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2012 Great Release Challenge — Day Twelve! — Wednesday

Sagittarius (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Day Twelve! — 2012 Great Release Challenge!
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2012


We are almost at the midpoint of our Release Program!  First on the agenda today is reviewing our Wish List.  Since many of you have done quite a few of these items, let’s make a new one.  Take a walk through your living or working environment and make note of what you want to remove, change, donate, or upcycle.  Now that you have a practiced eye because you’ve been working through the program every day (or as best you can) you may want to change some things on the list, mark off those you have already done, and add new ideas to your wish list.  Burn the old list.


The New Moon is on Thursday at 3:42 AM EST (12:42 AM PST).  Since most of us won’t be up with the chickens, let’s plan on doing some type of working (that suits you) tonight  (after 9:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM PST).  The New Moon is in Sagittarius and lends itself very well to workings with the fire element.  Sagittarius is a mutable sign (meaning it enjoys change).  An excellent moon for magicks involving social interaction, travel, higher education, court issues, etc.  Jupiter, the planet of expansion, rules the happy-dancing-Sagittarius.  Jupiter is definitely the planet of Good Fortune and Blessings.  Red, Gold, and Purple might be your color choice.


This New Moon ushers in several energy shifts that may be reflected in your own life.  Mercury is in Sagittarius, bringing mental expansion and optimism, while the New Moon is Sagittarius bolsters our confidence.  This magnetically powerful New Moon is great for starting something that is important to you.  Uranus turns direct on the same day, which means all those frustrations you’ve been dealing with and delays you’ve faced in the past five months should finally melt away.  With Uranus moving direct, it is time to focus on the new and the innovative in your life.  If you’ve been needing a bit of love in your life, Venus moves into Sagittarius on Saturday, giving wonderful opportunity for the spicier side of love, marriage, and partnership.


With this information in mind, your mental challenge involves planning a personal ritual focused on your goals that you will perform sometime today (best in the evening).  Try incorporating your Sea of Potential exercise within the ritual if you like.  Share this ritual, or elements of it, with us.  The more ideas, the merrier!  It is, Sagittarius, after all!


Your Physical Mission Today:  Finish Open Holiday Projects


Today’s physical challenge is to complete those last minute touches on holiday activities.  Whether you need to check your scheduling (or make one), purchase items or set up for a party or dinner you are hosting, add those finishing touches on a gift, wrapping presents, taking the kids to see Santa, setting up the train around the Yule tree, arranging supplies for goodie baking, running food to the local food bank, donating items to the shelter of your choice… (the list can be endless) or, if you are following this blog from the southern hemisphere, today is an excellent day to tie up outdoor projects OR clean up the yard.


Tomorrow:  Sports and Exercise areas and equipment




1.  Do Your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle.
2.  Continue to Work with the Sea of Potential Affirmation.
3.  Write and perform your New Moon Ritual.
4.  Finish Open Holiday Projects OR work outside if you are in the Southern Hemisphere
5.  Get Ready for Tomorrow!


Give yourself one gold star if you did today’s physical Holiday/Outdoor Challenge.  Two gold stars if you also practiced the mental Happy Town visualization exercise.  Three gold stars if you managed to catch up and do something you missed from the day before.  Four gold stars if you completed something on your old Wish List and made a new one .  Five Gold Stars if you kept up your Speed Cleaning Exercises.  Six Gold Stars if you wrote and performed your personal New Moon Ritual.  Remember, for every seven gold stars you earn, you get to treat yourself with something special!


Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.


So be it.







Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

23 thoughts on “2012 Great Release Challenge — Day Twelve! — Wednesday

  1. I v never worked with the planets before, always the Moon, i feel i don’t have the confidence to do it on my own, its all i bit (a lot) confusing to me, i am afraid i might do something wrong……. i need some serious guidance on it, the ideas are flying around but the confidence are missing…. if you know what i mean? I do have your Solitary Witch open before me at the moment, ill follow the guides on pages 199 and 407, colors i am familiar with, and the sigils (work with it all the time). I ll tell you how it went, tomorrow evening.
    Thursday the moon will be full at 10:42 (where im at), ill replenish my Moon water then (been using a lot of it lately :D). What i do (usually) is to burn candles in corresponding colors with sigils of choice on them, if i can i make some candles for the working with herbs or oils in them on the day, i make small candles (in a old muffin pan as a cast, and use children’s wax crayons as coloring, it works like a charm, and are cheap 🙂 ) I write the desires i want on colored paper and put it around the base of the candle (caution here, make sure the place is fire proof they go up in flames) If the wind is to bad to do the candles outside i use a 3 pronged candelabra, with the colored candles, or store bought white candles, on the candelabra, i put little bows in the colors i need on the middle “prong” (what do you call that thing?) The incense (i can only get the sticks where im at) i put in a tin with sand or dirt in (i did steel some of the little pebbles out of the fish tank once). I sit under the moon and reflect on everything, good ,bad, things to be thankful for, i banish the bad out of my life, and absorb the good, i ask for the safety of my husband and children, i let them light the candles that’s especially for them, cleanse the tools i use, and put it outside, to absorb new energy (or near a window inside). When finish i thank the Mother, clean up my circle, and keep watch over the candles until they are burned out, the next day i can rest, or use the energy that i received in a positive way. I ve used tin cans as candle holders with some dirt, sand or pebbles in also. You don’t need a lot, visualize and intent is all. If i cant bury the leftovers on the plot, i unearth a pot plant and put it under the plant :o. The bad stuff go out with the trash to the dump where it belong.

    Have a good day all of you.
    And Silver….. thank u so much.

  2. I didn’t get to read this until just now and I have to head to bed soon so I will have to do this another day. I did get something done today though. Since I did the underwear drawer the other day today I organized my top drawer today. It’s the drawer I store things I don’t have any other place for like my nail polish, hair ties, etc. Or in other words, things I don’t want Neveah the Kleptomaniac Kitty stealing from me. I threw some stuff away, some stuff in the recycling bin, and put a mirror compact aside for a friend. So yeah, not much but it’s something.

  3. This is just what I wanted to do today!!!! However, I am in a bit of a panic about something and I could do with some magickal advice please. I was just doing the Ritual from early on in the program “Evil be gone. do not return” (still catching up!!!) when a draught from either the attic or the bathroom blew out the candle. From what I know this is not good, so please Silver or anybody out there what can I do? I am usually so careful not to let his happen and I am almost kicking myself but the draught just came out of nowhere. I am terrified that the magick could reverse. I would be so grateful for any help or advice. Thank you so much!

    1. Valerie, relax. I see you have been panicking for a while now. I hope Silver don’t mind if i answer this one, (i cant help not to try to help). The wind blow candles out all the time just finish with what you were doing. I ve relight candles many times afterwards to burn out at their own pace, and never had any ill effects, it was NOT your intend to kill the candle, so in my opinion there cant be anything to turn against yourself. Your fight is with the negativity, not yourself.

      1. Hi Bianco!. Thank you so much for the answer. I feel a lot happier now. What you say makes total sense and i need to lighten up!! That will be part of the Challenge for me from now on!. Thanks again.!!

  4. I’m still hanging in there! I had some challenges because family came from out of town for a few days and things have been a blessed whirl wind! I was able to keep up until Monday rolled along and I was exhausted so I slept. I am going to finish up catch up today because my holiday will be at Serpent Mound this year, I’ve done all the decorating I’m going to do and we will have a group gift making party soon. That gives me time to catch up on what I missed. I am preparing my new moon ritual for tonight and look forward to New Newness all around me!! Peace Love and Light

  5. Not much to share at the moment (might post again later after I do my ritual…depend on how late it goes and how tired I am…). Did bi-weekly housecleaning, used the febreeze to bless my house! Took today’s physical challenge to work on my Yule presents…..I think I may have bit off more than I thought! Just gotta buckle down and get it done. Worked on it for a couple of hours, and now it’s dinner time. Am looking forward to the ritual though, I have a bunch of goals and one has really been in my head lately, so going to take tonight to focus on it and get some pre-work done (for me, new moon is a time of prep, so going to use my ritual to kind of clear some mental/emotional space).

