Great Release Challenge — Day Seventeen — Monday!

English: hauling of the yule log
English: hauling of the yule log (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Day Seventeen! — 2012 Great Release Challenge!
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2012


Last night I hosted a Yule party.  Along with our celebration were two points of magick.  First, everyone wrote their name on a piece of paper.  I then put the papers in a holiday basket and mixed them up, chanting the words “happiness” and “joy” as I swirled the papers.  Each person drew one of those papers and checked to make sure they hadn’t drawn their own name.  If they did, they were to put the paper back in the basket and draw again.  Luckily this didn’t happen.


Then I said to them, “This working is called — I’ve Got Your Back.  I would like everyone to step behind the person whose name you drew.”  It was amazing how quickly and easily everyone circled up and they began moving in a clockwise direction without my asking them to.  I hopped in at my place, and then said, “Put your hands on the shoulder of the person in front of you, and keep moving!  Throughout 2013, this is the person you will work for, pray for, and encourage in your own way.  You are their Believe Buddy, and your good thoughts for them will help them along their journey in life.”  We continued moving in a clockwise direction, chanting “I’ve got your back!” to raise positive energy and reinforce the group mind.


They loved it!


Even if you are a solitary practitioner, there is no reason why you can’t do this type of activity with your family come December  21st.   Children will particularly enjoy this activity.


Our second bit of magick was done outside in circle with drums and rattles.  I believe that whenever people are drawn together this becomes a particularly special moment in time.  That moment will never happen again, and the best way to use it is to consciously enjoy it.  You will never be together again in the same place, the same circumstances, with the same thoughts, the same weather, etc.  Every experience is totally unique.  Any group mind activity affects the universe, and you do have the power to change things whether there are only two of you, or fifteen, or a hundred, or more!  Several ways to synchronize this power is to breathe together, sing, visualize the same thing, make music, or chant.


Our music, singing and chanting was for peace.


Today’s Challenge encompasses a single action.  You will find a rock.  Sit still in privacy, and push all of your pain, unhappiness, fears, disquiet…into the rock.  Have a box of tissues ready.  You may need them.  Then when you are finished, you will take that rock off your property and throw it good and hard away from you.  (Please do not hit anyone or anything.)  As you throw the rock, chant our Braucherei Evil Be Gone charm nine times:


Evil be gone
Do not return
The horse has run off
And the bridges are burned


When you throw the rock, immediately turn and walk away.


Do not look back.


Tomorrow:  Praying or working for Peace




1.  Do Your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle.
2.  Complete today’s Rock Throwing Challenge.
3.  Practice your Sea of Potential Exercise.
4.  Get Ready for Tomorrow!


Give yourself one gold star if you did today’s  Challenge.  Two gold stars if you Do a Charitable Deed for a friend or family member.  Three gold stars if you managed to catch up and do something you missed from the day before.  Four gold stars if you completed something on your new Wish List .  Five Gold Stars if you kept up your Speed Cleaning Exercises.    Remember, for every seven gold stars you earn, you get to treat yourself with something special!


Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.


So be it.






19 thoughts on “Great Release Challenge — Day Seventeen — Monday!”

  1. Silver, I loooooooove the “I’ve Got Your Back” working. 🙂 Any suggestions for someone far, far away from actual in-person community?

    1. You can do with with friends and family members, or you could even do it with an on-line group where you all sit down at the same time and focus. It could even be done by mail! We could do it here, or on a Facebook Page — let me think about it.

      1. Physical wise, I am literally alone alone, where I am. So. Yeah. I meant in-person community, period, and literally- not Craft specific :j. I’ll keep a watch for any idea you may come up with, thank you(also, I’ve been trying to view your author facebook page – is it set to private? I’m not on facebook(I delightedly left, a couple of years ago :j). Usually you can still see public pages, whether you’re on fb, or not, but I that’s not the case here.).
        It seems a major part of the working, is that who ever you get matched up with, ‘has your back’ for the whole of next year? I guess that might be more complicated then a one-off, virtually, on the 21st. Hmmm….

