2012 Great Release Challenge — Day Eight — Saturday


Day Eight — 2012 Great Release Challenge!
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2012

The number eight represents a master number, and you have certainly gained mastery over your environment in the past seven days!  Whoo-hoo!  The next two days we travel into the kitchen, ferreting out goo, dirt, grime, and other yucky stuff.  We’re working on the kitchen this weekend because good food and easy prep are often a big part of the holiday season.  By working on the kitchen area this week-end, we can move about with ease when its time for baking, making goodies for parties, or creating a fantastic holiday meal.

It is so much easier to prepare holiday meals in a clean and orderly kitchen.  I couldn't resist whipping up this Red Devil cake!
It is so much easier to prepare holiday meals in a clean and orderly kitchen. I couldn’t resist whipping up this Red Devil cake!

Once we have the kitchen area clean, we’ll organize in the way that bests suits you.  Any area in your living environment should work for you — not against you.  The Moon is in Libra most of the weekend, so you may feel the urge to beautify your kitchen or other area of the home by releasing the old and welcoming the new.  Taking special note, Hanukkah begins on Sunday.

While you are doing today’s challenge, take a good look at your kitchen area.  What is working for you and what is working against you?  Is something positioned that it has become a major pain?  Can you move it?  If not, can you add or take away from the area to make cooking and food storage easier?  Write changes you would like to make on your Wish List.

Your Mission Today:  Your refrigerator.

The refrigerator isn’t one of my favorites.  Who knows what crawled in there, you know?  One of my friends said, “You just moved, why would you need to clean the fridge?”


Need I say more?

Today, we completely empty the refrigerator, clean it out, and check all the dates on condiments, eggs, milk, etc.  before we put them back in.

Eating expired food is not safe.  Visit this site if you are unsure how long to keep what:


For example, you’ll find that most leftovers are only good for three days stored in the refrigerator, four at the maximum.

Food and Good Fortune

Keeping your refrigerator clean and well-stocked of items you frequently use (milk, eggs, butter, etc.) draws an abundance of food and good fortune into the home.  I know that you’re busy; but, don’t forget to bless the food either before you put it away or during prep.  Just like anything else, negativity can collect around the food and packaging.  Today, unless you are totally self-sufficient, your food has traveled through a variety of hands before it reaches your table.  You have no idea has handled the veggies, meats, condiments, cheeses, etc. 

If you took care of your refrigerator earlier this week, then choose something else that fits in with your schedule.  One of my friends following the challenge cleaned her refrigerator a week ago.  Today, she obtained a new filing cabinet and plans to go through family paperwork.  Remember, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do something!

Tomorrow:  The Oven and other Kitchen Appliances


1.  Do Your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle.
2.  Continue to Work with the Sea of Potential Affirmation.
3.  Practice the Speed Clean exercises.
4.  Clean and energize the refrigerator.

Give yourself one gold star if you did today’s Refrigerator Cleaning.  Two gold stars if you also practiced your Speed Cleaning  Exercises.  Three gold stars if you managed to catch up and do something you missed from the day before.  Four gold stars if you completed something on your Wish List .   Give yourself Five Gold stars if you couldn’t resist and made something special in the kitchen!  Remember, for every seven gold stars you earn, you get to treat yourself with something special!
5.  Get ready for tomorrow!!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.

So be it.



16 thoughts on “2012 Great Release Challenge — Day Eight — Saturday”

  1. I’m recovering from surgery so I can’t jump into this just yet, but your blog is getting me excited to be back on my feet. It feel wonderful to sweep out the old and bring in the new, perhaps right in time for the Solstice. I’m a new follower and LOVE your blog!

  2. Interesting on the Festival of lights, only recently found out my Great Grandparents were from Jewish decent (about 2 month back when i started looking for a family shield on my side of the family).
    They flee from old Poland in the 1800 during the polish revolution. Its just a interesting fact to me, why my family kept hush about it i dont know.

  3. All that needs doing in my fridge is to go through the food and see what has expired this week and toss it. We just gave it a HUGE cleaning two weeks ago before Thanksgiving and it’s still in good shape. So I’ll probably put the dishes in the dishwasher and wipe down the counters as tomorrow is Girls’ Night when my two girl friends come over, we have dinner, snacks, soda, and chocolate. It is not a PROPER Girls’ Night if there is no chocolate. We usually watch horror movies but in December we watch holiday films.

  4. This snowy Saturday day is started off with the Braucherei Ritual, lighting the candle and reciting my goals. I took the picture of my son off my altar and put a picture of my granddaughter on my altar and thanked the Goddess for her being in my life. RavenWolf did not explain what to do with the picture placed on the altar for Day 6 so I have decided to replace the picture each day with someone I am thankful for being in my life. I then recited the Sea of Potential Affirmation.
    My actions to follow was to quickly walk through my bedroom, bath, kitchen, and living room and do a quick clean / pick-up of things I had not taken care of before I went to bed the night before. The challenge for today is to clean and energize the refrigerator…..not much to do in there. I took out what items I had in the refreg and wiped down the shelves then returned the items. I said a little prayer as I was putting the items back into the refreg….

