April 2013 Prayer List

A Place To List Your Prayers

Healing Circle Prayer List for April 2013


Join with us at 8:00 PM EDT this Thursday in Spirit as we work for those in need.

Here are the General Rules for our Healing Circle:

Rules Are Simple:  Post the initials, city, state (or country) of the individual in need of help along with a brief line of what is needed under the comments section of this blog entry. Issues can be healing, financial needs, the desire for a new job — all requests are welcome as long as they are positive in nature.  Our circle will work here, and we hope that all our internet friends will work too!

To Work For Someone:  Let us know you are praying (working) by simply hitting the LIKE button here on the blog or on Facebook.

That’s all there is to it!


106 thoughts on “April 2013 Prayer List”

  1. Pray for all of the victims and their families that were hurt or were killed in the Boston Marathon Bombing.

    One People, One Family, One Nation

  2. Hello, All
    JB-Brooklyn, NY-Asking for good prosperity/money energy to come my way-thank you, and good energy to all!

  3. D.E.R, Essex, UK, M.F, C.E.V, Suffolk UK, and all injured and their loved ones in Boston USA, prayers for Thursday

  4. BB. Charleston area, WV currently carrying a baby, third trimester who has a deadly birth defect and won’t survive long after birth.

    1. my prayers and thoughts are with you.while we may not understand the why, the Goddess is holding you in Her arms and give youcomfort and peace.She has given me strength and comfort in my darkest times.though your little angel will go on to the summerlands he or she will always be with youblessed be,tammi

  5. Martin Richard’s family Mother severely injured, sister as well, Martin Richard entire family especially his father need your prayers of guidance and healing, Dorchester MA. Thank you and blessed be.

  6. SC-Spokane, WA–I am asking for abundant prosperity/money/massage business energy, help remove my abundance blocks 🙂 Blessings to all!

  7. Prayers of healing for: David H – various forms of cancer, currently in kidney failure due to the cancers’ impact. Mary H – aneurism of her aorta – been stable for years, now appears to be expanding / weakening. Both in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  8. R.H. Sioux Falls, SD, new job, L.M.B. Mary Esther, FL new job. CBF Ponchatoula, LA, prosperity, G.B. Abita Springs, LA, health, SFL, Gulf Breeze, FL, prosperity

  9. Prayers of light and positive energy to my daughter Angie G. Going through a lot lately with her children. May they find comfort. KS

  10. Prayers for healing for my father, M.L. age 90 in Glen Cove , NY who is recovering from a serious bout with pneumonia. Please add prayers for me, LL , also in Glen Cove, NY so that I have the energy and focus to continue to care for him appropriately and provide the right guidance from our doctors.

    Thank you so much, all good thoughts are greatly appreciated.

  11. Me and my man lost our only source of income. Prayers needed for new jobs. Healing prayers needed for my Aunt C who is suffering from severe depression. Prayers of healing and peace to Boston and all those injured and affected there.

  12. R.A.G. and S.G.G. Both need better jobs and financial situations to improve.
    K.M.G. to do better in school and have more self confidence. C.A.G. To have less stress and more self esteem. S.G.G and C.A.G. to loose the weight and stay motivated. Thank you ❤

  13. A.M.B. Forest Grove, OR: need money & a job soon, health; S.A.B. Amity, OR: health, she’s been really sick for a while and it’s getting worse, she’s scared that there’s something serious underlying it all, peace; R.D.B. Amity, OR: health

  14. HRF to heal and make it through one more court case against her abuser
    KC and BC for strength and health in our new role as guardians to a troubled teen
    All in PA

  15. This is wonderful! As I believe in the power of prayer and I am one who will pray for anyone who needs prayer and asks for it. I really need prayer for my son who is having some legal battles and will be going into court on April 25th. He is only 18 years old, a great kid and falsely accused by a girl who wanted revenge because he told her no to having sex. Now she is pressing sexual assault charges on him. He lost his scholarship for golf, his reputation and his honor. He could really use prayers. Thank you!

  16. Hi, I am asking for prayers for the victims of the Boston Bombing and also for myself I was just diagnosed with cancer, thank you and blessings. JS Sussex County, Delaware.

