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Great Release Challenge 2012 — Day 23 — Sunday!


Great Release Challenge – 23 — Sunday
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2012

One of the many benefits of the Release Challenge Program comes in the form of creating good habits that you will use in the future.  By focusing for thirty days on cleaning, clearing, de-cluttering, sharing, donating, trashing… we re-create our world to work for us, rather than us working for it.  In the future, you may find it easier to part with stuff.  You might find that you enjoy sharing your things with others, and you may consider letting something go much faster than easier than before.  Or, you may find that the program leaves you with habits that cover-your-butt on more than one occasion.  For example, today’s challenge – Your Computer, which includes the internet, computer maintenance, files, and your desk or work area.

The first year I did the release program I got into the habit of backing up all my files on a regular basis.  Not only that, as I was working on a book, a piece of art work, the blog, etc. I began making CD and temporary thumb drive copies of the work each day.  I kept all my software in one plastic container (which has served me well more than once).  The Black Forest also began a clan-wide archive, wherein all our work (rituals, photos, videos, lessons, newsletters, documentation, etc.) is archived in a central location that also has more than one back-up copy.  No matter what happens to me, or any other member, none of our material is lost.  I did not want what has happened to other craft writers and practitioners (Lady Hexie, Lady Phoebe, Dr. Santee to name a few) to befall us – they became old, senile, and their work was lost, or stolen – even torched.  With this in mind, I also distributed a complete copy of all my research material on Pow-Wow/Braucherei to two different BFC members this past year, and I have made arrangements for copies to be filed with three local historical societies, so that no matter what…the community will have access to it.

Which is a good thing, because computers aren’t impenetrable tanks – and when I got that critical error – your hard drive is corrupted and you are up shit creek – I was okay with it.  Yes, it was going to cost me money to replace the drive; but, realistically, I’d lost nothing important.  If I hadn’t taught myself good habits in the release program I’d have been screaming bloody murder.  Instead of a disaster?  Just a glitch.  Move on.

When you are finished, your work area should be clean and clutter free, all computer files backed up, all disks labeled and put away, a defrag done on your computer and junk hanging on your computer that you meant to take off?  Gone.

Finish this physical process today with a mental/spiritual one – cleanse, bless and empower your workspace.  Let the light of Spirit shine through your work.  Then, get on the net and bow out of anything that is not serving you well.  If your purpose and your goal, is spirituality, love, compassion, happiness, joy…what on earth are you doing in a chat room, list-serve, board, Facebook/MySpace area that does not support your spiritual intentions?  Are you allowing yourself to be bullied?  You know, the net is a wonderful thing – except for the plethora of creeps who are on it.  People who verbally vomit, bitch, lie, cheat, steal, etc., to make themselves feel better.  It often reminds me of a child’s playground, where anything goes because people think they won’t get caught, or don’t have to stand in front of your face, where their only courage is in a keyboard.

Baby?  Move on.  They ain’t worth your time.


(1)   Do your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle.

(2)   Do Today’s Computer and Workspace Challenges.

(3)   Throw in a speed cleaning exercise.

(4)   Don’t forget to do your Sea of Potential Exercise!

(5)   Get ready for tomorrow!

Tomorrow:  Pots n’ Pans and Kitchen Magick

Give yourself One Gold Star if you remembered to do your morning ritual.  Two gold stars if you completed today’s challenge of taking care of your computer.  Three gold stars if you did a speed cleaning exercise.  Four gold stars if you finished your mental/spiritual challenge.  Five gold stars if you did something from your Wish List.  Six gold stars if you did something nice for someone today (without being prompted).  Seven Gold Stars if you continue to use your Sea of Potential exercise!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.



Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

24 thoughts on “Great Release Challenge 2012 — Day 23 — Sunday!

  1. Silver, I was literally just in my kitchen, prepping my breakfast, and giving my self a talk about how I should not have ANY guilt about detaching from people who I interact with on a regular basis on line, who pretend, but are not really my friends. We know here, in this space, that energy is energy, and where we put and share it, is just as real on our psyches(and astral bodies, and thus, physical ), even if we’ve never met any of those people, face to face. I had decided yesterday that I would reframe one(if not more!) of my online experiences, and had begun that process this morning. Thank you for the co-sign!

