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Day One December First 2013 – Sunday – Prepare the Way

Digital Collage Art by Silver RavenWolf -- Day One of the Great Release Program!
Digital Collage Art by Silver RavenWolf — Day One of the Great Release Program!

Day One of the Magickal Release Challenge!
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2013

Sun in Sagittarius (Fire)
Fourth Quarter Moon – Banishing/Rest

Moon in Scorpio — Intense Power ruled by Pluto the planet of powerful change — Water
Sunday — Ruled by the Sun
Sunday’s Angel:  Michael*

* Where some of you will choose to work with Gods and Goddesses or perhaps just “Spirit”, others may like communing with the angels during the program.  Angels pre-date Christianity, and many of the more well-known angelic histories are actually related to real people (see my book Angels, Companions in Magick for more info).   There are several different hierarchies to choose from when dealing with the angelic realms.  The basic list I’ll be using here can be found in Three Books of Occult Philosophy by Henry Cornelius Agrippa edited and Annotated by Donald Tyson and published by Llewellyn World Wide.  “The list is taken from the Conciliator of Pietro d’Abano, written in 1303, but first published in Venice in 1471.” — Page 535.  However, I will mention other angels as the program progresses.

For the first half of the program, the Sun is in Sagittarius — this is a spiritual, go-getter fire sign with amazing adaptability.  Ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic, Sagittarius covers adventure, good luck, knowledge, freedom, motivation and expanding horizions.  Super energy for the start of the program!  On Winter Solstice, the Sun moves into Capricorn — a far more serious energy focused on structure, rules, goal setting, patience, discipline, concentration and accomplishment.  Ruled by Saturn, there isn’t as much razzle-dazzle as with Sagittarius; however, Capricorn can help you get the job done!  Remember, the planet Saturn isn’t just about limits — it is about rewards, too!  Think of the placement of the sun as the underlying melody of the program.  You will notice the switch in energy on the 21st of December.

Moon in Fourth Quarter

We begin our program with the moon in the fourth quarter — normally seen as a time of rest, although some magickal practitioners use it for heavy banishing.  If you don’t want to do any magick today — that’s fine.  Throughout the program I urge you to go with your instinct.  Do what feels right for you.  The morning cleansing (Braucherei ritual on the last post) can be done during any moon quarter, and will not negatively impact you.  However, if you choose to start it tomorrow (on the New Moon) that’s fine, too.  Tomorrow we will be setting up our Release Program Altar — a special place to do our workings throughout the next 30 days.  This program is for anyone of any religion — do feel free to massage it to suit your belief system and design something that speaks to your heart.

Today the moon is in Scorpio, an intense energy blended with the ruler of the day — the Sun, giving us a powerful mental boost to focus in the direction we choose.  If you need to bust down some big, bad stuff in your life?  Scorpio and its ruler, Pluto, can do the job.  During the program, you can use all of the astrological information given, some of it — or…none of it!  This is entirely up to you.  The notes here are merely an indication of what is available for you to work with.  View the information as a tool, not as a fated circumstance.  Ask yourself I feel this energy?  And, How can I use this energy for my benefit today?  The Angel of the Day is Michael.  His energy is one of success, strength, and accomplishment.  His name means “Perfect of God” or “Perfection of Spirit” or “Who is God”.  Originally, Michael was worshiped as a God by the Chaldeans.  He also rules marriage, mercy and music.

If you choose to work with the angels during the program expect to receive messages!  If you receive a gift of oranges,  stumble across something golden, see a butterfly, or find yourself looking at the painting of a lion — Michael is telling you that your petition has been answered.  When you work with angels?  Nothing is exactly as it seems!

Today’s Challenge!

