I’ve Got Your Back — Release Program Magick


The other day I wrote about a bit of magick we did at our Yule gathering.  I talked about how we each drew a name out of a basket, and then stood behind that person.  We put our hands on their shoulders, and we chanted while moving clockwise — “I’ve got your back!”  In this instance, we agreed that we would work positive thoughts, prayers and energy for the person in front of us the whole year through.

Several of you indicated that you are solitary, and that you would like to do something like that here.  The suggestion was also made that we do it by posts.  For example, I post this article, and then the first person to comment “has my back”, meaning they will send positive energy and prayers for me.  The next person who comments is responsible to work for the person who commented before them, and so on.  I will always work for the last person on the comment stream.

The whole year through may be difficult for some of you, so I’m putting a time limit.  When you comment, you agree to work for the person ahead of you until the end of the program.  If you wish to continue, please let that person know.

Don’t worry that someone may forget to work for you.  Lord Thorn and I discussed this the other night.  We agreed to make sure all your names go in our monthly healing circle throughout 2013.  That way — no spiritual person is left behind.

Sound good to you?  Let the comments begin!


80 thoughts on “I’ve Got Your Back — Release Program Magick”

  1. Hi to all (Happy Solstice)-asking for help with money/prosperity for me and my family.

    And to Done (@DarlinDona)-I’ve got your back!

    1. Another excellent idea for everyone!
      Judy Bent, I’ve got your back 🙂
      Happy Yule to the whole wide world.

    1. Hi Sue- I got your back too! Your post was not there when I first posted. I don’t mind having two peoples back =)

  2. Melanie- I got your back =)- starting with I am an LMT, so tonight I will dance for you and send yummy massage energy ..to your back!

  3. I will gladly have your back Purplesnowflake! This is a great alternative Raven! Who ever has my back My family is everything but cohesive at this time, and I’m experiencing depression and anxiety. . . I do have to say the great release challenge could not have come at a better time,Your thoughtfulness and consideration of detail are amazing. I am greatful!!!

    1. Eldiga. I am going to draw your green avatar thingy that’s here next to you name, going to make a special sweet altar just for you in my home, will put your name on the altar, with all the joy, happiness, fulfillment, prosperity and love that you (and all of us) deserve.

    2. Valerie. Ive been burning some green candles for you, everything of the best to you in the new year. You can look at the picture on my Facebook… if you want.

    1. Change of plan, just a little tweak, i have so many altars going at the moment, i decided, to make one of my wall “altars” for you, its basically in poster format, still with the avatar and your name, each letter with what it stands for. E stand for Earth’s Blessings, L for Libertine, D for dreams come true, I for Inflatable will, G for Gate to fulfillment, A for Able to accomplish anything.

    1. LOL Eldiga, I guess, I’ve got your back now, or Valerie’s gonna be one lucky girl. We posted together. You’ve got fast fingers….

      1. Thank you Bianco On. I need work to gain confidence in my performance. Something happened to me a while back that I overcame with great will and hard work. What I need to do is let go of that event that required a surgical fix, and the fear of failure that came with it and more importantly the self sabotage that is born of the fear of failure. I am so close to back to the top. It was like digging my way out of a grave with a teaspoon. I need a shove over the barrier now. Actually I need a rocket launcher lodged under my arse. I send you many blessings for putting this in your thoughts.

      2. We will get there, I am here for you, just created a fb account with the name Bianco Swart, to be able to talk to you about your needs, ill post a photo there of the wall altar i made especially for you today. I don’t even know you but i think i’ve touched on the things you need now. Female, South Africa Cape Wine lands, see if you can find me:D

      1. Joy, will do Kiera, i don’t think i need drastic help anymore, there are other pple with way bigger dramas going on in their life’s. So joy is all Ill be asking you.

    1. Hi Kieraworld, is there anyting specific you’d like me to focus on? please let me know. I did the sea of pure potential healing including an intent of abundant natural good health, & happiness for you this morning. many blessings.

      1. Thank you Shelly, Good fortune and good health is what I’m focusing on for myself. How about you? What are you focusing on?

      2. It’s good to hear back from you. It looks like we are both focusing on the same things… good health and good fortune too. I’ve lit a candle and visualizing 2013 a much better year!

    1. bobbye, do you need something special from me? If you wanna see your altar, I can send you an email or create a special group on Facebook, if you like it.

