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2012 Release Challenge — Day Four — Tuesday


Day Four — 2012 Great Release Challenge!
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2012

The weather on Day Three turned out to be delightfully mild. I took advantage of the lovely day to do some outside work on my wish list. Although I managed to wash most of the windows and the curtains, there wasn’t enough time to sweep off the front porch.  I’ll do that tomorrow. I also managed to fix a broken kitchen cabinet, washed several loads of laundry, and attempted to vacuum up all the tinsel on the living room carpet from yesterday’s tree trimming fun.  Every time I thought I had it all I would move a little to the right or left and see an ocean of glittering silver.

Your Mission Today

One Junk Drawer — you know, that place where strange things migrate.  Take everything out of the drawer, clean out the drawer, throw away any trash, and organize what’s left.  Perhaps some of the items are better suited to a different area of the home or different drawer.

For the Truly Dedicated Challenge Participant:  Go through ALL drawers that manage to capture things that don’t belong there.  Dedicate different drawers for categories of items.  For example, we have a Battery Drawer, a Gift/Borrow Drawer (where I put things that must be returned or small gifts I’ve wrapped for others), a children’s DVD drawer, etc.  I moved items by category into stackable plastic boxes and labeled each box.  For example one boxes labeled “things that grip”.  Another, “things that punch”.  Junk drawers are often cluttered with miscellaneous tools, phone chargers from phones you don’t have any more, computer wires, extra headsets, etc.  Many times we’ll put the next cord in the drawer and months later have no idea what it belongs to. To stop this frustration I now label cords with a bit of masking tape in the name of the product belongs to. If I no longer own the equipment the cord belongs to I know I can safely throw out the cord.

See-Thru Boxes plus the label help you find things quickly.
See-Thru Boxes plus the label help you find things quickly.

If you manage to completely empty the drawer consider using it as a Wish Drawer.  Simply write your wish on a piece of paper, dot the paper with a bit of magical oil or perfume, use your sea of potential affirmation while holding the paper, then placed the paper in the drawer.  A Braucherei practice is to place a stone on the paper to set the spell.  Keep the drawer closed until your wish manifests.  If you fear a family member will open the drawer, tape it shut.

For Tomorrow:  You choose what you wish to release.  Tomorrow we’ll talk about letting things go with honor.


1.  Do Your Morning Braucherei Ritual and light your goal candle.
2.  Continue to Work with the Sea of Potential Affirmation.
3.  Clean out one junk drawer.
4.  Give yourself one gold star if you finished one junk drawer.  Two gold stars if you did more than one drawer.  Three gold stars if you managed to completely empty any one drawer.  Four gold stars if you completed something on your Wish List . Remember, for every seven gold stars you earn, you get to treat yourself with something special!
5.  Get ready for tomorrow!!

Peace with the Gods
Peace with Nature
Peace Within.

So be it.



Llewellyn Author of over 23 magickally enchanting books. Braucherei practitioner. Artist, photographer, quilter, chandler, doll maker and lover of genealogy. Visit her WhisperMagick online shoppe at

43 thoughts on “2012 Release Challenge — Day Four — Tuesday

  1. I’m actually really looking forward to this – It’s something I need to do on a regular basis (well, to be honest, more or less) since I’ve got 6 drawers full of crafting materials and once I get started with crafting… sooner or later they turn into a bit of a mess. So… roll on 5pm so I can get home and get started.

  2. didnt get finished, had to go to work….. but i got all the kitchen stuff in the kitchen…. all the odds and ends like measuring cups, measuring spoons and the like put in the to-go box. put all the candles and lighters in the spell room. all the pens papers and the like in the desk and file cabinate. i sent the carpet shampooer, the vases i bought flowers in and the fishbowls i had and took them to the thrift stores run by the battered womens shelters. all the dog waterers and food bowls collars,blankets and toys and left over dog food went to the ASPCA,,,,,my dogs died of old age 2 months ago and i just didnt want to get rid of them…i gotta finish once i get a nap tomarrow….

