2012 Great Release Challenge — Day Nine — Sunday


Day Nine — 2012 Great Release Challenge!
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2012

First, Hanukkah Begins today.  If you cannot get to today’s challenge, put the challenge on your Wish List and get back to it later.  Many best wishes to you.

We are just about one third of the way through this year’s program.  Give yourself an extra gold star for making it this far!  Today’s challenge has two parts — the physical challenge and a mental/spiritual challenge.  Before we get to those  let’s talk about your cleared space.  You worked hard the past eight days to clean and eliminate the clutter, and next thing you know someone has seen that open area and made a mad dash to fill it back up.  If this has happened to you, don’t feel that you are alone.  The first three years I practiced this program I had the same problem.  I would clean and clear everything, taking a minimalist approach in my fervor and in days, sometimes minutes, I was again accumulating stuff.  Sometimes the stuff was for me; but, most times, it was stuff that belonged to other people.  For three years, I contemplated this phenomenon.  Here are my conclusions and what I did to remedy the problem.

First, I learned to say “no”, or “I’m sorry, I really can’t use that”, and then make a suggestion of who might be able to use it, redirecting the item to hopefully a happier home.

I found that saying, “I just cleaned that area and I would prefer not to fill it up again,” didn’t always work.  I finally had to say, “My back porch is not a storage area.  If you don’t move it, I’m going to trash it.”  And I did.

I also learned to say, “I have a rule I faithfully follow…” and give the rule.  People think you’re crazy; but, it is your living space.  You’ve already read two of my rules — toilet seat always down, bathroom door always closed.  I also have other rules:

1.  Absolutely nothing under the bed.  This can cause relationship problems.
2.  No mirrors in the bedroom.  This is thought to cause insomnia.  You can put mirrors in the bedroom; but there are all sorts of placement rules on mirrors and I’m too busy to bother with them.  In fact, when we moved, I put a mirror in the bedroom and quickly removed it.
3.  Nothing on top of the refrigerator.  This weighs the family down with debt, and constrains abundance.
4.  Absolutely, positively no arguments at the dinner table.  Nada.  None.  Particularly if there are children involved.  No disciplinary action involving food what-so-ever.  Disrupting dinner causes a plethora of problems from bad digestion to filling the abundance area of the home with negative energy that bleeds over into other areas of family life.  The dinner table in my house is a sacred space.

I’m not saying these rules are right; they are a collection of guidelines I’ve practiced over the years and I’ve found they work for me.  I’m sure you have certain placement rules, too.

Rather than feeling disheartened as clutter enters a clean space, consider this:

1.  The space you just cleared is highly magnetic.  Clean it again; but, this time, set something significant in that area that represents your goals.  This could be a statue, a painting, a piece of furniture, or even a petition under the rug.

2.  Although positive energy is rushing into the space, that energy may be getting stuck.  Could you position furniture differently?  Is there the possibility of placing a mirror, fountain, or wind chimes to keep the energy moving?  Is there something there, like a painting, a shelving unit, or other item that might be capturing the energy in a negative way?  Is this area in close proximity to one you haven’t cleaned and energized yet?

3.  Make a mental note of who cluttered the space.  Is this person scattered, momentarily unhappy, overworked, stressed, or having difficulty with low self-esteem?  Has this individual suffered a major stressor recently?  (Death in the family, loss of job, become an over-night mom or dad due to marriage or living conditions, etc.).  Take steps to help this person deal with their problem.

Mental/Spiritual Challenge for Today — Free Form Writing about something you like.  No punctuation, no paragraphs, no writing rules.  Set your timer and write non-stop for three minutes.  You can write about anything.  Just let it flow!