  17. TW, Chester County PA Asking for prayers for peace and clarity in my life, sending out prayers for all affected by the Boston bombing. Believe in the magick, thank you xoxo

  18. DS, Bloomington, IL-USA. Prayers and healing for everyone in the world. For myself and my mom to see eye to eye and bring about peace and understanding again. With Love and Blessings.

  19. ADG- Cudahy CA… My mom she has health issues and finacial issues. I want things to be a little but easier for her.
    TTR- Las Vegas NV… My 10yr old Niece I pray for her health to be better she suffers from Kidney failure.
    Many Blessings to all of you..

  20. DD- Zellwood Florida – asking for blessing to come my way, new job ,(that I just lost the best job ever had), money and to remove the bad luck placed on me from unknown sources. Good health for my daughter and new grand baby, they are depending on me to keep my home and paid the bills. Please needing help and prays. Blessed Be!

  21. FN, Rignano, Italy, various forms of cancer, she is 40 old and 8 children to raise. MP, Puja, Italy, need better job and financial situation to improve. AP, Puja, Italy, need better job and financial situation to improve. CP, Puja, Italy, depression, needs to have self-confidence and faith in his Angel. MMP, Puja, Italy, need better job and financial situation to improve because she can not support her family.
    Thank you and blessed be❤

  22. AW, Pahrump NV, USA my aunt needs prayers. She has macular degeneration in both eyes, and is rapidly losing what’s left of her sight, and she is in financial difficulty with no one to help her. I do what I can, but it’s not enough. Thank you and blessed be, light and love.

  23. please pray for my dad becuase he has cancer and my mom’s back went out. i’m the caretaker, and he’s having surgery soon. and please pray for me becuase i’ve seperated from two best friends. they were’ being terribly abusive to me. i believe with my whole heart in the power of prayer.
    And i will pray for everyone on this list..this is such a cool idea. thankyou!

  24. good job with good pay for kp, Baltimore, MD
    Protection and support for np, Baltimore, MD going through a bad relationship.
    Health and prosperity for th and bp, Baltimore, MD
    Love to all
    Blessed Be

  25. C.S., Tampa, FL. Prayers for a wonderful job opportunity to come his way back in our hometown in northern IL so we can move home and start a new, much needed journey for our family. He applied for an ideal position with the city department….prayers he gets the job, please! Blessings to all and healing energy and prayers to all those affected by the recent tragedy in Boston.

  26. Please pray for a good new job ASAP and financial blessings for Y.G. in
    Gilbert, Arizona. Thanks!

  27. A.T. – Forest Hills, NY: Prosperity and a meaningful + rewarding new career. Blessed be & thank you.

  28. (initials are BB, residing in Keller, TX)……..Thank you in advance….I have had a pain in my thumb joint for no known reason the last 2 months. I can barely pick up a glass of water at times. I have no health insurance so I haven’t been able to go to the doctor to find the cause. It is my left thumb. I would appreciate any spiritual assistance. Blessed be.

  29. MLM, Houston, Texas– continued healing of chemo burn with no scars so treatment can resume for cancer!!! Thanks Boston Marathon Victims, Boston, MA- that those who are affected and the effects of the bomb are nuetralized and that victims can find peace, healing, love–whatever it is that they need! Blessed be!

  30. For AP in Stanhope, NJ(me)-please pray for a car and financial blessings in the immediate future and also for help with the care of the feral cat community I care for. I would also add a prayer for the victims of the Boston bombing.

    Thank you and Blessed be

  31. For JW in myrtle beach SC. she suffers from very bad hip pain, and has trouble walking. she is only 55 years old. Thank-You ALL!!

  32. TAV- Premie birth weighs 1 lb 14 oz. , SWK, motorcycle accident- broken ankle and feet. Many other injuries. LRM, pain from fibromyalgia

  33. Prayers and Healing light for my little brother TM in Elizabethtown, KY. We lost his identical twin 3 yrs go in a motorcycle accident….and TM just had his right lung removed in December ( cancer) ” Gulf War Vet”….they have just discovered 3 other tumors..one in umbilical region. one in left lung..and node….My Mom is not a strong person…still grieving over the loss of the other twin….I ask for this…for the sake of all concerned..( He has a 10 yr old daughter)…Thank-you and Blessed Be.

