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Look to Nature for Messages — April 26th

Look to nature when you are contemplating choices.  She will guide you.
Look to nature when you are contemplating choices. She will guide you.

This morning I was out walking the dog, contemplating what all I wanted to get done today.  I’ve been working on the Granny Magick course and wanted to post some historical information for the students on their blog.  My thoughts were spinning so I didn’t notice the butterfly at first — I thought it was just a leaf fluttering in the crisp, morning air.  The dog stopped and raised his head, and so I took another look at that leaf and realized it was a large, golden butterfly.

Butterflies, to me, have always brought messages.  They let you know that information is on the way.  The color of the butterfly can tell you what kind.  “Stay there…please…”, I whispered to the butterfly.  I quick ran inside and grabbed my camera as I have always wanted to get a good pic of some of the gorgeous ones I’ve seen and have never managed to snap one just at the right time.   Lucky for me, the butterfly stayed put.

Very slowly I inched up behind him (her?) snapping pictures as I approached — and I finally got a good one!

Nature will speak to you, if you only pause to listen.  Butterflies are spirit beings of hope.  Do enjoy!


Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

38 thoughts on “Look to Nature for Messages — April 26th

  1. we are have a garden full of Monarch caterpillars and crystalis who are waiting to be reborn. This is a very magickal transformation and I believe that it sends the message of rebirth of ideas, joy, happiness and peace as well as many other manisfestations. The process takes a little while but the effort is well worth your attention. Finding the smallest of miracles can offer the biggest excitement of enlightenment…..just look….She provides miracles everyday if we are open to receive.

  2. A beautiful photo. 🙂
    I live in the city so we definitely see less wildlife here. But we’ve enough space on our balcony to plant herbs and flowers and this way attract butterflies and bees, etc. It’s wonderful to see them even here.

  3. Mama Mallard has begun sitting on her nest within 3 feet of our front door and kitchen window. Ducklings should hatch on May 25 the day of my son’s wedding. He and his bride hope to start their own family shortly after. What an auspicious sign from Mama Gaia!
    Alas, due to wedding travel we won’t be here to see them hatch; they leave the nest a day later. But that will give them a quiet first day with little disturbance.

  4. I had a huge dragonfly fly into my house earlier this week! It took a while to capture him/her but I finally did and set it free outside – does anyone know what that means?

  5. I love butterflies… They are so beautiful. I started working at the Ren Faire last summer and I was blessed to snap a picture of the same type of butterfly. They are magickal beings… it seemed like I saw several of them last summer, the most I’ve seen since I was a little girl. I hope they bless me with their beauty again this summer. I love those beautiful walks in nature, you never know what you will find. In my recent nature walks I found a beautiful Blue Jay feather, a very interesting pine cone that was flat and looked like a flower, and a single deer antler. I plan on using the antler to top off a staff I am working on. Blessings to you dear Silver, and keep doing what you do.

  6. In many cultures the butterfly is associated with the soul. She is a symbol of transformation. I believe the butterfly reminds us to not be so serious – to dance and celebrate life.

  7. Gorgeous photograph !! Photography is a hobby of mine, and some
    of my best photos come from slowing down and really looking at
    your surroundings, letting Nature speak to you. Have a great weekend!
    I just started the course last night can’t wait to get off work and do some
    more reading !

  8. As I was reading on Powwowing I came across an article by David W Priebel and he says “at least 8-12 other (refering to powwow practitioners) also exist in that region. Two of these, a Mrs May in Leganon County and Jenine Trayer (aka Silver Ravenwolf) are open about their powwow practices. Impressive!

  9. Funny when this morning I went outside to feed the birds and suddenly a small off white butterfly landed on the grass right in front of me. I said to myself, I love it, the sign of summer. After looking at it a few minutes I said “Hello Butterfly !” and went about my business. Just made me happy to see 🙂

  10. Assume pic! I always take a camera with me when I go on walks. I never know what will cross my path

  11. Its a beautiful picture.I needed a pick me up. Life has been kicking all of us in the butt. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Before I.sink.into.the.big.sleep.i.want to.hear the sound.of the butterfly. I am at peace with.nature in the city.or the country. The thought.of.flight I think.of for when.i travel I.have the wings of the thru. n.light Silver. Your friend Paul in Az

  13. this is an off topic post. I have been putting together a ‘plan’ for working through a break up with an exceptionally cruel, violent ex-boyfriend. I have the broken ribs to remind me of exactly how cruel. Part of the plan is to banish him from parading around the woman he is now seeing that he cheated on me with. I live above a restaurant/tavern and they are there rolling their eyes and pawing at each other 5 days out of seven. I see them when I walk the dog or happen to be outside. I need for them to move on and away from me.
    I am very aware that when you are angry spells can boomerang on you.
    I came across a hot foot spell; its a powder so its a big punch. I have poured through all of my Silver spells and you have never mentioned this one. The correspondences yes, but not the spell.

    Could you please, please let me know your thoughts on this?

    I am fine & safe now!

    1. You just put it where they walk — that’s all there is to it. I would probably use the Evil Be Gone Braucherei chant:
      Evil be gone
      Do not return
      The horse has run off
      And the bridges are burned.

      1. Thank you.
        As an aside, I would like to express my gratitude to the beautiful green & white crocheted bag with the tiger’s print beads you added to the Precipitate Powder order. I have your handwritten note in a frame next to me. I know it may seem small, but it truly does mean the world to me.
        Blessed be,

    1. Silver,

      I am a manger. I am a manger of young ones. I have imparted your wisdom & strength over the years to so many, when I look back it’s truly breath taking. Young women with such tender children. I have made such an impact; through your guidance, yes, I am a Wiccan, but these are the lessons, you have such strength, just trust, try this. They have forged brave paths for themselves.

      Formed trusting relationships, they would have not believed possible that exist years past. They still stand tall, much to their amazement. They watch each others children still, still have these lasting relationships.

      Your writings and teachings have for years I mean over a decade now, been such a super intimate part of my life.

      I really wish, truly, want to let you know how profound, your influence has been in my life. I have laid out milk and honey at sunrise for months to say thanks for your influence.

      My relationship with you has been so internal writing this feels like a betrayal. I have had so many arguments with you about correspondences, timing (all by myself, all about the rule of three) I always err on the side of grace.

      I am profoundly, truly, grateful. Your presence has been actualized in so many lives.

      I want you to know, through your teachings, how many lives you touched. Enriched.

      Yes, I am the conduit, but thanks be to you Silver. I realize that this may not be the most elegant way to acknowledge your influence but here goes.

      As I have repeated,
      May the strength you have granted me
      Return to you threefold

      Blessed be,

    1. I’ve written about color in several of my books. There are “standard correspondences” that you will find in many magickal books, then there is how the color affects the individual (which can be different from standard), and, of course, there are scientific studies on how different colors affect people. For example, many folks in the medical field do not like to use green as a healing color as it reminds them of decaying flesh — they prefer pink…the color of underlying healthy flesh.

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