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October 2013 Prayer List — Join Us!

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When we work together -- we can accomplish anything!
When we work together — we can accomplish anything!

Healing Circle Prayer List for October 2013

Join with us at 8:00 PM EDT this Thursday 3 October 2013 in Spirit as we work for those in need.

Here are the General Rules for our Healing Circle:

Rules Are Simple:  Post the initials, city, state (or country) of the individual in need of help along with a brief line of what is needed under the comments section of this blog entry. Issues can be healing, financial needs, the desire for a new job — all requests are welcome as long as they are positive in nature.  Our circle will work here, and we hope that all our internet friends will work too!

To Work For Someone:  Let us know you are praying (working) by simply hitting the LIKE button here on the blog or on Facebook.

That’s all there is to it!

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124 thoughts on “October 2013 Prayer List — Join Us!

  1. Hi-J.B., Brooklyn, NY-asking for good fortune, financially, for myself and my family, and to get one of the jobs I’ve applied for (and really, really want!). Thanks so much to all!

  2. Hi, all…I’m PJT, Woodstock, IL, and I’d like to request to be included in the Healing Circle….I have been ill for many months, in and out of the hospital and ER, trying to figure out what’s going on. My elaborate blood work is coming back “bad” – looks like auto immune disease like lupus. Sigh. I’ll know for sure 10/8. Please include me if you can. Bright blessings to all!!!

  3. please add me..sufferin from depression bad.. also my dh cant seem to understand what I need form him..and i tell him..alos for $ for us..been rough all summer….our van is dead..please prayers for a car/van asap.. ;]

  4. Hi 🙂 Merry Meet…I am asking for healing prayers and prayers of guidance with a gentle heart for myself. Been ‘codependent’ for all my life…need to work on boundaries and loving myself more than others…I also know enough to ask for it to be gentle as I am feeling a bit fragile right now …KR.

  5. Hi everyone -LCM – Kansas City , MO. Needing good health and financial help. Had surgery over month ago and having issues that has kept me from healing properly. Blessed Be!!

  6. Hi! I am TA from Italy and I am asking to Healing Circle for my mum BC. She are going to have a surgery this October. If I can ask a little prayer for my job.
    Thank you!

  7. I’ve been very ill, awaiting for the judge to finalize his decision on my SS. We need huge financial help, as my hubby may have lost his job. We have no electric or gas, soon to have no water. Please add us to your prayer list. No one else has been able to help.

  8. My family and I need financial help to clear away the mountain of debt that was left us by my now ex-husband who left us for a younger woman. This is taking such an extreme toll on my children that my oldest son A.T.T. Monteagle, TN has started cutting himself. I R.A. Monteagle, TN am close to a nervous breakdown and about to lose my home and my job. My ex has already taken the car so I have no transportation. Please help us we are lost.

  9. C.M-Alberta Canada. Help with healing of migraine headaches, nausea, low back pain, fibromyalgia, pituitary tumor (benign). Weight loss, fatigue, poor sleep. Mental and emotional healing. Loneliness. Aid in helping to find friends. Chakra unblocking and balancing. Romance and intimacy. Peace in the house. Aid in finding a new quiet affordable home.
    B.W-Alberta Canada. Aid with bills and increased finances. Aid with ease of finding a new good working vehicle with low cost and fit in budget. Mental, physical, and emotional healing. Aid in finding a compatible partner and friends.
    D.M – Alberta, Canada. Pain relief. Aid in self care, eating habits and weight loss. Increased energy.
    C.W-Alberta Canada. Mental and emotional healing. Friendship. Peace and love with family.
    Peace and healing in Syria and the Middle East.
    J.A. – Alberta Canada. Good self care, increase good sleep. Reduced fatigue. More energy. Romance and intimacy. Time for self. Ability to draw boundaries and say no.
    Healing for nature and Mother Earth. Protection for animals. Cleansing and healing for the oceans and land.

    Many thanks. Much love and blessings to all.
    In love and light
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Blessed be.

