Floral Magick — Saving Those Lovely Flowers You Receive

Extend the magick of gifted flowers!
Extend the magick of gifted flowers!

by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2013

Want to show Mom you care?  Send her flowers.  Want to make a nice impression?  Give flowers.  Screwed up and want to make it better?  Flowers on the way.

Flowers carry so many messages from “I love you” to “Get Well” to “I’m sorry I washed your cashmere sweater with my sports socks”.

A lovely sentiment, cut flowers fade all too quickly, and some folks are known to say, “Don’t buy me flowers, they just die anyway.”

If you are the magickal-type or just love flowers around the home or workspace, why not try drying those choice petals to use in a different way?  You can purchase inexpensive stylish containers to match your décor, and fill with dried blooms from that lovely bouquet.  How many times have you read a formula that requires dried rose buds (love and navigation) or carnations (protection and healing) — and didn’t have any?  Roses and carnations are often stock offerings in a floral bouquet.  If we save them, we not only save in expense, we also save in time.

Space petals and full flowers on a paper towel to dry.
Space petals and full flowers on a paper towel to dry.

To dry those lovely flowers there really is no muss or fuss.  Enjoy the flowers as they are for a day or two (some might last longer) and then when it looks like their full beauty is over, cut the buds and flowers from the stems.  Lay the florals on a clean paper towel out of direct sunlight in a dry place where they won’t be disturbed by wandering cats, children throwing toys, ferrets scampering over tables, or spouses mistakenly throwing them in the trash because “they’re dead”.    They’re not — really.  They still have energy in them, which you can use later!

Thicker, heavier flowers or flowers with tight packed petals may take longer to dry.
Thicker, heavier flowers or flowers with tight packed petals may take longer to dry.

Usually, the flowers only take about a week to dry — sometimes longer for the thicker ones.  Once you are sure they are dry, you can store them in a labeled jar or box until you are ready to use them for magick or decoration.   Worried that the color won’t keep?  You may be delightfully surprised.  As long as you keep those blossoms out of direct sunlight and allow them to dry naturally, they most likely will retain most of their color.

These dried flowers are from a Spring Equinox Bouquet I received as a gift.
These dried flowers are from a Spring Equinox Bouquet I received as a gift.

A jar like the one pictured took only moments to put together.  I bought the jar on sale — less than a dollar.  I filled the jar from flowers I received for spring equinox.  I added some dried mountain dogwood (the purple) to bring out a little pop of color.

You can use dried, bouquet flowers to potpourri, sachets, magickal oils, or conjuring bags.  Even the container display, like the one shown above, can be used in a magickal way — add a decorative, glittered petition, make a fairy out of clay to add to the jar — the enchanting and decorative uses are as varied as your imagination!

Getting flowers for Mother’s Day?  Fantastic!  Dry those messages of love to keep the whole year through!

Much love

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature.
Peace Within.




14 thoughts on “Floral Magick — Saving Those Lovely Flowers You Receive”

  1. Its such a great way to use flowers and I always think its such a shame when people just throw them away. I dried my roses from Valentines day and I can still enjoy them or use them when I need dried rose petals. Reading Mindlight at the moment. Just startedthe section on finding lost objects and have found several lost objects that I thought had disasppeared for good!. I love your books! Love and blessings. Valerie

  2. I’d like to share some of my flower usages. When I receive roses. I save the pedals and put them in Spring water & let the ferment Making rose water. I just add to the jar and add more spring water. Keep it refrigerated. They smell pretty and potent.

    Love the jar & flowers you showed.
    I use to work doing the flowers at Costco. When someone would come up & say (and they did often). “Will these die.” Meaning the flowers. My reply… They’re already dead. Are they going to wilt. Eventually yes. Is there a time no it depends upon the room temperature. If you would like to preserve the flowers longer. Very cold water & depending on the size of your vase. a touch of bleach. But make sure you watch that you don’t get it on your cloths. Just thought I’d share.

    Happy Mothers day Lady Silver.
    Happy Mothers day all you Moms out there.


  3. I dried some roses as while back and they kept pretty well. I’m thinking of doing this to my mother’s flowers she has now. Absolutely lovely idea to put them in a jar and I have just the perfect jar for this! I also dry mint from our garden as well since it has taken over and needs to be weeded out each spring. Thinking of drying dandelion root too but I’m not sure how to go about it. I’ll do some research.
    Many blessings,
    Megan 🙂

    1. Dig it out. Wash off the root. Lay on an old screen so that air can circulate underneath and just let it dry. Or, you can hang roots from pegs or nails and let them dry that way.

  4. Thanks a lot for this lovely idea. You are such inspiring! I made a childrens picture book once for my own kids out of your creation story from your BoS part 1. As many friends were asking if they could have a papercopy from this, I decided to make a free iBook edition, maybe you would like to see. Greetings from germany!

  5. I have a wire strung across my art studio to hang photos & my students drawing & in between I have dried lavender squeezed in, I think I will hang another wire for just the purpose of hanging my flowers. I love the way they look. Wonderful idea to dry & gift them. I cannot dry them on table tops, the cats scatter them! :)~amy

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