Here’s mine:

I love to sit on my front porch on a foggy night watching the headlights of the cars pierce the dark trees of the woods  with misty light the stark composition of black and white as the beam of light cuts into the forest the peace I feel as I hear the owl hooting or the surprise that assaults me as I hear a deer move through the trees sounds like a drunk crashing about in the woods  I love the mist as it gently caresses my face and the total tranquility that surrounds me from the spirits of the trees I wish everyone could feel such peace and I love the way our voices echo off the mountain on circle night as we burn the petitions for those in need the echo sounds so powerful as we chant Jack Veasey’s poem  paper will give way to flame the essence of the word remains and the chant grows louder and the echo surrounds us the sparks fly up from the cauldron and we feel the power and energy of the group mind melding together in a single purpose we are one.

If your free form writing goes into the negative, this is yourself telling you that you that you need to release that which you wrote about.  If the free form writing is positive in nature from start to finish, you are definitely on the right track.

Let’s try the next mental exercise.  This time, for three minutes, you are going to write about what you wish.  Go!

Here’s mine:

I wish that there was no war  I wish people would be nicer to each other  I wish that everyone could find themselves in a good position one where they are happy healthy and loved  I wish that people would think more about how their actions affect others  I wish I could learn to be more patient that I could learn how to handle problems better  That I could be cool calm and totally collected all the time  I wish I had answers to all my spiritual questions that I would always know the right thing to do no matter the circumstances every second of every day someone is in pain someone is frightened someone needs help I wish I wish I wish that those folks find and get the help they need that no one is left behind in pain or suffering

Okay, that was a little heavier than I expected.  I definitely need to do a personal, spiritual cleansing!  Since alleviating the pain and suffering of others is on my mind, perhaps I should set up a special altar over the holiday season for just that.  What do you think?

Your Physical Mission Today:  Stove, Oven, Microwave and other small kitchen appliances.

Today represents the last, big, cleaning push.  After we finish the kitchen, we’ll move on to smaller tasks for the duration of the program.  Congratulate yourself!

Tomorrow:  Your Underwear


1.  Do Your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle.
2.  Continue to Work with the Sea of Potential Affirmation.
3.  Practice the Speed Clean exercises.
4.  Do the two free-form writing exercises.
5.  Clean and energize the stove, oven and other appliances in the kitchen.

Give yourself one gold star if you did today’s Stove and Appliance Cleaning.  Two gold stars if you also practiced the mental challenge exercises.  Three gold stars if you managed to catch up and do something you missed from the day before.  Four gold stars if you completed something on your Wish List .  Five Gold Stars if you kept up your Speed Cleaning Exercises.  Remember, for every seven gold stars you earn, you get to treat yourself with something special!
5.  Get ready for tomorrow!!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.

So be it.




16 thoughts on “2012 Great Release Challenge — Day Nine — Sunday”

  1. Silver,
    First I have to say thank you for this challenge. Until yesterday, I was up to my neck in finals for school. So needless to say I started the challenge late, but I am loving it. I have spent two days on the first challenge. I have bulldozed my house and low and behold, I discovered three trash bags and four boxes of stuff I never knew I had, not to mention the bag of books. I have a back room that I have been calling my oubliette (which basically means …. a place to put things to forget about them), and now I may need to think of another name for it. Well I am confident that someone who needs these things will find their way into goodwill. If I keep this up, the goodwill drivers will know me by name.
    Thank you and Blessed Be

  2. I love how this escalates, you clean one thing then while you’re doing that you see more things that needs attention, even if its only a small speck of something on a cupboard door. I started taking photo’s of the things i do, (before and after) i ll post them in FB when this 30 day program is done. I am cooking Sunday lunch while i am cleaning the mickey, so the stove will have to wait for tonight, but there’s lots of glass covered cupboard doors in the kitchen…….. Why, oh why can you see through glass? 🙂

    Blessed be.

    Where is everyone?