  10. Please pray for my Dad, GB. He has become bedridden, and is unable to so much as walk a few steps to the bathroom. Its as if he’s given up. Please also pray for my Mum, SB. They live in Debenham in Suffolk in the UK. My Mum is having to care for my Dad, and is finding it very difficult. They both need healing and loving energy. Thank yoiu.

  11. N.M. Troy, NH This request is for my grand-children’s mother who is in need of good fortune. She lost her job, car broke down and now her body is going on strike. She has come down with this un-diagnosable malady. She needs a good job and transportation and she truly deserves a bit of good fortune to come her way. Bright Blessings and thank you.

  12. C.G., Oceanside, CA For Rebecca, new born premie who will be having surgery to repair esophagus soon. And for myself and my wonderful partner for improvement in our financial area so we can be more secure and meet our needs better.

  13. J.S. Tempe, AZ – Physical healing – the pain blocks out all abilities and that alone is a struggle. I can’t find my center and I am spiritually deaf. Thank you. Merry have we met and merry shall we meet again.

  14. Greetings, please include my prayer and the prayers for those around me who need them and who deserve blessings and love

    RGE Perth Australia- help in motivation to lose weight, be healthy and respect my body and improve the health of my hair, skin and mental well being. To find relief from my long suffered skin condition, insomnia, night terrors, chronic headaches and lingering illness and to become a better person and treat those around me and myself with love especially those who I inadvertently hurt

    AWS Perth Australia – help with motivation to lose weight, be healthy and love themselves. Help to realise what path they want to take for a career and that all their ventures succeed if they be positive. Help them to be themselves and allow themselves to be loved. Protect them from misfortune which seems to follow and never let them question my never ending love for them

    JMH Perth Australia- help with health and weight loss that she might conceive a child. Let this child be born healthy, smart and beautiful with a kind spirit and an open mind. Let the child be playful and talented like the mother as well as mischievous, polite and eternally optimistic as the father. Give JMH the financial stability to give the child and any other children she may have a happy life

    SRE Perth Australia- let this person most of all shed their perception of themselves. Let her realise she is beautiful and of worth and allow her to be herself. Let her meet a man who will unlike those she has previously let into her life, love her, care for her and make her a priority, ensure he does not abuse her but treats her as the treasure she is and if no man should appear give her the strength to not allow abusers into her life and to respect herself.

    I will join in prayer on the 4th to help all those in need and myself – many thanks

  15. Hello- V.S- San Antonio, Texas My request is peace, love, financial stability for my household, also my sister she’s addicted to ice she has left her children several times, peace, and blessings to all those people in need thank you

  16. HLR and EB – Blasedell NY, healing and financial stability, both suffer from conditions that prevent them from keeping steady employment and they just recently had a baby in June, she barely made it through the pregnancy and the baby had to be delivered prematurely via c-section d/t her condition. They need all the prayers they can get.

  17. CO and family in FL need some good fortune in finding a new home soon; TR in Clearwater really needs healing to release the negativity and anger; CT and TR in Florida need good fortune; and we all need a bit of love and healing to keep the flow of positive energy moving … With much gratitude!

  18. RA for healing and the strength to move forward.
    MN for healing.
    FA to wake up and realise work is not life and there is a family waiting when this realisation comes.
    SA for courage and strength to admit mistakes and make amends.
    All from Queensland Australia

  19. Blessings to all. I ask for physical healing for my mother, EL in Lindenwold NJ, sister, AM in Turnersville NJ, and my cousin, TO in Sicklerville NJ. All are very ill. Also, financial healing for BM in Lindenwold NJ. Thank you.

  20. MR – Taylorsville KY – was in a serious car wreck less than a month after opening her business. She is healing well, gods be praised, but could use a boost in the money department–she lost her part-time job because of the accident and her income is a lot less stable now.

    PR – Taylorsville KY – is working to pass technical certification exams in order to get a better job and be better able to support his family.

    TP – Taylorsville KY – just got RN status, starting a new job this month. Positive energies for healing and sound judgments.

