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2012 Great Release Challenge — Day Fifteen — Saturday

Good Fortune Piggy designed by Silver RavenWolf
Good Fortune Piggy designed by Silver RavenWolf

Day Fifteen! — 2012 Great Release Challenge!
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2012

We are halfway through this year’s Release Program!  Give yourself SEVEN gold stars if you made it this far — remember, the primary goal each day is to release one thing — everything else is just good fortune lumped in your favor!  If you have followed the program and did all or most of the topics listed — you deserve double — Fourteen Gold Stars for you!

Halfway through the program deserves a reward for you, so I’ve designed a Good Fortune Piggy that you can use in your work.  Yes, I realize that’s this is an odd choice; but, this piggy is designed for your good health, winning success, abundance in life and your happiness.  Print off the Good Fortune Piggy, add whatever sigils, names, or designs you like to him and use him in your magickal work.  This design is counted cross-stitch, so if you want to use him that way — go for it!  All I ask is that you don’t sell the design.  Other than that, have fun with him!

Your mental challenge today is all about creativity!  How can you use what you learned so far, or by the experiences you have had, to enhance your life?  Tell us!

The Sea of Potential Exercise

For the past fifteen days, we’ve been working with the Sea of Potential Exercise given early on in the program.  How is it working for you?  Let me tell you a story…

Last night was our regularly scheduled healing circle.  As I’ve mentioned a few times, the hearthstone has moved — we now live in the middle of state game lands — rural; but not deeply rural (we are within seven minutes of a town in either direction).  However, being in the woods presents different challenges than living in a town.  One of those changes includes a stone driveway, ditches on either side (which we are working on) and limited parking space (for now).  Rural also means no street lights.  So, when a circle member pulled into the drive last night, his car ended up ass in the air and nose in the ditch.

Oh dear.

As he was calling Triple A (a towing service here in the states) I stood on the front porch and used the Sea of Potential Exercise to get his car out of that ditch.  No, it did not levitate.  Instead, someone driving by with a big truck passed the upended vehicle, then slowed, then sped by.  None of us really noticed because everyone on the road was slowing down, gawking, and then zooming past.  One young lady in a small car stopped and asked if she could help.  We thanked her very much; but, told her we had it under control.  A minute or two later that big truck rolled up from the other direction.  He stops and gets out, and says, “I can pull that car out no sweat.  No need to call a towing service.  I’ve been doing this stuff for years.”  He proceeds to unload a chain, hooked it up, and within minutes, he had the car out of the ditch.  Everyone on the porch (so now we were singing Yule carols for the public’s entertainment) cheered.  My husband ran in the house, then ran out again, catching the man as he was pulling away.

“Here,” said my husband.  “Can’t do a favor for nothing.”  And he handed the fellow what he had in his wallet.

“I can’t take that,” said the man.  “Just trying to do good.”

“Times are hard,” said my husband, “give this to your grandchildren, or to charity.”

The man smiled, and said.  “All right.  I’ll do that,” and drove down the road.

At the end of our healing circle last night, we asked that the man who stopped to help us be given special blessings for the coming year.  We asked that he be rewarded for his kindness in many ways.  We also asked that the young lady who stopped be given special blessings as well.

This morning I contemplated our good fortune of assistance last night.  I often teach that we are all connected, and that if you ask for help aloud, in a firm and confident voice, you will receive what you need.  As magick (thought) travels the path of least resistance, you can tell by experiences like this who is open with compassion, and who is not.  The Universe does pick up and deliver your message — that is a sure thing.  You send out the call along those invisible bands of energy that connect us all, and someone will respond IF you are open to receive.  It goes both ways, you see, they can hear you; but, you have the ultimate choice to turn them away.  But, if you do turn them away, you should thank them anyway…because they tried.  And trying is the most important part of it all.

This experience was also a lesson in the group mind and the power it holds.  I think each of us said something aloud about needing a tow as quickly as possible, given the angle of the car and the tight road (we didn’t want someone to come by and hit the car).  As we were all on the same mental page, help arrived literally in minutes.

Your family, and the people in your household ARE a group mind, even though they may not realize it.  How can that power be used effectively in your life?

Tomorrow:  Accessories You Wear and Jewelry


1.  Do Your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle.
2.  Complete today’s Your Choice challenge.
3.  Practice your Sea of Potential Exercise.
4.  Get Ready for Tomorrow!

Give yourself one gold star if you did today’s Your Choice Challenge.  Two gold stars if you use today’s Good Fortune Piggy in your workings.  Three gold stars if you managed to catch up and do something you missed from the day before.  Four gold stars if you completed something on your new Wish List .  Five Gold Stars if you kept up your Speed Cleaning Exercises.    Remember, for every seven gold stars you earn, you get to treat yourself with something special!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.

So be it.



Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

21 thoughts on “2012 Great Release Challenge — Day Fifteen — Saturday

  1. Silver, thank you for sharing that wonderful story. I so appreciate you. Would you mind sharing exactly how you worded the Sea of Potential to fit calling in a tow truck? Like, “The sea around me is filled with this car healthy, and back on the road”? I’d like to hear more about how *you* word it to suit particular situations. Thank you so much for all you do, and share, and for your accessibility. Blessings.

  2. I envisioned the sea of potential around me, then in me, and I said, “May the sea of potential bring us the help that we need, and we need to get that car out of that ditch before someone gets hurt!” That’s all there was to it. I’ve been working on the Sea of Potential exercise since the summer, when I first developed it. I do it every day, and the more I do it, the faster things happen. Does that help?

    1. Yes, that helps, thanks. I think I was being too literal, in thinking that it had to plug in to the exact “formula” of the two paragraphs you gave us, as opposed to just becoming *one* with the Sea of Potential, and asking! I could sense the, well….potential(hahaha) in the Sea of Potential working, since you first intro’d it to us, so wanted to know the best way to work it. Thank you. Oh, also, when you first started working with it, did you find it best to call in the same thing each day, to build, or did it work just as well with changing daily needs? (What I call in each day with the Lord of the Day, then the “I Know” statement, as well as the Sea of Potential exercise, changes depending on what I’m feeling in the moment, and I wonder if I should be just focusing on my over-all goal for the month/Challenge?)

  3. Wow great story just show u how powerful we can be when we set our minds to it. 🙂
    Earlier in this program i told Silver about this negative friend of mine, i started using the lesser banishing ritual of earth every time she came round (not to chase her away just to ban the negative feelings that hangs around her…. those feelings gave me headaches, really). It’s working, Friday she came in all happy and smiling with a more positive “feeling” around her, she brought me a piece of denim, a big piece, said i can have it, all she want out of it are 2 handbags ( i make them out of any piece of odd upholstery or curtain material, just for fun) and i thought to myself well she’s going to use this bag, i am going to put some of my magic into it to help her, if she’s open to receive, why not? I’ ll use some semi precious stones as decorations. She also wanted to know where do i get this sudden burst of energy from (she thought i was on some kind of wonder pill, as if…. :D). So i told her about your sea of potential, i wrote it down for her, told her if she’s open to receive it will work for her.

    What did we do on this “your own choice” day?. Firstly i raked up some more plums (sigh), did the washing and the dishes. Hubby took us out for brunch at my favorite nursery…… BIG mistake, came home with some pots and a new orchid, my daughter, planted some little flowers that we cant even pronounce the name of, but they are beautiful, those went next to her flat door. Then they decided dad’s truck need a wash….. now she’s obsessive when it comes to cleaning something, even asked for an old toothbrush at some stage…… (Virgo’s are a pain in the bud sometimes :D). They just left in the clean truck to pick grandma up at the airport, it’ll be full of bugs when they return tonight, but at least its clean for now.
    I didn’t do the Christmas tree yet, Pine tree’s are seen as alien plants (where we are) it’s being taken out at places that don’t have a permit to grow them, so i waited for a fresh one, it came yesterday. I love the smell of pine trees, this year i am going to decorate it all in silver…… with the 5 crystal angels that represent the five people that lives here.

    I KNOW, your healing circle will do great today, the best of all things good to all of you.

    Be Blessed.

  4. Thank you so much Silver for sharing the Sea of Potential affirmation and how use it every day. it really is powerful. I imagined today that I was breathing in positive mental and physical energy to accomplish all the things I need to do and I managed to tidy up most of the house, do some yoga, scrubbed the hearth which I had been meaning to do for months, prepared lunch and its still just 3.30 in the afternoon and I have the rest of the day to look forward to. Thank you Anna, Kit and Bianco for your help! Oh Yes and managed to release 6 or 7 things to make up for days I missed. However my jewelry is a total mess. Haven’t sorted or tidied it for years. That has to be next on the list. Sigh!!

  5. Silver, I first decided to give this “Great Release Program” a try because honestly I follow your books and find wonderful ways to live my life within their covers. What has happened as a result is a better understanding of myself. A spiritual journey wrapped up in activities to better my life and my famililies lives too. Like Anna mentioned, I feel you have been gracious enough to allow all of us to be a part of your world, your majick and your community. I guess I never expected you to be that accessable. I thank you for all the love you give to us daily. I have also come to realize that I truely am blessed with pure potential.