  2. Yea, i just talked with my family members about doing it with me…… they all said they won’t feel comfortable with it, and my dearest hubby said that you KNOW iv got your back….. i understand. But ill have to think on this one for the 21st, maybe envision your guardian/ angel/ Spirit/ God/Goddess walking behind you…….. Silver can you help us with working something out please? My family support me, but they wont take part, i got them so far to light some candles with me but that’s about it.

  3. I belong to a coven and we are getting together for the solstice, but for the moment I am on my own, as i live quite a distance from the closest member. My family supports me (though only my husband and i are here now). I have to say that when I read your post Silver, I could envision myself there with all of you in the circle round. My sister and I practice together and have for years. I was thinking that when we get together at the end of the week we could try this ritual. I feel this can be done with just one other person if you like.

    On another note, the Sea of Pure Potential has become one of my favorites. At first I just memorized the words and visualized the healing, golden waters. For this last week I have been using this as a majickal tool to manifest and heal. Results are remarkable! I feel so enpowered by these words. They connect me with the All, the Universe, Spirit and the Devine! It is a wonderful way to start my day. Thank you Silver! My blessing go out to all of you!

    1. I did get that you could do this with just one other person.. But you need one other person :). Everybody doesn’t have somebody in person, and that’s taken for granted as a given(and, unfortunately, with a lot of judgement, in the public eye. Don’t know why.)so I’m holding my hand up on behalf of the many that may be in a similar situation, to see if there’s a way we can also do this working.

  4. OK up at 4:15 am – did morning rituals and then took my rock visualizing all the negative things and sending them into the rock. I then tossed the rock away from my property – and reciting the Evil-Be-Gone Charm. Now that all of this is done I headed off to Planet Fitness to work on my goal of good health. Home now and about to enjoy my first good cup of coffee…..don’t under estimate the power of a good cup of coffee. When I am done with the coffee I plan on doing the speed clean thing, do some laundry and dropping 2 winter coats off to be dry cleaned. (One item off new wish list).

    I don’t go back to work until Thursday ……. going to enjoy my time off.

    PS: Forgot to mention I made a cake with Red frosting and took it over for my boys to eat last night. The littlest one (9 months) smacked his lips after I put some frosting into his mouth. Too funny. Konrad (almost 3) got hit by big brother and came to Grandma to get a kiss to make it all better. He fell asleep as I was rubbing his back and telling him everything would be OK. Yup I still got it!

  5. I needed a big rock…… but instead used a small one. Today was not a good day for me, but i did get something done in the garden, (although it was not what i planned on doing today) got a sore sunburn also :D. But it’s fine.
    The sea of potential are doing wonders for me, also find myself saying it over and over during the day.

    The rock got very warm in my hands, i guess i had a bit of anger in me, and i was disappointed in someone, that i tried to help today…… but its another story. I am OK with it, one can only do so much, the rest is up to the individual.

    Have a Beautiful day all of you.
    Much love from sunny South Africa 😀

    1. I miss your Sun, lol. It has been dreary here. You are right, you can only go so far and then it is up to the individual. Sending you bright and delightful blessings. It is so wonderful to hear from you!!! You remind us that this is a big world, and that all experiences, cultures, and places can create an amazingly exotic life — if we just let it.

  6. You could easily translate the “I’ve got your back” for a virtual community (even us posters here in the Challenge!). We could ‘have the back’ of the person who posted before us….Silver is of course the first and last poster!

    I had a fabulous day today. I had been planning on walking to a nearby pawn store, and trying to get a bit of cash for some of the old things I no longer want. I don’t work, so don’t have any money of my own, and right now money is tight and it is getting hubby cranky. He’ll say he hates the holidays, but really he likes buying things for people, just hates when he can’t get the things he wants to get for them. I know there is a thing in the game he plays that he wants, and he just doesn’t want to spend the ten dollars to get it right now (and it is a limited time thing), so I was hoping that I could get ten dollars and surprise him with an early present this year.

