of the challenge — something else).  No give away’s today.  No upcycle.  Throw!
(5)  Go through all food storage areas.
(6)  Do one Mad Minute Exercise.

Tomorrow:  Your wallet, handbag, briefcase, tote bag, laptop case.

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within
Only the Good Remains


Angelic Alphabet and Sigils for Angel Magick


16 thoughts on “Great Release Program – Day 23 — Monday — 23 December 2013”

  1. Your timing of this post is amazing. 😀
    To make a long story short:
    My mum, my aunt (= her sister) and I live in Switzerland but are actually from the Czech Republic. We still have family there, see them about once a year, and that’s mainly my grandpa and his wife. We get along well with them but aren’t that close anymore – as said, long story and complicated enough.
    Anyway, they’ll visit us for xmas this year – and for the first time ever we set very clear rules and made things very different. For one we made sure we’d have the Yule weekend free for us (so they wouldn’t arrive right then), second some stuff about celebrating and just the couple of days they’ll be staying at my aunt’s, and third – we’ll be cooking whatever we like, end of story. So apart from the (honestly divine) Czech xmas cookies it’ll be different meals and we’ll be doing different things, etc.
    We’d talked a lot about it and I made the point clear that the important thing is that *we* enjoy this time, because (again, long story) they kind of had invited themselves to stay with us on a very short notice and nobody had expected that. And I am currently working myself to bits at work and have no nerves for any kind of drama, my aunt has been sick and is recovering only just now and my mum’s been running much of the show in all households (she’s retired and a whizzz of energy). We deserve a good and peaceful and fun time. If anyone else wants to join in – that’s great, but on our terms. 🙂

    So yeah, so much for a different approach and different traditions. 😀
    Thank you for this post – so much!!!

  2. I think we need to give peace and harmony a chance! We all get competitive and try to out do each other and the spirit of the tradition gets lost…….

  3. I didn’t read the post until this morning (sometimes I read the post in the evening). It is so funny, because I did all the food stuff yesterday, except for putting aside things to donate. That is one thing left for me on today’s challenge. Tradition wise, the family gathered at my house to decorate the tree and put up the train set every year. The youngest grandchild placed the star atop the tree. This year only the grandkids coming off the bus had the opportunity to make it here so far. I set aside ornaments, and as grandkids and families visit, they add ornaments or make ornaments to add to the tree. As each little hand adds an ornament, the tree seems to majickally grow! The youngest grandchild who is 3 months old (will need Mom or Dad’s help with the star 🙂 ) hasn’t been here yet. The tree will wait for the final decoration until she gets here. My husband traditionally makes Xmas breakfast for local family members every year. This year my Dad who is 81 would not be able to attend for health reasons. So we are moving the whole shabang to his house after 30+ years. Our family Xmas pollyanna party has been moved to the 28th of December because we couldn’t settle on a time that worked for everyone. I think we are all lucky enough to be getting older and wiser. We realized in the end it is a case of mind over matter – if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Being together without the stress matters.
    I have to go to Burlington, Vermont to pick up family today, and that is a 6 hour long trip, so perhaps the angels have blessed me with peace of mind today. Yesterday all I could do was my Braucherei Ritual and ask the Angels to help give me balance. Balance was my mantra yesterday. I woke up sick from being stressed at what I had left to do. All of a sudden, there was my husband and son asking me what did I need them to do? They cleaned and moved furniture. Cleared out spaces for holiday visitors to put their stuff! Now that is my holiday miracle and I realize how blessed I really am! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

    1. What a beautiful post — and you are so right — if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us. It helped me and I know it helped others, as well. You are an angel.

  4. Dear Silver, and all nice people! Today, I cleaned up the house. cleaned the front door. Removed some clutter, put them in a bag, I want to sell it, it is good stuff shoes from the kids and other stuff. So I put it in a bag, and I thought, how can I arrange to collect the right buyers for the stuff???? I took a blank paper, wrote a pentacle on it, and asked Fortuna & Jupiter, to help up, to find the right buyers and bring a lot of Money for the Stuff. Maybe I should ask for it in my Braucherei Morning Ritual and light a golden candle. Hopefully it works! All the Best for all of you.

  5. I red this comments, and I see a lot of people have problems with the family. This is really hard! Yesterday, a good friend called me up, and told me that her moter in low will not come, due to the X-Mas is not how she want to have it. Every celebration is good to come togheter, and have fun and joy! Nobody knows how fast can things change, illnesses can come and change the whole life! So whatfor creating problems? Why harning each other? No one of us is better, than anybody else! This Universe only function, if each of us is happy! We have a lot of to do! Thank you Silver, with this program and your books you teach so good! And what I love, you keep it simple! Best things are free and simple! So, work it out with your families! Bring peace to each other! Try, I did this as well! And now, every party with my family is fine! Just let them know, that things can change quick, and that we are important for each other! Proceed, do not give up!

    1. You said that very well – nobody knows how quickly things can change. One’s got to realize what really IS important and what is not. To spend time with loved ones in happiness is certainly more important than the amount of $$$ someone’s spent on gifts and also the way someone celebrates. I don’t know how so many people can fix themselves on these things instead of valuing, well, life itself.
      2 years ago *right now* my mum ended up in hospital and I was waiting for the doctor’s phone call after the emergency operation. I could barely keep myself calm. In the end all went well – but it could have gone right the opposite way. THESE things are important. Nothing else.

      So I just wanted to say that I read your entry here and I so much agree. 🙂

  6. This time of year gets painfully hectic, as my better half and I both have jobs that require we work on the holidays. I totally had a handle on our home, but when I woke up this morning for work, I realized the clutter monster had exploded, lol. But I have the afternoon to catch up and clean!

    Tradition-wise, our families aren’t too pushy about traditions, as we understand too many of us have jobs that make us work on the holidays, so we see each other whenever we can. Plus, living long distances doesn’t help either. I knit and crochet what I can and ship it out to loved ones to keep them cozy this time of year. That’s become a fairly new tradition, I guess, lol. And my husband and I are adding the Great Release Program to our annual traditions as well! Without it, Silver, I don’t know how we’d get through this month!

  7. Sometimes it is hard to change a tradition when everyone around you is so attached to that tradition, like Christmas mass. Every year my brother and sister’s families go to Christmas mass and because I spend Christmas with them I have to go. I am worst then the kids sitting through mass. I can’t keep still and my attention is everywhere but the priest. And if I am paying attention, I usually get annoyed because I am disagreeing with what the priest is saying. I tried to get out of that tradition but to keep the peace, I go and keep my mouth shut. I have tried over the years to change some other traditions but my family is deeply attached to the traditions that it is a lost cause. The tradition of Christmas in our society is something I would love to turn upside down but it is so deeply rooted I don’t think that is possible. So I quietly create my own pagan traditions that make me feel good.

    1. Next time you are forced to go — rise above where others are stuck — and reach out to the spirituality of the place (not the religion — the spirit). See how that works.

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