Great Release Challenge — Day Eighteen — Tuesday

A Japanese rin marks the beginning of moments ...
A Japanese rin marks the beginning of moments 8, 16, and 24. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Great Release Challenge – Day Eighteen!
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2012


What does it mean to you in association with your environment and your personal behavior?  If I say to you, what activity would you do to create inner and outer peace, what would your answer be?  If I ask you what activity do you like to do in your home or office environment that creates peace, what would you say?


Is where it begins – the healing, the happiness, the joy all stem from the peace within, and the peace you create around you.

Today, we’re going to walk through home or office, or even if you are relegated to just one room, and think about how you can make that environment a more peaceful and tranquil environment.  What small changes can you make that can heighten the feeling of a calm and loving environment and in your daily activities?  Today, I will vacuum and dust to remove any negativity attached to dirt, open a window for half an hour to allow the negativity to escape, then I will light scented candles or incense, and finish clearing the home with a singing bowl, concentrating on peace and tranquility.

Perhaps you feel constantly unsettled.  Then it is from within that you must begin.  Take a bubble bath, meditate, pray, do deep breathing exercise – choose the activity that creates the most inner peace for you.

In the northern hemisphere, the winter holiday activities are in full swing.  Parties, dinners, get-togethers for fun, concerts, activities associated with school and children, and of course, the shopping, wrapping, and whatever else you like to do to keep the season bright and cheery.  Which also, of course, brings its own level of stress.  Then, of course, are the things you didn’t expect – like that girl on the cell phone that you didn’t expect to hit your car in the mall parking lot, or your hard drive in your computer saying, “You’ve pushed me too far, today I’m going to fart, and then I’m going to lay down and die.”  Problems at this time of the year can take on a new level of hysteria because you’re busy playing the holiday game with a glittering eye on making a grand touch down every time.

Today, you also might like to check your schedule for the coming weeks and make any changes to prevent that edge of insanity where you may just want to have a melt down and be done with it.

Today, do all activities with your mind and your heart focused on creating and living Peace.

Tomorrow:  CD’s, DVD’s, Computer Software


(1)   Do your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle.

(2)   Do Today’s Challenge associated with creating and maintaining peace.

(3)   If you can, add your Speed Cleaning Activity

(4)   Get ready for tomorrow!

Give yourself One Gold Star if you remembered to do your morning ritual.  Two gold stars if you made a change in your environment to promote peace and wellbeing.  Three gold stars if you worked on a mental/spiritual technique to create peace in your life.  Four gold stars if you did something from your Wish List.  Five gold stars if you squeezed in a speed cleaning challenge!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.



19 thoughts on “Great Release Challenge — Day Eighteen — Tuesday”

    1. you rock thank you for being a huge positive role model of positive energy in my life personally!

  1. And this is why we love your Great Release Challenge so much ! Smiles with the Coffee and Happiness for the Day !

  2. Making my work space is a bit more difficult because I work in the operating room but with a little ingenuity and persistance I finally figured out how to add my own touch to the room I am assigned to. First of all I must say I make all my OR hats so right there I have kinda created my own sacred space by incorporating my own style to go along to our drab scrubs.

    Each holiday I take in window clings and decorate the OR door to the room I am assigned. We have a dry erase board in the room and I also put window clings on it and the cabinet doors. When I interview the patient they always remark on my hats and when they are wheeled into the OR room – they always remark how nice it is to see a warm inviting touch. Even with the sedation they recognize that the room is festive. Many of our surveys come back with kind remarks on my room decor.

    At home I am known as the decoration deva…LOL. I love to have candles lit for ambience it is soothing for the eyes, nose and soul. I meditate on a regular basis and I also frequently balance my chakras with crystals. I love to pull up You Tube on my computer and listen to pagan songs to help ground and center myself before working with meditation and my crystals

  3. I had planned to clear up my desk, as it is my workspace, and quite cluttered. Perhaps a year of clutter is pouring out everywhere.But I was interrupted by unexpected visitors. My sister in law and her family stopped by. The funny thing was i was sort of annoyed to be interrupted (though I love her and her family). We chatted over coffee and she started talking about their video game and how bored they were with the games they had. They certainly couldn’t afford anything else. All of a sudden I remembered this old school atari game with over a hundred games and controllers that I have clogging up a walk in closet in my spare room.i asked her if she would be interested in taking it off my hands? She was quite excited to take ownership and I was quite excited to release this huge piece of nostalgia. So funny how things turn out!