  6. well.. WAS gonna write out Yule/christmas cards tonight… BUT forgot the sandy benefit concert was on and got caught up in watching that instead (i’m from jersey i felt obligated to watch it.. jon and bruce are my boys! lol)
    So the cards never got done and it’s now quarter to 12!! SIGH!! oh well.. another day… but i did manage to buy myslef some new underwear, after tossing out all the old crap yesterday… 3 bras and a 3 pack box of panties from jcpennies came to.. *holds breath*…. $80 something dollars!!!.. yea you read that right.. when the salesgirl told me the total.. i lost the ability to speak for about a good 5 seconds!! i stood there staring at her blinking my eyes and wondering what happened…but.. but.. but.. there on sale arent they?.. yes this is the total AFTER the sales price… *felt my stomach do a little flip then reluctanly gave over the card*… not that i can;t afford it.. i can… but can someone.. anyone please explain to me.. WHAT IN THE HELL COSTS $80 TO MANUFACTURE 3 BRAS AND AND 3 PAIR OF UNDERWEAR?????? and i thought victoria secret was expensive…. SHEESH!!!

    1. Kathleen, I’d imagine most of that money was towards the bras. Regular prices for good bras are between 40 -60 bucks a piece(crazy, I know. Apparently, according to the sales person at Macy’s yesterday, Victoria’s Secret bras are actually made by Maidenform, fyi, and folks are just paying for the name)
      If the price bothers you that much -and as you said, you can afford it- it is an option to just return them, and buy some somewhere else for cheaper, and maybe donate the difference in price to a buy some bras and panties to donate to a women’s ready-for-work center, clothing bank, or shelter.

    2. I know exactly what you mean. There are a few stores I stopped shopping at because I felt the mark-up was just over the top. Interestingly enough, JCP was one of them.

  7. I have to wait to finish off my Christmas projects for a few different reasons. I can’t put up the last of the decorations until tomorrow night because they’re going on the coffee table and the dogs will knock them off when they go outside. Tomorrow they’re both going off to their new homes (they were our roommate’s but she died last year and we’ve been trying to find them homes since) so I can put them up afterwards. As much as we love the dogs we live in a single family house and there’s really no yard for two big dogs to play in. The other reason I can’t get to this one is the rest of my stuff all involves buying food for our Yule dinner and for stockings and that has to wait until I get to the store on the weekend. So today my husband put a string of white lights around the giant mirror in our living room, (which really brightens up the place!), I unloaded and re-loaded the dishwasher, we changed the bedding, washed everything we had taken off the bed, and I threw out some trash from the bedroom so I stayed busy and released clutter. Go me! 🙂

  8. Didn’t end up posting last night, went to bed instead. But I had one of those crazy AHA! moments that was a bit of a shock to me.

    I had gone into the bedroom to do my ritual. It was later in the evening, son was in bed and hubby was playing on the computer. I brought out some candles I had found while cleaning, and lit the room up (not horribly bright, but just enough I could almost see to read). I had brought some tarot decks (wasn’t sure yet which one I wanted to use, but knew I wanted to do a reading for direction), and I cast my circle and sat down to meditate for a bit on where I wanted to go. Had a lovely tarot reading where I realized some things I had been kind of avoiding, then had my big moment of clarity.

    Several years ago, we moved to this new town, and I was blessed to meet some local Pagans. The past year, I have gotten to do Sabbats with them, which has been fantastic. They always felt like they fulfilled a part of my life that was lacking. I know that my daily interactions aren’t that extensive, being a stay at home mom who rarely has a car, so mostly I spend time with my family. Having pagan friends I can spend face time (and not just internet time) with has been a huge boost to my personal well being.

    But I realized last night, that while I do plenty of little magical acts during my day, and lots of research and thinking (I tend to be somewhat introverted by nature, and I love to study), I have let my personal ritual practice slide. When I was in college, I used to do full rituals fairly regularly. I love the ritual structure, love casting circle and doing work in it. Part of it is definitely being part of a family now, especially since my hubby/son don’t share my practices. But I can’t really accept that as a full answer. I let myself slide way into the introspective realm, and out of the acting realm.

    One of my goals, for the next year, is to build back up my personal ritual life. I miss it, and I think it is time. My son is nearing high-school, and not needing as much personal time as when he was younger, even when he is home from school. Hubby has interests that I don’t share (we are both pretty big computer game players, but he enjoys one I don’t, so often will play and I will have time to do whatever I want). I am pretty excited about this.

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