Great Release Program — Day Four — Wednesday — 4 December 2013

The snowflake is an incredibly magickal form -- this one would include double good luck, protection, and happiness.  The snowflake (itself) holds the power until you activate it -- think of ice -- in stasis.  The snowflake is also the symbol of Dame Holda.
The snowflake is an incredibly magickal form — this one would include double good luck, protection, and happiness. It can stand for other energies, too.  How many runes can you find in this snowflake design?  The snowflake (itself) holds the power until you activate it — think of ice — in stasis. The snowflake is also the symbol of Dame Holda.

Great Release Program — Day Four — Wednesday — 4 December 2013
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2013

Sun in Sagittarius (Fire)
First Quarter Moon (Beginnings or New Ideas for old projects)

Moon in Capricorn — Structure, Concentration, Persistence, and Reward – Earth
Wednesday – Ruled by Mercury
Wednesday’s Angel:  Raphael — The Great Healer

Just like you, I have to juggle people, issues, work, pleasure, family and what I believe to be my sense of responsibility.  For example, yesterday my daughter needed dental surgery.  My husband took her in, and I cared for her when she returned.  She is an adult; but, sometimes having Mom there, even just watching over you, can bring a sense of relaxation that you might not have if you were alone.

Or not.

However, my idea of responsibility was…take care of my kid.  Make sure she’s not in pain.  Feed her what she’s allowed to eat.  Make sure she gets some rest.  Do not allow her to have any Monsters.  I managed to make my wishes and fill two garbage bags of junk to go in the trash before my bi-weekly magickal crochet night (which was  spent going through old magickal books with friends — sometimes we don’t get to the yarn end of things, lol) — that was all I could get done for that day.  I did my Mad Minute right before going to bed.

With this program — you do what you can.  The only requirement?  Do at least one thing per day — just one — and the rest is cream!  Yes, individuals who have worked the program in the past have said that the more tasks you can complete – the greater the reward.  I have found this to be true, myself.  This doesn’t mean that you fail if you can’t finish everything.  You will finish what you need for you — and that’s just fine.

For example, yesterday a friend of mine who works in an office, found himself confronted on several levels throughout the day with issues that led him to make choices of release.  Rather than backing down, he stepped up to the plate and smacked those volleys right out of his personal stadium.  Many times this program brings mental, spiritual, and emotional issues that you’ve been avoiding front and center in your life.  Yet, what is so amazing is that you seem to be ready for them — and the release becomes an exciting, joyful accomplishment.  These types of releases count just as much as physical ones — so, yesterday, my friend exorcised two people and one issue out of his life — that counts for three things he was supposed to throw away out of the nine.  With this program?  It is okay to be creative!

Today:  With the Sun in the fire element, the moon in the earth element, and the day (Wednesday) ruled by both air and earth– we have a mixed bag of energy.  The moon reflects the emotional tune of the sign she is visiting, which in turn affects human behavior.  Today, the moon is in Capricorn, a solid, earth energy base that vibrates to standards, structure, strength, ambition, patience and persistence.  Folks who internalize the negative side of the energy appear stingy, headstrong, inflexible, and unfair.  A Mercury Day (Wednesday) is all about communication and the movement of information.  With the moon in the first quarter, we can work for gathering new information that will help us structure our lives in a positive way and bring us the rewards we desire.  Unless there are other planetary events (conjunctions, squares, oppositions, etc.) the Moon in Capricorn is often a stabilization period — where the dust settles for a bit — before we move on.

Raphael — is associated with Wednesday and Mercury energy.  His name embodies “The Spirit of Healing” and means “shining healer”.  He is equivalent to the Egyptian Thoth — and therefore rules the connections of all the worlds (As Above – So Below) through the pathways of speech and the power of sacred breath.  In Braucherei he rules Whisper Magick.  Raphael works quickly and his messages to you often come through birds, particularly white ones.   He is known as the Angel of the East — dawn is his most treasured time — which corresponds to your Braucherei Morning Ritual.  He brings light, love, healing, joy, and compassion to the people of earth.  He is the patron of healers and therefore the Caduceus is his symbol.  Raphael has a sense of humor and sometimes brings playful circumstances into your life as acknowledgement that your prayer will be answered.  Raphael gave King Solomon the gift of the pentacle, therefore, inscribing a pentacle on a yellow candle can call his immediate presence.  If you are requesting a healing (body, mind, or soul) try a combination of rosemary, lavender, and hyssop herbs or oils in your magickal work.

Today’s Challenge — Remove all the dust.  Dust, just like junk, traps and holds negativity and angry energy.  Not only do you want to get rid of surface dust, you need to remove clumps of dirt, dust and grit under furniture, behind closet doors, etc.  Dust likes to hide, you see, so that it can procreate in private.


(1)  Remember to do your Braucherei Morning Ritual.
(2)  Don’t forget to breathe!
(3)  Invoke the powers of Mercury/Raphael for your work today.  You may wish to make a petition using a yellow candle inscribed with a pentacle.  I know what you’ve been taught about empowering candles; but, I would like you to try something new:  As you make your petition to Raphael, rub the candle back and forth between the palms of your hands.  As you do so, run the energy from your toes to the top of the your head as you breath in deeply, then exhale while pushing the energy out of your hands into the candle.  Do this at least nine times.  This really works for me.  I’d like to know how it works for you.  Note:  If you do not have a yellow candle — use white.  If you can’t use candles — use water.
(4)  Get rid of all the dust in your home/apartment/work environment (if you can).
(5)  Throw out or give away one thing today.
(6)  Do one Mad Minute!

