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Great Release Program 2012 — December 31 — Monday

Is is your journey.  Believe! Painting by Falynn Trayer.
Is is your journey. Believe! Painting by Falynn Trayer.

Great Release Challenge – Day 31 — Monday
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2012

Today is the last day of our Release Program!  Well done!  I’m so proud of any activity that you were able to accomplish in the areas of release, recovery, and spirituality!  Would you like to start again?  Just kidding, because the next thirty days are all about moving forward with your newfound skills and revelations about the self.  You’ve done the hard part – the cleaning, clearing, donating, and moving stuff about.  Now it is time to see how well this has worked for you, and make minor adjustments along the way.  If you really liked the program, and want to try it again, consider either over the Spring Equinox or Midsummer festivals.  Try a mini version (14 days) or a full version (31 days).

Today’s Challenge

We have several small tasks to complete today, nothing that will take away too much time, I assure you.  First, let’s walk around your house or office and just concentrate on how you feel.  Does the energy feel better now than it did thirty days ago?  How do you feel, really, about all you have accomplished?  What has changed?  What has remained the same?  What are your goals now that you have successfully completed this program?  Remember, your primary goal was to release at least one thing every day.  If you accomplished that … well then!  Consider yourself a success!  If you were able to complete many of the tasks, you are well on your way to a successful and prosperous new year!  Congratulations!

Next, let’s clear the entire living area with sound, like our jingle jar, or a singing bowl, or that glass of water you learned to tap with a spoon.  Take nice, deep breaths while you do this.  Enjoy the welcoming of love, positive energy and Spirit into your home as you move from room to room.

Oh.  Wait.  Did you find something that doesn’t belong?  (Your father-in-law doesn’t count.)  Maybe there’s stuff from this morning’s shower you forgot to put away, dirty clothes lying on the bedroom floor, hmmm…I think I want that basket in the other room…ouch!  A bag of trash I forgot to take out.  How could I have forgotten that?  Oh yeah, snowing, cold, thought I’d wait.  Cookie crumbs on the altar? Now how did that happen?  Why is there a straight pin on the dresser?  Oh, yeah, meant to throw it away.

Whatever you see that you feel may draw negativity…fix it.  Normally, these things will be minor, like the cookie crumbs, the straight pin, and that dumb bag of trash.  In the future, try doing this type of clean sweep on a cyclical basis – whatever works for you.  If you live alone, perhaps once a week will do, if you live with a partner or often have guests? — probably every three days.  More living in the home?  You might want to do your clean sweep at least once a day or every two days.

What happens if you don’t?

Nothing at first (probably); but, then a few months in you may begin to feel depressed, or things don’t seem to be going right, fights in the home may increase (or not).  It all depends upon the personalities in the home and how they react to negativity and stress.  If negativity could be seen with the naked eye, people would be more cognizant of it.  Everyone can sense negativity; but, whether they pay attention to what they are feeling is another matter.  If we could color negativity with flaming orange and hot pink polka-dots; there would probably be a lot less angst in the world.  We could all hit those polka-dots with perfume pump spray bottles of holy water.  Life would probably be a lot less complicated.

Next, let’s take a light around the house – a candle, or even a flashlight.  Let’s chant our “Evil Be Gone” charm as we walk.  On this tour through your living area, I’d like you to continue to consider what adjustments you would like to make that will continue to bring light, laughter, and love into the home?  Perhaps the living room is too dark – a change of window treatment?  A lamp?  Maybe the children’s area could use a bit of tweaking to make it more activity friendly.  Less furniture, more open space?  Decorative baskets for toys?  Let your creativity soar!  Still tripping over that stupid, ancient ottoman?  Why?

When you are finished, take a moment to adjust your Wish List.  These are the things you will try to complete by the end of 2013.