  3. Good Morning,
    Just a huge Thank You to you for directing us through this challenge. It is my first experience with anything of its kind. So , while I am totally disorganized and unable to be as thorough as I’d like, I am totally happy with what I am able to accomplish and I have more positive energy around my home. I am also thankful that you said that this is your third year and each year gets better. Already, I am looking forward to doing this again next year.
    Peace and Love

  4. Sunday – Sun give me peace in everyway! Microwave wiped down as well as counter top stove…. no biggie there! Then I moved on to the inside of the stove……eeeeeeeks, what happened here! I have to admit it is not trashed however I do have to say after looking closer I found some debris left over from the turkey on Thanksgiving. I put the turkey in the roaster and when it is done I put it into the oven and use the broil function to crisp up the top of the turkey. There was evidence of this being done so I had to use a brillo pad to get this off the sides and the racks. This took almost minutes to complete….thanks to this challenge it is now clean and worthy for Yule dinner. After the cleaning the blessing was done….

    The stove, microwave and oven is for cooking,

    now it’s clean for anyone that is looking.

    I bless these appliances with love

    By the power of the Goddess and God above.

    Blessed Be.


  5. I missed yesterday because I had company over. Although I still managed to clean and straighten my living space for guests, the refrigerator still didn’t get done. I will be doing that today, because I did clean the stove not all that long ago. I’m adding my coffee pot as well as the microwave to my list of things that need to get done today. That will probably keep me busy for a while. I think I will be recruiting my husband to help out so that it might not take quite so long.

    1. Coffee pot cleaning tip for anyone who has an auto drip that they want to look nice for the holidays. The insides of your coffee pot can collect a lot of ickyness if you don’t use it regularly (or even if you do). I’ve found that if you fill the coffee pot to the brim with water and add about 3 tablespoons of vinegar and run it through. Then rinse twice by running just water through the coffee pot. If you’re still getting brown stuff after this process, run again until you get clear water through. This is especially useful if your coffee pot sits in the cupboard and collects dust for 11 months out of the year.

  6. Hello everyone! I first want to comment on all your posts, which I read everyday. It gives me a sense of community and as i read, many times I am experiencing similar things going on in my personal challenges. I would love to share my free form writings. One disclaimer is i think I went a bit over the 3 minutes as the timer did not go off and I looked up when my wrist was tired. Here goes:
    I love writing to no one in particular. Every now and then I begin. Lets know our mind. Even if I don’t know, find out why, who, when, where. Coasting along in life means no strife. Goals within reach, will I do that? I have desires to see within me. Only myself can claim victory or defeat. Nice and neat. Not so easy does it girlie. Reach for the skies the limitless potentially advantageous dangerous. I have an inkling I know where to look. No fear of commitment. Not fear of failure. Just devine grace my life can be. Prosperous can be humorous! I have purpose. I have a path of absolute delight…take it to the end of the road and open the gate to another thought. Wow, one gate closes another one opens wide. All I need to do is step inside. Bright light, dark of night. All elemental as well. Walking with me, myself and I.
    Bright Blessings Silver and everyone!

  7. Cleaned the oven. It took a lot more effort then I thought but it is clean! I did some speed cleaning. Cleaned a mirror that had been bothering me for days. And quickly clean up a shelf. The writing exercises were interesting. I had a hard time writing about something I like. I finally wrote about how much I like sleeping in my pajamas, lol. Wrote about my pajamas probably because I am so tired. The wish exercise was somewhat difficult. Found something to write about after some thinking. I have been working with the morning ritual and sea of potential everyday. Since the start of this program, there have been some changes in my life for the better. These changes were difficult to release from my life but they are gone now. I will have to say that these changes in my life are directly related to doing this program with the community. I’m looking forward to the rest of the program and the changes that may occur in my life.

  8. I had done the microwave a couple days ago, and figured the oven wasn’t so dirty, but I did want to do the top of the fridge, since we tend to store cereal and crackers and other stuff up there. There is a cupboard behind all that stuff too (that I am the only one tall enough to reach), which I occasionally need to reach, which was a hassle with all the stuff in front of it. So cleared off the top of a storage shelf on the other side of the kitchen, which used to hold extra candles, a banana tree (to hold bananas) and a few decorative items. Got all the boxes lined up neatly on the back with the candles and decorations at the front. Kept one decorative egg that my mother in law bought me years ago and that got put on the now clean fridge top. Eggs represent growth, abundance (even in lean times) and protection, so I figured it was a good fit (and would keep other things from finding their way there).