    LJ – Louisville KY – trying hard to get out of a negative long-time romantic attachment. Prayers to heal her heart and give her the strength, courage, and fire in her belly to move out on her own and stand whole and strong.

  21. SAC, Tucson, AZ Merry Meet! My humble request is for pain relief from failed surgical fusion of the spine in my neck, fibromyalgia and the agony this causes. I have become disabled due to this and lost my $100k job to live on SSI for one tenth of that amt. Have trouble making it to the middle, much less the end of the month. No family left, all passed & isolated…alone and also suffering with Bi-polar disorder, mostly depression. Lost house, car and movers stole many of my possessions. Can’t afford medications, chose food last month. Hoping my new love interest is true and honest. Peace & blessings for everyone else! Many thanks to all and help for everyone! Blessed be!

  22. KL in KCMO, DL in KCMO, DL in RAYTOWN, MO, DL in LEE’S SUMMIT, MO, TWP in LEE’S SUMMIT, MO. All are in need of financial blessings healing blessings. Thank you!

  23. R. T-B Minneapolis Minn. Has a son who is a vet with TBI and PTSD, currently in trouble with the law, a year ago her husbands Identity was stolen, and was just recently, due to budget cuts, knocked to part time.

  24. Merry meet. I would like to request to be included in prayer Springfield tn. In need of some spiritual healing. Blessed be. 🙂

  25. Thank you thank you, Lady Silver and All… Prayers for DR in martinez, CA for spiritual, emotional and mental healing….and for JD in concord for emotional healing and financial as well as relational help and healing… Blessings to all!

  26. JS, Delaware, asking for all of your prayers to be answered. Asking for healing for my Cancer, my insurance refuses to pay for treatment and not sure what else to do, thank you and blessings.

  27. LM – Angel Fire, NM., My fiance and I are getting married on October 17, 2013. We are hoping to sell our house and move up to Colorado and be able to rescue more animals. We found a house on 5-acres, but the VA (no banks give loans) for homes off the grid. There are two other homes we have our eyes on which are more money, but 80-acres and would let me start my own business and rescue even more animals. So we are hoping to get out of this hamster wheel of getting no-where, our luck to turn around, finances to be available so we can make our dreams come true. ~ Will be praying for everyone.

  28. Hi-Janki , dar , Tz .-asking for good fortune, financially, good health , for myself and my family, and to get one of the jobs I’ve applied for (and really, really want!). Thanks so much to all!God Bless.

  29. Michael Sonnevil- Jackson, Michigan
    Please pray for healing for my husband ( Michael Sonnevil ) his shoulder still isn’t healing correctly after surgery on his rotater cuff..
    And pray for my damaged aura after being victim of a Psychic/Emotional vampire. Jennifer Sonnevil – Jackson , Michigan..

    One more request for my son Michael Horner, Niles Michigan.. pray for his anger issues due to abuse…

    Thank you.. Blessed Be!
    Jennifer )0(
    Please pray for his anger issues

  30. C.L.C. Lucerne,CA-I would appreciate being included in prayer circle. I am requesting assistance in becoming aware of my energy blocks in my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies that I feel keep me in fear and feeling small. I want to become a fuller expression of who I am supposed to be. My physical/emotional health has been affected-I believe by these energy blocks.

    I’d also like to included my 11 yr old son J.A.G. jr. Lucerne, CA-he also deals with physically issues since birth and also many problems socially at school.
    Thank you and bright blessings!

  31. RCR from Tifton GA. I am on my own for the first time in Ten years as I’m deprecating from my husband. Like everybody else I’m in need if financial stability, my job is great but hours are low. There are also four people at work making trouble (Kesha, Mark, Tonya, and Stephanie, two are management) and not doing their job. We need peace in the work place. Silver my prayer requests were answered last time and I thank you soooo much for that.