    1. Anna ur amazing i see ur walking on the right.path whichever one u chose is ur belief n i dont.interfere with that im.just saying ur on the right path BB Paul

    2. This is an interesting one, as I am online fairly regularly, it stays to the fore front as a “room”/area to stay on top of “picking up”/cleaning., which is an interesting realization within itself! 🙂

      It’s Day 29, and I’m backtracking through last week, catching up on some things, and am combining Day 25s exercise of letting something go, with this one, of being conscious of online interactions. Skills are great, but so are Ethics and maneuvering with a sense of honor. In my journal, half way through the challenge, I noted a certain online community that couldn’t really be my community, because, though having a lot to offer, also lacked a fundamental integrity. It was interesting to see how, within myself, I rationalized away some of their fundamental behaviour, under the guise of me wanting to “focus on the positive”. Well, some times the lesson to be learned, is to stop sticking around to ‘learn a lesson’, and to just follow your intuition in the first place. 🙂

      I love learning!

  2. Some choose the path of hate.others choose the path of darkness and fear. Some throw. Fake smiles n try to use illusion to create confusion.I walk in the path of love and light n I see what’s wrong n wat is right I walk with the lord and lady day and night Blessed Be to all who walk in love n the blessings from above and I’m thankful for all of it.

  3. Up at 4:30 am fully refreshed and ready to start my day. All morning routines done (Braucherei, candle, goals, Sea of Potential, Thankful for blessings received, maintain Sweet Altar by replacing water and replacing fruit with M & Ms. I recited “My life is filled with positive abundance and all my needs are met – I am so blessed”.

    Cleaned both computer places and I checked the files and deleted what I no longer need. I always back up my computer files by flash drive and a hard copy.

    NOTE: When I did my Yule solitaire ritual I did some soul-searching and ask for help and blessings in a “I am stuck here” situation …… There was a positive move in the right direction yesterday. Not done yet and the situation still needs tweaking but I am thankful for the positive move forward.

    I had also broke a Santa figurine 5 days ago – coincidence??? I think not! Yesterday for one of my Christmas/Yule gifts I received a Porcelian Santa figurine. Oh yes my needs were filled.

  4. I recently severed ties with a couple who are extremely negative and hurtful. They are stuck in a state of negativity and even when they are offered solutions, they will not accept them. They find excuses to stay stuck. They are also very, very blind to the immense blessings they have received. I stayed friends with them because I was afraid not to. They tend to make people the focus of their bullying and negativity if they feel they’ve been betrayed. But it reached a point where I just couldn’t do it anymore, regardless of their reaction. I realize now the only power they have is what we give them.

    I also “unfriended” some people on Facebook because they are negative, complain constantly, are passive aggressive and post things that I feel lower the vibration of everyone on their friends list. I felt very strongly that by allowing the connection to continue I am in a way reinforcing the behavior. Giving them an audience. Again, not something I can do anymore.

    “Keep pure your highest ideal. Let nothing stop you, nor turn you aside.”

    I am working very hard to achieve some goals that I feel will enrich my life and the lives of those around me. I want to be an asset and make a positive contribution, not a detriment. I cannot be party to anyone or anything that is not in alignment with that.

    My joy altar has been such a comfort and has really helped me release the sadness that I experienced yesterday. I’m going to get back downstairs and tackle the rest of that basement. May not get it all done today and that’s OK.

    1. Kelly I cleaned out my friendship list many many years ago. The ones that were a constant complainer I told them I was weeding out the negative in my life and I would like to keep them as friends only if they stopped complaining. A few took notice and changed – several did not. I guess they thought I was not serious – they found out I was when I made the announcement I was breaking the ties of friendship. I was sad for a while but found that the empty space was soon filled with positive people. I wish you happiness in your quest for alignment and your ‘negative-be-gone’ attitude. 🙂