    1. Givie, it was a pleasure to take time each of these last 9 days, and send you positive energy, good thoughts, and the ability to manifest all of your beneficial desires. May your Solar New Year continue to be blessed. ☽ ♥ ☾ Peace, ~ Anna

      1. Yes, there was a bit of confusion, where a bunch of posts hadn’t come through when they were sent, so who was above who couldn’t properly be see. Glad your back is had, and happy mid-winter to you. 🙂

  4. And Silver, thank you for your (continued) Generosity of Spirit! I looove the adorable picture you made for this posting, and am so grateful for you adding our names in to your monthly healing circle, for all of 2013. What a gift!! I am going to have your back, as well, for the rest of this program, because I want to. : ) Brightest Blessings. ~Anna

    1. Anna i.see someones.got.your back but.i want u.to.know i.got.ur back too.i.hope no.one.minds n BB Love n Light from Paul

      1. Thank You so much for that Paul! May the Lord and Lady Bless And Keep You, Always. /|\

  5. Woah. Silver, a whole bunch of posts that I guess were on hold, just came thru, that weren’t there before, so things are a bit wonky as to who has whom’s back. Can you let us know when the glitch is fixed(if you’re able to tell), so we know for sure who is right above us, and whose back we have. Thanks!

  6. I want someone’s back! And yes, Anna, I see your post and was not sure who I had either…. let me know!

    1. Hi Tanna! Couldn’t see your post at all, til just now! Me thinks this board has become a bit of (manageable)Chaos magic ; ) lol. I honestly don’t know if now that your’s is visible, that means you have me, and Jennifer has you? That would be technically correct. Jennifer, what say you? Since it’s two days later, if, Jenn, you’ve already been working for me, maybe Tanna can cover you, since I’m not totally sure what’s happening beneath you.. Or – we can form a Trifecta, and all three cover each other..? : ) I’m open to detangling suggestions. Definitely some Chaos Magic going on here, but we’re gonna make it the manageable, beneficial kind. : )
      ☽ ♥ ☾

  7. Valerie Schuler, is there anything in particular you need an extra bit of work for? I can work for general well being, but if there is something especially pressing, let me know.

    1. I need to find a second job. My main job does not bring in enough money to live on. I tried to go to a different job last April. It did not work out…and I have feelings of failure and shame that I need to let go of. 2012 has been a very bad year for me: financial problems, physical injuries from a couple of auto accidents and high costs that resulted from those accidents. I need to earn more income, and I want to succeed in decluttering my house. I also want to build a raised bed in my front yard (from scrounged materials, is ok).
      Thank you for asking. 🙂

  8. Great idea Silver i must say. I have my wifes back all the time thru.thick.n thin out n in and in the end the.love u take.is equal to the.love you make.ur friend Paul in Az.Ps did u get that Arizona Sun lol hope yr warmer now BB

  9. i highly appreciate these emails even though i think the only reason i get them is i was once to drunk for my on good and im certain i stated something stupid im pagan but im not into majic im a warrior for the respect of the gods espcially thor and odin some paths must be done alone no one has my back my purpose is to die with honor or die trying blessed be


    1. Well, Daniel, I hate to break it to you, but you’re back is not as ill-gotten as you suspect, and some part of you must know that, for you to even post in this particular thread : ). The fact that you exist at all, means a great deal of beings, both human, and otherwise, had, and have your back. A warrior may walk her or his path alone, at times, but also knows that the clan is the strength, and the strength is the clan. We are always walking with others, no matter how Solitary we may imagine our selves to be. To the part of you that felt compelled to reach out on the I’ve Got Your Back post, I say, “Be Blessed, and Aligned with Good Will. To others, but also to the Mirror.” Thor and Mjolnir are both older then the image assigned them of War God and Defense Tool. A Warrior makes peace within,and without, and also uses the hammer as a tiller, to turn the Earth, and plant seeds that will feed and nourish the community. A Warrior and Her/His Community, are interdependent. The best way to “die with Honor”, is to LIVE with Honor. Everyday. The best you can. “First, Do No Harm.”

  10. Happy Yuletide Greetings Everyone!

    Silver you’ve done it again. I love this idea!! You always amaze me. Your creativity and ability to motivate doesn’t ever seem to run in short supply. I want to thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge, your wisdom and both your magickal and mundane gifts and talents with others. I am truly blessed and appreciative that you are a part of my Goddess path. *Hugz*
    To whomever may have my back, I am dealing with some serious health issues and having difficulty with the financial burdens that come with the proper medical treatment I need. Any positive energy that you can send to me will be received with a heart full of love and gratitude.

    TG I’ve got your back! Is there anything special that I can do for you?

    Brightest Blessings to one and all for 2013!

  11. I realize I’m coming to this quite late so don’t know if this would still apply, but I think this idea is very special and would love to be a part of it. Happy to get Tamara’s- or anyone else’s still participating- back. And if this isn’t keeping going, then I’d just like to throw a little positivity into the mix.

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