  32. BK, Austin, Tx…..husband fighting cancer and laid off! I’m working as much as I can, but still need help! Thank you

  33. I would ask that only the good (if any) chemical substances from HAARP get to Mother Earth, the atmosphere and all Her children!!!
    Thank you!!! BB

  34. JDG – Healing for asthma and drawing good influences into his life.

    LSG – New job, direction, and spiritual guidance.

  35. NAK, Lake Worth FL for healing and financial help and NPK, Milwaukee, WI for healing. Thank you all and Blessed Be!!

  36. i got a question. is it thursday october 3rd or friday october 4th.. just want to make sure i get the date correct.

  37. dnr, charlottesville, va. usa. ..for help with finding a 3 bedroom house in my son’s current school district that takes section 8. that is willing to rent to me and my fiance and son. so i can move my family to a safe drug free violence free non bully no witch hate crime home. blessed be.

  38. Please pray for Y.G. —–She asks for a good new PT job this fall, close to home, (Phoenix East Valley)—weekday hours only, with nice coworkers, owner/manager, and clients. She asks to find her new job easily and effortlessly, as a PT office assistant or something better! She can keep her new job for as long as she wants to. She also receives gifts of money from different channels to tide her over this fall. Y.G also has her government benefits approved for the full amount in October for another six months. Thank you Spirit. Blessed Be!

  39. K.R in Pineville, Ky. If you would please pray that my family’s financial needs are easily met. Thank you and blessed be!

  40. I’m to have surgery in the coming weeks, please prayer for a successful outcome and a quick recovery, and hoping that me house will sell so I may move. So Mote It Be )0(

    1. Dear Silver,

      Oct 4, 2013 is NOT on a Thursday…please verify day, date. Many thanks! Blessed be!   Smooches, Stephanie

      “What doesn’t kill me does not make me stronger. It makes me anxious, bitchy and vulnerable…but nobody wants to see that embroidered on a pillow.”

      >________________________________ > From: Silver RavenWolf >To: >Sent: Monday, September 30, 2013 5:58 PM >Subject: [New comment] October 2013 Prayer List — Join Us! > > > > >Anne Huber commented: “MH Needs a new liver – has been on the national list since February – time is running out.” >

  41. Stacy S. H. of Md. is in immediate desperate need to sell her home. She needs to sell it for the sake of her children as soon as possible. Please pray for her and her entire family. It is with deep appreciation I pray for your support

  42. For RO in Dyer, IN please pray that his hand will be healed and he won’t need surgery for further amputation. Thank you.

  43. mh..molena ga…really could use some good luck and furtune…everything has been going wrong and bills are out of control please help thank you

  44. SS, Greenville, SC. Help with better eating habits and weight loss, locating the right home at the right price. Dealing with stress.

  45. WP, Fountain Inn, SC. Help with better eating habits and weight loss. Finances and locating the right home at the right price at the right time. Medical issues.

  46. KT from MD, I am asking for healing prayers for my Mom, sisters & myself. Also for prayers for good luck & fortune for all, as these are hard times..
    Blessed Be

  47. I put in for a new job. My current getting ready to lay off some people, due to losing some accounts. This job could mean a whole new and good start for my family and I. I’ve been at my current job for almost 23 years. I feel it’s time for a change. Just pray I get this position. Also there are two toddlers that have had open heart surgery. Please prayfor. them.
    I posted both their pictures on my Facebook page today, and one almost a week ago.

    Thank you.

    Mia L. DeArmin

  48. V.R. Forli, Italy. Money to restart the studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  49. K. G. , Kenosha, WI. My oldest friend (friends since babies) has a brain aneurysm behind her right eye. Prayers for a speedy recovery. Surgery is 10/2.

    A. J. S, Spring, Texas – my 14 yr old daughter is going to her first concert unattended by an adult. Prayers for safety for her her friend, S.

    Bluestar, my cat – healing from her allergy, whatever it may be & to help me figure it out.

    Thank you & I’ll be focusing prayer & energy for all on this list as well.

  50. L.c. Lothian,Md. Need help financially,never enough money to pay bills,let alone anything extra.

  51. Hello all! T.T. and family, Athens, TX -needing prayers financially and in wellness and peace of mind. Blessings to you my friend’s. Be positive.

