Great Release Program — Day 9 — 9 December 2013 — Monday


Sun in Sagittarius (Fire)
First Quarter Moon (Beginnings or New Ideas for old projects)

Moon in Pisces — Spirituality, Illusion, Psychism, Ability to See the Big Picture, Purification (Water)
Monday — (Ruled by the Moon — Water)
Today:  Angels of Pisces

Angels of the astrological sign of Pisces concentrate on helping you dream your most important goals.  They work on your requests of understanding, inner happiness, spiritual healing, and instinct.  Their prime directive focuses on opening the way to deep understanding of the self and the world around you.  To seek their help is to accept your enhancement of the power of listening, good timing, and wisdom.

This time of year many spiritual people find themselves embattled between the “reason for the season” and commercial pressures.  Buy-Buy-Buy and you are a good person.  Be frugal and you are a disappointment to yourself and your loved ones.  Young and old stress that they cannot make the dreams of others come true because they don’t have the money to do so.  Pisces angels can help you rise above such pressure, assisting you to find and create expressions of love that won’t put you into bankruptcy.  They light the way of imagination — giving you gifts of inspiration that you can share with your family and friends.

Think back to your childhood associated with this time of year.  Are the memories pleasurable?  Or not?  Are painful memories associated with lack or disappointment?  Is that why you are struggling so hard this season — so that those around you will not feel what you felt?  If this is so, it is time to let these feelings go.  To release them and replace them with spiritual healing — let the Pisces Angels help you step up into a world where creating joyful memories for yourself and others is more important than purchasing the latest toy, the best electronic gizmo, or the most beautiful jewelry on the market.

The best part of the Earth plane isn’t stuff — it is the memories we make here.  Today, take a few moments to plan pleasant activities — the stuff that memories are made of.  If I said to you:  This year you can’t spend any money on a physical gift — your challenge is to make one pleasant memory for each family member — what interesting activities might you create?  Light a white or purple candle and ask the Pisces Angels for inspiration.  Why not play some seasonal music?  Sit quietly and breath deeply, accepting the love and joy of the Pisces Angels.  You can even set a bowl of clear water beside the candle to help activate their flowing energy.  As you receive ideas, write them down.   The number nine (9) is an incredibly powerful key in Braucherei workings.  Finish your time with the Pisces Angels by choosing one affirmation tailored to make your life better from this moment on.  For example, “This holiday season I will walk with grace, speak with eloquence, and endeavor to freely give and accept joy.”   You can go about your day letting the candle burn, or you can put it out after you are finished.  Why not use some of your ideas in the days and weeks to come?

Your Challenge Today:  Is a fun one!  Go through your underwear drawer!  Get rid of the ragged ones and replace with new.  What you wear close to your skin affects your overall energy pattern (no kidding).  Dirty, stained, ragged clothing lowers self-esteem, which in turn damages and erodes our feelings of personal power.  You don’t have to replace your underwear with the most expensive variety (although you can).

Summary — Today we discussed the power of Pisces Angels and dealing emotionally with the upcoming holiday season.  Our goal this year is to create memories during this month that will last a long time.  Activities of joy rather than purchases of things.  If we have unpleasant memories of past holidays, we are affirming that we are ready to let them go, so that we can make room for joy in our lives and in the lives of those around us.  We are going to let that positive energy softly flow around us and out into the world — creating the harmony that we all desire.  True harmony?  Starts with the self.

(1)  Do your Braucherei Morning Ritual.
(2)  Make a petition to the Pisces Angels (in any way you desire).
(3)  Let go of painful feelings attached to the current season.
(4)  Write an affirmation that will support your desire for a better life.  Pin that affirmation somewhere that you will see it every day.
(5)  Clean out your underwear drawer!
(6)  Do one Mad Minute cleaning exercise.
(7)  Throw out, give away, or upcycle one physical item.
(8)  Don’t forget to give yourself gold stars on your calendar for what you have completed!  Reward is important!

Tomorrow!  Wash your front door.

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within
Only the good remains.



