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Great Release Challenge! Day 5 — Wednesday

Today you will need a kitchen timer or stop watch.
Today you will need a kitchen timer or stop watch.

Day Five — 2012 Great Release Challenge!
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2012

Five is the number of change. Today, we’re going to work when several fun exercises. Making change with the focus on pleasure is much easier.

Fast and Furious!

Our first set of exercises concentrates on speed. How much can you get done in a limited amount of time? What can you accomplish in minutes?  In 5 minutes?  15?  Let’s try!

First Challenge:  You have exactly three minutes to pick up, clean, arrange or toss.  Use a stop watch if you like.  Yes, right now.  This second.  On your mark…get set…go!

Whew!  My tongue is hanging out!  Let’s see… I didn’t stray far from the computer. My craft table was a mess.  I managed to put the rulers back in their place, pens and pencils in the pencil cup, scissors in the scissors box, sandpaper and woodcutting tool back in their box, throw out a piece of trash, and stack a few papers. For a moment or two I just stood there wondering what to do first!

Second Challenge:  You have exactly five minutes to pick up, clean, arrange or toss.  I’m going to use the kitchen timer for this one.  On your mark…get set…go!

Sigh!  Wow, that five minutes really went fast!  I dusted the man-cave (no after 30 plus years of marriage my husband does not dust — I think he has special vision filters on his eyeballs that don’t allow dust to be seen).  Plus, I found the knob to one of my cabinets in that room and glued it back in place.

Third Challenge:  You have exactly fifteen minutes to pick up, clean, arrange or toss.  Here we go!  Wait, I lost the darned timer.  Okay, okay.  Now…Go!

Grrrr!  I spent a good three minutes thinking about what I could do in fifteen.  Since I still had the duster I made a fast sweep through the living room, then raced to the bedroom.  What the hell is all over the window sill?  I just cleaned that!!!  Splattered bug guts?  Yuck.  Someone must have left that window open.  Why?  Its winter!  Wait, yesterday was a nice day…maybe a contractor did it.  Oh, who the hell cares!  Why am I wasting my time on who!  Quick.  The Mr. Clean sponge.  Ta-da!  Okay…okay, duster now filthy.  Throw away, reload so it is ready for the next time.  Off to the kitchen.  What, what, what can I do?  Ouuu.  Yeah.  The dog mat where the food and water dish are.  One of my dogs faithfully beats up the food bowl, which hits the water bowl, which creates a yucky mess on the mat…every day.  Argh.  Clean that and write down in my notebook that I need a better solution so I don’t have to do this every day.  No, getting rid of the dog is not an option.  Oz is just like his name implies — a loveable space cadet.  Perhaps I can figure out why he is doing this, and find a way to keep the area cleaner.  Finally, I’ve been looking at this strange, errant thread sticking up on the edge of the foyer carpet.  I kept thinking to myself, I have to cut that, and then I totally forget.  So!  Dash for the scissors (yeah, I know, no running with sharp objects) and cut off that darned thread!  Time’s up!

Children love the three and five minute challenges — adults, too!  Have a reward ready, even if they pick up only one piece of paper, or find one shoe.  By timing them, and rewarding them, they will be more eager to help keep the living space clean and energized.  Another added benefit is that you will help to teach them to think fast on their feet.  And, may I add, that rewards work exceptionally well on adults, too.  Just remember, it doesn’t count if they shove something where it doesn’t belong, like under the bed or behind the sofa!

A Place for Everything And Everything In Its Place

Now that you’ve gone through the speed challenges, consider where you might move things to make it easier next time.  For example, I have all kinds of glue on a specific shelf in a cabinet.  That way, whenever I need glue, I know where to find it.  Preparing cleaning supplies and toolss for the “next time” is also helpful.  Change or wash the mop head after you use it.  Load the duster, or empty the vacuum or dust buster as soon as you are finished.  Keep supplies together.  The floor cleaner right by the mop.  Spare bags for the vacuum (if it uses them) in the same closet you keep the vacuum, etc.

Keeping similar products in one place makes them easier to find when you need them.