To complete the program, go to your release altar and thank, in your own way, the energies, spirits, deities, etc., that you feel helped you this past thirty days.  Think of all the good things that transpired over the course of the program.  Once and for all, mentally let the negative or unfortunate things go.  They will not serve you wisely.  You can dismantle your release altar, or you can keep it – this is entirely up to you.  You might wish to build a new altar more tailored to your goals of the coming year.

Finally, at midnight tonight (New Year’s across the globe), expel the last of your negativity and welcome in the new year with prayers of a positive nature.  Raise energy at the stroke of midnight concentrating on Happiness, Joy, Love, Healing and Good Fortune for all.  As the energy rolls across the globe, take advantage of the amazing power available!  Use your Sea of Potential Exercise as the chime begins to strike.  Put your heart and soul into it, as this moment will never return again.  Make the most of it!


I’d like to especially thank all those individuals who posted comments to this year’s program.  Although my replies were short, I read and enjoyed every single one of them.  You were a vital part of keeping the positive energy flowing, and giving support where it was needed.  Without your contribution, the program would not have been a success.  You have reminded all of us that we are not alone — We are a magickal village.  You, my friends, deserve as many gold stars as there are stars in the heavens.

Don’t forget…

We’ve got your back.

So be it.

Until next year, I wish you love, happiness, good health and amazing good fortune.


(1)   Do your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle.

(2)   Do Today’s Closing Challenge.

(3)   Practice your Sea of Potential Exercise

(4)   Today, we release the program itself.

(5)   Proclaim your success for 2013!

Tomorrow?  Is entirely up to you.

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.



Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

27 thoughts on “Great Release Program 2012 — December 31 — Monday

  1. I really enjoyed reading your Post this year, they have been a Great help, I would also like to think you, when i was A Freshmen in High School my Christian Mom gave me a Copy if Teen Witch for Christmas on year, it changed my life, i was headed down the Wrong path it helped alot, my Great Grandfather was a Powwow Dr and my mom said she could see the same power in me, i now follow a Druidic Practice with powwow and wicca mixed in. Thank you.. many blessing…

  2. Thanks Silver & all involved in the release program!! Loved every day of it and it was fun & therapeutic to be a part of such great gathering of people. Look for ward to next year. Probably try a mini release in spring. Blessed be and happy new year to all:)

    1. You are ever so welcome! The work you did will definitely improve your life over the next year. I’m delighted that you will try a mini release in the spring. Good for you!

  3. I was a bit discouraged yesterday when I went to finish the basement and found another LARGE storage bin, stuffed with… well… stuff! I haven’t taken the time to go through it yet so I have no idea what the heck is in there, how much of it is garbage and how much of it I will actually keep. I have a growing pile of junk that needs to be tossed but can’t simply be left for pickup. Thankfully my dad has offered to let me toss it in his utility trailer and he’ll take it to the dump next time he goes.

    I kept a journal and am so glad that I did! I took a bit of time to read over all the notes I made, realizations I had and how much stuff I was able to return, donate, gift and toss. It’s easy to forget how much work you did when you’re discouraged and focusing on what you DIDN’T get done. That basement was a HUGE job and could easily be a month-long project all on it’s own. So the fact that I accomplished as much as I did on top of all the other work that I got done is something to be very proud of.

    I am actually pretty surprised by how much stuff I let go of, considering that I did a “clean sweep” of the house after the ex moved out. I thought I was pretty thorough at the time but I now realize that there was a LOT of stuff that I simply packed into storage bins and boxes, piled neatly in the basement and hid in closets/cupboards because I just wasn’t emotionally ready to deal with it. I made the decision that
    a) I was not going to go easy on myself – no excuses
    b) I was not going to set things aside and “deal with that later”
    c) the term “it might come in handy someday” was being eliminated from my vocabulary
    d) there was no room in a sacred space for a “junk drawer”

    The decision made, things that I assumed were going to be difficult suddenly weren’t. Things that I thought would take a lot of effort and time didn’t. I also found a lot of hidden treasures among all that clutter, including the top of my dresser and the top of my kitchen table. Both now clutter free! I also have a lot more storage space that I am determined NOT to fill. I also found :