  52. SEJ, Lake Worth, Florida really needs steady work as an LPN. She is a wonderful and compassionate hospice nurse. BB!

  53. Please add Hannah F in PA for healing and strength. Brad and Karen C for patience and strength. For all the victims of child abuse, the children and the ones who help them heal please add your blessings.
    Thank you!

  54. A.H. , Trevor, WI.
    I am asking for career prosperity. Seem to be stuck and need to earn a living paycheck. I appreciate all your help and wishes.

  55. For DMK in ND, suffering from financial troubles, depression and lack of self worth. May her troubles be eased.

  56. JAD in Oak Park, MI for healing and financial security for myself and family. I am a small business owner and could use a blessing to send loyal and consistent clientele so that I may support my family independently. Several years back I left an abusive husband and at the time I was a stay at home mom. I have since been on a healing and spiritual journey but my biggest worry has always remained money. Finding a job has been more than a challenge so I got my RYT and now have a small yoga business but I am struggling to make ends meet. Any blessings would be greatly appreciated.
    Brightest Blessings to you all!

  57. Plz pray that I will be back in. My man’s arms very very soon, for me to get a job so I can support my family and that I can lose some weight so I can start feeling better

  58. AP (me) in NJ-Please pray for a positive change in my financial situation-I am at the end of my rope. I also do a lot of animal rescue and I am beginning to feel the burnout typical to this work-I am tired of the physical and emotional toll with no end in sight.Pray that I can get strength to continue.

    Thank you and blessed be

  59. LG, in NC Pleas pray for Donna G. for comfort in her time of loss. She lost her husband and best friend 6 days ago. Pray for peace and comfort for her. Energy to keep going and love to come her way.

  60. LG, in NC would like to ask for positive thoughts and prayers sent to mother earth for the healing process to begin. Wipe the poisons off the back of her and the food that nourish’s the animals.

    Thank you and many blessings in bountiful to you.

  61. Hi, thanks so much for having this prayer. I’m in need for some serious relief of my pain caused by a rare disease called Arachnoiditis. It is progressing faster than I like.T.N. Danville, CA also I would like a prayer for my children for happiness and success in whatever their life choices are C.W. San Francisco CA, Z.W. Napa Ca, N.W. Napa Ca, and H.B Danville, CA. Blessed Be to all.

  62. Hello Dear Silver .. I’m your big fan and I am grateful for your book, which I really like. I would like to apply for inclusion in the therapeutic prayer circle, I ‘m serious long-term sick .. . 😦 Thank you.

  63. Y.h. taneytown ,md. Financial help, less stress and worring, more peace and joy in life, health -to improve in everyway and take care of oneself better. …..E.h taneytown md. Heal his autisum and behavior issues and excel more in school and learn more independent skills and never be bullied. W.w. westfriendship md. Cure his gout and be more happy in life and positive. M.h. tanytown md. Banish all pms symptoms , low self esteem and tooth problems. Tohve more courage and open heart to love. Enough money to support family .

  64. TZ & JZ in Daniels, WV – please pray for our health and financial well-being. NP, DP, BP & AP in Daniels, WV – please pray for their health & financial well-being.

  65. DB Mishawaka, In. breast cancer has invaded her body. she has had a mastectomy is now in the healing process. may the love and light help her through this. may the cancer leave her young body

  66. My friend js needs help removing a negative person from her life she lives in Yorkshire england

  67. M.B Manitoba Canada Financial help, finding a job.. Getting a place where my bf and I can live without interference from others..

  68. QALG
    Georgetown, Ky
    I want to put in a request for my two beautiful twins to stay healthy and happy!
    Georgetown, Ky
    The energy to be a good wife and mother. For my new home in Texas to be full of positive energy.
    Fort Hood, TX
    To know happiness and love always.
    Fort Hood, TX
    To find a good and wholesome relationship.
    Georgetown, Ky
    To know love and to love herself. To find a home.
    Georgetown, Ky
    To be successful in getting her career in the military.
    KS, AN, SN
    Their mother passed recently and they are in need of some positive energy.