  34. Prayers for those who look for hatred in the events in Boston. May they learn to look for the good around them.

  35. LC Palm Coast FL
    Please pray for a peaceful, easy transition as I want to separate from my husband. I have been trying for years, and cannot seem to make a clean break away. Peace, love, harmony in this, but a definite end to the relationship of marriage. The stress is making me ill–running a fever–it is a consuming desire to be free. Thank you.

  36. I pray for the health of:
    OCSL, especially for his sore knee.
    LAAE and stress that their work represents.

    And pray for me: SAS both my future in college as my military situation.
    We all live in Medellin, Colombia

  37. All from Australia
    RA; MA; FA; all with serious health problems.
    GA; CMA; SA relationship issues.
    And I guess a small whisper for myself and my dodgy knees wouldn’t hurt either.
    Thank you

  38. KS Taft Ca, been having constant migraines for over a week now, have appointment but still no relief in sight and also for some seriously prosperity and business pick up

    1. PC has been under extreme stress after her mother’s death from cancer and her father’s suicide. She seriously needs emotional and physical strength to help her get through this. She needs a financial blessing to help pay all the medical bills her father incured.

  39. J&S F, Harties, SA – realizing their dreams and guidance on their path. Financial independence.
    RJE, brits, SA – health and prosperity.
    HN & MB, Johannesburg, SA – finding a new job and relieve in their financial constraints.
    CE – finding clarity and growing my physic abilities

  40. BDB Arcata CA, good healing and outcome to eye surgery this thursday. LAB Mckinleyville CA, success in her new day care business, good clients and prosperity.
    JCB Carmichael CA, Prosperity and successful outcome of legal case. Blessed Be

  41. It’ a bad period in my life…feeling alone in the universe! I lost my job and my convivent.i have my heart broken and cannot go on with my life! Only the Goddes can lite my life and heal my heart. Pray for these…blessed be all af you!

  42. kc,milwaukee, wi..financial problems.9 credits to finish his college and bring his wife to Americaan

  43. JWC Warminster Pa. Switching jobs. Wanting a smooth transition and for what is to happen to happen.
    DR Warminster Pa. Health issues.
    SJC Warminster Pa. Overall mental and spiritual well being. Just need help knowing and believing that all is as it should be. Have had some health issues…everything is stable and I would like it to stay that way!

  44. TT, Busto A., Italy, i really need healing for my broken heart, soul and to find a job! Maybe selfish thoughts but i am really worried for myself…wanna see the lite again in my life! blessed Be everyone

  45. VL – Manitoba, Canada need financial worries to end, need prosperity and money energies to come my way – Thank you )O(

  46. e.h. taneytown md,- overcome autism and really focus better in school. y.h. taneytown, md- better job taking care of self and lose weight and have less stress. m.h. taneytown md.- relive bad pms and have better self esteem and follow dreams, and to draw to her , her sou mate and true love. k.g. owings mill md.- heal her heart condtion and better health. r.b. mt airy md- heal his back and neck

  47. MH-MN, USA- 6 years infertile, treatments not working. Also my husband needs a new job so he is not sick every night before work, it’s breaking my heart.

  48. AH – Ft Worth TX – I am the sole income for our family of 6 that lives pay day to pay day, and have been offered an incredible opportunity for a major advance in pay and position.. half way across the country- please help me find the strength and financial ability to do this.. thank you so much!

  49. Momma Silver … Its me .. Rita … I have a very special intention .. I have been working for my friends little girl Alyssa for going on 5 years now .. she has been in every one of my healing circles and I was working for her almost daily for a while. She is 7 years old now and this Friday she will be going for a scan at Memorial Sloan Kettering to see if any of the Neuroblastoma that she had has come back. If not she is a 5 year cancer survivor! I have worked so hard for her and her momma well they both believe … last scan they saw a something .. she called me right away in a panic I worked and worked and worked .. her 2nd scan 5 days later was clear .. CLEAR .. Dr. Cant Explain it .. I can .. but we want this 5 year mark so badly .. please put Alyssa in the prayer circle …

  50. Me please VM or MT in FL healing and direction in life. I will be joining in (fingers crossed) Thank you so much to all for all that you do!! Blessings!!!!

