Lesson One of Granny Magick Braucherei Witchery Now Available


Lesson One of Silver’s new Granny Magick Braucherei Witchery Course Now Available

Electronic mailing to your Etsy listed e-mail means no postage costs! Instant download! PDF Format

Available at:  https://www.etsy.com/listing/129957131/granny-magick-braucherei-witchery-course

16 pages — Let Silver teach you the art and science of Granny Magick and Braucherei Witchery. Easy-to-follow guide with color illustrations. Complete instructions and student support.

Lessons will provide an introduction into the mystical world of Braucherei Witchery and Granny Magick including practices, rituals, spells, meditations, and energy work. Topics covered will include healing, spirituality, prosperity, protection, justice, herbal information, some astrology, enchanted art (such as hex signs and fraktur) and methods for harmonious daily living. You will find elements of various religions, and the material does work with “Spirit” in general, angels, and elemental powers.

Lessons are sold one at a time.

You are free to discontinue your training at any time. Lessons are copyrighted and cannot be distributed by anyone in paper or electronic form without written express permission from Silver RavenWolf. At this time, lessons are $21.00, which includes access to the new blog and answers to student questions through the specified e-mail address. Purchase of these lessons does not entitle you to Black Forest or RavenWolf lineage, and there are no ceremonies, initiations, nor degree status bestowed upon the student. Currently, we are working on a twelve lesson format. Turn-around time for answering your questions can be up to two weeks. Your questions may be answered by one of my experienced family members or myself.



4 thoughts on “Lesson One of Granny Magick Braucherei Witchery Now Available”

  1. Yes, and no. It has been over twenty years since I wrote the book. The lessons will include much of the information I’ve collected in that time. The lessons also give support through a private blog, set up just for students. I’ve very excited about the project because through this course, I can work with folks on a one-to-one basis, and can reach individuals in other countries who I might not have ever had the pleasure to meet. Thank you so much for asking!

    1. Silver, I had an extension of Linda’s question: I remember you mentioning that a new, revised edition of American Folk Magick was in the works. Is this still true, or are these lessons replacing that, altogether? Will you still continue to post to the Braucherei site, or is the meat going to be in these 12 lessons?

      1. At this time, the lessons are going to replace that revised edition. I’m currently working on another project for Llewellyn. The Braucherei subject is my passion and I could talk on it for hours. I love showing people how to do it, why I think it works, and how the material can be used to make their lives so much better. After much thought I decided the best way to share the material was to teach it — and have some sort of communication between us (the new blog to support the students). I am really excited about this project and am very much looking forward to working with folks on it. Thank you so much for asking!

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