  69. SLK, Chicago – financial needs prayer request, house in jeopardy. Also, MCK & DPK, Chicago – healing requests.

  70. Hello all… R.J. from Las Vegas, NV… Because I feel like I may be asking for too much, I would like to, instead, request for the strength and patience to overcome all Spirit has placed before me. I have become overwhelmed and I feel like giving up on some things that mean a great deal to me. And please help me pray to Spirit for guidance to set me on the path I need to be on. All that’s been placed before me has affected me physically and emotionally and affected my family. All is appreciated.

    In short, strength, patience, and guidance… Thank you…

    Blessed be…

  71. S.C. North Carolina. My grandmother is gravely ill. The doctors have said it will be just a matter of time. Shes been hanging on for a week. Please pray for peace and the strength for her to let go, for comfort for her so she knows shes loved dearly and will be missed but we understand shes tired and we will all be ok .

  72. Hello, I’m JP from Albion, Mi. My wife GDC is plagued by CHRONIC migraines. Please send some healing Her way. Thanks and Blessed Be.

  73. myself DLW Greenfield, IN please as I struggle with hurtful knowledge of my now ex-husband. Horrible things that I was totally unaware of that could potentially affect my health. I just want to move on and be happy. Also for him as well….RLW Avon, IN to overcome his alcohol, porn and gay addictions. I had to leave him or be killed, but I do love him heart and soul. Thank you.

  74. I would like a prayer for my 7 month old baby girl M.A.J.H. she has an ulcerated hemangioma that’s not healing. Thank you kindly. Tracy, ca

  75. W.J. colorado healing prayers please. also for myself, C.G. colorado needing strength and balance. blessed be brothers/sisters *gratitude

  76. RDB Portland Or. Please….Strength, prosperity and guidance….I feel like I am falling apart.

  77. Hi! I’d like to request healing and strength for BA in Statesville, NC.
    Also, healing for: JW, JG and RS in Michigan Center, Michigan; SB, MW, KG, DB, SB and TB in Jackson, Michigan; LM. in Port Huron, Michigan; JG, LG and AC in Onsted, Michigan. ❤

  78. I will be joining you in the working tonight to give strength to my children, my husband & also myself to get thru the unfortunate separation of my husband & I after 28 years together. Also my children to have a positive mind set. Myself is in need of something to drive. Thank you. Namaste. ♡♥♡

  79. Bls Virginia asking for helping prayer to lessen the pain I’m in and for financial peace of mind. Thanks 🙂

  80. Cynthia S. Newark, DE Need some healing prayers for my friend who is struggling with a head injury she has suffered for over 8 months ago due to an auto accident we were in. She has sever headaches and is struggle in college. She is a really good person and does not deserve the pain she is going through. She was my partner and I broke her heart as well as my own. I would like to ask for peace for both of us and forgiveness. I want her back in my life time might help with that I am waiting to see what happens. And the last thing is I would like to banish all the negativity surrounding myself and work. I think banishing it would help out a lot. Thank you all for your help Blessed be, Cynthia

  81. mh—molena ga… ive been told by several different sources that i have a black cloud over me ,and it seems that everything that can go wrong does..nothing works out and everything goes wrong day after day,please pray that this cloud will go seems like someone has put a curse on me and my kids and i dont know why.. please help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Need relationship healing. As I move through a few bad long term relationships I pray to find someone who loves me as much as I love them. I know first I must love myself.

    Thank you and blessed be

  83. Hello, my name is AG and I am in Bristol, UK. I would like to request to be included in your prayer list. I need to get a better job and good fortune for my partner’s business. Thank you and blessings to all.

