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2012 Great Release Challenge! — Day Seven — Friday


Day Seven — 2012 Great Release Challenge!
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2012

Not only does the Great Release Program help you to cleanse your environment and release personal negativity, it also helps to create good habits that you will carry with you throughout the next year. One reason people continue to participate in the program year after year is because they have found that they are not alone in dealing with daily frustrations (like dripping pizza goo in the sink right after they cleaned it) and find the program enjoyable as they discover new ways to handle dull and boring tasks.

How are you doing so far? How did your evening Speed Challenge work out?  Did you like walking through the house making a pass to pick up, straighten, and generally de-clutter before bed?  Was it easier for you this morning?

By day seven your living environment should feel lighter, and you may feel more calm and at ease. If this is not the case, take time to walk around your living space and consider where you are feeling the greatest amount of resistance. Work on that area today.  Cleaning, removing clutter, organizing, prayer, and the use of magickal tools such as holy water, scented, empowered candles or wax melts, favorite charms and chants — all can assist in cleansing an area.  Even if you only make a small dent because you are so busy, it is a step in the right direction.  If your household feels much better, then let’s move on to today’s challenge — The Bathroom!

Place artificial greenery on both sides of toilet to prevent your prosperity from going into the sewer.

Your Mission Today

The bathroom includes the tub or shower, the sink, under the sink, the medicine cabinet, the toilet, and any other storage area in that room. When I began the release program several years ago I started cleaning the bathroom every day rather than waiting for a weekly cleaning. After I took a shower I would always clean that area. It took only a few minutes to wipe away soap scum, dirt, and (yuck) hair.  Once a day, I would clean the toilet seat, under the seat, the outside of the bowl, the floor right around the bowl, and the top of the tank. I learned to keep the cleaning products I needed close at hand, yet out of reach of little hands. Of course there were days when I was too busy or too rushed to keep up this good habit. However, I tried to get back on track as soon as possible.

The benefit of this habit included a healthier environment for my family and less time spent in the bathroom when I knew guests were coming. I was also able to catch problems that I may not have noticed had I stuck to the once a week cleaning, such as leak under the sink or behind the toilet tank. I started to go through the medicine cabinet once a week, which prevented the buildup of unused products, dirt and grime on the shelves, and expired medical supplies. I learned that no matter what, when my husband proudly announced he had shaved, that  I needed to go in there and clean that sink even though he would tell me he had already cleaned it. I also learned to put my glasses on when I clean the bathroom.  I’m nearsighted, which means dirt particles are chameleons with the ability to blend into their surroundings.  I don’t see spider webs without my eyeglasses.  They could hang there till a woman becomes the president and I would never know it.

I also keep disinfectant wipes under the sink for guests to use.  I never thought of it until someone asked for them.  From that time on, I’ve tried to keep a canister easily available for someone to use if they desire.  I make sure I’m well stocked if I have a large coven meeting or party on the horizon.

I found creative ways to handle drawers and products.

A drawer for hair care items arranged so that I can grab the dryer or iron I need quickly.
A drawer for hair care items arranged so that I can grab the dryer or iron I need quickly.

Caddies for the shower, small organizer bins for the drawers

Use small plastic bins and organizers to keep small items from escaping.
Use small plastic bins and organizers to keep little items or products with small parts from escaping.

and a display basket for soaps.


Bathroom Tips

Feng Shui (the Chinese art of placement) has several general tips for making your bathroom a place of power rather than a money drain.  In this system, water  represents prosperity and the loss of water means poverty. As the bathroom contains at least three drains (sink, tub, toilet) you may be losing money as fast as you are making it.  To keep abundance and prosperity in the home, try these simple fixes:

1.  Keep the toilet lid closed at all times when not in use.
2.  Keep the bathroom door closed (if possible) when bathroom is not in use.  It is thought that the energy from the rest of the house flows into the bathroom if the door is open, and quickly dissipates down the drains.
3.  Place artificial greens on both sides of the base of the toilet.
4.  Place a healthy plant higher than the toilet but not on the tank.
5.  Have plenty of clean mirrors in the bathroom or an extra large or double mirror to bounce the energy back out into the house.

I have practiced numbers one, two, and five faithfully for several years.  This year I will add number three.  I will have to search for a plant that can survive in the master bathroom because there aren’t any windows.  I made the shelf to hold the plant and hung it.  For now, my sheep collection grazes on it.