Tomorrow:  Organize Something

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace within.
As Above, So Below — this prayer is sealed.
Only the good remains.



41 thoughts on “Great Release Program — Day Four — Wednesday — 4 December 2013”

  1. I just wanted to peek in and say a HUGE thank you that you post the information so early – I’m in Switzerland so it’s helpful for me anyway, but having it even half a day in advance helps me a lot to know how to get organized (December is insanely busy at work, so knowing what I want / need to do is very helpful).
    So… thank you! 🙂

    1. I’m in Australia, so it helps me heaps too. When I wake up in the morning there’s already an e-mail telling me about the blog post for the day. It’s like a little present each morning that gets me ready for the day 🙂

  2. That the Angel in this days picture is holding parchment saying “how to work with humans” made me giggle. I didn’t know there was a manual. Being a public librarian I could sure use a copy 😉

  3. I am going to trade this one with another day. I have to wait until my house guest leave. One is highly allergic to dusting.

  4. Was so happy during the Braucherei ritual. While celebrating the ritual came the decison “STOP SMOKING” today. So, lets see! Did not smoke until now. Will see what the day will bring. Angel Raphael please help me in this to stop Smoking. Thank you Silver, great gift you gave us this program.

  5. Thank you Silver….as always! December can be a rushed month, and sometimes i forget to take time for me, and to take time for the magick in my life to offer thanks and to de-stress. This program, each year, is a great reminder to take the time, just a little each day, and find the magic (and organization) within.

  6. MM Silver, Love working with the angels !! Have fallen behind since my good start on day 1 & 2 due to my aunt going to summerland. I’ve been able to do parts of the daily challenge My question is the parts that I didn’t get done can I mix them into other days to catch up?

  7. I find with each new day, my journey (doing this challenge) evolves and takes on a clearer meaning. Up to this point in my life, my majick, has been a tool to help and heal those I love. I forgot a most important person in my life. That would namely be me! This wasn’t in my mind until you asked us to consider our main goal. It was then that I realized my main goal was to get in touch with me – my heart’s truest desires. I want to look into my soul. I want to stop and feel my feelings without prejudice from any source. Wow Silver! What a gift you have given me. Thank you.

    1. Care givers always forget to take care of themselves. I saw it so much growing up I try hard not to neglect myself. This month is about me! Good for you! Taking care of one’s self can be the greastest gift for others.

  8. Because of the way my kitchen is set up I cant move my washing machine to clean under it so today while I was dusting, our little 6 month old kitten ran to the washing machine and began to clean out a load of dust bunnies and general guck from underneath it with her claws!! That really is magick at work! Thank you so much Silver. December can be a stressful month what with bad weather, expense and holiday dramas but the Release Program really helps me not to get drawn into it. I have learned how to stick to a budget and how to say No to doing too many things for other people. Feeling so much brighter and happier already.

  9. I followed the Great Release Program last year without actually joining in… this year I’m biting the bullet, and amazed to find it is working so well! 🙂 Feeling motivated about organization and housework is not something I ever expected, but I had more energy and optimism today than for a long while. It’s doing me so much good, I can’t wait to see how things are by the end of the month. Thank you.

  10. Had to work extra hours today–just too pooped to dust. Plan to catch up tomorrow. Did throw something way though! 🙂

    Also, I love getting tomorows tasks today- helps this working mom plan out her day. Thanks!

  11. Hope your daughter is feeling better. Dental surgery can be very pain, well that’s my experience anyway.

    I am happy! I threw out a piece of furniture that has been irritating me for a few years. Throwing out that piece of furniture was a great release for me! Dusted a little will do a better job over the weekend. Wipe down my stove top for one mad minute.

  12. well like others i did a lot of work today at my job and completed a lot of tasks.. so was little too tired to duct ill consider that my hard work was my goal for today! *yawn* goodnight!

  13. So… day 4 is done. The only thing that I didn’t manage was getting rid or giving away something, but I can do 2 today, so that’s alright. Kind of skipped my mind.
    I did burn a yellow candle, etc. yesterday and that went very well.
    This morning when I was waiting for the train to work I spotted a wonky elephant in the sky. Is that Raphael-humour for you? 😀 I really had to laugh because it was formed by the smoke coming from 2 industrial chimneys: they were standing apart and the smoke formed something like a gateway, connected in the middle forming a thin body, formed a mini-tail on one end and a huuuuuge head with an equally huge trunk on the other. 🙂
    Funny stuff is happening, that’s for sure. 🙂

  14. Since we’ve moved, my husband and I have donated loads of stuff and I thought there wouldn’t be much else to get rid of. But since I started the program I can’t believe how much more there was (and still is!) to toss! My husband has been de-cluttering his space as well. We’re doing things we’ve pushed off all year; things I thought we’d never get to! It’s led to making our home feel warm and vibrant (the treasures of fresh candles and a new, fresh-out-of-the-box lamp that we’ve been needing and found at Goodwill have helped!). I even got my dusting done yesterday, which allowed me to focus more on my altar and other little things I needed to do today. Only 4 days and so much has happened already!

    Btw, how cool you have a bi-weekly crochet meet! Knitting and crochet are my life! Your patterns in your pictures don’t go unnoticed, lol. 🙂

    1. That’s wonderful! I, too, thought I’d junked everything when I moved — yesteray I carried out two huge contractor bags full of junk. Yup, we have fun at the circle! Wish you were closer so you could be here.

  15. I pulled off Day 4 last minute! Invoking Raphael and mad woman dusting in the last half hour of the day. Wednesdays are busy for me. So proud of being able to complete all the tasks! Blessings and thanks Silver!

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