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2012 Great Release Challenge — Day Ten! — Monday


Day Ten! — 2012 Great Release Challenge!
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2012

Today, have a big box of tissues handy.  I’d like you to set up your sacred space, relax a few minutes and think about all that is RIGHT in your life.  Then, move on to your mental/spiritual challenge for today.

Mental/Spiritual Challenge for Today — Free Form Writing about something you want to release.  No punctuation, no paragraphs, no writing rules.  Set your timer and write non-stop for three minutes.  You can write about anything.  Although you can do it on the computer, this one is better done in your own hand with pen or pencil and paper.  Just let it flow!

Here’s mine:  I want to release my negative feelings and memories of the care and death of my father this year so sad to die that way I wish I could have been a better person throughout it all I carry feelings of guilt that I could have done better although I did everything he wanted me to sometimes I can’t sleep at night because I empathically understood his pain and loneliness to die that slowly is lonely i can’t watch a television or show right now about old people because it makes me feel so sad i want to release my anger too because I often felt like the last woman standing yet I’m grateful for all the support I had from my family and friends and am thankful that they came repeatedly to my rescue often when I thought I just couldn’t take it any more someone would come over and help me and i think i was so lucky to have that

Yes, junk will come out.  Now, burn the paper you wrote your release on and any tissues you used to bawl into, then throw salt on the ashes.  Scatter out doors off your property.

What if there is more than one thing or memory or situation that you feel you need to release?  Go ahead and write another paragraph on the different topic.

Next, we are going to stand up straight with our arms over our heads and breathe in, lowing our arms as we do so.  Stop at the center of your body, and then begin to exhale by pushing your hands toward the ground.  Inhale pulling up from the ground, stopping at the solar plexus and exhale pushing  your hands up and out over your head.  This is called the Balance of Heaven and Earth and is a Tai Chi exercise.  Repeat at least three times before we move on to today’s physical challenge.   This exercise is excellent for innumerable situations, such as:

Grounding and Centering
Preparing for a Ritual, Spellwork, or Initiation
Before a big interview
First thing in the morning
Last thing at night
When you are upset or worried
Before doing Braucherei (Pow-Wow) or Hoodoo magick
When you are frightened
When someone is verbally attacking you (here, you would visualize as you breathe)

Time to turn to something fun.  Your underwear drawer!  Oh, yes, Rita, it is that time again.  (Rita does the program every year and this part of the challenge is her ticket to go shopping at Le Pearla!)

Your Physical Mission Today:  Your Underwear!

Your underwear is a personal statement.  You wear it right next to your body (yes, I can hear you, smartie, out there who doesn’t wear underwear — if this is you, think of another challenge).  How can you expect to be tranquil, or happy, or rich, or joyous if you are wearing beat up I-don’t-give-a rat’s-ass underwear?

Too, thinking about underwear takes us into partnership territory, whether we are single, married, engaged, living together, etc.  Did you know that you don’t have to throw out all that old underwear?  That you can use at least one pair for harmony magick?  Yup.  You cut a square of your underwear and a square from your partner’s old underwear and make a conjuring bag out of it.  Add dried herbs and charms associated with a happy partnership.  Sew it shut.  Place it between the mattress of your shared bed.  Renew every six months.

Tomorrow:  Catch Up on the Little Stuff


1.  Do Your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle.
2.  Continue to Work with the Sea of Potential Affirmation.
3.  Practice the Speed Clean exercises.
4.  Do the Release Free-form writing exercise.
5.  Clear out your underwear drawer!

Give yourself one gold star if you did today’s Underwear Challenge.  Two gold stars if you also practiced the mental challenge exercise.  Three gold stars if you managed to catch up and do something you missed from the day before.  Four gold stars if you completed something on your Wish List .  Five Gold Stars if you kept up your Speed Cleaning Exercises.  Remember, for every seven gold stars you earn, you get to treat yourself with something special!
5.  Get ready for tomorrow!!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.

So be it.




Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

29 thoughts on “2012 Great Release Challenge — Day Ten! — Monday

  1. So we’re supposed to toss all the old, ratty stuff, right? That should be less strenuous than cleaning the fridge. lol Love the spiritual challenges of the past couple of days.