Nighttime Sweep

Every night, before you go to bed, take five or ten minutes to do your nighttime sweep.  This is where you pick up items that managed to hop out of their places while you weren’t looking.  I always put away any craft project I’m working on rather than leave it on the dining room table (yes, I know I have a craft room; but, at night I like to relax and work on pleasurable items while watching television or a DVD).  Empty the sink of dirty dishes, spray down the counters…whatever fits your family lifestyle.  I know some of you think that it is just my husband and myself now that my four children are adults.  Um…no.  My house is just as active, sometimes more active now that they are grown.  Many times my adult children eat dinner here, I have grandchildren so they do what kids do no matter where they are.  I am still a bus.  I run my granddaughter to Karate class twice a week and so forth.  I also have two dogs, enough said on that.  I also actively entertain with a bi-weekly healing circle, a bi-weekly crochet night, and several parties throughout the year.  It can get hectic!  (and messy).

Spiritual Challenge

Now that we’ve done a physical speed challenge.  Let’s do a Spiritual Speed Challenge!  Oh yeah!

If you are into folk magick, Hoodoo, or Braucherei (Pow-Wow) there are quite a few things you can do in three minutes or less.

Three Minute Spiritual Challenge:  Okay, here we go.  Three minutes is all you’ve got!  Now!

Yikes, okay, okay…run to the bedroom.  Whip off my shirt.  Turn it inside out.  Chant “Evil Be Gone Braucherei Charm” and pinch my shirt in a dresser drawer…hard!  Run and get a new shirt.  Purple, for spirituality.  What next?  Look right, look left…wash my hands with Frankincense and Myrrh soap, wash my face, too.  Leave my hands under running water and visualize all the negativity pouring out of my body and down the drain.  Ouu, ouu.  I’ve got a minute left.  Write what I want to banish from my life on toilet paper and flush it down the commode.  Yeah!  Pen!  Where’s a pen?  There!  Okay!  Rip.  Argh.  Got it.  Writing…seconds left…writing… down the hole and hit the flush!


If you sat in place and meditated or chanted that’s okay, but…trust me…moving is a lot more fun.

Five Minute Spiritual Challenge.  On your mark, get set…go!  A friend of mine had surgery today.  Shoot, I don’t have any green or gold candles, white will have to do.  Inscribe her name on the candle with a stylus, rub with a healing magickal oil, chant a healing pow-wow charm.  Which one?  Okay, she had surgery!  I’ll use the 2450 Healing Charm, called that because it is approximately 2,450 years old.  Begin by saying the individual’s name who needs the healing three times aloud.

2450 Healing Charm

The Lord of Five Points
Rode to Four Corners
While the Circle of She
Declares What Will Be!

Marrow to Marrow
Bone to Bone
Joint to Joint
Sinew to Sinew
Blood to Blood
Vein to Vein
Hair to Hair
Limb to Limb
Flesh to Flesh
The Power of One
Will be enmeshed!

Light candle.  Say the charm 3 times (9 if you have more time).  Done!

Consider turning your BOS into a colorful scrapbook.
Consider turning your BOS into a colorful scrapbook.

Fifteen Minute Spiritual Challenge:  You have fifteen minutes to do something spiritual.  I’m going to tell you about how I let go of something with honor.  Years ago, I used to make Halloween costumes for all my children.  Over time, I gave away most of the costumes; but, there was one that was simply too beat to give away.  Yet I hated to part with it.  I made it for my oldest son, who is now married and in the military.  Every year I would look at the costume as I dug out the Halloween decorations.  I realized that no one would ever wear it again, yet, year after year, I put in that Halloween costume back in the tub with a tear (okay, many) in my eye.  In the last days of our move of house this fall my daughter went up to the attic and started bringing down boxes for me to go through.  And, of course, we hit the Halloween boxes (okay, the twelve Halloween boxes…ahem).  The goal was to pare it down to one box.

Yes, the costume.  Of course it was there.

I took a big breath, and sat down.  I held the costume close to my heart and I said, “I honor the time I spent stitching this fabric.  I honor the smile on my son’s face when it was completed.  I honor the time that he wore it.  The memory will always be with me.  I release this physical item, yet I hold the love we shared, and share today always in my heart.”

I cried on it.

And then I let it go.

Your Mission Today

If you did the speed clean challenge — you’re done!

For the Truly Dedicated Challenge Participant:  Try the speed clean exercise more than once, or practice the spiritual challenge!

For Tomorrow:  Something from your wish list.