    Ceramic Rabbit
    Italian Greyhound statue
    Small tumbled stone ( amblygonite )
    messenger bag
    2 book reviews that I wrote when I worked at Chapters
    approx 60 bic pens!
    powerbar, outlet expander, smoke detector – all new
    stained glass butterfly
    Whippet keychain
    an assortment of sharpie colored markers
    4 new eyeliners
    new makeup brushes
    2 new toothbrushes, still in pkg
    2 pairs of glasses, one I will keep as a spare and the other will be donated
    a ton of photos
    a new shower curtain – looks lovely
    almost 4 dollars Canadian and 3 dollars American

    FINALLY removed and tossed the broken, cheap, tacky towel rack that I have HATED since I moved in. ( took all of 5 minutes, why didn’t I do that sooner? ) I also removed and tossed the corner shelving unit in the shower ( another 5 minute job that I just didn’t get around to until now ).

    Donated 19 bags/boxes of items

    Returned approx 4 bags of items – things that I borrowed and hadn’t gotten around to returning. I now realize how disrespectful that is and have promised myself I will no longer borrow anything unless I could read/watch/use it right away. I made an additional promise that I would say “no” when offered things that I cannot use or do not want, rather than feeling obligated to accept.

    Reassessed my “friends” list on Facebook and released a handful of people that I either never heard from or who I felt were not healthy to be in contact with.

    Tossed 10 bags of garbage

    I was also able to complete 6 of the 10 items on the wishlist I made on Day 1. Three of the things that are left is to find a new home for the bench seat from my old van, find a new home for the metal panel things that I got from freecycle about 9 years ago that I never used and recycle all that old paint. These things may have to wait until spring due to the weather. The other thing is to finish clearing out, cleaning and organizing the basement, which I will very soon. I have another bag of garbage that’s almost full and two more bags of things that I want to donate. I’ll just keep going until there’s nothing more to sort, clean, organize and release. Now that there is a place for everything, everything is easy to put in its place.

    This experience has been a HUGE blessing to me and I am very happy that I decided to not only do it but stick with it! WOOT WOOT! 🙂

    1. Wow! That is so amazing and I enjoyed reading your post. Your accomplishment was huge! I felt the same way last year when I managed to do half the basement; but not the whole thing. When I moved, it all went in the dumpster, lol. I think your efforts were absolutely amazing! I’m very, very proud of you!

      1. SO COOL to see your Great Release program accomplishments listed like this. Woo-ee, you did so much, Kelly!

        There’s this great art blog I follow and one of the things she posts every year is a prompt to MAKE A LIST of everything you accomplished during the year. It always amazes me how much I’ve managed to do until I list everything I got done during the year. Don’t know about you all, but I’m always so focused on the NEXT thing on the list, on the things I MISSED DOING that I forget to celebrate all the steps in the journey. It’s a kind of meanness, really. If I treated others like that, only noticing where they fell short and never celebrating all the accomplishments, you better believe it they’d rebel!

        I’m going to go back to re-read all of Silver’s awesome posts and add to my list all the things from the Great Release that got done, just like you did. Thank you so much for posting them. And Silver, THANK YOU so much for leading us all in such a great year end ritual.

        Having just moved, I know how much time, energy, and creativity such transitions take. That you devoted so much of your time, energy, and creativity to help us all get ready for the New Year, despite the energetic cost of your own move, well, dear lady, that is a priceless gift! THANK YOU and BLESS YOU!

  4. I feel so blessed that I stuck with this Great Release Program. My blessing and thanks go out to Silver and the community that supported my efforts. Some days it was all i could do to throw out dead weight and other days I accomplished things that I had been waiting (literally) for years to do. I laughed at myself and I cried over hurts and injustices that I let go. I feel lighter and more thankful and joyful. I realize the holiday season was more enjoyable and so much less stressed than ever before. I got in all the get togethers without complaining or having a breakdown! My husband and I even got through buying a new car without freaking out over our different views of what we wanted. Since I was the person that was really changing with this program, it made me realize that it takes 2 to tango and only one to tip the balance towards a favorable outcome. The work I’ve done on myself is just as powerful and positive as the work I’ve done to clean up my environment. As without, so within…as within, so without. I have learned a lot, I have laughed a lot, and I have loved so much. Thank you Silver.