    Also got rid of a tower of snack boxes. Mom sends me stuff, and these snack foods were one thing, but they came in huge boxes, and really I was the only one who would eat them. These were years old and I tried one of the crackers and they were nasty and stale now, so out they went. That area looks much nicer now.

    Then, while son started vacuuming (today is regular cleaning day!), I started re-doing counter tops. Moved the microwave, and cleaned out under where it lives, and also the vents behind the micro (which haven’t been done since we moved in here a year ago). Cleaned behind the coffee pot and then the cabinet under it. Got rid of an old water filter we haven’t used in years and years. Then moved to under the sink, tossed some old cleaning products and got everything organized. Got rid of a tea kettle my mother in law left for us when they moved out of the house we were sharing (I never make tea water in the kettle, always in the coffee pot or microwave, so never use the thing).

    Then dug out some shelves we never hung when we moved in that I want to hang, just waiting on hubby so he won’t say I put them somewhere weird or complain that I didn’t hang them right! I want to put one over my altar so I can put my wands and athame on it…actually saved the shelf just for that purpose when we got rid of the spice jars that it came with four houses ago.

    The free writing was fun, though the lack of punctuation bothered me (I’ll admit, my second free write has some punctuation, because I forgot to leave it out).

    I am both intrigued and slightly scared that tomorrow is underwear….though I went through mine on junk drawer day!

  9. After lunch i felt a bit lethargic so had to go rest for a moment. Its 1 min before 12 here now midnight, and i am still wide awake. I got to the stove, scrubbed that outside and inside, while i was busy there, my hubby walked pass with his work boots, said he’ll have to have a serious talk to Silver, because there’s nowhere something about cleaning his shoes :D. We talked a bit and he said that he’s noticed a whole attitude change in me about housework, and he’s right its not that old feeling of why am i doing this, its more of a WOW this is great, just the knowledge that somewhere someone else are experiencing the same feelings i go through now. I did most of the kitchen also, except for the groceries, that ll need some serious reorganizing. I find i have more energy, something that i was lacking in for a long time. I must say even the children noticed the changes in me.
    A great big thank you Silver, you have no idea what this all means to me, it can be difficult being a Solitary sometimes. But i find that i learn a lot that way, and the internet is a great place, but you have to use your logic also, there’s some strange scary things out there :). My feet are sore there’s a few nicks on my hand, but i am so happy right now. Maybe i sniffed to much orange oil. 😀

  10. We cleaned a lot of this stuff two weeks ago so all that really needs to be done is the microwave and the the oven. Something got spilled there on Thanksgiving it seems. If you haven’t gotten to your microwave yet here’s a tip I found on Pinterest and it really does work. Take a microwaveable bowl and put in 1-2 cups of water and then 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar (one tablespoon per cup). Microwave the water for 5 minutes.Let sit for one minute and then wipe down. It worked beautifully when I did it. Gotta love Pinterest!

    1. Kit – I had absolutely noooo intention of cleaning the microwave I’ve only been using under duress. Then I saw your post, so got right up and to it- thanks! I have no vinegar, so did the steaming, but put baking soda and lemon juice in it. Worked great(actually did it twice). Got so on top of quickly doing kitchen stuff though, that I was doing the microwave, stove top, and sink at the same time, and was moving so quickly(and apparently ungroundedly), that I splashed soapy, dirty, baking-soda-y water into my eyes, while scrubbing out the sink. Oww. 😛