1.  Do Your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle.
2.  Continue to Work with the Sea of Potential Affirmation.
3.  Practice the Speed Clean exercises.
4.  Give yourself one gold star if you did all the exercises.  Two gold stars if you did it more than once, or did the Spiritual Challenges.  Three gold stars if you managed to catch up and do something you missed from the day before.  Four gold stars if you completed something on your Wish List . Remember, for every seven gold stars you earn, you get to treat yourself with something special!
5.  Get ready for tomorrow!!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.

So be it.



Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

54 thoughts on “Great Release Challenge! Day 5 — Wednesday

  1. I cannot keep up with you! 🙂

    I am doing the B-ritual every morning, and reading your blog EVERY DAY. I too, am a grandmother, with just one grandchild and have two grown children.

    Girl, you are WAAY ahead of me.

    I need to seriously lose all of the distractions that keep me from pursuing what I love to do: Tarot, read, walk, cook, chat up with friends (better yet, have them all over for a “hen” party). Time is getting shorter (I’m 62) and I need to, seriously, spend less time, wasting time.

    Just to let you know, that I found you after thinking about my ancestors at Samhaim. Yes, on my paternal grandmother’s side they were Pennsylvania Dutch – Bixler – from Harrisburg. My greatgrandmother (Bixler) married a Mahoney and lived in NYC, where my grandmother was born in 1890. Her part of the family just disappeared from her life; hence, they were only a very few stories shared with me as a child. I am just now beginning to retrieve them from my memory.

    So, when I found out that there was such a thing as American Folk Witchcraft, and then I found you, I was psyched. I have just this month started acquiring some of your books (Hexcraft) and (Hedgewitch)………….a bit of a detour from Tarot.

    Thank you, Sliver, for having all that energy, perspective and passion for what you do. Have you ever given thought to doing a podcast?

    So much to learn! This makes me VERY happy;)

    Suzi Petito

    1. Hey! We have Bixler’s in our family tree, too. And, I found some Bixler’s in an old grave yard in Adams County. I’ll have to look thru my pics, I think I took a snap or two.

      1. Is Bixler a common name like Smith, I wonder? This is a very new begining for me but it has come up in my life, and I wonder at the synchronicity. Time will tell, Silver. For now, I am setting my “timer” more often in my life – and moving through my personal “junk” thanks to you:)

  2. Daily I read and participate, and today’s challange is up my alley. Sometimes I wish I had more of the cleaning/organizing gene my Virgo grandma had, LOL! To her all this would be effortless 🙂

  3. You mentioned that the 2450 Healing Charm is about 2450 years old…..can you tell me where this is might be documented? Or where more information may be found. THANKS.

    1. I’ll have to find it, in the box, at the bottom of the closet…lol. All my pow-wow and Braucherie documentation made it into one box — finally. Now, I just have to unearth the box.

  4. Hmm… I was home with a sick kid on Day 3, upset tummy. 😦 So the speed challenge, well pretty much did that already. Only way I got anything done actually. Fold a half a load of laundry. Run and stand over the toilet patting his back. Then put him back to bed. Put away the dry dishes. Run and stand over the toilet patting his back. Then put him back to bed. Lol, you get the picture. Day 4 I was out and about job hunting. Soooo, Day 5 I think I am going to work on the surface thing in the morning. Clean up the entertainment center and get all the movies unpacked and organized. Maybe clean a few windows if there is time. Then off job hunting again in the afternoon. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, in a sea of potential.

    1. Hey Owl, I have an idea for you. I learned this from my sister in law many years ago when my nieces were 6 and 5. Get a small bucket (sand bucket for beach, small cleaning bucket, heck even a plastic waste can would work. When child is sick with upset tummy, give them the bucket to keep next to them because there are times when they can’t make it to the toilet in time and the bucket is portable so they can carry it with them on the WAY to the toilet, just in case. There were many times when my nieces were just a few steps from the bathroom when BLECH! and then the carpet would need scrubbing. Shoot I’m 43 and I STILL keep a small bucket next to my side of the bed for emergencies and it has come in handy several times. Buckets are far easier to clean then repeatedly cleaning carpet, flooring, or bed covers.