My sheep are waiting for a plant to keep them company.

I also made a rack to hang clothes on while taking a shower so they aren’t mopping up the floor.  I made one for the guest bathroom as well.

No more dirty or clean clothes on the floor while taking a shower. We also hang our wet towels here to dry so that the clothes hamper doesn’t get musty.

For more Feng Shui placement tips specific to your home, try the book Feng Shui Your Life by Jayme Barrett.

Tomorrow:  The Refrigerator

How I’m Doing

Yesterday, I was able to wash off the front porch with a prosperity floor wash I made while the weather still hung in the sixties  (unusual in my area for this time of the year).  I still had four items left to do in my grab bag, and took care of one of them, making labels for herb jars that didn’t have any.

When we moved this fall I wasn't able to jar all my herbs right away from the last of the growing season.  I used the Grab Bag Challenge to take the time to jar the herbs and make labels.
When we moved this fall I wasn’t able to jar all my herbs right away from the last of the growing season. I used the Grab Bag Challenge to take the time to jar the herbs and make labels.

I’ll work on the other three this evening.


1.  Do Your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle.
2.  Continue to Work with the Sea of Potential Affirmation.
3.  Practice the Speed Clean exercises.
4.  Clean and energize the bathroom.

Give yourself one gold star if you did today’s Bathroom Cleaning.  Two gold stars if you finished everything in your Grab Bag.  Three gold stars if you managed to catch up and do something you missed from the day before.  Four gold stars if you completed something on your Wish List .   Five gold stars if you continued to practice the Speed Cleaning Exercises.  Remember, for every seven gold stars you earn, you get to treat yourself with something special!
5.  Get ready for tomorrow!!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.

So be it.



Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

32 thoughts on “2012 Great Release Challenge! — Day Seven — Friday

  1. The bathroom is hubby’s cleaning territory so I’m going to have to try to get him to get to it. I wanted to get to as part of our house cleaning anyway so this just pushes it up the schedule. We have a small bathroom so we don’t have the room to put the plants sadly. The toilet lid is always kept closed when not in use since we have a cat who’s brain damaged and his balance is terrible and he also likes to nap in the cabinet under the sink so we can’t keep the door shut. Ah well. some things can’t be helped.

  2. To Bathroom or Not To Bathroom is the question….LOL as I have 3 to clean. Yes, you read that right! I have my Guest Bathroom, My Master Bathroom and the Downstairs bathroom – off family room. When I bought this home i realized that I would have to come up with a routine to survive the triple bathroom thing. So, I clean the guest bath every 3rd day just to make sure it is guest ready. My master bath gets a touch up everyday – the mini kind. If I use the shower, then it gets cleaned, and anything I use goes immediately back into its place and mop floors too. Today was the guest bathroom cleaning routine. Toilet scrubbed, Scrubbing Bubbles gel replaced, sink and tub got the no scratch cleaning agent, and then I used the Shark steamer on the floor. Drawers and under sink was a OK.

  3. We have a big bathroom that is cold most of the time as there is a huge window with gaps in it and one of the handles is broken. i will have to ask the landlord to fix it but have to wait until his children are off school for the holidays.(He lives a long way off). However I can still do some cleaning and I have been practicing some of the bathroom prosperity magick for a few years now but have to look for a plant that will survive in the cold on the windowsill. I love your clothes rack and shelf Silver. They’re beautiful!

  4. I have 2 operational bathrooms. The master bath is really just a room under construction for the last 2 years. We keep the door closed and store a pool table (taken apart) in there? Yeah, well thats a story for another day. I am a bit anal about keeping the bathroom clean, but I have much junk stored in those cabinets and that is my goal today, that and getting some plants to aid in my prosperity majick. I have to say, I wake and the first thought is what am I going to do today. I try not to read ahead, so everyday is like opening up a gift, or a road to an adventure! My attitude of late seems to be much brighter. It is so nice to look around and see what I have accomplished instead of what I wish was taken care of. I am also enjoying reading everyones comments.

    1. I’m enjoying reading the comments, too! Helps to keep the brain on track. Especially since the program began I keeping looking around thinking…what can I do next? What can I fix? What can I create! Thank you for posting.