  2. *Big Hugs* to you Silver, w/what you released. Ugh.. Death of Loved Ones…soooo lingeringly difficult. Bless you, and your family. xoxo

  3. Silver, i worked for 12 years on a dementia/alzheimers unit. im a nurse. i feel every bit of the massive pain and anger you feel. i know we’re suppose to comment on how our day went, but i have to make this comment ” i lit candles for you today…i hugged you and sent you the brightest blessings , like glittering fairey dust it found its way to your house. and then i hugged you again. “ive been a nurse for 38 years and i wouldnt have wanted to work any other field of medicine. go get a cup of cocoa and prop up your feet, you are loved

    Lady Autumn Hawk

  4. Sadly, this is something that I cannot do at this time. Yes, my underwear has holes and runs and I would love to buy new pairs. However our finances being what they are….there is NO money for such luxuries at this time. My father in law plans to take us on a big shopping trip in the New Year as a belated Christmas present so I am planning on getting new pairs then. *sigh* So today I will work on organizing the underwear drawer so it looks nice at least. Have a great Monday!

    1. Kit, I have a few suggestions, but don’t want to be annoying by assuming you want to hear them, so let me know if you do, and I’ll add them in. 🙂

      1. So, last year, I was beyond broke. Without a home, and staying with quite icky people – and I did the Great Release Challenge, just very, very adapted, but none-the-less :).
        When it got to the underwear, I did not have any money for new knickers, either. But I made a commitment to not say, “NO” to anything being do-able in the challenge, so i just held “new underwear” in my psyche. I was in a T.J. Maxx type store, w/some random folks. I was looking at cute undies, in colors I would love, and one of the people came up to me, and said that they’d really like to buy me a Christmas present, and to pick something out. So I got the undies(which, incidentally, were under $6 for the pair), which were not the most amazing undies ever, but lasted the year, and I am tossing them now, as the Challenge comes full circle, and though still broke, managed to get a pair of good undies at a Macy’s one-day sale, for $5 :). (I didn’t have a fiver to “spare” – I made the choice that more money will come, and that the $5 wasn’t debt, but investment, in Me, and that things are getting better.

        My point is not that it is “so simple” to manifest any and everything – I know that it’s not, and I that there are variables beyond our control..for better and worse- but that I think, especially during the Challenge, that it’s important to simply hold intention of “YES” around things, even if you’ve no clue how. It certainly can’t hurt, while the definitive “NO” you stated above, does seem to lock a door.

        The other thing -which some might find “depressing” as a reminder of what isn’t, but that I use as a reminder of what’s en route- is Pinterest! I use the boards on there as literal, virtual altars(charging them, and everything). I looooove beautiful-to-me, fancy lingerie. I have a whole board of such fineries, that I pin to, and visit regularly. It’s not a day-dream, it’s part of my reality-en-route :).

        None of this may be helpful at all, but just wanted to share how I handled the same(and possibly much worse) crap financial situation, in case it stirs inspiration, and to know that you have options(virtual, though one of them may be 😉 )

  5. First i want to say to all of you. Have a wonderful fruitful day. I am definitely gonna do that underwear thing, i cant exactly toss, but i ll organize……. but if you do the underwear the whole closet will follow. :D.
    Yea well what can i say about our beloved ones with dementia, my Mother in law is coming to visit for three weeks, she also have dementia, things of ten years back she can remember, at this stage its the day to day things that gets to her now, she was here last Christmas. My youngest made a list for her then about where she put everything, like her wool, and needles and pills ( those we see to that she take on time). Her legs is starting to give in, she forgets to use her cane, then just topples over, so we have to be with her constantly, i am gonna look for a wheelchair to rent today at HOSPICE, for when we take her out. We like to spoil her, it’s so nice to see the joy on her face when you put a little flower in her hand or cut her toenails for her, people always ask why do we still take her out to the bird park or botanical gardens, she’s not gonna remember, but that is our pleasure and we’re the ones that will remember the joy that we can still give her. She’s 86 and the best person i know, the best Mother in law anyone can ever wish for, and i love her deeply. My own Mommy died on 6 December 2008.
    I still have anger issues towards my brother about that, not so bad as it used to be, i did a lot of work to get over that, i am just glad that she’s not here for them to hurt anymore, couldn’t even cry then, the tears didn’t want to come to give me release……… its better now (enough of that for now).