    1. What a wonderful post! Every year I learn more and more with this program! You are right — it does take two to tango — but, only one to tip. Many bright blessings to you and I look forward to seeing you here next year! I am very, very proud of you!

  5. Thank you Lady Silver for guiding us thru this program again this year! I lost a few days here and there, when my days didn’t end until 10:00 at night, but even then I tried to always do the 3-minute cleaning or de- cluttering. Even small or quick things make a big difference! We love and miss you! Thank you again for this and may 2013 be your best yet! Hugs…

    1. May your 2013 be filled with joy, happiness, laughter and love! I so enjoyed being with you this year. Working those long hours must have been grueling. I’m very proud of you that you kept the main focus through the exercises! Hope to see you next year!

  6. Before signing off from this Great Release challenge I want to share a poem I wrote and I think it is worth sharing……

    I believe there is magick
    woven into the hearts of any age
    It draws us to the beating heart
    each time we turn life’s page
    I believe there is magick
    starting right at conception
    The aura seen through
    the infants eyes
    Not the right aura
    the infant cries
    I believe there is magick
    woven into the hears of any age
    The wonder found in the attic
    like a live performance on stage
    I believe there is magick
    as we get older
    We are wise and secure
    at times a bit bolder
    I believe there is magick
    woven into the hearts of any age
    It’s there for our pleasure
    until we get to life’s last page.

    May you all enjoy the Magick that is there for YOUR pleasure until you reach life’s last page. Bright blessings to all of you.

  7. Thank you Silver. I know of no other spiritual author/teacher/guide who teaches without charging a fee. You have touched/taught many and I am one of them, for that I say thank you again. it was awesome to let go again this year, I even had a friend remark a couple of days ago about how great my house feels. Blessing to you and yours.

    To Melanie and Sue: I will continue to include your names in my workings until Samhain- I’ve got your back- both of you should go get a massage =)

  8. Welcome to a New Year, from a Sunny South Africa.

    May all Blessings befall all of you, may all of you be Happy and Joyful, may your wishes come true (careful what you wish for). Health and Good Fortune befall you, the Moon shine bright for you, and the Sun warm your heart.

  9. I’ve only just begun this challenge in the room by room cleaning but I’ve read every day’s message and practiced the Braucherei Ritual and chants. The practices have already changed my life, thinking, and experiences. Thank you so much! Your knowledge, your wit, and your sharing are so much appreciated! Thank you! Many blessings!

  10. I fell short at the end (Christmas really zapped me this year…), but I am SO very glad to have found your program. Thank you so much for doing this! I had fun (in an exhausting sort of way) learned a TON and am still planning on going back and finishing up the bits I missed along the way.

    Yesterday, Hubby decided he wanted to rearrange our living room (he gets the rearranging mood sometimes), so we spent much of the afternoon completely moving around our living room (we got a kinect for Christmas, so now we actually have room to use it….very exciting because I got one of the exercise programs for it). As both computers are in the living room (slash kitchen…it’s all one big room), it was quite a lot of moving! The cleaning helped though, as my desk was sooo much easier to move (much less little clutter to move about). But we all really like the new set up so yay!

  11. This was brilliant to work with and to be honest, already mid-way I had to decide that I’ll continue through January. Work here took over – it always does towards the end of the year, so I’d already known that.
    But it’s fine because January is usually a tiny bit more quiet and I enjoy continuing this (beside the odd day where I feel meh about tidying of course ;)). Even though I was so busy I accomplished a couple of things and that was GREAT and very encouraging.
    I did continue working on the spiritual side which is always very good, so… I loved this and thank you so much for this!!! 😀

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