    I have used the Sea of Pure Potential Ritual to help my son, who is only 22 and living half way across the country from me. His girlfriend left him with the sole custody of their 6 month old daughter. He was a total wreck (understandably so). I visulaized him in this sea of pure potential with healing energy all around. I asked for him to realize his own potential and ability to raise his daughter with love and to appreciate this responsibilty. His attitude has changed from one of dispair to one of courage, and the belief that he can do a great job! He even believes he can be a better parent on his own. There is joy in his voice. My granddaughter isn’t fussing when I speak to him anymore, she is cooing and giggling, and he is talking to her with such love and devotion, that I feel he will be okay! This is a complete turn around from just a week ago! He even told me, ” Mom, I can do this! I just started reading labels, calling her doctor if I wasn’t sure and she is really happy now!” The pride in his voice almost made me weep! i know i can manifest whatever I desire! Thank you Silver 🙂

  6. My morning prayers and workings done, I am listening to jazzy holiday music, and going through the 14 days thus far, and making note of anything I haven’t done, that I’d like to catch up on. Today feels Magical. 🙂

  7. The last couple days I keep getting reminded that looking at things in a traditional way doesn’t always work best. Sometimes you need to turn things upside down or inside out or approach them from a different direction. For dinner tonight we made pancakes and sausage. We don’t do breakfast a lot at our house….I mean we all eat breakfast, but normally it’s cereal or pop tarts or frozen waffles. All three of us get up at different times, and on school days my son eats breakfast at school, so making breakfast is just something we do individually. I never really think of breakfast foods when I’m trying to think of stuff to cook for dinner, but hubby suggested pancakes for dinner tonight and we all enjoyed them.

    I’ve also been embroidering some handkerchiefs for Yule presents. And I was marking the designs on in chalk (so they would not be permanent), and I did the first one, and am partway through sewing it, when it occurred to me that if I had traced the design on (backwards) on the back, I could have drawn it in heavier (still in chalk) and not worried about if all the traces were gone at the end…and it would have been so much easier to see my stitching (the cloth I am using is quite dark on the front, and I’m outlining in black, so much eye strain seeing where I’m sewing). At least I can do the other two on the back and have an easier go of it (of course I started with the most difficult one…silly me!)

    I do NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) in November, so I already have the confidence that if I set daily goals for myself that I can follow through. I think I need to extend it to spiritual practice as well. At the start of this program, I drew up a little blank calendar. Every day, I copy the day’s exercises into my notebook (so I can look back on ones I like later and revisit them), and then I also draw a little picture of the day’s theme on my calendar. It sits on my desk (where I spend the bulk of my time), right where I can see it. When I have finished my activity for the day, I take a yellow crayon and draw a big star over the day’s picture. I have been thinking about continuing to use this type of monthly calendar to work on regular practice….and to chronicle workings over the course of a moon cycle as well.

    1. Jennifer, I don’t do it too often(’cause it’s basically dessert to me), but am a big fan of pancakes, waffles, or french toast for dinner :D. With real butter, and real maple syrup. Mmm. 🙂
      It’s a bit of a pain to get to a printer, so, calender wise, I created a private board on pinterest, and pin each day’s image, along with the instructions, and then fill in how I’m doing in the comments area 🙂 . I’m writing in my regular journal as well, but it’s been fun/great to have all the images in one place, as well as adding special one’s of my own choosing to line up with the different prayers and affirmations. 🙂

      1. What? Where? Pancakes?……… i want some. We usually make them in wintertime here, in the evening on a dark and rainy day with cinnamon and sugar, with butter melting through…….. divine…..

  8. well again no holiday cards done, or closet done.. had an eye dr appt today at the mall of all places.. saturday.. at the mall .. a week before christmas… yea good planning on my part! my bf had to drop me off and pick me up cause parking was definitely NOT to be found anywhere! sigh! oh well!..then i came home and took the dog for a mini-walk around the house,, even HE decided it was too cold to stay out.. cause after jsut one romp around the house.. he was ready to go back inside to warm up! so then.. just relaxed for the rest of the day.. then tonight we took a car ride up to l.l. beans to exchange my winter jacket… that was easy..but took FOREVER to get up there and back again.. but oh well at least it’s done! got home dog wanted to play again!… my sink is filling up with dishes… am trying to get the bf to wash them.. since i have done the dishes the LAST 2 TIMES… i keep reminding him.. but all i hear is “i’ll do it later” “i’ll do it later”… and later never comes.. can;t very well throw the dishes away…so what is to be done here in this situation? anyone?

  9. oh yea and i got a yule ritual to go to tomorrow night so have to get ready for that also! YAY!

  10. Morning! So Day 15 was my review day, and Sisters(and any Brothers 😉 ), I’m glad I did it! It actually took a few hours, going back through all of the assignments, to date, and noting in my journal which one’s I had not completed, and making a plan to tackle them, as well as doing a few on the spot(14’s challenge of clearing out, and sorting clothes, and Happy Town visualization). Also copying and pasting all of my comments on here, to my Great Release Challenge pinterest board, so that I have them all in on spot :). It was actually great to go back and read, because it actually helped to fine-tune both my morning Braucherei Ritual(especially the “I Know” statement, as I had honestly not remembered that always being for the over-all Goal I’ve set for the Challenge. I was feeling like my goal candle needed a little more uumph, so calling on my Guardian for assistance each time I light it, as well as having it be my I Know statement, is what was lacking. Glad to reclaim that!) Cleaned bathroom sink(it’s a slow drain, so can get icky quicker then I like), and tidied up my room.

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