Great Release Program — Day 10 — 10 December 2013 — Tuesday


2013 Great Release Program
Tuesday – 10 December 2013

by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2013

Sun in Sagittarius (Fire)
Second Quarter Moon (Building, Revitalizing, Overcoming Minor Obstacles)

Moon in Aries — Movement, Action, Aggression,
Tuesday — (Ruled by Mars — Fire)
Today:  Angels of Aries

What you believe in most whole-heartedly is what works for you.  The issue here is that not everyone believes the same thing; therefore, when you are successful because you “knew” something to be true, there is always someone who tries to throw ice water on your work because it doesn’t work that way for them for that issue.

Whew!  That was a mouthful, wasn’t it?

I’d like to to seriously think today about what magick ALWAYS works for you.  Is it money magick?  Is it healing magick?  Is it protection?  Love?  Handling difficult people?  Everyone has a particular line of expertise, and that success is based on what your mind doesn’t gnaw on like a puppy with your favorite shoes.  What if you used the same technique for things that you’re having problems with?  For example, let’s say that you can almost always get a stalled car to start.  You know this.  Think carefully what your feelings are and what your mind is focused on when you use your gifts to start that car?

Okay, now, take that same emotion, and feeling of knowing and direct the same technique in an area where you are having real problems.  Try it.  Let us know how it works for you.

In doing research into Braucherei folk charms I learned to carefully read the basics of the observer’s experience.  With historical folk magick, we often don’t know what the practitioner was thinking, what he or she was feeling, or how he or she “ran” energy.  Interviews and stories give us only bits and pieces of the picture.  It is like looking at a torn photograph where large chunks are missing and we’re trying our best to tape what we have together so that the mystery of the time, place, or person will be revealed.

Many times, in Braucherei, we only have a word charm and what the observer saw when the magick was done.  For example, a friend of mine talked about his grandmother’s experience with a folk healer who could cure thrush in children.  The healer told the grandmother that the only person who could heal thrush was a man that never knew his father.  This man had to blow in the child’s mouth, and the thrush would disappear.  The thrush did disappear; but, were all those factors necessary?  And, what factors were unseen?  In continuing research from a variety of sources, we find the base:  Blowing holy words into a child’s mouth.  Not knowing one’s father is a nonessential.

My question to you today is:  What nonessential garbage are you carrying around in your head that is creating obstacles for you?  (That you probably don’t even realize).  Ask the Aries Angels to help you dump the junk.

Aries Angels:  Are the Back to Basics teachers.  They cut through the garbage, turning up the heat and plowing through emotional gunk.  They are blow torch entities that love to make way for the new, the fresh, the innovative, the delight, and the glory of life.   They are raw energy, speed, force, courage, leadership, enthusiasm, strength, and independence!  They bring emotional recovery.  Signs from these angels include fire, a gift of a candle, a new item (particularly a book), red birds and red clothing.

Your Challenge Today:  Take a red or white candle and roll it (yes, you read that right) over your front door (both sides).  Don’t be surprised if the candle feels sticky when you are finished.  That is a sign that the candle has done its job, pulling the negativity off the door.  Then, wash your front door thoroughly.  You can use the Evil Be Gone chant or some other chant or poetry that is worded to banish the negative, welcome the positive, and protect those within.  Writing a rhyming chant that covers these three points would be an excellent endeavor today!  Finally, burn the candle in the entry way of your home, asking the Aries Angels to remove all negativity and ill will that has entered your living space.  Don’t forget to use nice, deep cleansing breaths while you are clearing the door, and when you petition the angels.  Breath linked with emotion targeted by focus — that is your skeleton key.

Summary:  Today we talked about getting back to the basics in your work, and releasing what is mentally, spiritually or emotionally bogging you down — doubt, fear, worry — complicated mazes that you’ve built for yourself.  Your key is “knowing” — meaning, a feeling where worry does not exist — a still point of peace.

(1)  Remember to do your Braucherei Morning Ritual.  Don’t forget to breathe!
(2)  Roll a candle over your front door (both sides).  If you are really into it — do the back door, too, with a separate candle.
(3)  Make a petition to the Aries Angels, then burn your candle(s).
(4)  Throw out or give away at least one thing today!
(5)  Do one Mad Minute exercise.