    Now off to the bedroom, to clean or not to clean that is the question………..

  6. I cleaned my cupboards out about a month ago, but avoided the underwear drawer. I think it is time now still wearing undies I had before my first child was born, she is now 14. Can only laugh.also in the grab bag the first task I pulled was iron on diamanté to a pair of jeans, that I had been avoiding, I didn’t feel like it so did a different task so guess what I drew the following day? The diamanté again. So now the task is done and it didn’t kill me .thanks again am loving it!

  7. Not getting everything done due to lack of time but managed to tidy up and dust off my craft table, zoomed around the house picking up/throwing out, dusted the incredibly filthy mantlepiece which I had conveniently forgotten about and will do the free form writing later on. Also Silver your writing about your Dads passing really touched a nerve with me. My grandmother whom I loved dearly suffered from Alzheimers and I think its one of the most difficult things to have to watch a loved one go through . Even after over 30 years I still feel sad when I think about it. I hope that you will start to feel better soon. Much love to you and your family.

  8. I do need to go through my sock and underwear drawer and get rid of the stuff that has holes, or runs or whatever. I also need to clean the top of my refrigerator which I didn’t get to yesterday. My husband has the day off today, so we’ll be having some good old fashioned family time.

  9. I love the tip to make a conjure bag to slip in the bed! Too bad I tossed all my old undies last week…I’ll keep an eye out though and get one made in a while.

    Since I’d already done the underwear previously, I went to look at my wish list and see what I was going to work on…and realized I had done three things on it already without even realizing! I crossed them off and tackled one that I knew would be on the emotional side: my jewelry.

    I still have stuff from when I was a child, most of it not horribly sentimental, just things that kept getting stuck back in a jewelry box. I do have a much smaller bag with a few of my baby items in it that I keep for memorabilia. I went through and tried everything on, and ended up with a stack full of rings and necklaces that don’t physically fit anymore. I also set aside some earrings that I never wear (I bought them right after I got my ears pierced). I started organizing the things I am going to keep, and realize I need to find more jewelry bags to keep things separate in.

    For the mental/spiritual challenge, I really needed to do that. I spent some time thinking about what was holding me back. It was perfect timing, as last night I was struck with a deep desire to do some introspection on a related matter (exploring my personal motivations), and so I was able to kind of work the two together. I didn’t want to set off the fire alarms in the house, so took my paper out to the grill and set it on fire there.

  10. The cleaning of the underwear drawer was a breeze as I had just done this 2 months ago. I work in a surgery center and we have to change from street clothes into surgical scrubs therefore we have a locker room where we all dress and undress in front of each other. Now that is a great motivator for throwing away and buying new under garments frequently throughout the year. LOL.

  11. well in order to go thru and clean out my underwear i first need to wash clothes.. so i’m waiting for a load to be done so that can be put into the dryer before the next load goes in.. and it’s 10:30 p.m… hmm wonder if this can be done by tonight or will have to wait until manana!.. we’ll see..oh yea btw.. this means bras and stuff too right?

    1. oh the plus side.. since my underwear drawer didn;t get cleaned out, but we DID have something else cleaned.. had the furnace guy come today to clean the furnace… so now i have a clean furnace! 🙂 A+ for me!! 🙂

  12. Organized the underwear drawer. It only took 5 minutes as I had just organized half of it the night before when I put the socks and underwear away. So I folded up the night shirts, the two pairs of socks I use for when I put moisturizing cream on my heels, and took out the few stuffed animals I had put in there to keep them safe from Neveah, the stuffed animal attacking kitty. I did through away two bras that didn’t fit anymore so I did release something. @Anna – I have a notebook that I have pictures that I have cut from magazines and catelogs in. It’s my Dream book; some of the pictures in there aren’t the exact thing I want but represent something I want, just in a different style or color. I have clothing, furniture, trips, etc. All things I hope to achieve some day. They say good things come to those who wait so I’ll just keep on waiting.

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