Great Release Program — Day 24 — Monday


Great Release Challenge – 24 — Monday
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2012

Your kitchen is one of the most magickal areas in your home, containing a plethora of items that can be used for cooking as well as for simple magicks.  The kitchen feeds the rest of the household with heat and aroma, food for sustenance of the family, and the image of abundance (or not) through storage and cleanliness.  From every meal you prepare, to each pot of coffee that you brew, to every cookie, or cake or goodie that you make – love and magick flows from the kitchen.  Crafters and kitchen witches may use the kitchen more than any other room in the house for practical as well as magickal reasons.  The availability of running water, the stove, or counter or island area may lend themselves perfectly for candle making, herb and powder mixing, or elixir mixing.

For me, the kitchen has always been the most difficult to maintain in a busy household.  Even if you manage to keep items put away, the traffic mixed with the arrival, maintenance, and preparation of food on a daily basis, and the number of individuals using the kitchen for a variety of purposes, can lead to one big disheartening mess after mess…after mess.

Someone please explain to me how spaghetti sauce got on the ceiling?

Why is there a banana peel behind the refrigerator?

What the hell did you make in the microwave?

Is that what I think it is in the sink?  Really?  Really?

Today’s challenge does not involve throwing out all your pots, pans, and baking dishes and buying new.  Instead, we want to review what you have, what you are using, and what you aren’t.  For those of you that moved this year, you’ve probably already done a swift run through.  I know I did.  For years I moved certain pots and pans around, and for some reason didn’t throw them away.  Or, I would throw the worst away, or give some away; but, left the others just-in-case.  When I moved, the just-in-case pans did not come with me.  I also gave away duplicates of baking dishes to folks who love to bake or cook a great deal, knowing they could use them.

The second thing we’re going to look at is easy access and storage.  When you are cooking or preparing food, do you always have to move something to get at the pots, pans, or baking dishes?  Do items in the kitchen quickly become a jumble because you can’t find the ingredient you are looking for?  Consider ways to change your kitchen today that will make it more functional for you.

For example, when I’m in a good mood, I like to bake – cookies, cakes, pies, breads, etc.  When we first moved here, all ingredients went into one storage area.  I quickly found that this was not only confusing, but wasted time and I would forage in the cabinet to find what I needed.  All baking items, from pans to ingredients are now in the island.  From flour, sugars, baking powder, corn meal, cake mixes, frosting, spatulas, measuring cups, cookie pans – everything is organized in one area.  Making goodies when I’m in the mood, takes only minutes.  What can you change today in the kitchen to make your life easier?

Your mental and spiritual challenge today is an easy one.  Consider the amazing amount of magick you have at your fingertips in the kitchen.  Every herb you cook with has a magickal correspondence.  Every pot you use can be empowered with love.  Every bit of food you prepare can be blessed and imbued with joy and good fortune!  So!  Today, from start to finish you will prepare one food item as if it was a spell vehicle rather than just…dinner…or a snack…or that coffee you can’t get along without.  You will bless every pot, pan, dish, spoon and ingredient.  You will cast a circle around your stove, asking that the food you make therein carries love, happiness, and positive energy.  Everything, from water to boil noodles, to the salt or spice you use to flavor will be blessed and prayed over.  This is also extended to setting the table and any dishes, glasses, and flatware that will be used.

And then?

Share with us how you felt, and what happened after you served your dish.


(1)   Do your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle.

(2)   Do Today’s Pots n’ Pans Challenge.

(3)   Do Today’s mental/spiritual challenge

(4)   Don’t forget to do your Sea of Potential Exercise!

(5)   Get ready for tomorrow!

Tomorrow:  Release something emotional in a positive way.

Give yourself One Gold Star if you remembered to do your morning ritual.  Two gold stars if you completed today’s challenge of clearing out your pots, pans and baking dishes.  Three gold stars if you did the spiritual/mental exercise.  Four gold stars if you squeezed in a speed cleaning.  Five gold stars if you did something from your Wish List.  Six gold stars if you did something nice for someone today (without being prompted).  Seven Gold Stars if you continue to use your Sea of Potential exercise!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.



7 thoughts on “Great Release Program — Day 24 — Monday”

  1. Kit, if you’re still out there, silently with us, and reading everyday- I hope that you are well, your dreams are well, and that Grace is touching you this Light Returning season..

  2. Yes there is no greater pleasure in having a well organized kitchen, today i have to cook a lot of food, So I’ll be able to bless everything as i go, we’re getting extra visitors, in the meantime i am trying to keep my mom occupied as well. We picked a lot of cherry’s yesterday, am planning on doing cherry brandy preserves, (mmMMM, they are nice), and ill try cherry liqueur with vodka (please don’t explode :)) on top of all the cooking, but its OK i can handle it, the Sea of potential seems to give me some extra energy to get trough everyday. And the moment i start to feel overwhelmed, I just give the first days rattle (fixed now) a shake, chase the horse over the bridge and burn it. :D. If anyone want to see the photo’s that I’ve been able to upload you’re welcome to visit my (new) FB. iIt’s Bianco Swart, Robertson, Western Cape.

    Happy Blessings, joy, good fortune, love and an inflatable will to all of you.

  3. I blessed the things I use to make coffee……..

    The Morning Blessing

    By Etain©

    I bless this water and

    these coffee grounds for brewing.

    My morning’s start

    for awakening and renewing.

    I bless this coffee maker, filter and pot

    please make my coffee hot, hot, hot.

    I bless my cup and spoon

    my taste buds are singing a tune.

    I bless the Heath Bar – creamer delight

    good for the sense of smell and sight

    I bless the aroma and taste

    Not one precious drop will go waste

    Blessed Be

  4. I always bless my meals before I eat them, but loved the idea of casting a circle around the stove, “asking that the food you make therein carries love, happiness, and positive energy”. I decided to extend that to the entire kitchen, so envisioned the entire room, and every single thing in it, and everything prepared within it, filled with the Golden Light of the Sea of Pure Potential. That the Sea is filled with Health, Strength, Positivity, and Love. And I saw every single thing in the room with sparkly golden lights dancing around , and within them, and anyone interacting being blessed with what I’d charged the Sea with, that was now One with this room- taking that light, and health, and strength, within, with every meal.

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