      1. Thank you Kit. Yes, we use a small trash can for this purpose lined with a plastic grocery bag. I encourage them to make it to the bathroom if possible though. Don’t like having to clean the can much either. Lol. 😉

        So 3 job applications turned in, recycling taken into town, donated a box more of unwanted items to Salvation Army, the entertainment center was cleaned and DVD’s unpacked. Didn’t get the VHS tapes done though. (Yes we still have a VCR, lol.) Sliding glass door was done, but still all streaky… and I’m wondering at what age will I not have to scrape the petrified boogers off the glass? They are 7 and 9… should be over this by now right?? Sigh…

        Trying to keep swimming, but it was a discouraging, frustrating day. Have a one day temp job tomorrow. Hopefully it will be better.

  5. Caught up on everything I could not do other days due to carpet cleaning (gracious Goddess was THAT ever so much fun ) and did my junk drawer today- which happens to be in an old buffet and realized that the entire buffet had become a “junk place”. 4 drawers and two cabinets later, all is in place, tossed, and wound up with an empty drawer which now has me magickal wish on it. Coerced my daughters help by letting her be the one to spritz all the windows and doors with the blessing water we made. Whew!

    I have to say, it feels- powder to be magickally cleaning when I know many, many other people are doing the same kinds of thing near the same time as me. It is like we are all doing it together and are cleaning up the world of its negativity. Feels good.

  6. Don’t have a stopwatch……(forgot about the cellfone stopwatch, lol) but did all 3 the challenges, even redusted some places. The spiritual time i spend with my dog, just sitting on the floor after the ritual. She seems upset for the past 2 days flinching everytime i move, i think all the goingons had her a bit confused, she follows me everywhere (even to the bathroom) so i spend this time just massaging her and talking to her while we waited for the candle to burn down. I have ruskbaking on my wish list so i can do that tomorrow.
    Thank you Silver.

    Good luck to the rest of you.

  7. This will be perfect for today.
    I’m at work, so I can’t do anything right now. And in the evening I’m invited to a friend’s for dinner. So basically when I get home it’ll be all about snagging every left free minute to get things done and then jump into bed. LOL

  8. Ok confession, I’m much better at READING the challenges than doing them, (I try to do bits and pieces when I can but can’t seem to fully commit, which is on me and which is why I’m still dragging lots of blah around. That’s not the point. Silver you have given me a FANTASTIC idea with one of my clients!!! I am a homebased counselor, I work mainly with children and I try to incorporate alternative theories and mindfulness to the kiddos that I think can understand it. I have one young lady who, like me, has little to no motivation to complete her daily chores. We’ve been discussing the emotional connections to clutter, etc. I have even gone so far as to bring trash bags with me to help her go through her room and donate and get rid of unwanted items that she’s holding on to. Long story short, she’s wonderfully good at making excuses and it fizzled after one week due to her basically lying to me… BUT I believe today’s challenge will be right up her alley! And yes, helping her understand the connections of holding onto emotional junk has helped me personally. I get to figure out when I’m cleaning (I am doing this challenge this evening after work!!!) I’m very good at piling things into a different pile of “to dos” and they stay there for a while, maybe a challenge of motivation and banishment of stacks of “I’ll get to that” would be in order? Thanks for letting me blabber ❤ Thank you so much for these challenges Silver, I may not be fully committed, but it still lights a fire under me and I look forward to this every year! ❤

    1. Even a little done will help a lot! We’ll work on those paper stacks, I promise! Thank you also for sharing about your work. Sending you bright energy, joy and happiness. You deserve it.

    2. I am also better at reading the challenges than doing them. Working is sucking up most of my time and energy right now. I know I will have to save most of the challenges for my weekends. I will also have lengthy time off for the next round of holidays (unpaid, unfortunately), so hopefully I can do most of the challenges then. I need a solution to fatigue and achy muscles, which makes it hard to persist with cleaning and decluttering. My cat has been under the weather, and looking up natural remedies for her problems gives me some ideas of where to look for remedies for mine. I also know that making decisions about what to let go of, and dealing with emotional angst about letting go of stuff can interfere with decluttering. Perhaps fear of lack/loss makes it hard for your client to let go of her stuff, or fear of making a mistake?
      Wishing Bright Blessings to All as we continue to slog on with this cleansing process.