  3. Glad to have a peaceful challenge today, I have a serious body pain of the work of the days two and three. Lol.

  4. Got around to completing a lot of the tasks from day two during yesterday – so glad that today is a little easier!!!
    Had a great thing happen yesterday: Was at the supermarket and really wanted a mince pie (popular Christmas treat here in Ireland!!) I thought” I wish I could eat a mince pie right now!” Suddenly I turned around and one of the assistants was standing there with a tray full of mince pies and whipped cream. “Would you like a mince pie madam?” I was almost speechless with surprise. Now if only the same could happen with everything else I need!!!!! Just shows what is possible. I think it must be the Sea of Potential affirmation. Thank you so much Silver. Its great to be a part of the Challenge again. Love and best wishes to you from Valerie in Ireland

    1. I just have to sneak in here and say… I love when something like this happens. 🙂
      And I love Ireland, but that’s another story. 😀

  5. Yesterday was a difficult day to get through. I did manage to clear one of my entranceways and sweep, wash and wax the floor in that room as well as the hallway. I surprised myself, I must say! But more important than clearing my space is figuring out how to rise to each challenge, for me personally. I have come to realize its not about quantity, its all about the quality! Today when I did The Lesser Banashing Ritual, I slowed myself down and really “felt” my words. The experience expanded my…hard to put just one word down to explain.My consciousness, mind, intuition, ect.

    1. I know how you feel about the quality not quantity came to the same realization and it is very liberating to know what can do is valued no matter what!

  6. Wonderfull. I just completed the 1 catch-all drawer i had. Now theres space for the next years thingys that mysteriously find their way there. I discovered a bunch of keys, tried them on all the doors none of them had a home (where did they come from?). Decided im gonna make a wind chime out of them….. they found their way to the crafts room……. I’m afraid for a crafts room challenge 🙂

  7. Yesterday was beautiful here. I actually had blood drawn. Which silly to say, but…. I got a wish. I have been wishing to get a HUGE series of blood work done, and had been to lazy to actually call the doctor to do it. But I did it. 20 (yup) vials later. Now I just wait and see. As far as getting to my floors. I only got to sweep, BUT! I did fix the cats room, and rearranged that, which having 7 cats cat be crazy! I have also found that as I am cleaning things out. I am making a mess elsewhere (mainly one room). But my hubby went in it to get a blanket and said out loud “Whoa.” hahaha! All that in a matter of days (no Joke). I keep saying I am going to get in there and I am. My point is. I need energy, and am forcing myself to move much more, beyond any pain. A learning lesson. To let go of the pain & move forward. I thank you again for being so wise!


    1. Your an inspiration to me, so many people use any old excuse not to do anything, for me its the trying that matters. We have sore feet, some bumps and bruises (for me one heck of a headache today) But we try.
      Good luck.

  8. Wow! Four junk drawers cleaned out! The first was the “hardware” drawer where I keep screws, nails, picture hangers, etc. What a mess! But now everything is sorted and organized. I went on to do two small drawers in the kitchen and my desk drawer. What a good feeling to have that done. This afternoon I’ll catch up on some of the things I missed yesterday. I totally agree with Crowwoman – it’s been great knowing I can rise to each challenge and do my best.

      1. Are HexCraft and American Folk Magick two different books? I’d always thought they were the same, under two different titles? Dang, means I missed HexCraft…but can get the re-write when it comes out. 🙂

  9. Tiger is back!!! My kitten is doing much better! He’s eating and playing and he is so much more loveable than he has ever been! He never used to let us pick him up much or pet him, about 30 sec, but he’ll play and wrestle and have fun with you all day, now Tiger is rubbing our legs and purring and cuddling with us its sweet, he still wants to play wild and have fun too. He has two brothers here as well and they are already super cuddly! So now they are all at peace Thanks for this Challenge Silver, it truly works! Well I have to get busy with today’s challenge which should be easy, my drawers were done a week ago so I can finish my curtains today and my last two cabinets . Its raining so I may do my porch tonight or wait until tomorrow. Every thing is going well, amazing transformations. Did a Reiki session for my sister on Sunday and things have all been coming into one harmonious alignment like our chakras, I love it Love peace light joy