Don’t forget to put those gold stars on your calendar!

Tomorrow:  Under the Kitchen Sink

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within!
Only the good remains.



20 thoughts on “Great Release Program — Day 10 — 10 December 2013 — Tuesday”

  1. Great article and topic! I know any work I do with clients is so much more powerful when I sit in my knowing; knowing they can heal themselves at any moment, knowing that they do hold love for themselves, knowing that they can connect in with somebody who has passed over. It is my energy of knowing that helps them rise to the occasion, so to speak. But it’s about holding firm in your knowing. I find this easy to do for someone else, however your article is a great reminder to find this knowing and hold it for myself.

  2. My grandfather could cure thrush. He was taught by his mother-in-law. He could teach a woman but not a man and the person couldn’t be related to him. He had to say a bible verse and cut a certain plant. I don’t think all those ‘rules’ were needed. As far as I know, he never taught anyone else the cure.

    1. All those rules weren’t needed, although the Bible verse he was taught was the “whisper magick” part of the equation. Any verse, though, with the right intent will work. Many of the taboos were put into place for a variety of reasons including making the process “special” to help others believe, and to keep the pool of practitioners limited. Others kept the taboos because, as it worked successfully for them with a set of particular elements, they believed that all of these elements must be in place to work, and so when they taught it they gave exactly what they learned in the idea of “it must be so”. None of the reasons were “bad” — it is just that many of the practices were actually nonessential. Thank you so much for posting this!

  3. Did the front door magick today and find myself feeling totally uplifted. I was in a bit of a hurry so I got the instructions confused and I ended up washing the door first and then going over it with the candle. Hopefully that works too. The candle looks lovely burning in the hallway. Hope you are all OK in PA what with the severe weather and freezing conditions. We would love to take some of that snow off your hands over here in Ireland. We dont get snow that often so it has a big WOW factor here. Thank you again Silver for thie wonderful month of magick.

  4. Love it! Just bought a new Red candle for something I knew I would need it for; enjoying the insights and the program. Even ready for tomorrow’s sink endeavor. Thank you.

  5. What magick works for me, whatever I want. I don’t have an expertise, it is just general magick. Whenever I want something to happen, I focus on that something and look for all possibilities to make it happen. My mind has to be clear with no emotions from my ego. If my ego steps in or I am stressing about the something I want, the magick just disappears. I also stand in “I don’t know”. This gives space for magick to appear out of nowhere. The results are not perfect and I don’t always get exactly what I ask for but I’m happy with results most of the time.

  6. I was really looking foreward to doing the door, but was out all day today and didn’t get a chance, so I’m hoping tomorrow will be ok to do it?
    What magic works best for me is protective magic, spirit journeys and connections with the natural world. These are the things I had done instinctively, to a certain extent, from being a child, and which I recognised as that “coming home” feeling when I found Wicca.
    I suppose they’re also things with less of a concrete, externally visible and measurable result, which means I don’t have to worry about getting no measurable, provable result and looking silly.
    The really silly thing to be honest is that I allow the fear of looking silly to stop me working effective magic in other domains.

      1. Oh, by the way! I did a lovely ritual to release all my worry about family members and worked hard on letting it go… and my back problem has now gone, without getting anywhere near as bad as it usually does. Thanks for that. So, your advice? Clearly not silly 😉

    1. I too sometimes feel silly when working magick! It took me a long time to overcome it. Now I don’t care what anyone sees. It is very freeing! Good luck! Blessed Be!

  7. Well this is a good star day for me. I love doing the front door cleansing. the outside was a bit difficult as it is only 26 degrees out there. I just took hot soapy water and wiped it clean. The candle is still burning.
    I feel this Challenge is like having one on one instruction from you Silver and I want you to know how much I appreciate that you do this every year.
    Feeling very nervous about cleaning under my sink! Oh my goodness me.

    1. I’m having a wonderful time working with you!!! It was that cold, here, too, when I did the front door. Whoooo-weeee! Candle burned beautifully, though and the entry way felt so much better! Don’t worry, if we don’t come out from underneath, someone will eventually find us.

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