  9. Ummm i have a little problem, something is happening to me. Its the first time i do this challenge and i start noticing things about people, yesterday i visited an old friend. I know her for about 10 years. While i was in her home it felt very strange, as if the whole house was pressing down on my shoulders, i only drank coffee and came home, later she had to pick up something in town that was not ready yet so she came here for half an hour to wait, while she was here i started to get one heck of a headache….. when she left i took the rattle and walked with it to the front yard shaking it, at the gate my headache already felt better……… it was gone when i came in? I m used to getting headaches but i did not see this person in 2 weeks, and what was strange is that i did not have any headaches in that time……. Today someone that was an old neighbor of 5 years back, just decided to come for a visit, for some reason this person always irritated me (which is strange because i love having pple around me) when i saw her standing at my front door i immediately felt aggressive ( i am not an aggressive person). But i was friendly to her, invited her in, offered her coffee, but the whole time she was here i wondered what the heck is this woman doing here? I just wished she’d go home……. now i sit here and worry that she might come back.
    OH i broke my rattle by accident, or to much shaking it to get rid of the bad vibes.
    I feel bad about this….. what can i do? (the pple not he rattle, it can be fixed. LOL)

    1. It sounds to me that the people you are talking about carry negativity with them. It was smart to clear your space after they left. Try working on shielding yourself by using the LBR every day, or some other type of spiritual cleansing empowering technique.

  10. LOL I was horrible at the speed challenges! In 3 minutes, I tossed some old papers in our ‘mail holder’ (which doesn’t hold mail at all, but now just has some old pay stubs I have to bug hubby to see if they are keep or toss) and cleaned the dining table (cleared everything off and took the table cloth outside to shake the bits off of it….we buy garlic in bulk and I hadn’t put it in the bowl right away, so garlic skin everywhere!)

    Decided to alternate, physical and spiritual, so in 3 minutes I lit a big three wick pillar candle, dedicated today’s cleaning to Frigga, asked for blessings on my family to let go of the old and move forward and burnt a stick of incense (took it around to each room and door/window and said a little blessing at each).

    Then 5 minutes of cleaning, thought I could do the fridge…boy was I wrong! Hubby has asked me twice now if my daily clean was the fridge, so I guess he thought it needed it. I try to wipe up any spills as they happened, so I thought it would be just a quick task. I think I forgot that I would have to physically move every item in the fridge! Got the egg compartment and the main shelves done when the timer dinged.

    So 5 minutes spiritual, I went with the 2450 healing charm for a friend who has been struggling with health issues for a month. And while running to grab a little candle (I have birthday cake candles I like to use for when I need to let the candle burn out), I realized that while I tidied up my magical cabinet yesterday, it is still hard to get to some of the stuff on the bottom (which of course was where the candles were!) Going to have to figure out a better way to do that. But got my candle, and did the chant, which is lovely. Had fun adding gestures over the candle (pentacle for the first line, four quarters for the second and circle for the third).

    With the 15 minutes is where I really went over. Tried to finish the fridge, but it probably took me close to 20 to finish up the produce drawers and all the door shelves. And I swear my cats are sneaking into the fridge when we sleep, there was soo much cat fur in there!

    For spiritual, I had a bit of a mind blank, then decided to go with a bit of divination. Grabbed my bag of runestones and a tarot deck and sat down to read and reflect. I have been working with this set of rune stones for a bit, just rocks I found outside and painted the symbols on, but I love working with them. I always feel like they have so much to tell me and I don’t quite speak their language yet (kind of like going to a foreign country with only a ‘popular words’ translation guide), but it’s coming along. I tried something new with the tarot, instead of using one of the spreads I am familiar with, I pulled cards and looked at them and determined where they should go, and then when I felt I was done I looked at the whole spread and let the cards tell me what their positions meant. It was definitely interesting (and worth doing again!) I don’t record my rune readings, but I try to do my tarot, so I was in the process of writing and reflecting when the timer dinged…so I finished that up.

    And, being Wednesday, after lunch I’ll do the regular cleaning 🙂

  11. I have SUCH a flippin’ headache! Could all this cleaning be part of it? What to do? Thanks for any ideas. I’m ready to hit the bottle and it’s only 1:43 PM! EEK! XXOO!

