Great Release Challenge — Day 26 — Wednesday


Great Release Challenge – Day 26 — Wednesday
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2012

Today, I’d like you to examine the association you have between words and feelings.  The first word I’d like you to contemplate is the word “need”.  As with many words, there are different levels of meaning associated with various emotional responses.  For example:

You are working on something, and you need a part, tool or piece that you know you have; but can’t remember where you put it.  The feelings associated with this type of need might be irritation or frustration.  As you search in your mind for where you put that piece, you come up with a blank.  Your feelings may begin at low level, and grow into something else – possible anger.  Who stole that?  Who moved that?  Where the **** did I put the damned thing!  In this scenario, you know you have what you need, except you haven’t a clue where it is.

The next type of need focuses on what you don’t have.  You need a car.  You need a place to live.  You need food.  You need to pay the electric bill…and for some reason, you can see no way to fill that need.  You don’t have the money, the credit, the resources.  With this type of need our negative feelings are heightened over a longer period of time.

Then, there is the need of the heart.  Loneliness, sadness, depression, aching – which can come from no partner, a missing partner, being rejected or dumped, the grief of loss through death, sickness, etc.  That is a very different kind of need.

Now, I’d like you to think of a time when you really needed something, and you got it.  How did you feel before you received it, and how did you feel afterwards?  Joy?  Relief?

Our next word is “want”.  What you want and what you need can be the same or can be different.  They can also be opposed to each other.  For example, you may want a new car; but, you know that if you don’t replace the roof and fix that spouting, the expense of the resulting damage can put you out in the street.  You may want the most expensive washing machine on the market; but, the lower priced models will meet your needs.

How do you feel when you get what you want?

English: Managing emotions - Identifying feelings
English: Managing emotions – Identifying feelings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s run through this again.  Think of the words “I need” and examine the emotions that you experience.  Think of the word “want” and really think about how you feel when you say “I want”.

Our last word for today is “value”.  What do you value?  It is absolutely, definitely, not the same for everyone.  Unfortunately, we often make judgments about others based on our personal values – what we see to be important vs. what they feel is important.  “He should do this…” She should have done that…” – it isn’t your life, you can’t judge others by what you value, yet, we do it all the time.

How do you feel about the things you value?  How do you feel when you acquire something that you believe to be of value?

Today, I’d like you to make three columns on a piece of paper.  Label the first one “Need”, the second “Want”, and the third “Value”.  Take ten minutes to write down everything you need in the “Need” column.  For the “Want” – write down everything you want in that column.  In the third column, write down everything you value.  You can use physical objects to emotional and spiritual desires.  Take your time.  Think about everything you write down and check your emotions on each thing.

When you are done, I’d like you to make a fourth column entitled, “What I Appreciate in Life”.  Take a good ten minutes to write down all the things you feel make your life better, or what you are grateful for.

Once your lists are completed, set them aside for at least half an hour.  Have a cup of coffee, do the dishes, look at the sunset, feed the birds, whatever.  Do something that takes your mind off of what you’ve just written.

Let’s go back to your list, and review it.  How many of your wants, needs, values, and appreciation entries are the same?  How many are different?  How many depend on each other to manifest?

The root of all evil is not money.  The root of all evil is our feelings based on what we feel we need, what we want, what we value, and what we appreciate.  From the squabble between siblings, to the marital fights, to wars between religions on countries – all are based not on money (which is only a means to an end); but, on our desires, which are a combination of how we feel about what we need, what we want, what we value, and what we appreciate – and what we will do, good or evil, to get it.

Everything on your list?  That’s what you are putting in the field around you right now.  It is what you are allowing to grow within you.  Are any of these items or issues contrary to each other?  Are they cancelling each other out?  Are any of these things and your feelings associated with them, doing more harm in your life than good?

It’s time to clear your field.

With that in mind, I would like you to re-write your list; but, first I’d like you to do a little cleansing and clearing of your thoughts.  Do a small rite, take a shower, or do deep breathing exercises.  Then, light a white candle (or turn on a light near your writing table) and place a clear glass of blessed water on the table with a clean piece of paper.  Look at your old list.  Now, write a new one.  I’d like you to consider what in your life you can let go of to acquire those things on your list.  I’d also like you to look at those four columns and see for yourself which column usually manifests first for you.  Why?  What feelings do you create that pushes these things into manifestation for you?  Finally, I’d like you to think about what actions you can do to manifest the positive items on your list.

Let go of one thing on that list today.
Take one step forward toward the manifestation of something you desire that is on your list – today!

Physical Challenge:  Clean out your wallet or purse.  Empower five coins of any denomination or country to draw prosperity to you and place in wallet or purse.


(1)   Do your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle.

(2)   Do Today’s Mental/Spiritual Release Challenge of creating your list.

(3)   Do Today’s Physical Challenge of cleaning out your purse or wallet.

(4)   Get ready for tomorrow!

Tomorrow:  Your Personal Appearance

Give yourself One Gold Star if you remembered to do your morning ritual.  Two gold stars if you completed today’s mental/spiritual challenge of writing your list.  Three gold stars if you managed to weather the holiday without a melt down.  Four gold stars if you cleaned out your wallet or your purse.

