Jupiter Retrograde Protection Money Packet by Silver RavenWolf

Seven Herbs in the Packet Go --to Protect Your Money when Jupiter's Slow
Seven Herbs in the Packet Go –to Protect Your Money when Jupiter’s Slow

Jupiter Retrograde Protection Money Packet
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2013

Many years ago a magickal friend of mine said, “Jupiter’s going to retrograde this week.  Be sure you have money in the bank, or protected somewhere.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because a Jupiter retrograde grows from within — it works on what you already have.  If you don’t have any money put away, the retrograde seems to be harder to deal with.”

“Does the money have to be in the bank?”

“It’s a good idea to have money there; but, if you can’t do that, you should take the highest denomination of paper money you have in your home, work some protection and good fortune magick with it, and then put your working in a secure place.”

“Like a jar or your wallet?”

“Yes; but, the rule is — don’t spend the magick money until after the retrograde is over…and it is better if, after the retrograde is finished, you give the money to charity as your action of gratitude for the protection and good fortune you received.”


Jupiter retrogrades this week on Wednesday/Thursday (depending upon your time zone) in the sign of Cancer, appearing to move backward until 6 March 2014.  Regardless of Jupiter’s direction, this planet always carries the title of “the Great Benefic”.  The difference with the retrograde is that the good fortune energies come from within.  A Jupiter retrograde is wonderful for the soul, allowing us to heighten our spiritual vibrations, striving ever forward for healing, wholeness and harmony.  Opportunities that unfold during a Jupiter retrograde are usually the result of our thoughts, actions, and words in the past — now graciously unfolding to touch our lives in amazing ways.  Jupiter retrograde also gives a window of opportunity to restore the self as well as relationships with others.  With Venus in Capricorn at the same time — material Do-It-Yourself-Projects that involve restoration energy can also do very well.  As Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, this is not a bad placement for the planet.  You’ll probably see more focus on holiday dinners, gathering the family for celebrations, motherhood, politics and how it affects your family, real estate and how it affects the family unit, and anything connected with water in the home.  Granted — this is an extremely generalized list.

The Jupiter Retrogade Protection Money Packet is designed to guard your finances, income, savings, etc., during the Jupiter retrograde period.  It is very easy to make and can be put together in only a few minutes.  There are seven herbs, all with Jupiter correspondences, although some of the herbs listed, like dandelion root, have dual associations.  These herbs are:  Sassafras, Clove, White Sage, Nutmeg, Cinquefoil, Hyssop, and Dandelion Root.  In a Jupiter planetary hour, blend the herbs together in a small bowl, whispering an affirmative statement of your choice.  If you are lucky enough to have a three-pronged dandelion root — leave it as it is to include whole in your packet.

To hold your packet together, you will need red thread.  This picture also shows a lucky dandelion root as it is split into three sections.
To hold your packet together, you will need red thread. This picture also shows a lucky dandelion root as it is naturally split into three sections.

Use the highest denomination of paper money you have in the house to make your packet.  Fold the top of the bill down, and the sides in — as shown in the picture.  Place your herbs and the dandelion root on the money.  Blend the energies of the herbs together by softly blowing on them — visualizing them awakening and blending to your purpose.

Include any special sigils (such as a pentacle or the Algiz Rune) that you might like to use on a small piece of paper inside the packet with the herbs. Fold the packet toward you many times, then secure with the red thread.

After you have folded and wrapped your packet with the red thread, dress your money packet with Jupiter Oil.  If Jupiter Oil doesn’t feel right to you, use an oil or perfume of your choice.  The oil pictured below includes the same ingredients as the money packet, with the addition of Jojoba carrier and Honeysuckle fragrance.

The oil, like the packet, should be made in the planetary hour of Jupiter.

You can add additional spellwork, such as a ritual of your choice, or you can simply secret your packet away in a drawer, special money box, a money jar, or in your wallet until Jupiter turns direct in March.  At that time, open the packet and scatter the herbs to the wind, thanking the spirits for your protection and good fortune.  You can spend the money, give it to charity, or purchase something nice for a friend or family member.

This Jupiter retrograde, embrace the benefits of spiritual thinking — love, joy, and laughter are the most important energies of all.


11 thoughts on “Jupiter Retrograde Protection Money Packet by Silver RavenWolf”

  1. Phew! I read this post with only an hour to spare before Jupiter went retrograde. I’m so glad I did! Now we’re all set. 😉

    I laughed out loud reading this and shared it with my husband when I read about the retrograde affecting water in the home. Our water heater was busted this morning, and we didn’t have hot water until around 5 pm. lol

    Thank you for this heads up! Much love returned. 🙂

  2. Substitutions can always be made. These are all herbs that correspond to Jupiter. You could choose others — or, you could go with your instinct, which is absolutely appropriate.

  3. Hello! I have a question about the herbs in this packet. Where do you find them? It seems like all the online stores sell in an amount that is more than I would need at the time and every spell calls for something new. What’s the magical shelf life of an herb? Are substitutions for herbs and oils acceptable, and, if so, is there a place where these substitutions can be found? Are there any dangers to look out for in using a correspondence in place of a called-for ingredient?

    1. Greetings — all the herbs in this write-up were ones I grew or collected myself except the clove and nutmeg. The magickal shelf life of an herb is approximately one year; however, I do know some practitioners who “age” herbs — meaning they use them past the year timing. Some indicate that they pray over or empower the herbs each month to build the power in the herb, and that is why they can keep them longer. You may enjoy my book Solitary Witch or HedgeWitch for more information. Substitutions are acceptable in my work — not all authors or practitioners feel that way, however. Correspondences can be found in Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs through Llewellyn World Wide or in A Compendium of Herbal Magick by Paul Beyerl through Phoenix. Others use Culpepper’s Color Herbal.

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