    1. JC, Lomita, Calif. This prayer request is for my son, his little family is having difficulties, he is remarried and my son has custody of my grandson (13) and they can be a handful at times he and his stepmom don’t see eye to eye and are both reactive and she walked out. My prayer for them is that they work through this bump in the road and the outcome be for their highest and best good. Thank you all so much. Blessings and Love to all! Linda

  84. Please add me, B.O., to the healing circle prayer list for tonight, I am in Batavia, NY. I am asking for immediate financial blessings for me and my wife, J.O. We have been in and out of family court for over two years, fighting to get custody of my children and the financial burden has been great. I am also asking for a positive outcome in court. I am asking that the judge grant me full custody of my children, so they can live and grow in a safe, happy, and loving home.

    J.O. – blessings in continuing to rebuild a relationship with her children.

    N.O. – blessings for overall protection, strength, patience, peace and a calm spirit, as she continues to deal with home life difficulties. Let her know she is loved.

    A.O. – blessings for protection, strength, peace and for blessings to ease his struggles in school and home life difficulties. Let him know he is loved.

    K.O. – blessings for protection, strength, peace and taking away any anxiety she may be feeling. Blessings for her in school and as she deals with home life difficulties. Let her know she is loved.

    Thank you, and blessings to you all!

  85. E.T. Scottsdale Arizona: Please pray for my son and I. I have been unemployed for 2 months and I need a job right now. Please send blessings my way so that a new job will find me! Life is worth living, thank you sweet spirits!

  86. Hello, my name is Dani and I am living in Bavaria, Germany.
    I would like a prayer for
    MP, Germany, for health
    MM, Buch, Bavaria, Germany for new job, health, financial stability.

  87. Hi, LS from NC would ask please for you to pray for urgent financial blessings; (the bills are overrunning,) Grief/Depression & better luck in all areas if possible (Just can’t seem to get rid of the bad luck; it’s been over 3 years now) for my own household
    Please Insight, Happiness (<Relationship wise) & Prosperity for DRO in NC; along with good health and safety for all
    Please and Thank You All
    Blessed Be!

  88. Greetings!
    D.L. in Havertown PA: Help finding a romantic relationship and growth/prosperity of his own business.
    Healing for the Family of E.G. and D.G who lost a son/brother and who are learning to heal.

    Thanks Silver and BFC. Many blessings!

  89. please work for my husband to find full time employment as he has been out of that for a year. many blessings to all and thank you

    1. NAT SLC,Ut. Need a healing prayer for myself. They have found some bacteria in my lungs and blood. Possitive energies requested along with healing powers for myself and family. Blessed Be :0)

  90. KK in Maine. Our 14 year old brown striped short haired tabby cat Tigger was diagnosed with heart disease yesterday. She has to now be on a heart pill, and a blood thinner, and is also having problems with her thyroid. We are also having problems trying to get her to take the heart pills. jsut say a little prayer that makes it easier for her to at least take her pills! Silly cat!!

  91. n.p. Am in a wheelchair as I fractured my hip mid August. I will send prayer as well

  92. S.J from Washington State US..asking for healing blessings for myself to help find my ‘new normal’ from the loss of my wife who just recently left the bounds of this earth.

  93. Please. im 63 and my boss walked in oct 1 and told me I had been laid off. im a nurse. a humble woman . and keep the faith, but if anyone would like to remember me in their prayer circle, I need a job, a good job quickly, I shall continue to light candles for all of

  94. Hi. DK in Los Angeles, CA. I need help in good luck with the following: 1) finding an internship, 2) passing all my classes, especially Japanese 2, with an A, 3) earning forgiveness from Paul in Microsoft as well as from some other people, 4) finding new friends and a boyfriend who will respect me for who I am. Blessed be.

  95. I also want to ask for my neighbor MK from Los Angeles, CA to get a job. He has been unemployed for a very long time. Also, for my brother BK, in Los Angeles, CA I want to ask for good luck in his studies, friends and possibly a girlfriend. Blessed be.

  96. H.M.W.–elderly with dementia.. no outward signs she is aware of surroundings but I see in her eyes at times that she is still with us. Unable to do for herself, can not even sit up. Let her know some peace.

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