      1. Anna – you’re welcome for the tip! Pinterest has a lot of great ideas on it. Hope your eyes feel better!

  11. ok just got done cleaning. the stove was no problem since it is fairly new and not much to clean in there. Microwave was completely different matter.. OMG… so much dried splatter in there.. it serious looked like something threw up in the inside of my microwave! Tried kitchen cleaner, but that wasn;t doing the job, so out came the SOS pads! was a major pain to scrape everything off, but i managed to get all of it off, and cleaned the turntable also. Gave the keurig, and george foreman grill quick wipe downs, no problem there. Next the toaster oven… OMG AGAIN! sigh!! dried on pizza grease!!! I pulled the whole bloody thing apart and out came the sos pads again, and managed to get all the dried on crusted grease off! Next was the toaster… that just needed to be dusted off, and the crumb trays dumped and wiped. So now all the appliances are clean.. WHEW!! ON TO THE UNDERWEAR!! perfect tomorrow is laundry day anyway!

  12. Dear Silver,
    Maybe it’s just my perception, but you seem to be quiet the past few days, round these parts, so I’d like to know how you are doing, and how the challenge(s) is(are) going on your end. 🙂
    I luurved your first three minute free-flow – so beautiful, and poetic. Thank you for sharing. 🙂
    Your second 3 minutes was very moving, and touching, and while I get you wanting to do a spiritual cleanse around the un-rest you shared around knowing all the answers, and what to do – overall, I see 3 minutes of a Compassionate, caring heart, and I am sincerely grateful that you shared the second free-flow, with us as well. 🙂
    I am a super private person, but am slowly feeling more and more like the things close to me, there will be kinship around, with some folks here.
    The special altar specifically for alleviating the pain and suffering of others, sounds wonderful. I have been regularly praying, and open to how I can line up my skills, to in-action service, around something I’m particularly passionate about, but am not a millionaire to implement ;). Here’s a Buddhist tenent you may already know, that would be at home on your special altar, if you like it: That all beings possess not only happiness but the causes of happiness, that they not only be free of suffering but of the causes of suffering.

  13. Oh how I love a clean kitchen. There’s something so soul satisfying about it. Thank you for the challenge, and thank you for all the fang shui tips. I immediately took the stack of recipe books off the top of the fridge! That one was new to me but it absolutely makes sense… when I start to think about my financial life and when I started keeping the darn heavy things up on top of the fridge.

    Thank you also for the 3 minute mind challenges. I started a gratitude journal this year and halfway through just got out of the habit, so I switched to an online journal that prompts me every evening. up pops the little reminder (see, it just did!) and what do I do? Turn it off, chya. But this is a challenge, it’s magical, so I put off my resistance and start the timer and wouldn’t you know the words start to flow. THANK YOU Silver!

    And not just because it came unbidden during the first stream of consciousness writing exercise about the things I love, but because as hockey as it may sound, one of the things that I really love is that I came to magic and Wicca through your books, here’s some of what came out of that exercise.

    i like being a witch. i love that we came home and could smell my altar- the remnants of the incense and wish candle that i lit this morning when i did the braucherei prayers. i like that i have a community of ethernet witches out there somewhere and all of us following silver’s cleaning magic transformation. i love her transparency and ability to be vulnerable, how she shared about her difficulties last year with her father’s illness and also how family gets messy and she fights the chaos. having someone like her shares her struggles makes me feel like I’m not alone in mine and we’re all wearing our playtex gloves scrubbing away at the grime and stuckness. and forget those jesuit priest pounding their litanies we’re a bunch of witches with window spray making everything sparkle. also i like that magic is empowering that it recognizes that there are powers and mysteries beyond what we see and acknowledge with our rational senses and minds but at the same time there’s the feeling of empowerment because it’s not like ,oh I’m just some powerless creature and ye almighty god don’t smite me. i like that a candle is more than some trinket i buy at the store that its part of sacred ritual and the fire of creation the heat of the earth’s core the splendor of the sun and the what is it that keeps all the atoms everywhere sparking with energy.

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