  51. I pray for my boyfriend A.C. Lodi, Italy for wealth and achievement
    and for me, B.M. Milan Italy, for leave my fears and hitches.
    Thank you =)

  52. If we might add to your healing circle:
    >Prayers and healing for all the victims and their families in Boston, and blessings to them and for all the wonderful folks who responded and worked through this tragedy…
    >Protection for our country that we may avert future senseless attacks of violence…
    >For the homeless, injured and unwanted pets whose numbers are rising; rescue, peace, healing, loving homes, blessings of Spirit

  53. KS in Melbourne Australia was let go from work yesterday. He needs new work at he is only 20 and not found anything that offers job security as yet. Please send him confidence and direction and an awareness of the gifts he has.
    BS in Melbourne who also needs job security and direction and an awareness of how much she is valued. Blessings

  54. TAB a S. R. Cimena Italia, con anticipata gratitudine, chiedo una preghiera di guarigione per liberarmi sentirmi povera e iniziare a vivere nell’abbondanza economica. Desidero guarire dalle paure che mi bloccano nel realizzare i miei obbiettivi di vita cioè la paura di passare all’azione. Aggiungo una preghiera universale per salvaguardare tutti gli animali dalla cattiveria dell’uomo.
    Grazie di cuore. Benedizioni )O(

  55. PT New Zealand – energy and chakra healing for energy, health, inspiration, motivation and abundance. Thank you :))

  56. MD in Live Oak,FL needs a blessing for a good job as an Air Traffic Controller or Railroad & AD in Live Oak, FL needs the blessing of vision for truth about her boyfriend! EG in Live Oak, FL needs the blessing of strength & Health & money to pay bills!!! MG in Live Oak,FL needs the blessing of LUCK & health, financial security!! ~Bright Blessings~ many thanks ❤

  57. CH–from NV–asking for healing and blessings for all affected by recent events, it just keeps growing and I ask that we try to counter the evil and violence with love and hope.
    asking for healing of my own body, fertility in my body and in my mind.

  58. NL Ma. Just found out we have to move,worried we can’t find a home for us that will fit the needs for a retired couple living on a very fixed income, our pets (family members !),one dog and 3 cats. Please pray for us to have peace and happiness and make it through this very unexpected news. We are very heartbroken.

  59. eomm being evicted because building owners went bankrupt need a new affordable place in 2 weeks ,please pray for us to find peace and a place for us and our animals

  60. The city is washington Borro state PA intials are D.B. please do a healing for this person she has lung cancer and is getting much worse

  61. VR, Brooklyn, NY: Please pray for the victims in Boston and well as those in Texas. Also, please bless my new business venture. Thank you

  62. Healing for Elsie Moodley (Pietermaritsburg, South Africa), who is in need of a kidney transplant.

    Blessed be

  63. RC in PA Healing from pain and infection, TC in MI Healing cancer, DR in PA Peaceful passing and prayers for the family that they may see her through this. Thanks and many blessing for those in need and for those in your healing circle. Blessed Be!

  64. I would like to send a healing prayer for my mother eileen allen in dauphin pa.she has been very ill since march.thank you and blessed be to you all!

  65. BK in Santa Maria, CA needs energy. Sluggish because of so much happening at the same time. She needs a little clarity to accomplish what her family and freinds need

  66. DS NYC Im a young adult and the clock is ticking.. need to be able to pay my own way within the next 5 months. Need work, preferably in my field (filmmaking), that will allow me to provide for myself and give back to those who have so lovingly taken care of me all these years. Many blessings!! sending out peace, love and understanding to all those seeking. Silver I adore you!!!!! you were my first teacher of the magickal arts ❤ (teen witch, I was 11 😉 thank you for all you do, you're a blessing in this world!!!!

  67. TLT – Severe back pain – unknown injury. Can’t time time away from my responsibilities to see a physician. It’s been 7 days of the worst pain I’ve ever felt and I don’t believe in pain medication. Just a little relief is all I’m asking for. Thank you.