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.


PS — Thought you might find the article listed below interesting.


10 thoughts on “Great Release Challenge — Day 26 — Wednesday”

  1. Silver, I’ve thought about this off and on since you posted earlier:

    “You don’t have the money, the credit, the resources.

    With this type of need our negative feelings are heightened over a longer period of time.”

    I don’t associate not having certain material things(even, yes, basic survival ones) with being “negative”/generating negative feelings, let alone heightening them. That sounds rather indicting. Someone giving voice to not being able to afford something, is not the same as being “negative”, or “balking”.

    Can you please clarify where you’re coming from, in relation to that? Thank you.

    1. Being poor, I can tell you that not having the ability to pay for basic survival needs over a long period of time does, in fact, generate worry, anger, fear, and so on and those feeling are definitely negative. Is it my “fault” no, I am doing the best I can with what I can do. Is it getting better? Yes, but every time it looks like I may not be able to buy one thing and have to settle for a less expensive item, or put off paying something, or play pay you this month pay the other next month and hope neither gets shut off..its rough. I don’t nearly have it as bad as I could and I am grateful for all that I do have and how much better life is with each passing year.

      But those icky feelings and still icky and feel even more icky when circumstances are such that those feelings keep happening.

      Not sure if that is what she meant- this is just my take on it.

      1. Thank you for sharing that, Maya. I totally hear and understand/relate(seriously, and literally) to where you are coming from. Prolonged poverty is literally trauma inducing, and there have been studies done in parts of the U.S., where it has shown that people with long term poverty, have PTSD the same as returning soldiers.

        That being said, some of the most positive people I have known have been “dirt poor”, and lack takes different faces, for different folk, and situations. I am wary of generalizations, especially as they relate to the ongoing conversation in the broader energy community, around manifestation(there’s a hilarious skit by the comedian Dave Chappelle, about someone taking “The Secret” to “starving children in Africa”, and lecturing them about why they just aren’t manifesting properly : p)

        I’m not assuming Silver meant being poor = being negative. That’s why I asked for clarification!(tis the road to comprehension ; ) ), so I can better understand what she *does* mean.

        (Also, as an aside, in the feelings you listed as being negative- for me, personally, I don’t see anger as a negative force, unless chosen to use that way. I see it more as a pure fire, that can be used as a catalyst to beneficial change(our species was radically propelled forward with the help of fire)…or, to burn something down. lol. The choice is ours though. “I am angry about the things one should be angry about. But never bitter. Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.” -Maya Angelou. You get angry enough about something, and you can use that anger to light a fire to change the situation.)

  2. Interesting…… The things I appreciate. It’s not the things i thought i need or want that’s important, its those feelings to appreciate what i do have to be thankful for, every small thing even if its only a bird that fly by, or a wet sticky kiss from a baby…. Or two people that’s been married for a hundred years that still hold hands (not because they will fall over but because they are still in love). Its difficult to put in words. We are sometimes so bogged down in worries, that we forget to appreciate the small things, if you count all the good small things in your life, there is much to be thankful for…. and anyway you look at it, somehow, there’s always a gift to the soul if we just open out hearts…..

  3. Silver,
    Yes I have been absent here from the blog these past few weeks. Still been plugging away cleansing, banishing, releasing, protecting for all the good it has done. Recent events have upped the ante. I sent you a private message on Facebook. Hoping you could offer some advice. I REALLY need some right now.
    Hope everyone had a Blessed Yule.

  4. Todays assignment was thought-provoking and a tad bit more difficult than most of the other challenges. There is something about looking within for why things may be as they are. What can we take responsibility for and what can we change to better the situation. What action/plan can we focus on to bring about the things we want and need and value. Yup this is a real soul-searching assignment for sure.

  5. Love love love this exercise, it SO helped me reassess how I want to focus my energies in the new year. Ever since we moved into a marvelous but really neglected house, all our economic resources, all our spare time have been poured into making this abused house into our home. Seeing my wants, needs, values, and appreciations lined up like that made me SEE how in the search for beauty and order, which is so high up on my values, I’ve been neglecting other more important values. THAT kind of perspective alone is very worth this Great Release Challenge! Time to let go of my need for control and perfection and learn to glow with the flow!
    THANK YOU Silver. Blessed be.

  6. Silver, I have to admit that I have not been following the program as close as I wanted to. I read the blog every other day or so. I am so lazy. I am trying to read all the signs in my life. But or some reason when I do read it, I have or had it on my mind to do, what you for asked up to do. I don’t understand this. BUT I love it.
    I am in the middle of a marriage implosion. I feel so dead inside. I see signs that I need to leave. I just hope I’m not having a mid life crisis andseeing things that are not there.
    I don’t mind telling you I am soooo scared. I have not lived on my own in 15 years. Starting over is tuff. I will have to start all over. And I hate this. But I guess I need it.
    I am tonight going to do a ritual to empower my resume to get a job in Georgia. If it comes through I guess that’s where I go.
    Thanks for the posting.

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