Great Release Program — Day 11 — Wednesday — 11 December 2013


Please note that I have published Wednesday’s entry early
as bad weather is on the way here
and I want to ensure that your program is not interrupted by faulty internet connections.

 Great Release Program
Wednesday 11 December 2013

by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2013

Sun in Sagittarius (Fire)
Second Quarter Moon (Building, Revitalizing, Overcoming Minor Obstacles)

Moon in Aries — Movement, Action, Aggression,
Wednesday — (Ruled by Mercury — Air/Earth)
Today:  Your Guardian Angel

They say we all have one…a Guardian Angel…some sort of positive entity that watches over us and tries to keep us from doing dumb stuff — like seeing how high the cauldron will burn with half a cup of vesta powder mixed in with the petitions (don’t do it).  Some people believe that our guardian angel is actually a deceased loved one, others think the guardian is actually our higher selves — part of us that did not incarnate into the physical body; but, remains with us throughout our lives.  What you believe — dead person, totem animal, higher self, entity of light — isn’t an arguable point.  If you believe such a guardian exists, in whatever form? — that’s what is important.  In that moment of acknowledgement we realize that we are truly never, ever alone.

I don’t know what runs the universe.  I never did.  I have no idea how many things fit together — though I continually search for that knowledge and perfection — that’s the cycle of life.  To strive to be the best we can be, to learn, to share…to love.  To make people smile.  To bring laughter.  To empower our brothers and sisters, our children, even our parents.  To give the gift of strength to a stranger.

Those are the true gifts of manifestation here on this plane.

And what might keep us going?  When we are tired.  When we are sick.  When we feel we just can’t give anymore?  What lends us courage, sends us strength, speaks to us in our darkest hour — when we can’t take one more step, when we can’t cry one more tear, when we feel that we just can’t go on another day?

Who is there?



Or is the universe just a cold, dark, heartless place filled with pain, evil and suffering?

That’s how we feel sometimes, isn’t it?

When you are there…in that dark place…in that hole of despair…are you alone?


Don’t take my word for it.  See for yourself.  All you have to do…

Is ask.

Go ahead.  Try it.  Call your Guardian Angel.  Ask for assistance.  You will be amazed at what happens!  Already believe in your Guardian Angel; but, just been so busy lately you haven’t connected?  Today’s the day to do it.  Go for it.  Light a candle, listen to music, go for a walk, do something charitable — whatever you feel you need to do to reconnect (or connect) with your Guardian Angel.

Your Challenge Today:  Clean under the sink.  Negativity hides in the darkness — show it who is boss!  Even under the sink shall not be spared!

Summary:  Today we talked about your Guardian Angel.  You know, when my angel book first came out Llewellyn World Wide sent me on a cross-country tour.  It was the most memorable experience of my life because stranger after stranger (on planes, in the train station, on street corners…) would see the sign I was carrying that had a picture of my book on it and they would say:  “How cool!  You believe in Angels!  I have this amazing story to tell you…”  And they did!  Their stories touched my heart in a way nothing else could.  This was long before the angel-craze or the television show.  To this day I remember their stories…every single one of them.

(1)  Do your Morning Braucherei Ritual (remember to breathe!)
(2)  Connect with your Guardian Angel (tell us about it)
(3)  Do one Mad Minute Exercise
(4)  Throw or give away one item in your living or office area.
(5)  Clean out under the sink.

Tomorrow:  Under the Beds

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace within.
Only the Good Remains.



16 thoughts on “Great Release Program — Day 11 — Wednesday — 11 December 2013”

  1. I think there is a conspiracy going on…..clean under your sink says Silver. Let me tell you what happened to me on Monday night…. In this rural area that I stay we have the the great privilege to choose if we want a weekly turn of water for our gardens…well Monday was my turn, I had a blast opening up the sluice, the water was guided throughout the whole garden, the dogs had a blast playing in the water and the resulting mud…. I even sat with my feet in the canal and let the junk in my soul flow away with the runoff water. Well just before going to bed in the evening I have this ritual of getting the kitchen ready and neat for the next morning…opened the cold tap…a blast of water everywhere, grabbed the flashlight, have to shake it a few times, of course in a emergency the battery’s is ALWAYS flat, run out of the front door in my wet shorty pajamas to close the main water supply tap, run through the mud to get to the tap…it’s stuck, run back into the house to get pliers for a better grip, meantime the dogs 3 of them think this is a new game mommy is playing in the middle of the night, they started chasing me and each other in circles… yea right through the mud. I got the tap closed eventually, my DH guided my over the phone how to get the tap loose to replace the washer…no problem. Not the washer, the whole tap is stripped, it have to wait for the next morning so that I can get a new tap to replace it with.
    Now the problem, I’m full of mud the floor and dogs is full of mud and everything around and under the sink is wet, and no water. Lucky for me and the dogs I have several bowls full of clean doggy water, yea you guessed right…I had to wash my feet in one of the dog water bowls. I dried as much as I could, Tuesday I replaced the tap, gave the dogs a bath, and myself and cleaned under the sink…..

    😀 Result: Wednesday’s challenge came around and YAY I’m one step ahead without even realizing it.

    Bless all of you.

    Note: Always be thank full for the things you take for granted, like opening a tap and there’s water coming out of it.

  2. MM Lady Silver

    So I’m off to a great start again back on track, did everything for today . What a wonderful feeling to sit and talk with my Guardian Angel, it’s been a while. It was so calming. Now since I’m on a roll and full of energy I’m doing catch up on a few things from the other day’s that were not done.

    Blessed Be

  3. As I was getting ready to launder a shirt I was giving away, I came up with another idea….to “upcycle it”.

    I’m going to make a protective bag for my newly obtained Tarot cards. I can also use the leftovers to make conjuring bags and bags to hold my stones. You can laugh guys…I know that can be misinterpreted :). Alas, I have no stones to hold.

  4. I connected with 2 guardians who have passed and my angel. I could feel their love and support all over. It was so peaceful and energizing! While heading out to do errands I was singing and became so over come with joy tears came to my eyes! Later while driving I kept seeing cars with one out headlight, every time I saw one I felt love and support again. You see an out headlight was something we played a game with, now when I see one I punch the roof of my vehicle and say hello. I can still feel their presence now.

    I cleaned under the kitchen sink. Ended up throwing out a bunch of unneeded things. All and all I had a lovely day! Blessed Be!

  5. I didn’t get to my sink, unfortunately, but I did make a connection to my guardian! To be honest, I’m a bit shy about sharing the whole experience, but I can easily say that it was powerful and very moving. It was almost as if they were just simply waiting for me to say, “Hello!”

    Btw, I’ve been meaning to share a great idea I found for upcycling plastic bags! There are dozens of tutorials online that show you how to make “Plarn” (plastic “yarn” out of recycled paper bags). From there, simply crochet the “plarn” into a market bag and there you go! One market bag takes up about 45 plastic bags. I have so many saved up plastic bags, it’s not even funny. There are too many videos to site. Simply type in “plarn” and you’ll find dozens of ideas. 🙂

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