Great Release Program — Day 12 — Thursday, 12 December 2013


Great Release Program
Day 12
12 December 2013

by Silver RavenWolf
Copyright 2013

Please note that I am posting Day Twelve early 
to give you time to create the sigil magick for this day,
or to at least make time in your schedule on the 12th to work with the Jupiter/Saturn trine energy.

Sun in Sagittarius (Fire)
Second Quarter Moon (Building, Revitalizing, Overcoming Minor Obstacles)

Moon in Taurus — Comfort, Security, Harmony, Wealth
Thursday — (Ruled by Jupiter — Fire/Water)
Today:  Angels of Taurus

Every day I read your comments and try to respond to all of them.  I’ve noticed that a few of you are really tired, and that getting through the program seems troublesome.  Please don’t give up!  As participants from past years can tell you, if you stick with the program you will gain — what you will earn will be individual to you and you alone.  Don’t worry if you can’t do everything on the list — just be sure to remove one thing from your home or office each day.  That’s it — the rest is all gain for you.  You can do this!  I know you can!

Today:   Angels linked to astrology bring a special persona to the planetary and sign energies.  You can work magick just with the energies of the signs and planets, or you can add a touch of the divine when incorporating the angels along with the general working.  This choice is entirely up to you.  Using these components — planets, signs, angels — when they are naturally in harmony with each other (through mathematical associations such as a sextile or trine) can enhance your prayer, ritual, or spell crafting in ways you may never have thought possible — this is the dynamic magick of timing!

Today, the Moon is in the astrological sign of Taurus, thereby activating the power of the Angels of Taurus — spiritually enhanced entities that represent the higher octaves of the sign, who can bring you amazing results.  These angels carry creation, beauty, affection, peace, harmony, comfort, financial prospects, wealth, patience, decisive action, loyalty, reliability and a strong defense it you need it.  Notice that their gifts match the energies of the sign — they are almost one in the same.

Taurus energy is considered “fixed” meaning that a working done today will not go poof tomorrow.  There is a marvelous staying power with Taurus with equates to slower moving results — yet, when you reach the harvest, the object or energy of the desire won’t be fleeting.  Taurus is truly a “be careful what you wish for” sign.  Taurus Angels bring messages associated with what they govern — comfort, gifts of green, gold, or red, a chalice, cup or bowl, jewelry of copper, butterflies, a wallet, cosmetics, home produced crafts and piggies!  Taurus angels love small, domestic animals as well.  Because their speed is of the slower nature, they will send signs to keep you confident that your desire is on its way.  Remember, you must ask for a sign in order to receive one.

Taurus Moon colors include green, gold and red.  Are there specific angels attributed to Taurus?  Yes, there are; but, the scope of this program doesn’t include them.

Today, the planet Jupiter trines the planet Saturn — this is an excellent day to work for the overall structure and wealth of your family and home, or your business as Jupiter is in Cancer (home) and Saturn is in Scorpio (finances outside of yourself).  It can also be a day to work on expanding your magickal expertise as both Cancer and Scorpio are often associated with magickal applications.  Definitely a day to work for  financial security coming into the home or family, given the addition of the Moon in Taurus.  From previous posts, we learned that Sachiel is the Lord of Jupiter and Cassiel is the Lord of Saturn.  You may wish to use those angels today in your petition or other working.  Jupiter and Saturn are slower moving planets, and the moon is “slow” on this day — therefore, immediate results may not be forthcoming; however, ask for and then look for a sign that your work is moving forward.

If you are confused, go back to the basics.  Jupiter associates with expansion.  Saturn corresponds to limits.  BOTH can benefit and bring gifts — Jupiter is easy for folks to remember as it is the planet of gifts and growth, Saturn brings rewards for your hard work — it isn’t just “the end of the road” — it can be harvest energy, too.  If you would like to work with today’s Jupiter/Saturn trine I’ve designed a sigil for you to use (if you like).  Simply draw the sigil then write your desire in the center.  Use the sigil in your magickal workings as you see fit.  If you are really into magickal timing, check the planetary hours for this day — you could use the hours of Jupiter or Saturn; however, you could also use the hour of Mercury.  Choose what best fits your schedule.

Blank sigil for working with Jupiter (Cassiel) and Saturn (Sachiel).
Blank sigil for working with Jupiter (Cassiel) and Saturn (Sachiel).