  5. Saw Silver were planning the computers early, I knew we’re not going to be home today, so took out the vacuum cleaner and went into all the nooks and crannies, to get some dust out, seems like the electricity’s attracting the finest dust particles, I have a habit of cleaning them every week or 2, before the power supply, gets overheated.
    Also started another fb account where i can talk to like minded pple, about my spiritual life, I am busy to post photos, on it of my adventure with this wonderful program that Silver is gifting me with, I’ve learned a lot, but still have a long way to go. After hearing about other pples problems, mine seems trivial. Decided, I’ll work for more than one person, until the end of December. Then I am going to focus solely on my mother, she’s in a lot of pain.
    We took her cherry picking today in Ceres, she want’s to take part in everything so we let her, up to a point, today hubby put her in the wheelchair and pushed her through the orchard. I replaced the fruit on my sweet altar, with Turkish Delight, and replaced the water also. ( I had to eat some of the Turkish Delights to make sure they are OK) Today would also have been my Fathers birthday, I lighted a candle for him.
    Hope all of you had a good day.

  6. I haven’t been able to do anything for days now..but finally back on track.

    I let myself procrastinate my Yule projects until the very end…then I spent two days literally sewing from the time I woke up until I went to bed (I took a break to cook and eat and that was it…and Hubby cooked for me one night because I was so stressed!). Add in that I had sewed for between 3-5 hours the couple days before that, and I was sore and tired (I never realized that hand sewing would make you sore..but let me tell you it does).

    But it was worth it. I got to give my friends their embroidered prayer/altar/divination cloths on Yule, and they loved them!

    Yesterday I was still beat, and ended up just spending the day recovering. Took a nice bubble bath, read up on what I had missed on the program (and copied the days missed into my journal).

    So today I played a little catch up 🙂 My computer desk was actually in good shape. I probably spend an average of 10 hours a day sitting here, so it is well lived in, but at the start of the program I had spent several days cleaning here and there on it (being where I spend most of my time, it had developed the most clutter). It is also where I do a lot of my spiritual research, so it has tons of notebooks and what not that were very disorganized. I rearranged, moved some of the adjustable shelves to work better, and cleaned it all out.

    I threw the sheets in the laundry (most of the rest of the bedroom is in good shape, we finally got rid of this old broken tv that hubby wanted to hold onto and fix, and I had hung some more shelves in there, so it is very nice now). Son and I did the bi-weekly cleaning, then we put up holiday decorations.

    We don’t do a tree, lacking space, but I try to hang garlands every year. Since we are having hubby’s parents over for Christmas dinner this year, I wanted to decorate a bit more. Used a few little nails to hang a garland over the laundry door (it’s in the middle of the living area), then my son had a good idea to hang our ornaments from the cabinet handles in the kitchen, so we put the more durable ones on the doors we open all the time and the really fragile ones on the doors that don’t get used. I also hung one really delicate one from our banana tree! The Santa tree topper now sits on our paper towel holder (which is on the table). I pulled down a set of cylindrical candle holders that mom-in-law gave me years ago. They have that cracked glass look and are all different sizes. I put a little tinsel in the bottom of each, then a few glass ball ornaments (the kind I normally hide deeper in the tree just to have extra color). They look lovely! The last ornaments (a set of brass animal cutouts) got hung from the curtain rod in the living room.

    Then did the silverwear drawers in the kitchen. We only have two (well one holds potholders and stuff). We had inherited a bunch when we moved (they were left in the apartment), and I pulled aside a couple of them. They are just plain, but I want to embroider them and make kitchen wall hangings (I think the sewing went to my brain….) I also found a bunch of spoons I had forgotten we had! Moved a few things to other homes (like a bunch of straws we rarely use), and tidied things up (how does that much dust get in the drawers!!!)

    One of my other tidying projects is to clear out some of the books on my kindle. Hubby got one for me a couple years ago and I absolutely love it. But then I found that there are dozens of books offered up for free everyday. For a while I was ‘ordering’ 5-10 free books every day…needless to say I wasn’t reading that many a day, so I have so many books on it now it is hard to find anything. I want to get it all organized and weed out some of the junk books that I really don’t want.

    Also, something my father and I were talking about that is sort of starting to sink in. I have very wide interests, and find myself drawn to things all over the place. But I simply don’t have time to read everything I might find interesting. I am slowly learning to prioritize. It is hard, because for me, passing up information goes against my natural inclination. So really forcing myself to decide if things are what I really want to spend my time on…..learning to treat time like money is hard!