  5. Silver, have you thought of bamboo for the dark bathroom? My bro- and sis-in-law have one in their small, windowless half-bath and it has been going for years!

    1. Thank you for that suggestion. I also have a bathroom with no windows and was wondering what sort of plant I could keep in there. It’s also very small so beside the toilet won’t work, but I can put a bamboo on top of the medicine cabinet. 🙂

  6. i am so tired today. i just feel like im struggling to get some energy. so im steeping some peppermint tea and ill get to this later. a bowl of soup and a toasted cheese sandwich…sorry Silver, ive just gotta rest a moment

  7. I love the idea of a shelf above the toilet with a plant on it. 🙂 I don’t like to put a bunch of stuff on the floor in bathrooms (boys & toilets – anyone with boys knows exactly what I mean). But a shelf on the wall will work perfectly!
    Yesterday I sorted out paperwork and ended up shredding/tossing two kitchen trash bags full. yay! Soooo nice to have that stagnant dusty energy OUT of the house.

    And yes, family members have been finding all sorts of new treasures they just have to bring home. Driving me crazy! Trying to open up space to have OPEN SPACE. sigh. Work. in. progress.

    1. Oh yes, I had two boys also. I so know where you are with that! Yes, that’s something I dealt with in last year’s challenge. I would clean out an area and suddenly, stuff I hadn’t anticipated wandered in, lol. Thank you so much for posting!

  8. Good timing! I have company coming tomorrow for my daughters birthday. I like the tips with the bathroom, although I’ve always kept my bathroom door closed, but I didn’t think to add a plant to my bathroom. What kinds of plants survive without sunlight though? My bathroom is small and lacks in the window department. I also don’t have a vent so it get’s really steamy during shower time and it takes forever to get the moisture out. We also keep several incense sticks in there, but they have a tendency to make ashy messes as well. I may have to come up with some creative way to make them easier to deal with. Does anybody have any special ideas?

  9. Yesterday i read “toilets and medicine” i thought to myself OK that wont keep me to busy for long, “cause i m a “good clean” huisvrou (housewife)”. I cleaned out the medicine cabinet last week (or was it the week before?) never mind. This morning i did my dedication, then took my time just walking around, played with the dog, remembered i had to go for a injection at the clinic (boy did that one burn!) came home got the bucket and cleaning stuff, decided i need coffee, made that drank it, all at my own pace……. remembered to go feed the garden birds…….. Then i came in and off i went to the bathroom, gave one look at the toilet and started wondering what the heck are the men in this house hold up to when they go potty……. good green cleaning stuff wont do for that mess, out with the bleach, pored it all over the toilet, around and behind the toilet, let it soak for a while. while i wait ill took down the curtains, for easy cleaning, the toilet cover also need a wash, discover a spider family took up residence behind the curtains in the corners, mold on the “mold Free” silicone, around the bath, not much but its there (behind that pesky plastic shower curtain), more bleach poring, while i wait for that ill take out the cabinet to clean behind it (to heavy, have to empty it to move it) OK its out of the bathroom, go back in nearly fainted, hair, hair and more hair, human hair, dog hair, cat hair, unmentionable hairs, clean it all up, down the toilet it go with all the negative gunk clinging to it. Started wiping the tiles, up the wall i go, cant reach….. go get a ladder. Before long i was washing the ceiling and the walls. Something flash behind me, its my youngest with the cell phone taking pictures, forget to concentrate on what i do, get some dirty water in my face, comes from trying to wash ceilings with a floor-wiz. Well i got the whole bathroom scrubbed out, and i mean it, SCRUB. washed the curtains the toilet covers and the towels. Back went the cabinet (after it got a good wipe down), now all that stuff have to go back in there, half the shampoo bottles are empty or nearly empty (why would anybody put a empty bottle back ?) Off it went to the wash room, ill poor all the left overs in one bottle and put it at the outside tap for hand washing after working in the garden. Discover toothpaste under the basin (who sits under there while brushing their teeth?) got that out of the way, clean the drawers, only 4 small ones, but oh boy did they have a lot of rubbish in them. Got the curtains, damn have to iron everything, back to the wash room to do the ironing. At last i could put everything back, even got a plant from the front porch, put it on the windowsill. Everything look spic and span. Only took me 8 hours. 😀 I also found a small old compact mirror in one of the drawers, its stuck on the door now. We had take out tonight there wasn’t time to cook, THAT was my reward.

