Magickal Challenge — Decipher This Puzzle

An amazing secret is hidden in this puzzle.  Can you crack the code?

Find the Amazing Secret hidden in this magical code!
Find the Amazing Secret hidden in this magical code!

15 thoughts on “Magickal Challenge — Decipher This Puzzle”

  1. I’ve got the alphabet (between a book and an online site), but some of the letters here don’t show up-is it a more modern interpretation of this older alphabet? I’ve got the first 2 sentences, and the third-the last one is killing me! LOL!

  2. Good one!…except, is there a double symbol (repeated) in the last line? or did I get the whole message wrong…chew

    1. My mother brought this to me because of my love of cryptograms, so she showed it to me and I enjoyed solving it. 🙂 I wanted to double-check the last word so I looked it up. My friend and her mother told me they read it in one of your books so they told me it was a magickal alphabet. I found out which one it was, but the alphabet according to the site I found doesn’t quite match up with what was on here. Is it “typist’s error” or is there a variation to the script that I just didn’t find?

  3. For those of you that didn’t see your comments appear — you got it right! I just didn’t want to give the answer so that others could take the challenge. You rock!

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