For today’s challenge you will need a pen or pencil, and paper.  Take a tour of your living area.  Write down a list of what you would like to accomplish during the program.  Is there a particular closet you’ve been meaning to get to?  The attic?  Basement?  Garage?  Shed?  Vehicle?  If you finish a challenge early, you can refer to this list if you feel an extra boost of determination!  There are four “break days” this year — where you will be free to do whatever you like.  You can take a break, or do something on this list.  Keep the list by your morning Braucherei work.  When you are finished with your list, go back and throw one thing away — something that is broken, worn out, or so dilapidated no one would want it.  Donating?  That’s for another day.  Today, find one thing…and pitch it.  Take a deep breath afterward, and say:  “I release all negativity from my life.  So be it!  Peace with the Gods, Peace with Nature, Peace Within.”

Today’s Exercise

Last year we worked on speed cleaning exercises.  They were so much fun I decided to keep them in the program.  In the time allotted, you clean up, put away, straighten up, or throw out anything you desire.  The challenge is to see how much you can get done in the time indicated.  Are you ready?  Okay!  Today you have exactly three minutes.  On your mark!  Get Set!  Go!


Today we covered a few basics as well as:
(1)  Made a To Do List that you can refer to throughout the program.
(2) Practiced our first Speed Cleaning Exercise
(3) Threw out one thing — something that was broken, worn out, or in such bad shape no one would want it.

Tomorrow:  We will set up an altar (or sacred area) for our Release Program Work and have our overall Program Goal ready to write down.  As tomorrow is a New Moon, it is Wish Day!  You get to make nine of them!  The moon will be in Sagittarius, double empowering the energy of that sign.  Consider wishes for Good Luck, Freedom, Knowledge, Motivation, Answers, Agility, Achievement, Truth, Mental Peace, Intuition, or Finding Solutions.

Until tomorrow…Only the Good Remains


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

66 thoughts on “Day One December First 2013 – Sunday – Prepare the Way

    1. So glad I’m not the only one, Lisa – it hit me about 36 hours ahead of time :). I started last night, didn’t stop until almost 3 a.m., and am back in the throes today. Yay! I needed something to happen so I could get the much-needed motivation.

  1. Thanks for the astrological reminders– I can really put this to use in motivating myself!

  2. Blessings Dear Raven, How lovely to be part of the 30 day challenge again. It was last year’s challenge that connected me with your loving, wonderful, informative, and powerful service and care. Thank You ever so much for your kindness. Indeed, you and your post are truly Beautiful. We are Blessed!

  3. I’m excited you’re doing this again – and thankful. 🙂
    Last year’s was great and worked wonders for me, so YAY and to a good, very good December for all of us!

  4. I LOVE doing this every year. So much so, I brought someone else on board. I’m also enjoying the many spiritual aspects of each day.

  5. Im so happy to find this tonight!! Its my birthday tomorrow and I will be following along!! Thankyou!!

  6. Before you posted this, I went for a spirit walk and I met my great blue heron friend. As I was interacting with him/her, it occurred to me that he/she was archangel Ariel. It also occurred to me then to work with Ariel during the program. Then I read this post and thought it was weird that you are suggesting working with angels. I’m thinking, how do you know that an angel wants to work with me during the program. Is it ok to work with just one archangel?

  7. Was organizing the “craft” corner yesterday, discovered soaps that I forgot about, score for me will take them to the market. Totally forgot that today is the first of December. Thank you Silver for inspiring us again this year…just worried about what you have up your sleeve for us. 😀 But I’m sure it’s going to be a blast again.
    Bless you all.

  8. To Do List (check! This is part of my happy list). Speed cleaning (yeah! Planned to do this since the house is a mess from neglect bc of Thanksgiving). Throw a broken item out–does this include husbands cause mine is messy. Haha. Thanks Silver, Im all over todays exercises!

  9. Posted this on our private FB page for our members to enjoy your program. You bring the “Great Release” out in me. LOL

  10. Last year was my first year following the challenge and was amazed at the results internally as well as a REALLY clean house. I love opening up my computer and getting these messages first thing in the morning. Thank you for doing this.

    PS, you have such a wonderful out look on life, have you given any thought to doing a book for parents and young children. Many people I know would love to see you go through the wheel of the year for kiddos.

    1. I’m so glad you are in the program again this year, too! Yes, I’ve thought of the book; but, never moved on it. Maybe after I finish writing the Braucherei course.