  68. Please work for E.G. in Philadelphia who is mourning the loss of her son.
    The Goodwins, who are mourning the loss of their dear brother/friend/father. D.G. who is looking for a job.
    D.L. Who is looking for additional income and growth of his business.
    P.L. Who needs healing
    All those in Texas, Boston and in need.
    Greatest blessings!!!!!

  69. M.LR.H, Morgantown (currently in the hospital), West Virginia. 7 months old, with brain tumor. It looks like he has a hand wrapped around his brain stem, and growing. They’re trying chemo to shrink it, with no results yet.

    1. + my sister, B.L.KM, is asking for help with her job. She’s happy with what she’s doing but there’s a higher position open and she’s being trained for it, n she would just like a boost…

      And keep M.LR.H’s mother (B.H), grandmother (A.A.H) and stand-in grandfather (F.L.E) in your thoughts too. Things are very hard for them since M.LR.H went into the hospital, and recently A.A.H lost her job, leaving A.A.H’s boyfriend F.L.E as their main financial support.

  70. Please, I need your prayers so I can get the jobI am candidate at a multinational chemical company. I need the job badly to continue dupporting my 17 cat shelter and get my personal finances back to track. Thank you so much from Mexico, and lits if blessings for you all )O(.

  71. Deb Smith Jamestown,NY-please work for me.PTSD,depression,anxiety,TMJ-I’m a domestic violence survivor.I don’t feel right practicing (Wicca) while under the influence of psych meds.Opinion?Thank you.Blessed Be!

  72. Please send healing strength and prayer for my son AC as he gets through his depression and gets to be with his wife and children. Prayers and healing for the people involved in Boston and Texas as I am.
    Thank you
    Blessed Be.

  73. M.K.H, PA– Shingles (heal fast)
    D.Mc., NY– Recovery from stroke, heart attack & diabetes
    A.K.Mc.H, NY– Forgiveness & Compassion
    C.J H, PA– End addiction & find job
    T.M.Mc., NY– Healing & Cancer be gone!
    Boston Victims & on lookers. MASS.– Mind body & spirit Healing.
    Children of abuse. WORLD– Protection, healing, love
    K.S, PA–LOVE
    Texas. TX– healing, protection
    H family, PA– All good things positive, healing, love, mental physical spiritual and prosperity.
    B.G, TX– Continued healing of mind body spirit.
    Thank You & Blessings in ALL you do!

  74. C.A.C Ormond Beach, Florida USA having psychological problems with OCD and emotional problems with addictions., depression, all causing physical problems. She is my daughter and 17 years old.

  75. RDJ, Oklahoma – safety working in the field
    JDJ, Oklahoma – general healing for circulatory issues and neck pain, additional opportunities to provide a more secure financial situation for the family
    TZJ, Oklahoma – confidence in making decisions about the future
    KPJ, Oklahoma – remaining financial assistance needed to attend college
    KMB, Washington – continued healthy pregnancy, multiple summer research assistant offers
    JB, Washington – positive results from job search

    Special healing to everyone affected by the Boston Marathon bombing.

    Thank you and blessings to all.

  76. for my daughter BSDRMC and freedom, their health and protection.
    for my daughter CMCV and study their safety and
    LSCV for my emotional health and my physical and spiritual

  77. Please pray for healing of Charlie who is in renal failure. Thank you so much! Blessings

  78. K.H., New York City – Health, and well being. Strength, and Peace, during this difficult time. A good, healthy support system, and a self-loving acceptance of that support.

    A.H., Spokane, WA – my phone back on, immediately. A living environment that is beneficial, and super healthy. My Love, My Community. Clear Sailing. Clarity. Flow. On the right, most Beneficial track, aligned with my True will. BB

  79. AH – Ft Worth Texas.. I had to come back and say thank you.. not only has everything fallen into place, the job, the finances, and the plan of action.. it has even worked out better than I could ever have asked for.. Thank you to everyone..

    1. And we all would like to share a very special thank-you to you! Rarely do folks come back to the list to let us know how circumstances have changed. You are a treasure. Thank you! Thank you!

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