  10. Hi Silver u.brought.up cleaning drawers out as I was doing this 2 days ago and I have my wish drawer ready as I am.looking for a better.job and now I.have a.job interview coming up.a positve reaction.leads to a positve action. How are you and your family.doing.and lol I still remember about the.palace chi.had well I hope well Silver BB

  11. Somehow, all of my clothes drawers end up with extras tucked in, plus I have one proper ‘anything goes’ junk drawer in the dresser, so that was my thing to do today. That spread to my endtable (which is my magical storage), my BOS (which has pockets that I tend to tuck papers in and they accumulate), and my desktop cubby (which also has a lot of my witchy stuff, especially notebooks). Everything is rearranged, and much more spacious now (got rid of two bags of trash and one bag of stuff that is going to Goodwill.

    I have been making a little stack of things to go through as I watch tv in the evening: magazines and catalogs that are being clipped for my dreambook, notebooks that are (hopefully) to be consolidated (I have probably 2 dozen spiral notebooks with all kinds of junk jotted down in them)

    Oh, does anyone have any good ideas for rock/crystal storage? I’ve been a rockhound since I was little, and have a fair collection. Many are found rocks that are interesting. I have about 50 or so that are in little compartmentalized boxes, and a bunch of the smaller ones are in other small boxes, but I have bigger ones that just don’t fit anything that I have.

  12. I am catching up today. I had a bit of an ordeal with a car that left me a bit too tangled to get anything done last night. I have a lot to do to catch up but am about to get started. I got some of it done. But tonight I am getting ready to get very busy.

  13. As today is the first day without a vomiting child, I was able to complete the entire goal. Yay Me!! I even was able to put up the tree, place our yule log and redecorate the altars. I have added what I have not completely finished to my wish list. This is my third year, and I truly want to thank you Silver for being such a wonderful and supportive person. Thanks to you in several ways, I was able to realize what I am truly capable of handling. BB

  14. My drawers were actually in pretty good order. So I cleaned out my e-mail drawer. It had sadly been neglected for a few years. I cleaned her out. over 10,000 down to 191. Next most of those will go in a folder. Thanks Silver.

  15. I too am glad for the easy challenge today. My body is still aching from working so hard the past two days. Cleaned up three junk drawers.

  16. Got the drawers down in the kitchen and the big messy junk drawer with all sorts of goodies. Finished up what I needed to do from yesterday and am moving right along. Didn’t do my dresser drawers though, gonna get that tomorrow. Feeling lots of support and not overwhelmed and grumpy like a can when I feel i have so much to do and no time to do it. I have been good giving myself permission to finish what I can and be okay with that. Well going to take a bath now and drink some relaxing lavender tea. Rest well all Peace

  17. So glad today’s challenge was easy.. i have 2 junk drawers in the kitchen, which were both easy to clean out since there isn’t much in either of them.. jsut towels and recipes and holiday stuff in one and phone books, and plastic bags and misc stuff in the other… the plastic bags were taking over the drawer so i chucked them all out! I was saving them for “dog walks and dog accidents in the house, but everytime we went shopping i would take the leftover plastic bags and stuff them in the drawer and it kept growing and growing… so those are all gone..that’s it for my junk drawers! 🙂 oh yea and i did some more laundry tonight.. in the dryer now.. hope i got enough energy to fold them.. that might have to wait until tomorrow! was standing up all day copying files.. so kinda tired from doing that…whats up for tomorrow?

    1. Oh, Also – My son Lucien Bailey has dental surgery tomorrow morning. Please send any healing and blessings to him if you are able! Thanks again!

  18. I don’t have a junk drawer, i have a junk closet! and it’s scary. I think I’m going to put that one off for when I have more time to work on it, and then probably an hour at a time. I’ll probably start on Saturday.

  19. Just finished Day 4 🙂 …I’m officially tailing a day behind :-/ .
    Anywhoo..I, too, don’t have a junk drawer – but I have my catch-all backpack, so I went through that, and my purse, and another small bag. The backpack has my paperwork in it, so I went through that as well, and filed away things in their appropriate place.

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