    Finally, I really think it is excellent advice about trimming negative people/groups from our lives. I recently broke from a forum that I had been a member of for many years. They weren’t exactly negative, but they were very stressful. When I first joined, it was a wonderful group, and many of the people I had become close to were still there, but it had become something I dreaded checking every day. I finally broke all ties several months ago, and have found myself tempted to go back a few times ‘just to look’, and forced myself to keep walking away. Sometimes it is hard to see the truth behind my memories.

    1. It brings back memories of a saying “friendships/groups are there for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” (I added the word ‘group’)

    2. Jennifer, I related to what you said about that forum. Spaces that aren’t necessarily out right “negative”(I’m always cautious with that word, because like the word “hater”, feel it get’s parsed around too lightly, and often anything that is viewed differently from our own experience, or that makes us uncomfortable, we call “negative”, because it’s easier then owning self-reflection), but are also clearly not feeding us. I, too, have had those moments of wanting to go back to online spaces “just to look”(this especially comes up for me during merc in retrograde : p) -and have definitely done so, at times- and reminding myself of the bigger picture of is this situation feeding me, or shriveling me? And choosing to invest faith in that that particular group/person/situation isn’t the only thing in town. Sometimes that’s scary. You know, the impulse to settle, because you don’t think you’ll get better. I know better exists, and that sometimes I have to get off a path, in order to explore and discover that other paths even exist. : ) Online, and off! ; )

  7. This is the first chance I have had to sit since my morning ritual and now it is tomorrow. I did get a chance to clean my work space and commuter up, but mostly baking for the rest of the day. I am going with my husband tomorrow (today) to visit my mother in law. I am looking forward to this. Today was so hectic, I can’t wait to have an excuse to do nothing but chat and drink lots of coffee. Actually on of my favorite things to do.

    There are so many things during this challenge that I didn’t get to. I am already planning on revisiting every day over again and catching up on the things I’ve missed. But there have been many things I did get to do and one of them is learning how to start my day with peace and joy and the knowledge that I do have control over my day. I am truely enjoying my joy altar. I dug out wonderful candle holders, pictures that make me smile every time I look at them and my statuette of Venus to remind me to love myself. I actually set this altar up on top of my microwave in the pantry. During the Yule season I cook a lot, so I get to visit quite a bit off and on throughout the day, and it is my private little space to get away and find my joy!

    I must rest now, but I want to thank all of you for your posts. Thank you for sharing your insights. I love to read them.

    1. Crowwoman, I hope you find your revisiting of the days, thus far, fruitful. I personally found it to be very rewarding. : )

  8. Silver, I love that BFC consciously chose to create and maintain a collective archive. And that you passed on your research to others within, as well as making arrangements to pass them to historical societies “without”. Thank you for having a broader eye, and not tunnel vision. I know the descendants thank you from the future. ☽ ♥ ☾

  9. Hey Silver. I found this post today and wanted to let you know that I was able to hand copy both of Lady Phoebe’s BOSs in the early 1980s and have them in three 100 page blank art books. Then I was able to get jpegs taken of every page, edited and pasted them into a Word doc, then into a PDF doc, and have them all on flash drives. When a student becomes a third degree i give them a copy, though many still choose to hand write their BOSs from it. Also between Lady Alsace and myself we have most of the altar tools from the Covenstead at Doc’s bookhouse. Unfortunately when Lady Phoebe passed her nephew threw out her original BOSs and everything else she owned into the dumpster, so yes these histories are fragile. I was at the bookhouse and the owner gave me a candelabra and old scourge he found. I have also written two short booklets on Santee and Phoebe and they are free PDFs at
    Enjoy and Blessed Be and Blessed All Hallows Eve. Shawnus / Coven of the Catta

      1. Enjoy the booklet as i have everything in there Janee told me about Doc and about herself. And in there are the parts of our BOSs that she copied from published sources at that time, even from Sybil’s books, are in there, lots of spells and formulas etc. I am glad our covens have survived and thrived these many decades despite all the blood, sweat and tears heading a coven entails. BB. Shawnus

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