    The next thing was my Mom who is 80, asked if I would bring my Dad for his doctor’s appointment. Of course without hesitation. Now I am back home and ready to give this desk a thorough going over. I was even thinking perhaps timing the drawers to see how that goes.

  4. In the confusion of yesterdays garden tragedy, that i had to rescue some plans and bulbs (some of which was cut in half by spade) My mother in law, who have dementia forgot her bag with knitting in outside, all the wool got wet, i took it and hanged it in the Sun to dry, when i was not looking she took it down, pulled the wool, out of their bags and hanged it in her own way, we went to do some late Christmas shopping today, i knew mamma will lay down in the afternoon, so i use that time to do the spiritual challenges, (i wished i had a singing bowl after looking at and listening to them on you-tube) but used my rattle instead, (but very quietly so as not to wake granny). When she got up she wanted to go sit outside in the shadow of the Pecan tree. That’s when i discovered what she did to her wool, yes you guessed right we were untangling knots out of red and pumpkin orange wool the whole afternoon, at some stage i remembered i had to go to the clinic for my last injection (boy it burns) but there’s a shop nearby that sells wool, so in “silent eye rolling and eye language” my husband made me understand to get some other wool, my oldest son went with me, i got the wool, he was finding it very funny that we were trying to “pull some wool over our parents (his granny) eye’s” so to speak, so while i was closing the gate, he took the wool to her and said “here grandma, here’s some MORE wool for you, (little bloody brat :D) we were planning on “sneaking” it into her bag, and make the tangled one’s disappear (hubby and i), and still we had to sit and unravel those knots. 😀 I took a picture of hubby untangling his Mother’s wool.

    Oh, don’t you just love it when life gives you these funny, annoying interventions?

    Bless you all 😀

    1. Having lived with a parent with dementia, I so understand the humor here. Instead of a singing bowl, try glasses filled with varying amounts of water. If you tap them with a metal spoon, they can make beautiful music, just like the bowl. Also, a metal salad bowl will also sound like a singing bowl.

      1. Thank you will try that, found an old pewter sugar bowl amongst my moms things, ill make it a little cushion to sit on. But i am definitely going to keep my eyes open for one.

  5. Mother-in-law came over today, she was going to use our computer (theirs is in the shop), but ended up just chatting for a while.

    Thinking about peace, for me normally leads to a bath! I have loved bathing (not washing, but actually having a soak in the tub) since I was a child. Even as an adult, when I know I’m getting stressed or just want some ‘me’ time, that is my go-to. I have some lovely bath salts, some bubble bath or oil (right now it’s just olive oil, which makes the tub smell like Italian food! but it is great for winter dry skin!!!)

    If I’m really feeling like pampering myself, I’ll bring a drink in and a book…and sometimes a chocolate 🙂 No one bothers me in the bath, and when you sink your head under the water, you can’t hear anything either. It is like drifting in nothingness.

    1. Jennifer, I’m a true bath lover as well. It is one of my sanctuaries : ). Don’t have a usable one right now, so it’s been a fun and interesting experiment, finding things to fill in that hole. : )

  6. Speaking of peace, here’s a great little tool I found online, a week or so ago: It has amazing mix and match sounds that you control the volume of. I’ve found it to be a useful tool. I’ve made a variety of different mood mixes, that I love, and I’ve also found the monotonous toning of ‘church bell’ to be great for energizing a space. Hope some folks try it out- it’s great! 🙂

  7. Wow Silver great questions my whole place of living is sacred n mind body emotions spirit.and soul so i use candles and frankinsence n white sage to cleanse the house and open up doors n windows to let negatvity out n i clean n vacum daily n i cleanse my chakras too so its a tough question.but to.make it short surroundings r sasacred so i cleanse consecrate n bles all of them n that keeps balance and harmony.n a healthu mind body sprit n soul Bb Silver ur friend Paul in Az

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