    After my son went off to school, it started pouring. I was thinking I wasn’t going to be able to go today, but then my mother-in-law called and wanted to know if I wanted to go running around with her. She even was planning on going to one of the gold jewelry places in town to sell some rings as well!

    She also had to go to the unemployment office, as she had recently gotten laid off. So while I was waiting there for her to finish up, I decided to go ahead and do the Sea of Potential…and while I was at it, I extended it to include the whole building, for prosperity. It definitely was a great way to spend some wait time, and I figured if I could spread the blessings, even better!

    Then we went to the gold store, and imagine my surprise, I actually walked away 66 dollars richer!

    I loved the rock working today! It is so simple, and so easy to do anywhere (you could even carry a rock in your pocket/purse “just in case”). I grabbed a rock from the front entry on the way back in from checking my mail, and then tossed it out the back door….right before it started to hail! (I love stormy weather)

    1. I know exactly what you mean about the holidays and finances. You want to do so much, and it can feel like such a psychological arrow to the heart when you can’t. A few years ago I started saying to myself — Its just a day. Make the memories bright and glitzy, make the love and compassion grow, align yourself with happiness, and the good cheer will flow. You know, it worked!

      I’m delighted the Sea of Potential exercise is working for you. You go!!! I also like the I’ve got your back posting idea. We will do that!!!

  7. well today would have been a definite ” i got your back” thing.. i woke up to NO WATER!!! yay!!…managed to get a well repair guy to come out and look at it tonight and guess what.. we needed a whole new pump and tank!! can anybody say..$$$$$$$$$!!!.. then after that we had troubles with the toilet flushing… sigh oh boy!! .. but luckily we figured out many hours later that all we had to do was jsut pour some extra water in the bowl to equalize the water pressure in the tank!!.. *PHEW!!!* DO NOT need to be spending even MORE money now on fixing a toilet!! So that was my day today!!.. is it friday yet????? i have off on friday!

  8. Well, I had a very busy day, Challenge wise, but not with the appointed task : ). I was recovering from not feeling well, so it was too cold to go outside to walk, and rid a charged rock, so I tended to some of the bigger things I hadn’t done yet(I was actually surprised, considering how many things I *have* done, to see after going back and reviewing, how many big ritual things I *hadn’t* done).

    Brewed some clove tea, Sunday night, in prep for doing the window and door sealing. Washed doors and mirrors, with lavender hydrosol. Threw out the trash. Then went around to each door and window -with my Guardian Angels, and Challenge Guardian- and sprayed the clove infusion on each door and window, made a banishing pentagram, and sealed with equal-armed cross, and stated when all done: “This House, and it’s occupants are protected. Peace with the Gods. Peace with Nature. Peace within. And So It Is. Blessed Be. Thank You.”

    At the beginning of the process, while steal cleaning, I had a knock on my front door, and didn’t realize til after I’d sat down from doing the above, that I was actually very anxious from the interaction(nice guys, well meaning, but the repairs they are doing at the landlord’s bequest have already affected my health, and they’d arrived to tell me they’d be doing much, much more) -and kind of in general, post cleaning and protecting..?- I remembered Silver’s toilet paper exercise, got up, went into the bathroom, and wrote done exactly what was worrying me on some toilet paper, then flushed it down the toilet, and sealed that, reminding myself that this can be handled(physically feeling ill, always makes everything seem so unable to handle!).

    Then I put a pot of lemon peel and cinnamon water on the Stove: “Bless this house with health, wealth, Venusian protection, and Good Vibrations. Thank you!”

    Washed the inside and out of screen door, and wooden front door, with lemon juice, and sweet orange essential oil, water, while saying over and over, “I welcome Prosperity into my home.” Then sealed.

    House smelled delicious, and I felt good, though all of that definitely stirred something, and I know I need to tend to the Release exercise(free-form writing, then burning paper) that I missed.

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