Great Release Program — Day 22 — Sunday – 22 December 2013

Angels are thought to be energy with focused intelligence carrying divine wisdom.
Angels are thought to be energy with focused intelligence carrying divine wisdom.

Great Release Program – 22 December 2013
Day 22

by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2013

Sun in Capricorn (Earth)
Third Quarter Moon – Release

Moon in Leo — Self-Reliant, Success, Generous, Romance, Joy
Sunday — Ruled by the Sun
Today:  Vesta Angels

What do angels look like…really?  They are as we perceive them to be.  For thousands of years religious figures and artists have depicted angels in creative ways to separate them from humans; yet, at the same time, fashion our visualization of them with a form that inspires feelings of love, safety, and wisdom.  Eight-legged angels with multiple eyes spitting fire from a forked tongue does not normally lift the human spirit (unless, of course, you are being attacked and then that form would most likely be one of relief that we do not stand alone and there is something bigger and nastier than the danger confronting us).  Setting the “my dog is bigger” mindset aside, we find a plethora of beautiful images, particularly from the renaissance period forward.  Too, depending upon your culture, traditions, and societal norms, angels are too often physically depicted in stereotypical form, or harnessed incorrectly by religious protocol.

Angels rise above society, religion, gender, and race — they are of a world of their own that can gracefully change to meet the needs of the individual — not the judgement and rules of any group.  They are not tied by proclamations, drawings, or sigils in a book.  They ARE as you need them to be.

Vesta is the second largest and brightest heavenly body in the asteroid belt.  Its plethora of minerals gives it a psychedelic appearance with the right camera filters.  Although only half the size of Ceres, its surface is four times as reflective — Vesta is the power of “shine”.

Vesta Angels are thought to bring pure inspiration and dedication that targets the accomplishment of goals; both personal and family oriented.   They are the Guardians of Witches, speaking of power in their purest form.  Vesta angels light the lamps of truth and knowledge.  Vesta angels protect hearth and home and work for your success.  They are often depicted with burnished skin and beautiful, flashy clothing.  These powerful beings correspond to the element of fire.  They particularly like candle magick, bonfires, and bright, glorious colors.  The best day to fashion a talisman in seeking their help would be today — a Sunday — when the Sun is in Leo, in the hour of the sun.

Sigil for seeking help from the Vesta Angels from my book -- Angels, Companions in Magick
Sigil for seeking help from the Vesta Angels from my book — Angels, Companions in Magick

Today’s Challenge!  All medicinal items, including First Aid boxes, or places where you keep such items — this includes checking all expiration dates, throwing out or disposing of medicines that are no longer needs, checking and cleaning supplies, and the cupboards, shelves or drawers where these items are kept.  Organizing, disposing, and cleaning in this area helps to lessen the confusion when emergency first aid is needed, and breaks the conduit between yourself and illness.

Summary:  Today we lightly discussed just what an angel looks like, and discovered that they are the great chameleons of the universe — they will appear to you as you need them to.  We learned a little bit about the Vesta Angels, and how they can assist you.  Finally, we touched on today’s challenge and how it can help you break the cycle of sickness.

(1)  Do your Morning Braucherei Ritual — remember to change the water — and remember to breathe!!!
(2)  Create, if you like, a Vesta Talisman.
(3)  Clean out all medicinal items and the areas in which they are kept.
(4)  Throw out at least one thing.  No give aways today.  No upcycle.  Throw one thing out.  Gone!  Done!  Finished!
(5)  Do one Mad Minute Exercise.
(6)  Remember to smile.

Tomorrow:  Food Storage Cabinets

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within
Only the Good Remains



8 thoughts on “Great Release Program — Day 22 — Sunday – 22 December 2013”

  1. Wahoo! Another free day for me! Cleaned out medical stuff when sickness came to the house – and threw out everything expired with much feeling as to not welcome sickness. Still have to pitch something–I’ll put a lot of thought into it. I’ll make it a good pitch. 🙂

  2. in reading your description of Vesta angels, burnished skin and beautiful, flashy clothing, I let out an audible gasp. Today I needed to have blood drawn and although my veins are easy to see, they’re shy and things often turn into a fishing expedition. The woman that drew today was an angel indeed- she hit her mark gently and the first time (even though eventually she had to switch to the other arm). I raved about how skilled she was and never in all my decades as anyone come close to doing as well as she did today. And yes, she dressed her scrubs up w/ bright colors to match her personality- a Vesta Angel indeed!

  3. Another morning, another morning ritual. I really love the habit, and this gives me inspiration to come up with something similar to continue after these 30 days. This morning I made a simple Vesta talisman with special intentions for the public safety folk responding to our local ice storm.

  4. We met up, 3 of us and made the talisman together. We were my mum, my aunt and me. 🙂
    So an extra-thank you for this one – it’s great whenever we can get together and share something like this, and this was perfect timing. 🙂
    The tidying and cleaning and throwing away continues as well.

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