  10. Yesterday I worked a temp job and started coming down with the boyz gooberitis. So other than the MBR I did before work, it was about all I could do to get everybody fed and do the dishes last night. I was okay with it because as I looked around it seemed like I was actually making some progress with the moving in/unpacking thing. I could see more floor than boxes, things were “starting” to take some shape, small light at the end of the tunnel and all that… Then… my sweetie comes home with a small pickup truck FULL of his crap that he hadn’t had time to move until now. I stood there watching the boxes and stuff pile up, the floor disappear, and once again I am back where I started. Today I feel like a turd on a stick. Gooberitis sucks. Slept most the of the morning. Did manage to shower, do the MBR, push a few boxes outta the way. I think that is all I have in me today. Really hard not to get depressed.

  11. I took my 3 minutes this morning to drop mail in our mailbox (at the bottom of a driveway) and bring the trashcan back up…had asked hubby to take the mail down, but he forgot, so wanted to do it before the mail came so it would actually go out today.

    Then on to the bathroom! We just have one, and it’s pretty small, but it had acquired some non-bathroom stuff, mainly my stuff. Before I had made a craft box to store all my crafty related things, I kept that stuff in the bathroom, and there were little plastic containers (empty and waiting to be used for something). We also had a box with medicines and ointments in it, many of which were quite old.

    I took a deep breath and got rid of some old beauty products my mom sent years and years ago (they expired over five years ago to give you a picture). I’m not a makeup gal, and my personal beauty regimen pretty much is to wash my face with cold water morning and night, so I never remember to use the face washes and stuff. I had actually gone through some makeup a bit ago that I had somehow acquired and bagged it up and passed it along to some friends. But I finally did manage to get rid of the beauty products I never use, had been holding on to them ‘just in case’.

    Gave the rest of the bathroom a good scrub down, then followed my trail of clutter out of the bathroom. I had been meaning to clean up my craft box (which of course also had gathered up some non-craft things), so I did that, as well as my ‘catch all’ basket I keep by my desk. There are some things that I am in the progress of working on that live in that basket so they are handy but not in the way. Right now it’s the things I need for Yule, a belt I use in Yoga exercises, my prayer beads and a light jacket (we keep the house colder, so if I sit too long I get chilly, so I keep something to toss on when I get cold. I put the books back on the shelves where they belong and found a place for the few office supplies I had picked up at the start of the school year.

    I was thinking about the plants in the bathroom thing. I agree with Yaz, living with hubby and just turned teen son, I know what goes on around my toilet, so anything I added would need to be easily cleaned. If we weren’t renting, I would love to decorate the base of the toilet with painted on designs, plants and flowers would look lovely. Instead though I am thinking I might embroider something to drape over the back of the toilet. We use the tank as a place to set towels when we shower (we are one towel rack short in our bathroom, so one towel gets hung over the shower rod, which doesn’t work when you are actually in the shower).

    I’m also thinking I might look through the closets for shelves, I know we have a few hanging shelves somewhere that we never hung, and we could definitely use a bit more storage space in the bathroom.

    I also found that the Sea of Potential works very well when Hubby frustrates me (especially if I fill my sea with tranquility or peace). I learned long ago that my getting flustered with him just leads to a fight and never ends with change, so I have been working on just letting his issues slide over me. If it is something I feel we need to talk about, I plan on talking with him at a time when we are both calm, and that works out much better. And sometimes I know my reaction isn’t based on anything besides my own personal pet peeves, and it isn’t fair to him for me to take it out on him if I’m in a bad mood.

  12. I loved what you wrote! And you have marvelous ideas, too! Personally, I think that whoever designed the toilet never had to clean one. Okay, so it needs all the bendy parts — but, why can’t they cover that with a flat surface?