      1. That would be wonderful. We have circle round, but it just doesn’t speak to our personalities. and your books always do.

  11. Hi!!
    I’m so excited to start this today. It’s so much needed in my life couldn’t wait for this to start!!
    Thank You

  12. OK.. To-do list.. is me following along with the exercises and keeping thru the whole program from start to finish.. no stopping inbetween this year. 3 Minute speed cleaning: cleaned up dog’s food area, washed 3 small dishes, wiped up dog’s pee mess on the floor, and swept up scatter litter on the bathroom floor from the cat! So yay first task is successfully completed!!

    1. For throwing out one thing that was broken worn out or unusable.. i just found a old pair of grungy, worn-out sneakers in the back of my closet that i no longer wear.. so i chucked those into the garbage and tied up the garbage bag that was full and chucked that out into the garbage bin outside!! yaay so proud of myself.. i found those sneakers by accident while looking for my regular sneakers.. i guess the universe wanted me to find them and toss them! 🙂

  13. Even though I thoroughly cleaned before Thanksgiving I can always find something that needs to be done! I have to admit- I did cheat…3 minutes wasn’t quite long enough to accomplish what I wanted to….but it was fun to see how much got done before the timer went off! Have my list ready and thinking about the 9 wishes for tomorrow…..

  14. This is going to probably seem strange to some (and a little embarrassing for me)…as much as I wanted to do this as soon as I got up today…it didn’t happen. I’m not “awake” generally until long after I get out of bed (regardless of how early the alarm goes off). For me, instead of beating myself up for not being able to get to it in the morning, I’m going to schedule time later in the day when I feel truly awake and feel I will be better focused.

    I did make my list and threw out some things…

  15. This is my Frist year doing this one, can’t wait to see how things work out, many blessing

  16. Thank you Silver for doing this program! I missed it last year so I am excited to get in on it from the beginning this year 🙂 I did fail the 3 minute cleanup. I couldn’t walk away and leave it and it was more like 20 minutes. Oh well, it’s done. Blessed Be!

  17. I am so thrilled to be joining again this year! Last year I started the program, but didn’t follow through. This year I am bound and determined to do it all- out with the old, in with the new! For today’s challenge I threw away an old, worn out and broken sewing machine. This wasn’t any old machine, but the one that I sewed my first quilt and my wedding dress on. But, my sentimental attachment to this machine didn’t outweigh my desire to clear out the old to make way for new blessings in my life. And so the Great Release Program 2013 begins! Blessings and Love, Serafine Borealis~

  18. I started the challenge this morning, I’m hoping for the ability to complete all the tasks. As I grounded and started the chant, and started crying. Thank the goddess that these can be done in a whisper, because that’s all I could manage. I’m in the processes of grieving for the loss of my wife who passed away Nov. 17, and working on making what was ‘our’ home into ‘mine’. So the daily challenges are my motivation for cleaning, sorting, donating, reorganizing, and starting the next chapter of my life without her in it. I know she is with me in spirit, and I’ve been able to do various honoring rituals that have brought me some peace. I CAN finish this challenge and WILL be better for it. Thank you, Silver and Blessed Be. )o(

  19. I did the Braucherei ritual late in the day. *cackles* Almost forgot I was going to start this today. Made my list, speed cleaned for 3 minutes, then felt motivated to do more! I’m always throwing out things, just added the prayer. I was in a pure state of “meh” before doing all this! Now I feel light and happy! I’m so glad I saw this! Thank you for doing this! Blessed be!

  20. This is the first year I’ll actually be able to follow through without any trouble (last couple of years we moved twice) and I’m so excited!

  21. Silver this is my second year of following the great release challenge. Last year was so fun and at times very challenging. Last year we learned “the Sea of Full Potential” and it was such an experience for me, I had to start with it again this year. Last year I manifested desires for my children (who are all grown). Today I realized this year was really all about me. About manifesting desires for myself. There was great release in thinking that way, in taking care of myself. I am releasing old outmoded ideas and welcoming in a new way of being. Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to share this with me and everyone. Blessings!

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