    This sacred place is where my food is stored,
    A blessing from the lady and the lord.
    Blessed Be

    As I was performing this task I became so aware of the blessings I have:
    • a roof over my head
    • food to eat
    • a vehicle to drive
    • good health
    • money to purchase what I need
    • a nation that allows me to worship as I so chose
    Many people do not have this luxury. I am blessed.

    I decided to add one more area to my cleaning list – my pantry. This area does get a bit unorganized and today is a perfect day to get it in order. I will go grocery shopping later on today and this gives me the added boost to get stocked up for the holidays. I also said the prayer above for the food stored in my pantry.

    I will also pick up items to donate to the food bank – I do hope everyone that reads this donates something to the food bank. Even if it is just one can of soup. One something from each person adds up to many somethings!

  5. Asked hubby to take the fridge to the back porch after emptying it, my Steam Butler’s broken, so i had to make use of sun heat to melt the ice. As its my youngest 15th B- day we took him out, he’s not big on party’s. Back home, gave the fridge one look decided it ll take a while longer for the last ice to melt (the little freezing compartments door broke off years ago so it tend to ice up fast). Came to the crafts room to put away some (Wicca) papers, every now and then you could hear a piece of ice falling. After the last papers were filed, i went to take a look, nice now i can clean it, took out all the big ice chunks, trow that on the lawn, my English Bulldog loves ice, she chews it, roll on it, licks it….. adorable to watch. OK enough of that, after the inside was cleaned i moved to the back of the fridge O.o. It looks like a dust bunny orgy, get the vacuum cleaner suck them up, need something long and thin, get a bamboo kebab stick, to get all the sticky one’s loose, that’s done, wipe the whole thing down on the inside with vanilla essence, some olive spray and cook in the little ice compartment……. (to make it easy to get the ice off next time, so it do double duty, spiritual and a good household tip 🙂 OK the fridge have to go back, its stand next to the dish washer, now the only way to get behind that is to totally take the fridge out……. I promised myself i wont look back there… i wont look, wont look…. dammit i looked……….

  6. ok just cleaned all the shelves in the fridge. Luckily i have gotten a new fridge only a few months ago, so it’s not that bad to clean. Not too much expired food in there neither. Just had to throw out some old ketchup and old dijon mustard. Other than that everything’s pretty good. I’m pretty good about keeping up with the old food in my fridge.
    Now will take a break, eat a brownie, watch some tv, and then get to work on the freezer! Maybe i’ll make some Fruit Punch after i clean out the freezer.

  7. Cleaned behind the dishwasher, will tackle the rest tomorrow or Monday. Took some moon water and a pinch of sage to wipe the vacuum cleaner, while i was doing this, i thanked it for being so helpful, my hubby overheard me “mumbling” to it, asked if he should get worried……. 😀 (talking to household appliances now)
    Good workings for all of you, its 9:39 pm here now, dark outside, there’s some crickets singing tonight.

    Bless you all.

  8. Since I did the fridge a couple days ago, decided to do the cupboards and the top of the cupboards. There is a gap between the top of the cupboards and the ceiling, and we use it to store knick-nacks. When we moved in, I just stuck a bunch of stuff up there, so I brought it all down and cleaned it off. Being partially over the stove, it gets a lot of grease buildup, so took a bit to clean. Also started some chicken in a pot for chicken and dumplings for dinner…an all day cooking thing for me.

    Got everything cleaned up and placed better…mainly so that anything at all porous isn’t directly over the stove. I also have a little peach statue for prosperity, so put that directly over the sink (to help counter the sink drain!). Managed to finally release a few pieces that I have been holding on to since I was little. Over the years, they had gotten cracks or were broken and glued back together. I kept them for sentimental reasons, because I loved them when I was little, but it was time to let them go.

    I think that is one of the hardest things for me to let go of. Things that I like, but maybe don’t fit me anymore. Or things that I want to like but my idea of them is way different from the actuality. My other weakness is “things I could craft with”, and I’m still working on those.

    Got some candles moved out of the kitchen, some magical ingredients moved to the magical cabinet.

    Then pulled the chicken out of the pot, stuck the pot in the fridge with some ice in it (best way I have found to get all that extra grease off….about 30 min and a bunch of ice and it is all hard on the top and easy to remove). De-boned the chicken, got the veg in the pot and back on the stove, now it will simmer until it is time to add the dumplings. One of my families favorite dinners!

  9. ok all done with the freezer. There’s frozen hot dogs in there from september, i was considering throwing them out, but my bf claims their fine since their not open and their frozen! *shrugs*.. whatever!! looking forward to the appliances tomorrow… Microwave REALLY needs a cleaning!

  10. Ok, the fridge and freeze are done. Since I had some spare time, I continued to clean my computer room. Since this space holds most of the junk, it is taking a long time to clean and organize this space. I figure by the time we complete the 30 great release, I’ll have it clean and feeling like a space to spend time in. I have been using speed cleaning in this room a lot. I seem to be making a dent.

  11. Dear Silver, Now THAT’S one of my dreams come true… a clean and empty fridge with nothing but cake inside. One of our favorite personal chants: We are of cake, always!

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