  12. just home from work ready to get started.i enjoyed reading about everyone’s challenges there is an online so I’ll use that and plan on sticking to one room that i haven;t really been able to do but am going to make it my own personal space of magick and fun!!! I also found this ritual carrying over to my class room getting things organized and tossed if needed besides the regular hustle and bustle that goes with teaching young autistic children! I love it they are helping too and they are rearranging the crystals in the small fountain we have and asking me to spray some “water roses” for them. This is an amazing time Thanks once again Silver, I’ll return later to let you know how today goes

  13. ok here’s what i did:
    Dusted the bf’s computer desk, and what do i find… 2 kitchen knives covered with peanut butter and a dirty empty plastic cup!… tossed the knives into the sink and the cup in the garbage.. then for the next challenge very quickly dusted the living room and bedroom..then i also had to clean my dogs food mat.. didn’t manage to get everything though cause when i picked it up.. a whole load of crumbs and whatever dumped all over the floor! UGH!! off to get the broom to sweep up.. while i’m sweeping i’m fighting with the dog who is trying to bite the broom bristles and eat the “dirt/crumb” pile i was making…IDIOT!
    also had numerous carpet fibers to snip off in the living room, cause my dog (puppy) is in his chewing phase and likes to rip up everything, so he’s trying to eat the broom, even though i bought him a giant pork bone for his 8 month birthday yesterday! SIGH!
    Next challenge,, i ran over to the sink to wash those dirty knives and clean off the counter. By this time i was all sweaty (was wearing a sweatshirt) so i had to change that and then into the bathroom to throw some cool water on my face to cool down, and also because by that time after all that activity… i really REALLY had to go!!! LOL

  14. Since my hernia surgery it has been so hard for me to clean dusty corners and above the doors nad around the fireplace stones. I spent this time finally working on them! Thank you for pushing me to get them done! That was an intense release for me. (I think I had a housework blockage) 😉

  15. What I did today: 3 Minute Challenge – I put all the dishes into the dishwasher and wiped up the stove. 5 Minute Challenge – cleaned the cat boxes. 15 Minute Challenge – took several small bags of trash out to the trash can, took out the recycling, took the broken curtain rods out to the trash can (FINALLY!), and emptied the ashtrays. Only got to do the 3 Minute Spiritual Challenge which was to light a stick of incense that was a blend of white sage, lavender, and lemongrass (all cleansing herbs which was appropriate for cleaning) and just breathed it in. I was wondering….I don’t have herbs or any money to buy any at this time so would it be effective to walk through the house with a stick of that incense burning to clear some negativity away?

    1. Kit – I am going to have to get faster at dishes! I used my 15 minute challenge for that task. I also have a busted curtain rod downstairs that has to go… go… go! I know you didn’t ask me but I wanted to offer this in answer to your question. I have used incense lots of times to clear negative energy from my home. You can also envision white light.

    2. Kit, I, personally, would totally use the incense stick. The white sage, lavender, and lemongrass will work just as well in incense stick form, as loose. Especially if that is your set intention. 🙂
      Also, look to your spice cabinet for magick supplies. And your fridge, and pantry(I don’t have money, either, so I get it). I hope those aren’t empty. If you’re low on everything, water, sound, intention.

      1. You can use an empty plastic bottle with some stones, tree bark or seeds for a rattle, or like Silver said an pot and spoon…. to make a racket with (don’t upset the animals or neighbors with it thou :D). to chase the negativity out. Just remember to cleanse and empower it. :D.

  16. I really enjoyed today’s challenge. I did the three minute challenge twice, once for each of the two remaining kitchen drawers. The 5 minute challenge – took all the paperwork that I sorted downstairs. I still have to put it away in my filing boxes but at least it’s all in one area now and ready to go ( will make that another 5 minute challenge ). Then I took another pile of files into my office – notes and such that I need for my studies. I will find a box for all of that so that it’s contained and I know exactly where to find it. All of the file folders are being clearly labelled as I go. For the 15 minute challenge, I unloaded/loaded the dishwasher and washed the cutlery trays. It’s amazing how much you can get done in what we perceive to be a “short” amount of time.

    I haven’t done the “wiping down the surfaces” challenge yet because I am still decluttering but I hope to get 100% caught up by Sunday. For the rest of the evening I cleaned the top of the stove, packed up all the plastic bags to take to the food bank ( a lot of people don’t realize that the people who come to the food bank need something to take their groceries home in ) and checked another item off my wishlist!