19 thoughts on “Great Release Program — Day 9 — 9 December 2013 — Monday”

  1. Several days behind in the major challenges you give us each day. I know that it is ok and am not planning a mad ‘cleaning’ day as I do what I can each day. These past few days I have had more health issues that do not allow me to accomplish what I would like to accomplish. I live in Montana and the cold has been brutal for me.
    One big lesson I learned through this program last year and have carried forward with me in my life is to do what I can.
    I have consistently completed the morning ritual and this I have added to from last year as I only was able to petition in the shower most days. This year I have my sacred space and altar which I use every day even if I get nothing else done.

    you have been an inspiration to me for many of my beginning years in the Craft. Now you continue to inspire me to push myself alittle more, to reach out and stretch in mundane and magickal ways. Thank you for all your service and goodness that you give to others. Service to me is important and I enjoy giving as I can to others. You give through this blog and have given me inspiration for other ways to give service than the ‘physical’ as per sae helping to clean a house, watch a child etc…There are many ways to give back to our community and those I am seeking out.
    May the God and Goddess bless you and yours all your days!!
    Silver Cougarmoon

  2. I am so far behind. 😦 Had great hopes for today, but between hockey game, grocery shopping and getting the family ready (Ill be on a business trip Tues – Thurs), just sat down and its almost 9:00. There is always hope for tomorrow! Ill keep you posted!

  3. Yesterday I got my stove cleaned and threw away a couple of things. That was all I could accomplish. Today was a different story. I got up early and got started with renewed energy.
    It seems much more than coincidence that usually I get signs associated with Angels I have petitioned for help on that very day. Today my youngest son, who I have named “little Buddha” since he was 3, called me. I gave him this name at 3 because one day out of the blue he came up to me and said ,”Mommy, I still remember what God looks like”. He said it so matter-of-factly, I was taken aback. I asked him what did God look like, thinking how could a 3 year old even understand this concept? He answered, “He looked like really bright light and I didn’t want to leave him, but I had to come to you cause you needed me”. So thus he has always been my little Buddha.
    Sorry for the length of this post, but I am afraid I have the gift of gab. This morning he called me and I told him of a relative who I was helping, but who didn’t seem to want to help himself. He told me to look at the situation in a different light. To look at the big picture. He said I always think with my heart, but this situation called for also using my head. I had to smile, because it certainly was the Angels of Pisces speaking to me. His advice was so helpful, as usual. I do live in a Sea of Full Potential! Today I also count my blessings – this Challenge being one of them. Bright Blessings to all!

  4. wonderful sentiments for the day… what a novel idea to come up with good memories in place of perfect presents! If everyone put their energy toward this concept yule would indeed be magical:)

  5. Great thoughts for today! 🙂
    I’ve done some similar releasing work not too long ago, and I’ve already attacked some of that underwear a couple of days ago, so I went into other release mode today:
    I had the sudden inspiration to completely tidy the table which was incredibly cluttered from crafting and print outs and utensils and packing things and whatnot. It’s like a breath of fresh air now – tidy and partly EMPTY. 😀 *happy dance*
    Also some prints got sorted out.
    And I actually *tidied* my digi camera, got all photos downloaded and sorted and they’ll be ready so I can work on them and post them. Yay. I never had time to do that, for quite a long time. So glad it’s done now!
    And sorted out the biggest part of a large essay that needed some twiddling here and there and finishing touches.

    I’ve been whizzing around all evening, adding to that a couple of smaller things that just needed to get done to be out of the way.

    Actually, I did release some negativity: I told my boss what an utter nuisance one team at work is that refuses to use their brains and forces our team to do all their thinking and work and taking on responsibility for their mess ups. And I said it so loud and clear that it must have gotten through. Fed up with them. Phew!

    Yay for today! 🙂

      1. Thank you! 😀 I’m really happy with everything. It’s brilliant when things start working kind of *on their own* and it’s like a flow. 🙂

  6. This season for us is full of traditions! We took our dogs for a walk tonight to see the lights on the houses. Although there are many people I miss this time of year, instead of dwelling on the loss we tell happy memories. I am a optamist, a silver lining kind of girl, a hopeless romantic… So I’m always looking for good! Makes life so much better! Blessed Be!

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