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2012 Great Release Challenge — Day Sixteen — Sunday


Day Sixteen! — 2012 Great Release Challenge!
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2012

Please note that I am posting Sunday’s Challenge a day early as I am hosting a Yule party on Saturday and I want to make sure you have all the information you need for a smooth weekend!  Sunday’s physical challenge is to go through your accessories and any jewelry you may have.  Accessories can bring prosperity and joy to you if they are clean and empowered. You can use your Sea of Potential Exercise to add positive, attractive energy to these items.  Last year I purchased a box of small, plastic bags at the craft store so that I could separate my jewelry.  I no longer have clumps of glittering earrings or a veritable jungle of metal in my jewelry chest.  However, since the move, I found another box of costume jewelry, so guess what I’ll be doing today?

If you have already done your accessories and jewelry, choose something on your wish list to complete.  I realize that you may have been very busy this weekend.  Not to worry.  Remember, release one thing and save the tasks listed in this program for when you have time.

Tomorrow:  Throwing Stones (yes, you read that right)


1.  Do Your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle.
2.  Complete today’s Jewelry and Accessory challenge.
3.  Practice your Sea of Potential Exercise.
4.  Get Ready for Tomorrow!

Give yourself one gold star if you did today’s Jewelry and Accessory Challenge.  Two gold stars if you Do a Charitable Deed for a friend or family member.  Three gold stars if you managed to catch up and do something you missed from the day before.  Four gold stars if you completed something on your new Wish List .  Five Gold Stars if you kept up your Speed Cleaning Exercises.    Remember, for every seven gold stars you earn, you get to treat yourself with something special!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.

So be it.



Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

10 thoughts on “2012 Great Release Challenge — Day Sixteen — Sunday

  1. Practiced the sea of potential, did the morning ritual, then i sat outside for a while with my mother in law and my hubby, just talking about everything and nothing, came in and started Sunday lunch, while hubby kept an eye on his mom. After everyone had their full, mom wanted to lay down for a few min, that’s when i had time to do the jewelry, its mostly cheap jewelry. But i washed every single piece, used some salt and sage and lemon dish washing soap.
    My crystal necklaces are kept clean as do all my other crystals, and my wedding ring is always clean. My magical stones that i wear are also kept clean.
    I only did the “cheap” jewels today. Iv put some of them back that i could not part with, the others i am going to send to my sister she’ll enjoy them, we’re 1500 km apart so don’t see each other that often, she’s more mother than sister to me, she was 14 when i was born and still playing dolls:) so she had a live doll in me to play with, we’re oldest and youngest of 5 kids. And i miss her very much. I empowered the stuff i want to send to her, with good health, happiness and peace. I’ll pack them with some sage to keep clean, before posting.

    The plants that my daughter and i planted yesterday are doing good, (she brought one out that was dieing in her room) i took it and re-potted it in fresh palm peat, she just came in now told me all its leaves are standing upright, asked if i gave it Viagra……. no, water my dear, water help to keep a plant alive sometimes, strangely enough….. :D. The pot was to full of dirt, the water she gave it did not reach it,s roots, just flowed over the edge and away, the poor thing got just enough to hold on to dear life since September when she got it from a friend for her b-day (lol Virgo plant killer)

    A good day to all of you.
    Keep up the good humor :D.
    Blessed Be.

  2. OK, so the funny thing about today was… I couldn’t do anything yesterday, not even read the email as I wasn’t online at all and wasn’t at home. Today I got up and thought I’d read my emails but then some jewellery bits and pieces caught my eye and I felt like… ah no, I’ll get those away first. I’ve wanted to do this for a while anyway. So I ended up sorting out jewellery stuff, dividing them into what was thrown away and into crafting material and whatever I wanted to keep… Ended up tidying more than I thought in the first place. lol
    And THEN I read that jewellery is on today’s list. Hahahah!

      1. It absolutely IS amazing 😀 I love when something like this happens. 🙂

  3. well nothig done again today.. still tired for some reason.. i hate this feeling of constant tiredness.. but then got up and got washed and dressed and am now waiting to go to a Yule ritual. I have this Friday off and nobody will be home, so hopefully i will have enough energy to get to all these littl things i have been meaning to get to.

    1. I totally understand, Kathleen. I have spent the last two days doing laundry. UGH! My least favorite chore. But I am almost there. Just two more loads to go and I will be done at last. Don’t give up and don’t allow it to bring you down. You’re not alone. 🙂

  4. I am happy to report that I did my jewelry when I cleaned by dresser. I also cleaned out a drawer for my jewelry boxes. Still working on my clothes – all have been washed and sorted into keep… toss… and donate. Now I just have to resort the keep and tidy the closet. It’s a tiny closet so I will have to split up my wardrobe into groups and keep some of it in the spare room.

    Is anyone else finding that the more you do, the more you find to deal with? I’ll be in the midst of a task and then discover another that needs my attention. It’s a good thing, that’s for certain. Keeps you moving forward.

    Can’t believe we’re halfway through and I haven’t made it to the pile of stuff in the basement yet. Onward we go!

  5. Son and I did the regular cleaning today, then I decided to take a bath. A friend made me some lovely empowering bath salts last Yule, so I added some in and did a bit of meditation with my guardian energy. Have some plans for the holidays that I am pretty excited about, so tomorrow might be a busy day…so decided to keep today simple and restful (and I already did my jewelry!).

  6. So, lets get down to catching up and adding to the challenge! I finally went through my jewelry and released the need to hold on to old jewelry that was my Mom’s and Grandma’s. Yes all of it is extremely sentimental but I have not even looked at the stuff for over a year now. Bye-bye, gone! I was going to give this to Salvation army then decided to help another person. My ex sells antiques so I have decided to pass this stuff along to him so he can sell it. He is having financial difficulities so he may be able to make some $$$$. OK that is my good deed for the day. LOL.

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