What if you prefer only to work with the Taurus Angels?  I’ve provided a sigil for that, as well.  Both sigils are my design, using Photoshop Elements 12.  Colored pens work very well for these types of sigils.  Try using Purple and Dark Blue for the Jupiter/Saturn Sigil, and the colors Green and Gold (or copper) for the Taurus Sigil.  You may wish to make matching conjuring bags or wrap your sigil in a piece of colored cloth associated with the angels.  You might also like to burn a corresponding colored candle on top of your sigil.

Sigil for working with the Angels of the Astrological Sign Taurus -- Use for long-term wealth, comfort, or bringing food into the home.
Sigil for working with the Angels of the Astrological Sign Taurus — Use for long-term wealth, comfort, or bringing food into the home.

What if you don’t want to work with angels today?  Then don’t.  Fo llow your intuition, allow your creativity to move you forward in the way that is best for you.

Today’s Work — Cleaning under the bed!  Last year my daughter suggested cleaning everything out under the bed and placing a crystal there for restful sleep.  I tried it and it worked!  Dirt, junk, storgage — do you really want to sleep on top of that stuff?

Summary:  Today we talked about the combination of angelic energies.  We used an astrological example of what is happening right now, and employing that information to work on our overall goals and desires.  If you can’t remember the information on Cassiel and Sachiel, look back over the previous posts for a refresher.  We also talked about Taurus associated angels, and how they look after your comfort and physical welfare.

(1)  Do your Braucherei Morning Ritual.
(2)  Use the sigil provided to work on a long-term goal.
(3)  Throw at least one thing away, or give something away, or upcycle an item.  This is the most important action each day.
(4)  Clean under the bed (remember, you are sleeping on top of that gunk!)
(5)  Do one Mad Minute exercise.

Tomorrow — Your choice from the list you made at the beginning of the program.

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within
Only the Good Remains



13 thoughts on “Great Release Program — Day 12 — Thursday, 12 December 2013”

  1. I like the reminder to be careful what you wish for. Its like the ripple in the pond effect. For me it has always been such an important issue, perhaps because of the results of past wishes and spells I have done. I learned very quickly that the Fates have a warped sense of humor and are very literal. Mean what you say and say what you mean – clearly, or else you may be surprised! I must admit I did not get to cleaning under the sink – yet. Now it feels like a personal challenge. I wonder what clutter under there and by proxi, in me, I am hesitant to get rid of. This Challenge is certainly a journey for me, and i do love a challenge. Thank you Silver for the guidance and this forum.

  2. I spent so long on cleaning that I forgot to check the blog and now have no time to do the working. I had to bring our kitten to the vets to be neutered so while I had a pet free house I cleaned the stove, microwave, hearth, pet bed and blankets, washed the curtains and started the holiday decorations. I am exhausted but very happy. Got rid of one thing again today and more lined up to go tomorrow. Can I do the working for long term goals on another Thursday say the full moon or even next month on the waxing moon? Thank you again Silver for the program. It makes December much easier!

  3. I’d first like to thank you for the opportunity to partake in this program. I only heard of it for the first time last year but it was nearing it’s end. I was so happy to receive the emails for this year’s program. I have one quick question though. What should we do with our sigils once the ritual is complete? Do we leave them on our altar, burn them, bury them, throw them away? Just looking for clarification as i’ve been leaving mine on my altar. Thank you.

    1. That is entirely up to you. General rule is: If you are banishing — burn or throw away. If you are attracting: Keep until you receive what you desire. Thank you for asking and so glad you could join us this year!

  4. I’m hangin in there! I got a bit behind, so yesterday I did the following: Cleaned under the kitchen sink, cleaned out an underwear drawer, cleaned one rack in my closet (and donated a plethora of really nice clothes that may or may not ever fit me again- lol), did the candle rolling and door cleansing ritual (which was truly amazing), and finished by doing the emotionally cleansing shower. These exercises are incredibly powerful. Even the smallest of gestures shakes things up. I was a bit bummed that I got so far behind for five days, but it felt inspiring to get all caught up again. I’ve decided not to be too hard on myself. I know timing is everything in magick, but I’ve found that just making a little progress in the right direction does VOLUMES towards reaching goals and creating change. So, onward and upward!
    Blessings and Love,

  5. I was so engrossed in cleaning I didn’t do the sigil. Perhaps another time… I absolutely love doing the Baurcherei Ritual! I’ve probably said it before but it has brought me so much happiness I wanted to say it again. I love feeling light and happy! Many blessings to you dear Silver! Thank you from the bottoms of my feet to the tip of my head!

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