  13. ok.. the dreaded BATHROOM!! tub first get that out of the way.. *deep breath*… *pull back curtain*… and i feel like i want to cry… i HATE my tub.. it is HORRID!!.. it’s soo old and cruddy… and the ceramic is chipping off!!.. plus there.s green mildew and red rust stains from the water i’m guessing!! ok.. enough complaining… break out the bathroom cleaner and scrub brush.. and i spritz the green mildrew goo.. scrubbing.. and more scrubbing and more scrubbing… not coming off!!.. scrub harder and harder… still not coming off!! 😦 *WAH*.. i HATE this tub!!!! *calls bf and tells him we need CLR!! sigh… ok forget the green stuff…. lets try going after this “ring around the tub”…spritz and scrub.. can;t reach.. off with the shoes and socks and roll up the pant legs… *step into the tub*.. AHHH COLD!!…sitting on the edge… *not comfortable*… scrubbing my heart out and hands off!! still looks dingy.. spritz more.. scrub more… repeat.. etc…PHEW.. well it only looks SLIGHTLY better then it did… pull out the drain cover to clean green stuff from that… SCRUB.. SCRUB.. SCRUBSCRUBSCRUBSCRUB…. NOT…COMING..OFF!! SIGH!! pull out the screw that holds in the drain cover.. looks at end of screw.. looks at green stuff.. *scrapes end of screw against green stuff*.. well whaddya know it’s coming off… *scrape drain cover COMPLETELY FREE of green stuff!!*
    YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!.. *runs to drain to attempt screw scraping on drain*…well some of that came off.. not all of it! VICTORY FOR ME AND MY INGENUITY!!! now i’m tired and am gonna rest before i tackle the REST of my bathroom.. but i have CONQUERED the dreaded tub!!!

  14. Got home from work and didn’t feel like cleaning at all. But then I thought “these bathrooms need cleaning”. So I took my cleaning stuff and march into one of my bathrooms. At first I resisted and cursed under my breath. Then I got into a rhythm. Clean out my medicine cabinet. Had some very old meds that should have been discarded a couple of years ago. Got in the cabinet under the sink and got rid of some old fade towels, more expired meds and other crap that should have been discarded years ago. Did the same in my other bathroom. The stuff I found under that sink have been there for at least a decade. I would just walk over the stuff instead of getting rid of it. Well today all that stuff got chucked into the dumpster. I’m not looking forward to the fridge tomorrow.

  15. ok bathroom is entirely clean!!!, tub, shower, sink, medicine cabinet’s been cleaned out, cleaned and organized, toilet cleaned, and cabinet above the toilet was tidied up. The last time i cleaned the bathroom (last year when we bought the house) i had just cleaned the ENTIRE bathroom a few days before, and my bf ate bad tuna, got food poisoning, and was projectile vomiting all over my nice clean bathroom i HAD JUST CLEANED!!! *was NOT happy* now.. if he dirties up this bathroom again imma beat his head!!

  16. I didn’t get any work at all done by my husband anywhere today. He had a follow up appointment with the eye doctor for a surgery he had last January. They removed two more stitches (he’s now down to 3 stitches left from a starting total of 18). He was there for 3 hours and when he came home he had a friend of ours with him so nothing got done by him. Meanwhile I spent 4 hours cleaning the 2 bookcases in the living room: I dusted them both off, wiped them with spray cleaner, dusted off everything that was on them (books, borrowed DVDs, notebooks, etc). I threw a bunch of stuff in the trash, a bunch of stuff in the recycling bin, reorganized everything, and took a little vase I got years ago that I never used and turned it into a pen holder (UPCYCLED!). It’s now sitting on the bookcase right next to the chair I usually sit in (the bookcase acts like a desk of sorts). I love how nice they both look! I also rounded up all the throw blankets and put them through the wash. I just have to fold them. I am tired and sore but proud of what I got done!

  17. Am still running behind the schedule. Sigh. I finally got the windows and doors done today, but I got all GRUMPY halfway through and feeling overwhelmed. We moved almost four weeks ago and have been remodeling bit by bit while trying to do all the other unpacking, organizing, cleaning up after the previous owners and keeping up with my two jobs. When I discovered what looked like a colony of dead bees in one of the window tracks today, I almost started to cry. I took a nap, and then made a big pot of pumpkin curry to fortify my willpower… the only thingthat’s going to get me through this transition! So no bathrooms today, though I did finish painting BOTH the bathroom cabinets. The scrubbing will wait for tomorrow.

  18. Coming back and filling in the days that I did not update on here :). Bathroom, I did the sink, and dusting. Kitchen was area that I felt the most uncomfortable in. Called upon My Guardian for the Challenge, to harmonize the room.

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