    I have a kitchen work station that I use as an altar/prep station for spells. It has four drawers and a cupboard. The top has two halves – one side is granite and the other is wood. One thing on my wishlist was to get that decluttered, cleaned and organized. I gave myself 30 minutes to do it ( 5 minutes for each drawer and some time to do the cupboard ). It took me 40 minutes because I wanted to be sure not to accidentally toss something of importance. I was able to remove a small bag of stuff that can be stored downstairs with the rest of my Witchy supplies ( on my wish list to organize that, as well ). I also tossed a lot of bits and bobs that I thought “might come in handy someday”. Being able to use my pendulum if I am struggling with whether or not to keep something makes it SO easy to sort things. Deep down, I already know the answer but I made an agreement with myself when I started this that if I was in doubt I would let the pendulum have the final word and would abide by that without question. Works like a charm! ( see what I did there ? )

    Realization – as I get more organized, I am finding that once there is a place for everything, it’s much easier to put everything in it’s place.

    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  17. omg….i got so mad at work !!! the punthan ive ever been beforek at work had me madder … and i never get mad !!!so what did i do? how did i use the pent up energy? i thought of todays challenge,. nope it just wouldnt do. i went to the barn , grabbed my ax and killed my back porch steps… yep chopped them all apart…. got some 2x6s 4x4s….and made me the handiest pretty new steps you ever saw. a strong new banister and after i rest a little im going to take some of your hexagrams and stensel them on the risers. youre right , i dont have room for the new if i dont get rid of the old…grinning, thank you Silver, they are beautiful and with the new banister i wont fall down the shitty things anymore !!!

  18. Day 5, complete! 🙂 Sure, it’s early part of Day 6, but that’s okay. 😉
    I had time to do Day 5’s tasks last night, but was tired, and the idea of running around by a stopwatch’s schedule, made me very cranky, indeed.
    However, when I awoke this morning, lots of ideas where popping in my head, so I was able to complete the tasks.
    Speed Clean Exercises:
    -3 mins: sorted piles for yule gifts
    -5mins: quickly made some scrubbing cleaner, from baking soda, dishwashing liquid, and water, and cleaned the bathroom sink
    -15mins: finished candle holder I was working on, and put it out. Wiped down a few flat surfaces. Tidied up the main room I use, put my grocery bag near the door, loaded w/a return I need to make, made the bed, and i think some other stuff I’ve already forgotten, since doing it a few hours ago.. 😛
    Spiritual Challenge:
    -3mins: did a breathing, relaxation exercise(needed it. helped.)
    -5mins: 1 minute of a healing chant, 4 minutes of cleaning, and re-focuising some Craft tools.
    -15mins: Re-did Altar. Took everything off, checked for any dust. Put away rest of Samhain items. Cleaned and Blessed the bare Altar, then built my Yule one. 🙂 I had been at a draw on how to give myself some sort of Yule live-greenery experience, since I can’t afford even a tabletop tree, and the resolution came earlier, while I was doing the Braucherei Morning Ritual.

    Okay. time to *read* Day 6. Who knows – maybe I’ll get that done, and be caught up, again. 🙂

    1. Just remembered the important other thing I got done this morning, during my 15min speed cleaning/sorting: finally made a new herbal spray for some aches and strains! Glad to have it back around. 🙂

  19. Day Five went well did some moving and sweating while I was at it. Got my upstairs desk cleared (yeah I can put my laptop on it again) first (forgot all the cleaning supplies and had to race downstairs to get them and all three kittens were waiting to trip me!) lol but it was an easy desk just put everything back on the shelf above it (why is it on the desk anyway?) Next I did my makeshift bookcase got all the books in subject order (Funny all my magick books were together out of place, but together! and Yes Silver you are with me a few times over as well as Beloved Scott Cunningham) that was easy and I finshed with about 5 seconds left so I played my bell quickly. Next was the big dresser with EVERYTHING from crafting to woodwork oils incense cd’s cassettes (my husband wont let them go) fabric felt pens markers… its all there I thought well if I take everything out and make a trash pile, put back pile and a doesn’t belong here pile well the timer went off I had one drawer done (easy fabric) and three piles on the floor! lol well I had to keep going so I did and got the whole room back shape. For the spiritual three minutes i played my bells chanting and five minutes a studied my rune for the day (Gebo) and wrote in my journal (RRRIIIIINNNGGG ) ok went over about two minutes on that one. Lastly I did a meditation to clear and open my energy blocks in my chakras) All is well

  20. I’m a bit behind because of work, but today I will be doing this with my 3 year old daughter. She has a lot to clean in her room that’s for sure! 🙂

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